There’s something about the guy in this video you won’t believe

I have a tattoo. I know a ton of people who have them. I love mine. I am torn. I shouldn’t have defaced God’s work, but I was young. No one can see my tattoo as it is around my ankle. I learned this from my father, he got a tattoo on his arm while serving. He hated it and always wore long sleeves to cover it. I like mine.

So why am I telling you this? Watch this video:

Tania and I think this is sad. I don’t judge him. I would love to talk to him. Why? Why this tattoo? Who was he before, who is he now? Why did he want to stop being who he was born to be? Has he thought about looking in the mirror at 80?

Why would he pick the biological weapon symbol for his heart? I think this is an amazing conversation starter. To each his own but this, to me, is sad. But then again, many people find me sad. :)

  • ScaryLogic

    incredible art work to say the least.

    • Anonymous

      Covering up that hot mess? I agree.

      • Wyatt Sunkel

        the tattoo work was impressive. i personally dont care for tattoos but it is known as body art for good reason if done right.

      • ScaryLogic

        Well, I suppose the accurate skin tone on such a large amount of surface area is neat too, but I was referring to the tattoos.

  • Anonymous

    Shrugs Glenn, he might argue he is more of who he is now….

  • Angela Petry Huwig

    I love my tat’s. I’m covered with them. (Not like this gentleman) I’m Christian and the way that I view it is that I am making my body even more beautiful. I don’t think God could care less about tattooes as long as your a good person!!

    • Anonymous

      The Bible tells you not to tattoo your body.

      • Rachel Clapper

        Bible also says not to eat meat and cheese together (kosher), and that a man who rapes a woman should marry her. Better be careful what you pick and choose in the Bible to either hold as sacred or ignore.

        • Debra Oneil

          Those who live under the law, shall be judged by the law. those without the law, who do those things contained in the law by nature, show the law written on their hearts, by the hand of God himself. Romans 2 paraphrased.

      • Ray Bois

        In the grand scheme of things do you think God will care about your tatoo? There is only 1 commandment, one requirement to get into heaven. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and
        only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal
        life. Not… “those who loved him and didn’t have tatoos.” Not “those who loved him and didn’t have piercings.” Not “those who love him and don’t fit YOUR pre concieved notions of what a Christian should look like.” WHOSOEVER Believes in him! ANYBODY! Who acknowledges jesus as our Lord and Savior is worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and who are YOU t o tell me I am not worthy? Leave your religion behind. Love Jesus. Love God. Love the Holy Spirit. These things are testament. Not what you look like while you do it.

        • Aaron Lindsey

          Belief in that regard also implies an adherence to his laws. It implies obedience and trust. Not that he’ll hate them if they disobey, but that there might be setbacks in the future based on our actions now. If you have tattoos, I’m not going to say I’m better because I don’t (that would be absurd). You might be doing yourself damage. If we honestly believe God knows best, then we have to trust in what he wants us to do. Including keeping or bodies clean.

      • LeeAnna Marie Van Bassi

        Shock and awe! Not everyone reads or believes in the bible.

      • Michelle M Bashant-Lattimer


        • Papist

          prove it.

      • Anthony Hereld

        The Bible says a lot of things. Like you can’t round off the hair growth on the side of your head or trim the edges of your beard or wear clothes that have two types of fabric mixed together. There are a ton of nonsense “laws” in the Bible. You can’t pick and choose, and then point the finger of shame at others. The Bible can not reasonably be taken literally.

        • Aaron Lindsey

          Excellent point, and of course there are a lot of things which has changed the bible, like the monopoly over it’s use by the Catholic Church before it was translated for commoners. This is why there are several different interpretations, religions, and practices emanate from the bible. Another primary source is required to verify the laws which are truthful and accurate. Be it the “Book of Mormon” in the LDS faith, or personal prayer, or our basic moral compasses.

          • Papist

            Well, the authors, Catholic men who were inspired by the Holy Ghost, would not call it a monopoly but caring for the souls of people who would misinterpret the sacred scripture to their own detriment and lead to denominationalism. Or “forget religion” business when they base their own religion on their personal interpretations of scripture, the authority to do so they do not have.

          • Aaron Lindsey

            Technically, it was Moses and older prophets, (who were hebrew/Jewish) as well as Christ’s Apostles (who were also Jewish) who wrote the majority of the Old and New testaments.

            And to justify the raping/taxation/executions/etc. via scripture sounds pretty apathetic to me.

            Not to defame the Catholic church at all, I know several and they’re all wonderful people, I can’t imagine anyone, in the last 50 years, who is more pure and amazing as Mother Teresa.
            But the early years of the Church were dark and there was indeed some usurping of power for the sake of gain back before the bible was translated. Not even mentioning how they executed the guy who translated it.

            The people were only sick of believing what they were told to believe rather than what they felt was true. (Hence the work of the Holy Ghost in God’s Children verifying truth from lies)

        • Michael

          Your not dividing the Old Contract, (Testament means Covenant which is a verbal Contract) correctly. There is a difference between Ceremonial Law, Judicial Law, and Moral Law. Each law had a purpose and was fulfilled in the New Contract through Jesus Christ. True believers don’t “pick and choose” rather they “divide the word righteously”. They follow all Ceremonial Law, and Judicial law through practicing the Moral Law and applying the lessons learned from the Ceremonial and Judicial Law as Jesus Christ taught. It’s ok tho, your ignorant to what the Holy Spirit says, so I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

        • StGlen

          No, not quite. Just single scriptures in the old testament that probably belong to open and shut covenants, like the ONE scripture on not having tattoos. The Holy Spirit – God the teach of all truth – guides you into what can and cannot be taken literally – not some blanket statement and humanistic logic.

      • StGlen

        You’re talking about that ONE scripture in the old testament in Leviticus that’s probably an open and shut covenant, and also says not to trim your beard (so you have to grow one), or to eat meat that is first drained of blood. So in order to be anywhere near a decent Christian you apparently can’t get tattoos, must grow a beard, and that juicy filet mignon is totally out of the question ;p

      • Susan

        Really??? Where?

    • Gino

      If you are Christian, there is nothing you can do to undo what was done for you.

    • Aaron Lindsey

      Exactly, but chew on this thought. Is how God created man subjective to those he created? He may need us to look a certain way, unblemished by man’s imperfect symbolism. If someone got a tattoo to remind them of their pain, how would that effect them throughout the eternities? etc.

      Just some things to think about, there is no hate or judgement or anything, I’m just trying to contribute to the trade of ideas that is a discussion. :)

      • Angela Petry Huwig

        I completely understand where your coming from but the God that I know doesn’t care about a persons appearance. He loves us wart,scars and all…..That’s part of the beauty of free will. My tattoo’s remind me of pain,love,beauty and all the good and bad I’ve been through. They are the story of the path I have chosen in life. They are an artistic journey through life. They both remind me of where I’ve been and also some places where I would chose to never go again.

        • Aaron Lindsey

          That’s true, but I wasn’t saying God would cast out those who had tattoos.

          And that is actually really cool. Thanks for the insight.

  • Emiko Busse

    I have tattoos and plan on getting more. My dad told me the same thing that you are saying but what I told him was if my body is a temple and some the sacred then why not tell my story and write on the walls. He has never really argued with me since. Now granted for now all my tattoos can be hidden but I do plan on getting more to where they do show. But I mad the choice to strategically hide them so I could get a job. I carefully plan out all my tattoos and they all have a deep spiritual meaning for me. Not all tattooed people are bad and not all tattoos are bad. Though I do think he goes a bit far I think it is beautiful to look at.

    • Patrick Cloward

      oh wow… you’re so smart. Thank you for justifying crapping on your skin. Enjoy!

      • Emiko Busse

        And that’s your opinion. But bashing people because they have them just make you close minded. I’m not judging you because you don’t have them. And I’m not claiming to be ” so smart” but cropping on people for what they choose to do there body I would say isn’t smart. Can’t judge a book by its cover. I really don’t care of others opinion. You like it cool, you don’t well that’s not my problem it’s yours. So as you said, ENOJY!

        • snaggles magoo

          i think if other’s opinion didn’t matter to you then you would’ve ignored him. just remember that when you do decide on some ink put some thought into. that ink is forever and eventually it all turns green and muddy. it can be addicting after your first one. whatever you do don’t get small lettering. i personally think this man’s tattoos are amazing though i would never get that much done. i wonder how he got all the money to pay for all those.

          • Emiko Busse

            Thank you and I do agree with you whole heartedly with your statement :)

          • Susan

            The young think they will be young forever. I only say that because it is usually the young who get tatoos. My dad had a marine tatoo on his forearm. He got it when he was 18. By about age 40 he hated it. By 65 you couldn’t tell what it was even though he was a very active man, still very strong. By the time he passed away it looked like a bruise. Now before you judge me, my son, who is a Christian pastor, has two very large and very nice tatoos, one on his bicep and one on his forearm of the other arm. But unless he is a miracle man, one day his skin will begin to sag and eventually you won’t be able to read those beautiful tatoos. I mentioned that to him for that reason alone but he is a man and he made his own decision. I don’t think there is a spiritual issue with tatoos at all. His definitely proclaim that he belongs to Jesus!

        • Guest


  • Guest

    well now i;m confused, this was on an ad for a makeup/tattoo cover up?

  • Kenneth Kaser

    I think the dude looks awsome. Im 42 now with about 50% of my body covered in tattoos. If I had the money to do what he has I would. I regret none of my tattoos, and accually consider them one of the biggest expressions of true freedom. I will always cling to my guns, my bible, and yes my tattoos.

    • Patriotgal

      what are you trying to cover up? do you want people to define you by your tats or by your personality? do you need tats to feel special and unique?
      Not judging your heart just asking…

      • Kenneth Kaser

        It has nothing to do with being unique. It is for myself not for others. As far as being defined by someone else I dont care. Anyone that draws conclusions based on what we look lke is not worth knowing. I thank you for your question though as I am happy to answer any questions anyone has about something I am passionette about.

  • Jacqueline

    I think he’s quite beautiful with the tattoos, actually.

    • Michael David Davis

      A nice comment from a beautiful lady probably made this guy’s day!

  • Nick Scarpitti

    Little ink is ok in the right places. Ink all over or in places where it looks ugly, is revolting and sends wrong messages. Plus the piercings didn’t make me think too highly of him either. Makes me wonder if he’s even white.

    • Alex Clawson

      Why does it matter if he is white?

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t. I suspect that is a commentary on the Caucasian makeup coloring used.

  • Neil Swenk

    God created us as a blank slate. An unpainted canvas. Why not express the Free Will that God gave us by making ourselves more beautiful in His eyes and our own. God loves His children regardless of paint. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t be the great father that He is would He?

    • Jason

      God didn’t make us a “Blank Canvas” as you mentioned. He created us in the Image of Himself. This image being PERFECT, no extra tweaking or inking required.

      • Cirran

        I have been told by my friends that love tattoos, that they see it as improving themselves. I ask them if God makes mistakes. They tell me no. I then ask if he doesn’t make mistakes, did he make a mistake in creating you? Again they say no, I then ask if he made you to be you and he doesn’t make mistakes. How can anything you do to yourself be an improvement? With out fail in the end it boils down to I want to do this and I am going to do it regardless what anyone else thinks. If God did not want me to do it he would tell me not to. Denial of one’s desires is a hard thing. In fact for myself it has been a constant struggle.

        • Kenneth Kaser

          the same thing could be said about woman wearing makeup.

          • Cirran

            Well Kenneth that may be but I can only comment on my personal experiences. My friends that wear makeup have not told me they do it because they know better than God does.

          • Taraveah

            Good point Kenneth. However, so many people that I know with tattoos and piercings have this “in your face” attitude to go with it. What is up with that?

      • Neil Swenk

        Boy oh boy I just love small minded individuals.

  • mikeb112

    it is crap

  • Anonymous

    I almost got a tiger tattooed on my butt.

    Fortunately, my then-girlfriend reminded me that I was drunk, and convinced me to wait until I was sober before making the final decision.

    My wife, if she ever meets that woman, is going to thank her profusely.

    • Tina Brown

      LOL! That is funny!!

  • Anonymous

    Tattoos are not a sin nor should you feel guilt associated with your tattoos. The sinfulness of body paint/branding/scaring oneself is Old Testament (Leviticus 19:28) and it references these practices in relation to worshiping other gods (the Israelites picked up the practice from Egyptians who did it to worship/plea to their own gods).

    I’m glad there’s a working cover up for tatts! I have one on my ankle that I always feel is a bit out of place when I speak or teach in front of Christian youth groups or when I attend a very formal event. But that’s ME and MY preference with MY look.

    In my industry, people with tattoos are not as welcomed or accepted but it’s because most of our clients are very conservative. However, we don’t have a lot of people with tattoos wanting to work in our industry.


    I like the product for occasional use. I think the Rick Genest (the guy in the video) is just addicted to getting ink (like some women are “addicted” to shopping and some guys are “addicted” to watching sports). He likes it, he’s not a criminal, he’s not crazy. Let him have it, yeah?

  • Aaron Roland

    Is Glenn beck going to start using his website as his personal face book page? not that i am against you posting this glenn, i really like the video and what this guy did to his body i agree is kind of sad, but i think that was kind of the point. he wants people to see it. most tattoos like this are a statement.

    • True2theDivine

      The keyword there was HIS

  • jharper

    How does someone like that get a job? Do they get offended when people stare? Do they resent it when people judge them? I am just honestly curious.

    • Terra Bowers Snavely Here’s an interview with him. He works as a model, in a freak show, and an actor. Interesting interview.

    • Gary

      I think if someone were to get that many tattoos, they wouldn’t care what people thought about them. Personally, I don’t care if someone has a tattoo or not. If I were hiring people, I would be looking at his resume. not his body.

      • jharper

        But if it were your business, naturally you want it to be successful, would you consider how the customer would react to them? Lets say you own a nice restaurant instead of a tattoo parlor. Do you think that some people would consider them offensive? If you are just considering the resume, what if they had very poor hygiene and head lice? Would you not consider your other employees as well as the customer? Honestly, I am just trying to figure out the rational, because, personally I wouldn’t hire them.

    • Tab

      This man has several jobs. Professional model, professional actor (47 Ronin), professional artist. He’s easily more well-off than most of the people on this page.

      Had he not had these jobs, he likely wouldn’t care, considering he got these jobs because of his tattoos, not the other way around.

  • Tom Howk

    As a follower of Christ ; tattoos are something I have always struggled with.
    In my former life I was a tattoo artist and I always used my art to bring attention to myself. …Look at me everybody look what I can do…
    But as a follower of Christ I gave it up because I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.
    Its been 20yrs now and the more I learn about Gods grace the more I am able to appreciate the art and love the people. For some its all about the attention it brings to them but for some it really is an expression of who they are and the memories and experiences they want to share with the world…Only God knows their hearts and why they do what they do , its not my job to judge (Thank you Jesus) but to love them right where they are. Jesus didn’t wait for me to get cleaned up before he accepted me or I would still be dead in my sin. “The Father showed His great love for us in that while we yet sinners, Christ died for us….

    • Gino

      Revelations 19:16 reads – on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

      Maybe Jesus has a tattoo too …. I don’t believe it matters. I mean unless you have some kind of satanic symbols, or words.

      If inking your skin can undo him dying on the cross for you, then he is not worthy of worship. He is, because it is Finished.

      • Shannon O’Donnell Smith

        Amen to that Gino! God doesn’t see our flesh he sees our born again spirits. And you are so right. We can never out sin or out ink our bodies enuf to undo God’s grace!!

        • Brenda

          Your statement doesnt seem to line up with Gods word concerning Judgement day at all. Have you read the bible?? We do receive grace..from those things we have turned from and asked forgiveness for…but we can not continue to do the things God is against and expect His grace to cover willful sin.

          • Brenda

            Maybe I misunderstood your intent? :)

          • Shannon O’Donnell Smith

            So you have never willfully sinned? Yes you have.If you say no then you are lieing. Actually all sin is willfully done whether you want to admit it or not. Jesus said that if you even think about sinning you have committed it. AND there is NO tier of bad to worse sins with God. If you broke one Law you’ve broken them all. THAT is why God sent us Jesus to be our “SAVIOR” cuz NO ONE can ever do good enuf or be good enuf to save ourslelves. ONLY JESUS could do that. and when he did it was MORE than enuf to cover past, present and future sins. And thank God it covers future sins. DO NOT say his Grace doesn’t cover future sins cuz ALL our sins were future when Jesus died on the cross.

            Am I saying to go sin on purpose with the attitude that I can cuz I’m saved? NO! Of course not. Sin has consequences. It hurts ourselves and others. THAT is the reason God doesn’t want us to sin.
            But once you are Born Again God sees you IN Jesus Righteousness NOT in your sinful flesh. He said “your sins I will remember no more” That’s ALL sin, not just the ones you committed Before you were saved.

            You were a sinner and God saved you, when you were bad. And now that you’ve accepted Christ you think you have to try and be good enuf?!!! NO! JESUS and what he did on the cross; HIS sacrifice makes you good enuf.

            It is our spirits that will stand in judgment NOT our flesh. IF your spirit is re-born in Christ you have ALREADY been judged RIGHTEOUS IN JESUS!

            The ONLY sin anyone will be judged for at the time of their death or when Jesus returns is the Rejection of Christ. NO other sin sends you to hell, but NOT accepting Jesus as your Lord and SAVIOR. Once you accept that GIFT of salvation, you are saved no matter what! UNLESS you decide you do not really believe in Jesus.

            God’s GRACE is MORE than enuf!!!

          • Jordan

            “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil” 2 Corinthians 5:10

            God forgives you for everything you do, but to his own judgement, truly, but in order for God to recieve you… “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” John 14:6 and Jesus means so much more than just an atonement, in order for us to get to heaven there is also a price, following Jesus’s every command, doing as he would and striving to be the best person we can be. NEVER in the bible does he say that a man may go to heaven if he JUST believes, actually he says that “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead” James 2:14-26 Meaning that faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. The Bible offers the world so much truth, but to be selective about the bible, that allows for it to be manipulated for the convenience of man, BY NO MEANS was the bible created for the convenience of man, but for the salvation of man through his efforts, through his convictions, his love, and his intentions, God’s love and Grace is eternal and embodies the entire universe, but his Grace is earned. Please, by saying all this I only wish for you to see the bible for all it has to offer, to allow any misinterpretation would be a sin, if any part of you believes me, or what I said, read the bible for yourself, thoroughly, take however long you need, see what everything could mean, don’t take my word for it, by no means, I only hope to convey the lessons that have so much improved my life unto you. My church is so loving and willing to help, if you’re in a search of any kind of answer(s), my church would be ever willing to answer them.


          • Glennfriend67

            Jordan, you are absolutely correct. Well said. I suspect we belong to the same church. God Bless.

          • patti purk

            There is only one unforgivable sin…..unbelief in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for everyone’s sins! We are forgiven! Grace comes through faith in Jesus Christ. We can’t ever lose our salvation once we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. He died to give us Life, and give it abundantly! After that, we have everything we need for Life and Godliness! He put our sins behind Him, never to see them again. End of story! Their will be fruit, but we all fall short at times. Your are a forgiven person Brenda, even though you still are an imperfect person. That will not come until you die.

          • Shannon O’Donnell Smith

            right on!

          • Glennfriend67

            There I must disagree with you, Patti. If you read Matthew, Jesus says he can forgive such a sin. Even while He was being crucified, He forgave His executioners. However, Jesus said the Unforgivable Sin was to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. “Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people,but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or the age to come.” (MT 12:31-32, NAB) Please be a bit more careful when you make such a generalized statement. God Bless.

          • Susan


      • Brenda

        No, If you research the wardrobe and the culture of the text you refer to, dig in to the word … you will see it is making refrence to a garment like a belt on a robe… hanging down his thigh. Thats why it says first on his robe and then on his thigh…he has on a “robe like garment” and on the sash hanging down his thigh it says…King of Kings and Lord of Lords… 😉

        • Taylor DeGraffenreid

          Just so you know, putting smiley and winky faces at the end of posts like those makes you sound condescending and rude. Those aren’t exactly christlike attributes. I sure hope you don’t act like that when you talk to non-believers. Attitudes like yours are why people hate Christianity so much. Maybe you should try concerning yourself more with Jesus’ teachings and the basic foundation of Christianity than in depth research about what garments people wear in a dream.

          • Deirdre Marina

            Wow. You don’t think the way you’re talking to her is “condescending and rude”? I use winks and smiles to assure the person I’m conversing with understands I’m NOT trying to be rude. Telling other people off, on the other hand….

        • AshleyandMicah


          Awesome post… Ignorant people who get offended BEFORE the wink will blame the wink- so don’t let that ruse fool you. Sadly nothing you can do for the wicked who take truth to be hard; you are just trying to relay it. Thanks

          • Jordan

            Wow, you don’t have to go ahead and call people ignorant for misinterpreting something.

      • Guest

        GOD can and does forgive you !..But when you are saved…You become a new creature in CHRIST…So why would you want to continue in your old life style ?..( By marking your body ) The Bible does speak about marking your body as the world does…Christians are to be different..Not look like the world..GOD”S GRACE does give you a license to continue to sin…Revelations 19:16 talks about HIS vesture….Have you ever seen a Prayer Shawl ?…That’s what will cover HIS thigh….We are to love the person..But to be in agreement with their sin is not Bibical…

      • Ronny Wildman

        When you become born again…You become a new creature in Christ…So why would someone want to continue to sin by marking their body like the world does ?..Grace does not give you a license to continue to sin …Truly Grace calls you to a higher standard ..The law showed what sin is…Example of the higher calling…Found in Matthew…Jesus told the people…The law said do not commit adultery..But I tell you if you look upon a woman and lust you have committed adultery..Also..JESUS / GOD wrote the Bible from Genesis to Revelations…You except all the WORD or the whole book would become a lie if there is one false statement..People aren’t looking for foregiveness..They are looking for acceptance to their life style.

        • Darrin

          I consider my body as a canvas to preach the good news of the Gospel. I mark my body to reach those that the world considers unworthy. You are judging every single person with a tattoo. Doesn’t it also say in John 7:24 “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgement.” or how about James 4:12, “There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?” I am not looking for acceptance, for I know most will never understand. I am following Christ’s example. I am new in Christ, and I follow his word.

        • Gino

          The higher standard is what is supposed to happen, yes I agree 100%. We are both on the same path.

          Genesis to Malachi, Jesus came to change. You accept those books as the way it used to be, sure. If anyone claims that they hold everything in those books to the word, they would be in jail, or already put to death.
          Matthew – Revelations, if it says it, then that’s what is.

          I just do not think that writing on yourself, or eating pulled pork sandwiches, and having bacon wrapped shrimp will send you to hell. I may be wrong.

          ROMANS 14
          As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions. 2 One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables. 3 Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him. 4 Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master[a] that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

      • VAHAWK

        Tattoos are asinine, all your babbling aside

        • Linda McLinda

          People with asinine in their vocabulary are usually assh****; all your pontificating aside.

      • Kevin Newman

        Bingo! Nothing we can do in our flesh can undo what Christ’s has done for His elect.

    • Jake

      Preachity preachity preach preach. This isn’t a forum for conversion.

      • Rosenonymous

        Whiney whiney whine whine. Speaking about his faith isn’t going to magically convert you. I think you’ve read too many books about vampires as a child.

        • tin lizzie

          You made me laugh. In a good way

        • Keith Schiffner

          and he’s read that boringly long mythology and taken it as fact. Which it is not. Whole swaths of it are straight out of Mesopotamian mythology. But do go on, you fantasists are amusing.

          • Guest

            Can you just say what you need without the excess bashing? I don’t see what you’re trying to prove.

          • Jordan

            Can you say what you need to say without the excessive aggressiveness? It only instigates conflict.

      • Linus77

        Actually, it’s not your forum to dictate what it is or isn’t. Stop censoring people. And stop being so afraid of being converted. If God has you in His sight, there ain’t nuthin’ you can do ’bout.

        • Taylor DeGraffenreid

          Please don’t talk to any more non-believers. You’re just going to ruin any chance of them getting to know God’s love. Yet another example of why people hate Christianity. You could have just stopped after stop censoring people. You actually made a good point there.

          • Linus77

            First…I wasn’t witnessing. Second, you don’t have the spiritual authority to tell anyone to stop witnessing. Who are you tell someone that God can’t use them? And if THIS is your ideal of why people hate Christianity…you have GOT to get your head out of the sand.

    • Wayne Doutt

      The word Tattoo is Polynesian and that art form is not what is referred to in the Old Testament. there are many more recent translations that use that word. The reference is to the practice of “Marks for the dead”. In the middle east at that time it was a common pagan practice at funeral cremations for mourners to cut themselves and rub the ashes into the cuts to leave a permanent mark, so the person would carry the deceased with them for the rest of their lives. Believers in Yahweh were not to practice this custom

      • Keith Schiffner

        give up these idiots know “THE TRUTH” and being true beweevers wont let facts get in the way of their fantasy.

    • festus


    • Nina Barber

      Bless your heart, I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Anonymous

      A man at my doctors office was very very tattooed. He was explaining the changes he had made to tattoos after he was saved. Hecwas remorseful he had them but way too many to remove.

  • Cheryl Herin

    I work at a county social services agency. I see a lot of young men in our office with tats on their necks and faces. Chances are they got the tats while they were in prison. Maybe it’s a matter of taste, but I just don’t think that adds to someone’s attractiveness. I don’t mind tats on arms and legs, but someone covered in them, especially on faces, looks so ugly to me. By the way, Glenn showed his tat way back when he was on HLN. He had on an Eagle Scout who wanted to give his grandfather a flag that had flown over the Capitol. He wanted the certificate to say “for God, country and family.” Of course, the government said nix on the God part (the decision was reversed). Glenn rolled up his right pant leg and pushed down his sock to reveal the tat. It was a weave pattern, and he said above the pattern it said “For God, For Country, For Family” in Latin.

  • Debra Oneil

    I feel bad for him. for someone to do that to themselves, shows that this guy felt judged, and hated the world being so judgmental toward him, so he decided to give the world the finger. now, he seems tired of the judgmental eyes, which only became worse and harder on him. sad really, it began because of his rage at he judgement of others, and now he created a prison of judgement from which there is no escape.
    the bio weapon symbol where his heart used to be is perfect. you see, the bio poison that was directed at him, was people… and he took that poison in, and his heart became poisoned, and now that poison has destroyed him for all time. kinda like glenn said, don’t let the poison get in you… the result is self destruction.

    • Guest

      so, was this intended to be metophoric for the death of the tea party renegade, who took the photos in mississippi, after the mcdaniels loss?

    • Debra Oneil

      so, was this intended as a metophor, in the post defeat death (suicide) of the tea party renegade who took those photos in Mississippi?

      • Debra Oneil

        (is that a sitar I hear, ever so softly strumming in the back-round? )

    • True2theDivine

      He seems to receive more judgment and hatred WITH the tattoos….. I mean… *Cough Cough* Are you not judging how and why he did it. Come on. His reasons are his own. Tattoos are not bad. Tattoos are one of the oldest things within the human species. Tattoos were used to show pride, and acceptance and honor. Now they are disregarded, judged and demeaned. What really is the issue here the tattoo or the people judging the tattoos?

      • Debra Oneil

        under my summation, those who judge, with or without tattoos. not him, others. and I never said tattoos were bad. I said what he did to his appearance, knowing he will be judged, because people do… is a cry of rage against the machine.

  • Julie Kohler Dailey

    The guy is actually a model: He’s known as “Zombie Boy,” and he’s quite famous, actually.

  • Robert Mission

    I’ve seen this video before a year ago, and its still quite a transformation taking all that makeup off. He’s called Zombie Boy and has been doing “Freak Shows” for 4 years now.

  • Rock Candi

    Wow what a great product. Covers awesomely.

    • Debra Oneil

      I wonder if it works on scars. had a drunk driver hit me, and mess me up pretty bad. some “marks” you get, are not by any choice or fault of your own… others are earned.

  • Sol Rosenberg

    I view tattoos as an artistic expression of ones self, I plan on getting one on my arm based on my previous line of work.

  • Rock Candi

    Betcha it does cover scars. Anyway scars are like tattoos but with a story.

  • Stjamesteam
  • Ken O’Connell

    I don’t care about tats…but based on what this kid did to himself, he is incredibly broken…

  • Davy Buck

    If you got your tattoo in a back alley in some 3rd world country as a Marine while bombed on cheap liquor, where a guy with rotten teeth used green ink and needles dipped in whiskey (at least it looked like whiskey) for disinfectant and it hurt like h*ll, then I think there is some mystique (still not real smart) and macho manliness to that “old school” tattoo. But if you went to the same shop that paints butterflies on teen-aged girls above their butt while they’re posting selfies to Facebook, then you’re just following another fad of pop-culture. And think Miley Cyrus and Madonna as representative of pop-culture. Also, think about the fact that the tattoos on your lower back when you’re 18, will be near the bottom of your butt by the time you’re 65. If you really want to rebel and swim against the tide and stand out and be different, then it’s becoming more and more obvious that NOT getting inked may be the way to go.

    Now, my son has tattoos and, I think, one of my daughters might, though she’s not admitted it to me. They are both adults – it’s their business, as it is with anyone who wants one. Go for it – it’s your right. Just know that not everyone looks at your tattoos with the same awe and admiration that you do. And that’s our right too.

    • Taraveah

      Such as employers….and I also have to wonder why so many people sitting in courtrooms waiting for their arraignments are always covered in tattoos and piercings….

  • Anonymous

    Call it art if you like but when I’m around someone covered in tattoos it makes my skin crawl and makes them look dirty. You don’t like the way I feel tough. I don’t like the way you look.

    • Tommy DiMattina

      I’m a firefighter paramedic and have my right leg and both arms sleeved plus my chest and ribs. I honestly could care less what your opinion is and when you’re having a heart attack or need to be dragged out of a fire ( which I hope never happens just making a point ) are you gonna care about my tattoos then? A lot of law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and military have tattoos. Maybe you should define people by their character and not their tattoos. Hope that doesn’t make you feel any dirtier you shallow idiot

      • Anonymous

        Ahhh, I see how it is. You’re allowed to think what you like, have your opinions and say what you think but I’m a shallow idiot when I express mine. Right…got it.

        • Johnathon Favors

          Your opinions of people with tats are shallow and idiotic as tommy DiMattina pointed out.

          • Anonymous

            And your refusal to allow other people to have an opinion different than yours is close minded and ignorant.

          • ScaryLogic

            Nobody is keeping you from having an opinion, they are just expressing theirs about yours.

    • Shannon

      To be completely honest, most people with body modifications of some kind – whether it be microdermals/surface piercings, body piercings, or tattoos, etc. – are cleaner than the average human being without them. Why? Because body modifications need to be kept extremely clean to avoid risk of infection, rejection, or other complications.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t say were WERE dirty, I said they LOOK dirty.

        • Deirdre Marina

          Nancy, I agree with you. I actually have one, my husband’s name around my ring finger (my wedding ring covers it) but for the most part, I think all that ink looks like you let a toddler scribble all over you with a Sharpie. PARTICULARLY on women.

  • Mike Hillwig

    This guy is capitalism at its best. He took what could otherwise be a social liability and turned it into a source of income. Other commenters have suggested that he wouldn’t be able to get a job. He’s made tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps more, modeling for Dermablend. There is something to be said for that.

    • Davy Buck

      Yes, there is something to be said for that, though I’m not sure what’s to be said is all good.

      • Spectacle

        There is a market for the poison and the cure. lol…so I understand that point. It’s like the duality you see all around you though.

      • True2theDivine

        Well not much good can be said for those degrading him for living life in his own way. That man wouldn’t hurt a fly. But some of these commentators.. I’m not so sure of. I would probably trust that man with my children before a lot of you.

        • Davy Buck

          I’m not degrading him. I’m expressing an opinion. Are you degrading me for that?

          • True2theDivine

            No not really. If you weren’t degrading him then I likely wasn’t talking about you. The lot of you was more to the commentators as a whole and not to you. But you are demeaning who he is as a person based on your other comments. You should try and be nicer and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Have a great day. Time for some much needed family time!

          • Davy Buck

            It’s called tough love my friend. You can say whatever you want, this is not normal behavior. I wish him the best – and you too. Yes, family time is good. God bless you.

          • bart

            Jesus wasnt regarded as “normal” either when he was on earth. He was from a part of the country where their accent was the equivalent of what we consider backwoods redneck. He was radical and nothing like the religous leaders of the time. Define “normal”and why that matters to the kingdom of God.

    • Tab

      Not only Dermablend, but Jay-Z’s Rocawear. He’s started a career acting as well. He was in 47 Ronin recently. He’s had an interesting life and an interesting image that he’s turned into a living; I think it’s safe to say that while most people don’t know his name, a good amount of people recognize his face.

  • Anonymous

    After being anti tattoo for years and years, I finally found a good use for one: As a Medic Alert badge. On my right wrist, I have a tattoo which looks exactly like my Medic Alert bracelet. On my right forearm, I have “Diabetic” and “insulin” written with the blue circle symbol for Diabetes. I get comments on it all of the time – none ever negative.

    • Anonymous

      gonna be a great day when you either have to have it removed or altered to say “I used to have…” after they find the cure!!!

  • Spectacle

    People make mistakes and some of them last for a few years. All of us including me have been someone else either for a fleeting second of anger, or a decade of bad choices. When you grow with those conditions you can gain character and understanding not understood by many. I don’t judge him at all. Tattoos are not the main topic here. His statements show transformation and salvation. I don’t think any person can judge another fully. Only time to judge is when a decision is required that you are protecting yourself against a threat that is imminent. Remember that when you say to shoot a liberal person or a person you disagree with. We have room to grow, everyone of us. We learn and mature with time and tests that are put before us. Butterflies come from caterpillars so why can’t we.

  • Anonymous

    Not for me. I don’t relate. I don’t get it. People are born all sorts of ways and some even try to embrace (or reject) that way. Society and science have become such that any one can try to be “who they are”. Not all of these ways are external. Some of these ways are tragic. Some of these ways are good. Some are not good.

    There is a way to be. Live it.

    • Spectacle

      So how about the book of Judges in the OT. Stories of sin, then salvation through strife. If God is constant, then redemption must also be constant.

      • Anonymous

        Certainly. People are not constant. They have Free Will Choice and can choose to throw away or embrace Truth, Perfection and Eternal Happiness time and again — even at the moment of death.

  • True2theDivine

    Come on. His reasons are his own. Tattoos are not bad. Tattoos are one of the oldest things within the human species. Tattoos were used to show pride, and acceptance and honor. Now they are disregarded, judged and demeaned and degraded. What really is the issue here the tattoo or the people judging the tattoos? And do we honestly think Divine (God) is proud of the names, words and names this young man is being called. What angers me is how people always pull from the bible to justify something disgusting they have done or said without realizing they are likely breaking something written in that same bible that is said is bad, like do unto others, or judge not lest ye be judged, or Love all of gods children regardless of flaws. As far as I am concerned The Bible is not literal. It is meant as a road map. You should know right from wrong. You should have the common sense to know it is not ok to cower behind god and degrade another human being in his name. You should know you that it is wrong to use the back of god as a reason to degrade other people for how they live. Divine is my boss. You are not. NO ONE but Divine will tell me what I did right or wrong. And we will have that conversation over a cup of herbal tea while enjoying some amazing Lugh Bread. But as far as I’m concerned God as I know him, is not ok with the way people act in his name. Shameful really.

    • Spectacle


    • Taraveah

      Actually, maybe it is the other way around? While not everyone with tatts ends up in courtrooms or in jail, a large percentage of people in that category do, so maybe it is the people getting the tatts that changed the perception of tattoos from one of pride and honor, to, I don’t know anarchy and dislike because many of them are associated with “outlaw” lifestyles? Again, please note that I did not say everyone with tattoos.

  • Brian Blegen

    He goes by the name Rico “Zombie” as well as some others. He is a fully tattooed male model and an artist. No need to worry if he can get work, he’s probably doing better than most of us.

    • Spectacle

      Good point. Maybe the narrative doesn’t fit the truth, but I always like a good message. No reason to tell the kids there is no Santa Clause.

  • AsSeenOnTv

    I have tattoos.. I have them for a reason. Each and everyone of them. I am not ashamed, however I also have them where you won’t see them when I am at work.

    Oh and btw, I could tell he was wearing makeup as soon as he sat down. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

  • Anonymous

    it’s definitely interesting, that’s for sure. Not for me, but…

  • Barb Harrington

    Probably hasn’t given even a half thought to what he’s going to look like at 80, and he actually probably thinks that cover-up stuff will still be available when he’s 80. I’d say he’d better start watching TheBlaze immediately, if there’s any hope. lol

  • Anonymous
  • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

    Awesome Tats!!

  • Anonymous

    I vehemently dislike tattoos. First, I think it’s a shame to have to revert to such a primitive form of disfigurement when humans have supposedly worked so hard to evolve. On one hand, we get preached to about misuse of the environment & yet people misuse their own bodies. I generally choose to look away from people’s tattoos. It is their own business & I’m just not interested in their use of their body as commercial billboards.
    Secondly, and much more importantly, when I was young, I had the opportunity to meet a fine woman in Tel Aviv. Her tattoo was not by her choice. Her tattoo was a series of numbers along her arm. She had survived the Nazi concentration camps of WWII. In honor of all those who suffered, I see no reason to ever emulate something so horrible.
    And finally, there’s nothing worse than a older person with sagging tattooed skin. Ugh. Not attractive at all!! It’s bad enough that we all get old, but to have to see that – completely appalling!

  • CommonSenseGuy

    Absolutely incredible artwork! Something I would never in a million years do..but I imagine any of you that would try to pigeon-hole this guy into a specific stereo-type would likely be drastically wrong in more ways than you are right. There are so many ignorant and negative characteristics you could easily spew about someone covered in tattoos; or perhaps you could choose to find positive things about something about which you clearly know nothing.

    I could choose to see passion. More passion and dedication to endure pain, discomfort, and certain brutal judgement for the rest of his life for doing something that is clearly more important to him than you and I could likely comprehend.
    I could choose to see stellar confidence.
    I could choose to see dedication.
    I could choose to see someone not afraid to bear the unjust criticism of the entire world around him.
    I could choose to see personal pride (not the bad kind) that he has become something outstandingly unique in a world of staggering conformity.
    I could choose to see conviction.
    I could choose to see incredible creativity.
    I could choose to see someone who has clearly given endless thought and decisiveness in choosing an unpopular path in life.

    Now let me tell you what I can NOT see in this video:
    His level of intelligence
    His education level
    His aggressiveness
    His income level
    His family
    His love or hate of anything or anyone
    His religious affiliation
    His morals….

    I am not covered in tattoos or even close, nor would I ever be; But please people stop thinking you are superior and condemning people who have chosen something you disagree with. You do not know their life. You do not know their past. You do not know right and wrong for them. They may not be “sad” or “lost”… They may just be different than you. You are not the all-knowing determinator of right and wrong for all others. Your beliefs do not make you right. Their beliefs do not make them wrong. They are different than you…. NOT “bad.” I kind of admire their desire to be different than you regardless of why. -)

    • Anonymous

      Regardless of why? Truly? Some people desire to be “different” at everyone’s peril including their own. Judge actions, not people.

  • Rebecca Van Bibber

    A woman I know owns a company that develops all natural salves and balms using only Theraputic Grade Oils. She recently developed a natural cream that removes tattoos, drawing the ink to the surface of the skin and out of the pores. Some people use it to draw the ink up and make it look fresh and new; others use it as a very inexpensive way to remove something they may find they regret. VERY AWESOME!! She should be coming out with it for purchase online soon.

  • Donna Hallabuk

    this person definitely has stories to tell.It would be a very interesting conversation Glenn.

  • Paul Singer

    Glen Beck if you feel that strongly open up tattoo removal centers and do a show awarding free removals.. If I had your money I would !!

  • Dave Andersen

    We’ve all just been tricked into watching a commercial. Not cool.

    • Dave Andersen this tactic of presenting commercials as if they’re editorial content without telling your audience is deceitful, and it harms your credibility.

  • Nomasidiotas

    Not judging, just making an observation: almost all tattoos are a sign of disturbance at some point, to a greater or lesser degree, and are a reaction to that disturbance. Most people I know who have tattoos were in the service, and the tattoos are a visible reminder of trauma, they say as a way to memorialize or as a tribute, but it also serves as a way to keep the pain fresh so that it won’t be forgotten, almost a self punishment. But the remainder I’ve known, non-warriors, are wounded people in some way to a greater or lesser degree, and have a deep need to stand out, and to be noticed, to feel significant. They get the tattoos to mark themselves. Very interesting the differences between visible and hidden tattoos as well. Again, not judging, just have noticed this over the last 50 years or so of people watching and getting to know them over time.

  • Linus77

    Tattoos were forbidden by God at that time because the people were tattooing spells on themselves. Protection spells. Same reason why earrings and nose rings were forbidden, because they were protection and fortune charms. That was the way of the pagans, which is what Israel come out of when they were freed from slavery. It was also what was going in the land God gave them.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with tattoos except for the content. I had wanted to get a cross tattoo with a scripture reference, but the Holy Spirit said no. It had nothing to do with getting a tattoo, but He impressed that my calling of mission work would be hindered by this particular type of tattoo. I still plan to get another tattoo, but am more careful, which I already was picky, about my limits.

  • Taylor Laurie

    You sir are the one that is sad, you impose such a thing on a man who you do not know. Therefore you have no right to pity this man for his outward apperance. His body to him is a piece of art. Watch this video. He is perfectly happy with his body:

  • Taraveah

    I personally could care less whether someone wants to get tattoos and/or piercings, or not. What bothers me is when they make a big deal out of it like they are doing something that has “never been done before” or like they are sooo original, or get all “bent out of shape” because someone has commented on their tattoo or an employer asks them to cover it up. I have read way too many fb posts for example of someone getting a tattoo followed with the phrases: “I don’t care what people think, I love my tattoo and I am going to wear it with pride and if you don’t like it then blah blah blah”. Okay! Thumbs up! You do that then! Really, does anyone really care?

  • Spectacle

    Tara I agree that many people who get tattoos can be annoying with that aspect lol…They do always think it is something different. I don’t think a moral judgment is quite what they deserve for being so “different”. The I don’t care what people think is funny too. lol.. What if people don’t think about their tattoo? Well I guess everyone is satisfied. I don’t generally think about tattoos as a reference unless it speaks to racism, anti-god or gang affiliation. The flash art form the wall at the tattoo studio or something your friend drew for you, well that doesn’t really speak to me either. The gangs ones tell me a lot so I avoid.

  • Ida Whitney Kelly

    I recently got my newest (and most favorite tattoo) on May 10th. I am a breast cancer survivor, and I got a tattoo to honor the fact that with God’s help I was able to beat cancer. My tattoo is VERY meaningful to me, and I do not regret getting it even for one second. It’s on the inside of my right wrist, and I’m right handed, so people see it often. It’s a good conversation starter, and I have actually used my tattoo to help spread the gospel and share God’s love with others. I believe that if God can use a talking donkey, then He can certainly use tattooed people as well.

  • Shannon

    Nobody’s bringing up the fact that Zombie – the man in the video, whose real name is Rick Genest – is a brain cancer survivor who was diagnosed with a tumor and underwent surgery to remove it before he even turned 16. He got his first tattoo at age 16 after the surgical removal of his brain tumor, and every interview that I have come across with him has said that he thinks of his “zombie” tattoos as an outward representation of his struggles with his inner demons. Honestly? I think that’s pretty cool and that he’s very brave, and who are we to say that these tattoos mean nothing to him? The work is also absolutely amazing, and this is probably the best makeup advert I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • Brandon Heller

      Yeah, I sensed a cool vibe from him. Probably a nice guy.

    • Anonymous

      Well said. ..

  • Michael Superczynski

    Wow! Now that is freaky!

  • In_the_OC

    My heart goes out to his mother. My son has tattoos. Although he at least places the ones he has so they are relatively easy to cover, it is hard for me to look at what he’s done to his beautiful skin. The young man in the video has made himself a freak. I can’t imagine waking up to a tattooed face such as his staring back at me. How sad—-what could he have been thinking during all those trips to the tattooist?? OMG.

  • Mark Stufflet

    I would like to know where he got all the money for the tats to begin with, he obviously does not have a JOB.

    • Anonymous

      FYI…he’s a model. He makes money from the tattoos. Been in Vogue Italia..

  • Peter Toth

    This level of body modifications, screams for an intervention and an assessment of his mental fitness. Instead, he is surrounded by enablers, who are profiting off him, and care not one bit about his mental and physical health.

    What a shame!

    • Shannon

      I hope you realize that not everyone gets body modifications because they are mentally unstable, and that not all people with body modifications are at all mentally unstable. It’s an art form and a form of self expression. Tattooing is just another medium of traditional art – much like using oil paints or graphite pencils – albeit, on an nontraditional canvas. You may not think it beautiful, but other people do. Really, who are you to judge his motivation when you clearly know nothing about this man?

  • landofaahs

    I don’t see the tattoo thing myself but what is different from that and a woman farding(applying makeup)? I think shaving is altering the way we were made and even combing our hair is altering our appearance. I won’t even get into tanning. But maybe some people just have unresolved issues.

  • Brandon Heller

    Jeffry Dahmer would be SOOOOOO TURNED ON by him!!!

  • Anne Marie

    I’ll turn 50 soon and still do not understand the fascination with tattoos. I see women with sentences tattooed around their necks in the most obvious places and don’t get it. I

  • Papist

    God help that man.

  • Tina Brown

    Telling someone what the Bible says about tattoos is sort of pointless if they don’t care what the Bible says at all. This wasn’t about the Bible, and yes I do follow it, it was about how YOU, not the Bible, feels about tattoos. It was about if you judge them, how you judge them if you should or should not judge them. There is a lot more behind this young man’s tattoos then just his ink. It is the choice he made to do this, over and over and over again. That was not a one night, I have had a bit too much to drink decision, where you come home with “I love Mona” tattooed on your arm. This was a deliberate and well thought out plan he made. For whatever reason, he choose to turn himself sort of inside out. I think he has a lot of deep seated issues and he wants you to know about it. I think he has a lot to say and this is one way to get you to perhaps listen to him. If he wants to self destruct then of course that is his choice, if he wants to make his outside look as chaotic as how he just may feel on the inside, that is his choice. If you judge him for it that is your choice. I have seen some really clean cut looking boys on the outside do some really horrible things on the outside as well, only to prove that what you saw was not the real story. These clean cut boys went on to do some horrible things that destroyed more than just themselves, like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and the like, just saying…

  • Anonymous

    Does he have a brother who’s been falsely accused of something heinous in federal prison somewhere?

  • Keith Schiffner

    what ever…nut cases. There never was some invisible man in the sky or everywhere. Nor goddesses etc. Just some made up stories to explain things to children and control the adults. hmmph…get a tattoo. work 7 days a week. Get more tattoo’s if you want and marry whomever you want. p.s. for you lunatics going on about revelations. News flash you idiots, it was a thinly veiled commentary about the events the author was living through not some prophecy…if you think it’s prophesy you are a gullible idiot.

  • Menander’s Bust

    Why are tattoos different than clothes? Who cares? Are you defacing God’s work by getting a tan? So much silliness.

  • Jake Ross

    The tattoos or markings on your body the bible was referring to was paganistic markings. It’s a personal conviction. But my tattoos mean something significant to me as a Christian and give me an opportunity to share my faith with someone I would otherwise not have the chance to. But as for a couple of my missionary friends, on wanted to get a tattoo his entire life but could never think of anything significant he wanted on his body. Which is good for him because where he’s going, he would be associated with being in a gang and be killed for it. So there’s two sides to the coin. I don’t believe either one is wrong. You just have to be sensitive to what God is telling you to do about tattoos.

  • Dawn Hawley McDonald

    I think of him as a mirror to our soul….When you look at him from the outside,What you think and feel about him, directly reflects back to you..who you really are on the inside….Your TRUE self…Maybe a lot of people look just like he does….but its hidden deep within….under makeup….Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    “Nothing in the head, the whole body has to suffer!”

  • Chris

    That’s insane! I wonder why he has all that ink. He goes by “Zombieboy.”

  • Anonymous

    No muscle tone, pick up a weight or something!

  • Sraaken

    I’ve always wondered about Biblical/religious tattoos. I would think those might be exceptions.

  • StGlen

    I’m confused by the video and article. A guy gets a bunch of fake tattoos put on, and then make-up cover-up. And then Glenn thinks the fake tattoos are real?

    • Angela Petry Huwig

      His tattoos are real.

    • Anonymous

      Tattoos aren’t fake. It’s an ad for cover up make up

  • Darrin

    I don’t know why I bother writing, because most people who hear this will turn it away with hardened hearts. I am a follower of Christ. I have tattoos, and I love them. My tattoos bear the Biblical story, and are great conversation starters as a witness to the love of Christ. Judge if you want, but are you one to reach out to those with tattoos? You who judge those with them? We are meant to be light in a dark world. Tattoo, or no tattoo, I am who I am. The same person God meant me to be. I believe God made me an artist to use my body as a canvas to share His good works. Those who hate, go ahead. My heart is in the right place, time to check yours.

  • landofaahs

    Once again Glenn is obsessed about people who are not what they seem to be and mask themselves from what you see. Well, that would explain why Glenn switches his appearance to fit the mold and situation. God forbid he be whatever he truly is. I hope you find yourself someday Glenn, then maybe we can actually believe you when you say what you really are. Until then I’ll stick with “Phony”.

  • Madison Fowler

    I think if this is how you believe your god is judging you and your loved ones, you may want to reconsider a few things.

    I do believe in a higher power but I don’t consider myself Christian. I do think that Christianity is a good religion, and I do use it throughout life and I do very much respect Christians. But the Bible says a lot of things. The Bible also says that a woman who gives birth to a son will be “unclean” for seven days, and must not touch anything that is sacred. If she has a daughter, the Bible says that she will be unclean for two weeks. The Bible also explains in Exodus 21 how a man may sell his daughter as a servant. Women and children are treated much like property in the Bible. The Bible also says in Mathew 5-6, that if you commit sin with your right hand, you should cut it off because “it is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown in Hell.” Any woman who is divorced is an adulteress, and anyone who marries her commits adultery.

    A lot of valuable things can be learned from the Bible and the Bible is full of amazing and interesting things, but I think a lot of things from the Bible can be blown out of proportion a bit. There are a lot of crazy things in the Bible.

    I know a lot of people who have tattoos and piercings who are amazing people, they are loving and kind and giving. They have families and they are very smart people. I would hate to believe in a god who damned them simply because they modified their own bodies; dismissing the love they are leaving behind for this world to become better from.

    There is nothing wrong with believing that tattoos are desecration according to your religion. Simply don’t get tattoos. There is something wrong with demanding others to believe as you do and telling them that they can only be good people if they believe what you believe. There are religions all around the world that consider tattoos sacred, and these religions are full of brilliant, wholesome people.

    I think tattoos such as the ones this young man has are interesting, but I sort of detest them because I don’t believe in getting tattoos to use as entertainment, which does make me question the character of this man (his name is Rick Genest by the way), but I still don’t know him so I will not judge him. I see my body as a canvas, and I would only get tattoos if they had spiritual/sentimental significance to me. Do I think this guy is a bad guy? No. I don’t know him. So I don’t really think that much about his tattoos. But if he is a good guy, then I would love him as I love my friends and family. There is not enough love and kindness in this world, and I will not keep it away from somebody simply because they choose to appear a certain way.

  • Madison Fowler

    You should try to have him on your show Glenn! It would be very interesting.

  • Gen X

    This is exactly why I don’t go to church. People think they are high and mighty thinking they are better then everyone else, and it’s all about judgment. I know the bible so don’t go to your all mighty high ground and start preaching about your God that lets people like you act like your God. Look at your lives first! Throwing rocks at a glass house.

    • Ron Melone

      First of all, we are not “better then everyone else.” We are all sinners saved by grace. Secondly, if you want to avoid hypocrites, where would you go? They are everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    If our bodies are our temples, would tattoos be like graffiti on a temple?

  • Anonymous

    If one thinks they must have a tattoo why not get one that washes off? I personally think tattoos are people screaming out “look at me!!” I guess if that is how they need to get attention, great. However, I suspect people like the guy in this video would call me small minded or worse if they came to me for as job and I would not hire them because of the tattoos. As long as they don’t judge me for not wanting them because I find them strange I will not judge them if they want them. I just will not hire him or someone like him. Soon I am sure the Obama regime will tell me i am a “racist” for not liking tattoos. Have you noticed the leftists use “racist” now for everything? You don’t like tattoos? RACIST!! You don’t like Star Bucks coffee. RACIST!! etc etc . The left has cheapened the word and it really no longer stands for anything when called a racist. Too bad Congress is still so afraid of the word…

  • William Freeman

    He thinks it makes him special- he is a jerk.

  • Linda Powers

    He won’t be 80.

  • Don Briscoe

    I feel sorry for him, as we age and grow in life our ideas and outlook changes in some cases for better in some worse but he has anchored himself to one thing……..ouch that’s gonna hurt, not the tattoo but the realization.

  • GuestGuest

    Uhhh… who cares?

  • Gray

    he wanted a bit part on Star Trek and was to late by 15 years?


    God does not care about tattoos…and it doesn’t apply unless you are still adhering to the Old Covenant with man…and if so…by the ancient Levitical law…you are in real trouble with your maker, Beck.

  • Michelle Pequignot-Judd

    interview with him

  • PeterMoss

    Some people who have no tattoos are even more frightening than that guy>>>

  • MarieLittleone P. Boston

    Whatever God convicts you of, is sin “once you’ve been convicted of it.”

  • Anonymous

    Your body is a temple given to you by God. You are not to defile it. When it’s done and you are truly sorry…pray for forgiveness and mercy. God knows your heart and his love and mercy can cover anything…but you have to mean it..He will not be mocked.

  • Anonymous

    The “t” in tattoo stands for trash.

  • Veronica Port

    If a tattoo is a sin because of the Law in Leviticus then all the other Laws have to be followed. You can’t pick and choose which Law to follow – it’s all or nothing.

  • Commenter

    Too ugly for me.

  • Scott Roger

    There’s no such thing as sin. We made that up.

  • Ralph

    He does talk a little bit on other videos. He talks about surviving a brain tumor and a ‘waiting list’ which he wouldn’t go into. He’s from Canada and it seems he likes shocking people. To each his own. I personally don’t get it, nor would want it…but I do have a tattoo that I got in my twenties, when I went on a vacation. I hadn’t taken one from work in over 5 years, at the time. I survived cancer and a fall off a ladder that has left me partially disabled, and I got one to celebrate all three of those things.

    Here is the link he talks about this:

  • Anonymous

    Please everyone, help me to spread the word.
    My husband and I are involved with the regulatory end of the health care products, and because of this we get notes from FDA when there are problems looming.
    The inks used through out the world are totally out of control. Testing has been involved and all types of foreign matters have been found. This is one of the reasons why you need to sign papers when getting an MRI.
    Beyond the inks, —the artists are out of control. Even with guards on their tools, pressing harder, is (listen to me) “delivering” the inks, right into the lymph system!!!!
    Surgeons are cutting into patients tumors and finding ink.
    This is an impossible situation and scary.
    Faith issues aside, this is already a very dangerous thing!!!!!!
    IF you want to “express yourself” do something not dangerous. There’s always a way.


  • Glennfriend67

    How long, O Lord,must we put up with this nonsense?

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