I have a tattoo. I know a ton of people who have them. I love mine. I am torn. I shouldn’t have defaced God’s work, but I was young. No one can see my tattoo as it is around my ankle. I learned this from my father, he got a tattoo on his arm while serving. He hated it and always wore long sleeves to cover it. I like mine.

So why am I telling you this? Watch this video:

Tania and I think this is sad. I don’t judge him. I would love to talk to him. Why? Why this tattoo? Who was he before, who is he now? Why did he want to stop being who he was born to be? Has he thought about looking in the mirror at 80?

Why would he pick the biological weapon symbol for his heart? I think this is an amazing conversation starter. To each his own but this, to me, is sad. But then again, many people find me sad. 🙂