Today our nation faces a choice between transformation and restoration

Hello America,

We are now only a few days away from Restoring Love in Dallas, TX. It’s going to be an amazing week filled with music, service, faith, history and inspiration. For those of you who will be with me in Texas, you’re going to have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves alongside amazing, like-minded people from across the country during the events and the day of service. And for those of you who cannot join us in Texas, you’ll be able to watch exclusively on GBTV Plus.

We have arrived at a critical point in our nation’s history. We are being presented with a choice, and that choice is far bigger than whether you pull the lever for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Don’t get me wrong, the election in November is by far the most important we have seen in our lifetimes. But we can only fix Washington if we first fix ourselves.

Today our nation faces a choice between transformation and restoration. There are people in this country who want to see America transformed, who want to see it become something different than what it has always been. They don’t want America to light the way, but fall alongside other nations on the global playing field. Whether they realize it or not, this transformation fundamentally changes America’s unique and historic role in the world from a beacon of freedom to something far, far less.

We choose a different path. We choose restoration.

For the past three summers, we have been on a journey to restore the values and principles that made this country great. Honor. Courage. Love. It began on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where hundreds of thousands of people came together to show the world that we weren’t looking to Washington, DC for answers, but to one another and to God. The journey continued last summer in Jerusalem, where we declared that no matter what our leaders may say, “We the People” will never abandon our allies in a time of crisis.

On July 28th, the trilogy of events that began with Restoring Honor and continued with Restoring Courage comes to a close with Restoring Love. But this event is only the next step for the movement of peace and freedom that began on 8/28/10.

At Restoring Love, you will join individuals from across the country as they come together to serve their fellow man. You will connect with history that has been long forgotten. You will see amazing musical performances from artists that will inject “goodness” into the mainstream culture. Most importantly, you will find the tools, the strength, and the inspiration to move forward in fixing yourself and this great country.

This hasn’t been an easy journey. Those who want to transform this country have a nearly hundred year head start. But we are so close to turning things and we cannot stop now. We will restore America – and we will do it together.

It will be love that holds us together through the next phase of this journey.

Whether you are with us in Dallas, TX or at home watching on GBTV – don’t miss a second of this extraordinary event.

Be a part of history. Be a part of the movement to restore America.

Laus Deo,

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The charge has been given into the hands of this generation by the founders; they did see a time when the Constitution would be endangered, and by that the nation and the Republic as well. So which will we now choose as our future: freedom and restoration of the nation, or to pass into the night and into eternal serfdom under a repressive, tyrannical government led by Obama?

    Choose America, for this is our time and our hour.

    • Rosalind W. Garrett

      We want more and we expect more and it is not time to demand more. This is not about Obama or Mitt Romney!

      • Anonymous

        B.S. it is not about Mitt or Obama. Mitt represents our hope to keep this great country from becoming a dictatorship. Obama represents everything that is wrong with this world. A man who has been lied to his whole life by the radilcals who have administered unto him. You can’t deny the facts unless you stick your head in the sand.

    • Anonymous

      True Patriots will choose freedom and restoration of our nation and save it for our children and their children’s future.

      • Anonymous


      • Me

        First, when you say freedom I really do not think that you mean “free” because if so you would not have commented on this post. Second, I just want to clear up a paradox when you state what you have about “our children and their children…” Supporting Mr. Beck’s politics are not going to help them, although he and you both may think they will. 

        For instance look at Wisconsin under Scott Walker, a tea party politician. He claimed that they needed to cut spending to preserve future security, however he then went and cut educational spending. If you read the news when he did this you’ll see that the youth most certainly did not support this action and it was to better them – it only hurt them and their education. Just thought you may want to know this before you post something on the internet that people will see. 

    • Omegaomni

       No one is going to listen to you if you are so histrionic:  talking about  eternal serfdom. Ill assume you’re christian – so t will not be eternal. It doesn’t matter who wins America will still join with the antichrist against israel- read your own book

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t the words to begin to enlighten you. All I have to say is sit home, mock people and do nothing, because that is what you think Christ wants you to do. Act like the narcissists (Progressives) and pretend you know the scripture better than everyone else on this site. Of course that is what Christ wants you to do is bury your head in the sand. Folks like you may be the reason why events turn out the way they do in the end, because you allowed Satan to overcome. How could God Bless people who want to do nothing to help themselves. Pathetic!

    • Anonymous

      Very well said snowleopard1

    • Willard Romney

       Wow you really ate this sh*t Glenn Beck served you right up.

  • Anonymous


    Last week you mentioned a book that you are or were reading as of last week, what is the title and author of the book?  It sounded very interesting and I was unable to write the title down. 

    Additionally, I’m the founder and headmaster of a private Christian school in Southwest Florida.  As I see things the best way to restore America is to see the monopoly of educating our youth by the secular government reduce.  The numbers of children being educated by this anti-faith monoply has had overwhelming results in forming and controling the hearts and minds of our youth for many decades.  The secular-humanism establishment also controls our colleges of education as well as run our public schools.  Charter schools are ot the answer, but more affordable private options or choices that will educate the next generation to wise and virtuous is the answer. 

    God Bless you Glenn for all of the effort and hard work that you’re doing.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Can we choose an alternate booth!

  • Anonymous

    For anyone who isn’t a brainwashed glenn beck cult member…
    Look at what this piece of trash is leaving out…
    1.  Republican Senators filibustering small business legislation to keep people out of work to try and win an election.
    2.  Romney lying about outsourcing and cannibalizing companies.
    3.  Romney hiding money in off shore accounts.
    4.  glenn beck ignoring rush’s latest racist attacks.
    and the list goes on and on and on…
    Wake up!
    glenn beck is simply manipulating the ignorant minority!

    • SoThere

      The Liberals in the Senate are blocking 2 dozen jobs bills right now.

      Obama is a major outsourcer of jobs and that’s a proven fact.

      Romney isn’t hiding money anywhere, he doesn’t have to, his money is legally earned through hard work.

      The only racist here is strtlk, he’s the face of the left and these are just more lies of his.

      Save America, Vote Conservative.

    • Anonymous

      Just read your post and can only say YOU SIR ARE AN ASS!!!!!  You are the one who needs to WAKE UP

    • Anonymous

      Please, educate yourself beyond the third grade. You spend way too much time listening to CNN, ABC, CBS and all of the other bury their head in the sand networks. You have entered an educated sight where people actually read. All your comments are talking points of the left wing media. None of them have any originality to them, much less fact. Remember, cows do the same thing. What you may ask? They simply follow who ever is in the lead, they don’t know why, they just do!  Worse they parrot ever single comment made by uneducated people. When you follow your view is always the same. However, if you must follow, follow the people on this sight who can at least bring you to some greener pastures and light up your way, where it was once dark.

  • Click4MediaBlackoutExposed

    Glenn’s right. We reached a point of critical mass and soon everyone will know the truth about the coup, cover up, and police state..

  • landofaahs

    There is a 3rd which will be the only choice of the future.  Separation.  It is sad we are headed there but human history points to it.  I hope restoration is possible but I fear we have been turned over to a reprobate mind.

    • Mike Hodges

      Restoration won’t come without struggle, without dedication, without sacrifice. We must move beyond rallies, beyond speeches, and into action. The dullards on the left, for all their bewildering combination of stupidity and animal cunning, have that going for them: they’re willing to get arrested or hurt for what they believe. If we are unwilling to make similar sacrifices, we will be washed away like so much chaff. 

  • Anonymous

    You nailed it on your opening Tue monologue for your Radio Show.  Any chance we can get the transcripts posted on the CONTROL segment.  I want to share this information to others.

  • Ricardo Davila

    What beacon of freedom? Out of the 236 years of this nation’s existence, we had 189 years of slavery and deep segregation.  We were a beacon of human rights abuse.  Stop glorifying the past.  Only in the last 50 years have we shown what American can truly be, even if we were lead by the beck-cursed progressives.  Educate yourselves people and stop listening to this high school drop out.

    • Nonof Urbusiness

      Not everyone supported slavery and WE were not the only place on the earth that exploited other human beings. But we had a path to setting these enslaved free. Show me any other nation who has done more for anyone one else in the world! Show me who has come to the aid of others in distress like Americans! Show me the nation that concured another and then set them free! Perfect? No, but far greater in human rights and any other nation. So, get off our back. If you are looking for a perfect nation-call me when you find it. Here is the deal; Human’s are pron to corruption and exploitation of others! All humans! Our wise founders understood our HUMAN nature. They set to work crafting what they hoped would be a document of LAW that might have some chance to protect all of us from our own corrupt nature. They set out to build a NEW nation “Conceived in liberty a dedicated to the proposition and ALL men (and women) were created of equal value by the creator! This is a NEW nation, not like ANY OTHER ON EARTH. And yes, we are special! We believe that there is a high power or wisdom then ourselves. The idea of this Constitution was and is to protect you and me from the corrupt of both the Obama thugs and the Romney good old boys. It is time for us to remember what this nation was dedicated to and return it to the wisdom of it’s founders.
      They knew just how corrupt Obama and the old guard Republicans could be and they wanted to protect us from the likes of these arrogant “public servants(?)”
      This was a great nation and we are a great people and we have come to aid of millions all over the world. Do we have corrupt politicians in power? Yes, and we can do better and now it is time to wake up and take this nation back. We want more and we expect more and it is not time to demand more. This is not about Obama or Mitt Romney!
      This is about remembering who we are! Sleepers awake!

    • Charles Bailey

      I started to enlighten you, but I checked your math and found it so far off I see no reason to waste my time, at least, until you learn to add and subtract.

  • joe654321

    The Right to Life. Some of us in Massachusetts are trying to spread the word that Massachusetts car owners can now purchase a “Choose Life” Specialty License plate at Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.  

  • Laura

    People should not be afraid of their governments,
    governments should be afraid of their people
    A vendetta is on the horizon.

  • Take 2

    Taxation is a form of slavery to the master.  After reading Obama’s book Dreams from My Father it is very clear what is going on. It is an amazing acting (script reading) job. It is impossible that this cat is qualified in any faucet of a job skill level higher than a party coordinator.  An abandoned son of an Islamic Muslim… An alcohol and drug addiction over hating being White. Convicted Auto theft whom was a student of Marxist teachings is President of The United States. an amazing story.

  • Ronald Berg

    President Obama – The “Nice Guy” Syndrome and The Consequences
    If your wondering why Obama is still doing well in the polls even when the economy is bad, it is because many Americans, like Pres. Obama are in denial of who they are and what they stand for.   President Obama’s policies have cause many Americans to give up their dignity,  values, work ethic and the American dream  in exchange for free government services and handouts not characteristic of the American way of life.  
    Any president that would promote and advertise social programs such as “food stamps” is not just looking for your vote, they are  looking to change your mind set from a free thinking working American to an obedient subject that serves the will of government and is dependent on government.  But this should come as no surprise to Americans,  since Pres. Obama has said when he was first elected that he wanted to transform  America. 

    The following illustration may remind us of who this administration thinks we are and what this administration thinks they are.
    Pres. Obama has never ran a business and like so many liberals they want to define the United States government as a personal business opportunity where they are the CEO and can do whatever they please because of the lack of competition.  The president of the country is the CEO and we become employees where the leader dictates, controls, manages our affairs and our direction.  However, since this administration is in charge of running the federal government, they have special rights and privileges that states (departments) and citizens(employees) and other businesses  don’t have  like printing money,  spending someone elses money and unlimited borrowing powers where an operational budget is not necessary.
    President Obama as the CEO of America is not accountable to anyone and that is why the following are characteristic of his administration:
                If  President Obama doesn’t like the laws that are in place, he  simply overrides the process with an Executive Order betraying his own sense of conscience and campaign promises to allow the branches of government to function as defined by the constitution.
                When campaigning, the president  will use the victim card when the race card is not available. 
                The blame game.   If you have been listening to Pres. Obama, his democratic  colleagues and the main stream media over the past four years,  you would think president Bush had never left office.  President  Obama has blamed Bush, the rich, the banks, state government and business  for everything that has  gone wrong or could go  wrong for the mistakes and experiments of his administration.  
                 Outsourcer-in-Chief.   If you can’t create jobs at home,  give American tax dollars and  technology  away to other countries  like  Russia,  Brazil,  Finland etc..  and borrow all you can from China so American citizens can pay the government of China to create jobs in China building the Chinese  military.
    Americans have been blind-sided by the nice guy syndrome  and  charmed by the smile that disguises the deceptive practices rooted in the Obama administration even to the extent where it tentacles may have reached into other branches of government.   Men of intelligence and profound wisdom have become victims of their own decision making process that has left living by principle and reason to a matter of chance.   Such practices are characteristic of individuals  placed in positions of trust and responsibility who are interested in their own personal and political success at the expense of a nation’s economic freedom that was once characteristic of a nation we called “America”.   If the law doesn’t stand the test of constitutionality, then simply rewrite it to make it so.
    It may take another four years of Pres.  Obama for Americans to finally get the message that Pres. Obama’s is driven by an ideology that goes contrary to the constitution that is spreading like a cancer in our government and institutions of learning and the liberal media and we as citizens will continue to lose our basic rights and freedoms in America through more government control and regulation.   The rules and regulations have reached a point where many successful Americans are renouncing their citizenship due to the intrusive nature and intimidating practices of government agencies under the Obama administration.  Don’t believe it!  Read the following article:

    What will it take before Americans wake up and discover what is happening to them and to this great country we call America.   If Americans haven’t see the light over the past 4 years,  they will in the next 4 years if Pres. Obama is re-elected.  The size of government will be expanded to tax and spend us into oblivion and the cost of Obamacare will be the underlying burden placed on American businesses and citizens that will stifle individual incentive,  job growth  and the American will to succeed. 
    Is the “Nice Guy” syndrome worth the consequences? 


  • Anonymous

    As we approach Restoring Love I believe we should keep Scriptures in Mind. This comes from 
    1 Peter 4: 7-11
    The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers. 8 Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. 9 Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. 10 As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: 11 whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.  (English Standard Version)

    • Omegaomni

       why do you care about restoring America? in your bible America joins with the antichrist  against israel  no matter who is president Jesus comes down and removes all governments including this one.

      • Charles Bailey

        Sorry, the only place America is mentioned is in Isa.18 and 33 and then it speaks of gifts to Israel. The study id to involved to discuss it here, but study awhile and it should become clear to you.

  • Dennis W Griffin

    Laus Deo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Glen, I love ya man, but Obama is getting millions and millions of new people on government dole.  They are practically begging people to take money.  Sure its going to destroy the country.  Everyone knows that, but few of us believe Romney can make any difference.  Yes, we will vote for him but no,1. He won’t take welfare away. 2. He won’t reduce the pay of government employees. 3.He won’t reduce taxes.  4. He will probably increase taxes. 5. He will keep us in these godforsaken wars in the middle east.6.He will keep paying money to our enemies 7.He won’t take government benefits away from those who got them under Obama and may not deserve them. 8. He won’t crack down on illegals9. Romney has never said anything without a but or exception and in politics speak the exceptions are always the rule. 10. Obama is a crooked cheap drug dealer but Romney is too much an old school politician to take Obama and the democrats to task for ruining our economy and using that as an excuse to steal a trillion dollars from us.  11. Romney won’t challenge the fed or Europe. 12. Deficits therefore will not go down under Romney and may go up. Romney is by far a better person than Obama, but like Roberts on the Supreme Court, conservatives don’t want change.  Romney will find a way to justify not changing anything Obama has done and therefore it will be set in stone.  We know all this and you know what, we want to get as much as we can before the ship sinks.  Sorry, man, I will fight tyranny but the tyranny is already here, and we are about to hit it, and the only way to stop the collision is by stopping the ship and turning it around and that ain’t gonna happen.  We must prepare for what happens after the ship sinks.

    • Anonymous

      Your complaining before you even give Romney a chance, which always concerns me. Because Obama has run this country without a budget, he has no ability in which to identify wasteful spending. Instead of cutting back where he can, he pushes forward with over 5 trillion in new debt. He is asking for tax increases on the rich which will run our government for 4 days. Obviously this will have absolutely no effect on our debt, so why is he doing it? He is doing it because he is trying hard to create divisions within our country. He has pitted the rich against the poor, the Latino and Black against the white, why? He grew up with Frank Marshall teaching him the ropes of communism, he goes to school at Harvard and openly admits he finds every radical available who will join in discussion of radical change, his first funds when running for president come from Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers who were both leaders of the weather underground whose focus was to overthrow our government, give it to the Chinese and kill 22 Million Americans. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Anita Dunn, Frank Marshall Davis, Van Jones and on and on and on. How many communist to you need to associate with, and communist ideologies do you need to push before you get investigated by the DOJ or the FBI? Well it looks like Obama took care of that by appointing two radicals to these posts. So, what is my point? You have this long list of concerns about Romney? Are you kidding me? Romney might not be able to hand back our country in one peace in four years, but to worry about Mitt when the alternative could be Obama winning another four years is absurd. What is worse is your practically placing Romney in the same class as Obama, which means you are either buying into the radical left’s propoganda or you haven’t done your homework. Either one, at this stage, is really unbelievable! Also remember, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinski which is another mentor of Obama. Isn’t it amazing how they just keep popping up? Maybe some can’t call Mr. Obama a communist, but there is enough in my book to call him one.

    • Jo Ann Aaron

      I have more faith in Romney than you do. He took Massachusetts out of the red into the black. We are facing an election very similar to Carter vs. Reagan. I was committed delegate to Reagan. A weak president vs. a stong potentia l Reagan accomplished the things he set out to that he was in control of. We have to vote for Romney as we have a much weaker president that Carter was. We also have to hold the congress and senate accountable and let them know what we demand.

  • Anonymous

    I believe we will continue to be the light of the world as long as good people pray, and stand togeather against the darkness that is trying to surround us.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Recently I responded to an email from a freind that I wanted to share….

    I aree with you my friend; such a
    tragedy at the Colorado Movie Massacre. I wish CA was more like Texas so that we all
    could carry canceled firearms!


    The Aurora Colorado
    Movie Theatre Shootings reminded me of the Fort Hood Massacre a few years ago; the worst shooting ever to
    take place on an American military base; the innocent killing of 13 men and
    critically wounding 32 others. And after it occurred, President Obama had the
    audacity to call it “Work Place Violence” when it was obviously a “Home Grown” terrorist
    attack perpetrated by the sole suspect Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army Major
    serving as a psychiatrist (of all things), and a Radical American Muslim of
    Palestinian descent.


    a Radical Muslim Extremist who had countless e-mail communications with a
    Yemen-based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who quickly declared Hasan a hero, as
    “fighting against the U.S. army is an Islamic duty” Our president
    calling it “workplace violence” even though Hasan yelled out “Allahu
    Akhbar” right before he opened fire and as he killed all those unarmed
    Army men and a pregnant woman who were helplessly trapped in the Soldier
    Readiness Processing Center building. If you
    want to read more about it (cut and paste) check out this link:


    I have a conspiracy theory on the
    Colorado Massacre. I heard the Police Chief in Colorado say that the suspect, James Holmes,
    obtained all of the guns and ammunition legally. Hmmmm. This during a time with
    the Obama administration is pushing to squash our 2nd amendment rights with the
    U.N. with the Arms Trade Treaty that will ultimately be forced on US citizens.
    Sure, US citizens will be forced to surrender their guns…sure, the Middle
    Eastern countries will agree to the treaty also; but are we stupid enough to
    think they will enforce it on their people? Dream on!


    My theory is this….James Holmes
    is a far left, homegrown socialist terrorist who is a puppet; and the Puppet
    Masters are the Obama Administration and George Soros.  He was probably brainwashed by the Puppet
    Masters that they would take care of him. 
    He would not get the death penalty, but instead would get three square
    meals a day and a roof over his head for the rest of his life; and with all
    that…he would become infamous…known for all time.


    Why the Colorado Movie Theater
    Shootings?  So they could use James
    Holmes’ massacre to convince the public that the GUNS and AMMUNITION, that
    Homes purchases LEGALLY, killed and injured all those people (not the mentally
    disturbed person who pulled the trigger). 
    Of course the Puppet Masters also promising Holmes that they will get
    him the finest lawyers.


    Now, if this is true…James
    Holmes’ life may very well be in danger, as the President may choose to have
    him killed via the CIA, and executed him before his Jury Trial; like Lee Harvey Oswald, especially if the CIA catches wind that he will turn on
    Obama & Soros.


    Just a thought???


    • Anonymous

      Probably not far from the truth…scary stuff.

  • Faul Sname

    You are more right than you know about what some of us want for the country and the world. We do want to see America transformed, and we do want the global playing field transformed such that America is not the sole source of progress. The way we want to do this, however, is not to hinder America’s progress, but to help the rest of the world reach our level (notably India, Brazil, and several African nations that have the educated populations to become global players, but not the infrastructure). America has only 300 million people, while the world has almost 7 billion. America (or, more accurately, Americans), almost singlehandedly, went to the moon, eradicated Polio, created the key technologies that led to the internet, and served as a nesting ground for the most successful and innovative companies in the world.

    We have about 4% of the world population, and yet we dominate the entire rest of the world in terms of research and creativity. Just think of what we, as a species, could do if the other 96% of the world competed with us on our level.

    I’m somewhat concerned by the sense of doom that pervades our culture. It seems that the Republicans and Democrats are engaged in a contest to see who can paint the gloomiest picture of our future. The liberals talk about how increasing income inequality will be the end of us all, ignoring the fact that the disparity just shows that the rich are getting rich faster than the poor are getting rich (every demographic is experiencing pretty drastic increases in quality of life). The conservatives say that the current trend of globalization is killing business, ignoring the fact that businesses are reporting record profitability. Objectively speaking, America is in a pretty good place right now, but you wouldn’t know that by listening to the news.

  • George Smith

    Hello Glenn, I would say we are in need of restoration with the God of the Bible as a nation more than anything elce. The way to avoid fundamental transformation at the hands of ideas of marxists and other totaltarian systems as even one world govornment is to come to know him personally as ones own personal Saviour and Lord God. He alone came into the world to save sinners and to atone for their sins by shedding his atoning blood on a cross 2000 years ago . He also not onlly payed that full proce to restore us to God because of the sin nature we inherited from Adam and Eve. But he also was buried, and rose from the dead to prove the authenticity of who he was and what he came to do. This restoration could not be done by any effort of man although well intentioned as it might be but to obtaing the righteousness of God by faith of Jesus Christ who said on that cross it is finished meaning he had payed the full price their for sinners. Now though they must come to him freely to be saved with true repentance for ones sins against him and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,and thy house. This really is the only way although not popular to have real restoration throughout our land and amoung our people. And Glenn I do agree with many of your ideas ive heard and you have encouraged me over the years but this above all things for real restoration of our land and people. Sincerely ;

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