Tour Blog: Random Gifts

It was an amazing first day on the Agenda 21 book tour. The Harrisburg, PA store was completely jammed last night because they let everyone line up inside, out of the cold–but Glenn stayed and shook every hand and signed every book. People on the crew told me the atmosphere was pretty incredible.

One of the great things about Glenn going on the road is the stuff that fans always seem to bring for him. Sometimes it’s “normal” stuff likes books and letters, but other times something extraordinary pops up. Yesterday, at the King of Prussia stop, Peter Lillback, the outstanding author of George Washington’s Sacred Fire, presented Glenn with a piece of wood salvaged from one of the 13 original Liberty Trees (each colony had one). Glenn, who’s no stranger to historical artifacts, even looked pretty surprised.

I’m really looking forward to stealing it from Glenn’s office once he gets back.

Today the crew is onto Pittsburgh (Costco members only), then Akron, Cleveland and Columbus. The full tour schedule is here. Watch this blog for updates from the road!

  • Melissa X

    Did your mother put urine in your bottle when you were a baby?  Your brain is failing you.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Whoa! That is some big piece of wood. It must have been seriously heavy to carry back to the bus.

  • Donna Stuller

    I was at the Harrisburg signing :) It was amazing! 

  • Twilia Cameron

    I was at the Harrisburg signing too! Awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the update

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