WATCH: Glenn and family riding horses out West

Glenn and his family are at their ranch this week. They go out there to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas, taking advantage of their time out West to bond as a family. On Friday, they went out as a family to ride horses.

Here’s a brief video from their adventure:

Glenn wrote:

I am wearing bandanas like some train robber from allergies. On so much my Benadryl I am half asleep in the saddle. Any suggestions beside a wet handkerchief like my grandfather used to do? When I get back excuse the strange tan lines. I know what a farmers tan is, and already have one of those but now I have a Jessie James tan with the line running from ear to ear. :)

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  • shannon henderson

    I love horses. I’m so jealous.

  • Sunshine43

    Love it! Have a super, terrific vacation Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    For allergies try histoplex made by biotics – all naturopathic formulated for various areas. Take it a couple times a day over a period of time. Have fun – love riding horses!

  • Liah

    There’s nothing better than a free-roam round of horseback riding to ground yourself. As for the allergies…whew – Benadryl, me? Night time only. For riding though I use Loratadine tablets/Claritin and if I’m desperate, a nasal cleanse (Neddie -pot) with a saline salt wash if you can stand it. Takes some getting use to but dries it up and removes the allergens before you get that pounding congestion headache. Best to you and your family.

    • Anonymous

      My Dad who is 85 has constant sinus infections because of a deviated septum in his nose. I recommended he try a Neti pot and he wishes he had learned of it sooner. His sinus infections are virtually gone. My son had a cold and I taught him how to use a Netipot and his cold was gone in 2 days! Glenn, TRY THE NETIPOT! You can get it at Walgreens or Wholefoods. It works.

      • Elena

        Make sure to keep the pot super clean. They can grow mold if not scrupulously cleaned after each use.

        Add baking soda to the salt; it buffers the burn.

      • LadybugJ

        I use to use the netipot, but changed over to the plastic squirt bottle. I find it more effective than the netipot. … easier to use, too!

        • Anonymous

          The plastic bottle is MUCH better and you can buy a new one after 3 months…that reduces the opportunity for bacteria to live in it.

  • Craig Johnson

    Love the video!! Way to short tho!

  • Rowena Holfeltz

    try silk bandanas much finer filtration and nice to wear summer or winter, also where are your hats a nice large felt western hat will also keep some to the dust off your face and keeps you cooler in the sun too.

  • Mak McCarty

    Nasacort nasal spray. 2 sprays in each nostril and it’s good for 24 hours. It is non-addictive. Won’t ramp you up or make you drowsey.

  • jo blo

    He shouldn’t do this…he looks goofier than Howdy Doody…

  • Elena

    Get a hat to protect your head fm the blazing hot Texas sun.

  • Anonymous

    Looking Good Glenn. You know, just enjoy it. When you are a small child and you cut your finger you think its the end of life as you know it. When you get older you just let it bleed a little till it stops, Shake it off and keep on “Having Fun”. Same here.
    When I was a kid I had “Hay Fever”. Today it would have an exotic allergy name, with lots of meds to put you to sleep or numb your face. My advice is to man through it, and your body will start to resist it. Sneeze as much as you want, then keep riding and having fun. I’m just saying.

  • suz

    great shot!

  • Chris Johnson

    Xyzal it is a third gen antihistamine and is wonderful no side affects so far really you can take once a day or if your real bad 2x Ive been on them all and it is the best so far

  • Nancy Henderson

    Looking good on your beautiful black horse. But for allergies you may want to consider looking into “Curlies.” They are hypoallergenic and from what I’ve heard, great family horses.

  • Jane Martin

    Try doTERRA essential oils for your allergies. On Guard+ softgels, and TriEase Seasonal Blend softgels may help. All natural. Check it out.

  • Anonymous

    One of my kids is highly allergic to “outdoor stuff” — trees, grass, outdoor molds — he has a terrible time, but Zyrtec plus Nasacort controls the symptoms better than anything else we’ve tried. Neti pot is great if you can do it, but it’s not for everyone.

    Hope you get the symptoms sorted out and can enjoy the remaining vacation time free of sneezing and itchy nose/eyes/throat!

  • Anonymous

    You are allergic to the dry skin and dander so try to eliminate the horses excessive dander. The humidity is around 11% currently in some parts of Idaho.

    If you are wheezing, sorry you shouldn’t be riding. Or handling any equipment.
    If you just need a mask to stay away from dust, I recommend Respro. You probably wear an extra large. Yes, they have one that looks like a bandana if you like the bandito look. The others make you look more like Shreader from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and they are much better at filtration (hepa).

  • Terri Slomkowski

    Doesn’t that hurt your back? I wouldn’t risk it with mine. Thanks for all the pictures, I am loving it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh DO shut up!

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