UPDATE: We have picked the winners of the caption contest!

These three people will all be receiving a free signed copy of AGENDA 21!

  1. “Where are the fuzzy dice?”  Old_ogre
  2. “Wait, I thought things were BIGGER in Texas!” https://www.facebook.com/kim.machir Kim Bennion Machir
  3.  “Even replicas of great American mass production are mass produced in China now…” https://www.facebook.com/christopher.pancoast Christopher Pancoast

Hope you enjoy the book. Congrats!

Here’s Glenn at Sam’s Club in Round Rock, Texas admiring a replica of Sam Walton’s truck. But while that may be the truth, it’s not very exciting so let’s write some better captions. Leave your caption idea in the comment box here or on Twitter with #Agenda21Tour.

If we find one that really makes us laugh we’ll send you a signed copy of the book!