VIDEO: Working on Man in the Moon during “vacation”

Sunday midnight in a studio with friends in Phoenix working on the most amazing flag raising for July 6 at Man in the Moon. I fly today to convince American Dream Labs to complete the vision. Humility.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds and looks great. Wish i could be in  Salt Lake City but i don’t have the resources to make the trip. So will have to miss out.

  • John Glendenning

    Glen Beck is a true patriot. We need not all agree on everything to stand up and fight for freedom!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely awful. What is this fucking shit? Its going to suck harder than Xmas Sweater

    • Katie Herrmann

      You know if you don’t like it you can use your big people words to describe how you feel… Or just stop reading and watching what’s on here because it clearly upsets you.

  • Anonymous

    Whitdimples, you don’t need to swear…but you are right, this looks truly awful

  • Jaamoose

    I think I just threw up in my mouth….

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