Tour Blog: Pittsburgh Photos

Well, my spies are still slacking off, but a blog based in Cranberry Township (where the Pittsburgh signing was) posted an article with some great photos. I think this one is my favorite so far…

Here’s the full post with pictures

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I posted on your facebook page earlier today, I don’t know if you will see it, and sure hoping you see this :)  You will be stopping in Waco, and my family and I have a small business here in Waco that we sure would love for you to try.  It’s the BEST gourmet IceCream you’ll ever taste!!!  We were so excited when we heard you were moving to TX! We actually moved from Joplin, MO to start our business here in TX.  My whole family, mom, dad, brother and my daughter packed up everything and started living the American Dream…in TX!!!  I think you felt very much the same as we did about TX…pretty awesome state!!!
    I am hoping to make it to your book signing…but sure would love to meet you personally either at our business or we’d love to bring it to you. Hope that doesn’t sound too wierd. We just think so much of you and appreciate you and your staff and all that you have done….Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      I’m not far from Waco, and would love to come by and try your ice cream. It sounds wonderful. What is the name of your store?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn,
    I was one of those in Pittsburgh today who had the pleasure of meeting you and Pat. Got my photo with Pat and told him I was going to use it for our Christmas card (oops, Holiday Card, NOT) to spook my liberal family. What a fun time I had waiting in line, seriously.  Met some great ladies and talked for a good hour before getting our books signed.  Can’t wait to read the book. I left you some candles from my shop.  I hope you receive them and enjoy.  Thanks for a wonderful morning.  Blessings!

  • debi9kids

    oh wow.
    How I wish I could’ve made one of your signings in PA.

  • Terry Dorsey

    Glenn…..Will you ever come to Portland, Or? I know it’s hippy haven but there are thousands here who love ya…and you wouldn’t even have to actually do a signing in Portland…..Beaverton or Hillsboro would welcome you with open arms. Either way imagine how much you’d piss off the left coming into “their” city?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see Pat in San Antonio and was very disappointed. I saw Joseph but when I smiled at him, he just looked right past me. I’m sure you guys are very tired. It was sure nice to see you again.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice to know after all this time, it’s still helping people

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