The Man in the Moon Robots, Part 2

Meanwhile, back at the Dream Labs. The Robots just got their hands. Original music by Sam Cardin. See you July 6th. Dare to hope and dream again.

Get info on Mercury One’s Man in the Moon events HERE

  • Edward Reno

    Is that?

  • Anonymous

    So the mother of the Boston bombers says that her sons are guilty of nothing except being Muslim. Most relatives of mass murderers are sensitive enough to either hide in shame or express their deep contrition. It’s very telling that as a Muslim mother of Jihadists she has felt no compunction about such civil behavior.
         Also, a reminder to all those people that who say that we can’t alienate 1.2 billion Muslims, I say alienate away because, remember,those 1.2 billion Muslims don’t have a navy. We’re not going to need to fight off an invasion by this religion of incompetants.

    • Jenny M. Raulston

      If yōu thińk Dėbbiė`s story is really cōōl..., a mōńth-agō my brōthėrs friend who‘s a single mum madė $8417 ŵōrkińg sixtėėn hōurs a ŵėėk in their apartmėńt and the‘rė frieńd‘s mōthėr`s nėighbōur was dōg this for 5 mōńths and actually ėarńėd ōr $8417 in their spare timė fm thėir mac. fōllōw thė guidė ōn this pagė.

      • Mark Stephens


  • Anonymous

    I am unfortunately unable to attend this event. It would be nice if there were a way to record this with the 3D technology used in theaters so that at some future point it could be seen locally and preserve as much of the presence as possible which attendees get to experience.

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