Tour Blog: Wow, Pittsburgh!

What a signing! Estimates of 1,500 people in line with some coming as early as 6a! (Useless Information Alert: According to Twitter, a woman named Beth Markovitz was first in line.) It’s always humbling for Glenn and the staff to see the passion and excitement of his fans. It really does give everyone a much-needed boost of energy.

Glenn introduced his co-author, Harriet Parke (who’s a Pittsburgh-area resident) to the crowd and I saw some great video on of fans lined up for her signature as well. If books signed by both of them start popping up for sale online they just might be collector’s items.

My spies were apparently too busy helping out with the signing to send in any pictures yet—but hopefully we’ll have some soon.

On to Ohio!

  • Wendy Windsor Sweigert

    I was  honored to meet the team at the B&N store in Camp Hill, PA Thursday evening.  It was a spur of the moment thing for me…but was so glad I did it.  Bless you all as you continue the tour and the programs you run.

  • Roxanne Simpson

    wanted to be there but it was the only one you had to be a member of Costco. It figures

  • Mimi Antonetti

    Thrilled to have met Glenn – my 87-yr old mom and I waited in line for over 2 hours and met the most wonderful people while waiting.  Special thanks go out to Brandon and his did for helping me while I went for a wheelchair for mom! Hope Glenn likes the books I brought him that were written by my grandfather!

  • Anonymous

    I live in Johnstown, two hours from Cranberry…not a member of Costco…got up at 4am..drove to Pgh…arrived to be number 6 in line and joined Costco at 7am….glad I did..shared many hours in line with like minded Patriots…great day and got to shake Glenn’s hand…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this information.

  • Anonymous

    It was my honor to attend the Pittsburgh book signing with Glenn and his staff. The people who waited patiently in line were so kind and supportive. True Americans. Thanks to all who came; you were wonderful!

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