We must become the UNITED States of America again

His portrait fades and his memory is gone.
An earthquake cracked his tower of stone
but his voice still cries “Charge on, Charge on!”

No surrender and no retreat,
First in war and first in peace,
A father, soldier and citizen,
He gave his soul to God, and his heart to his countrymen.

From Lady liberty to the California sun,
We keep looking for another one.
We will find our hope where we started from,
May God bless America with another George Washington!

When you give your soul to God and your heart to your countrymen.
-Lyrics from Tom Douglas’ “Washington”, Restoring Love – Cowboy Stadium 2012

Last night my family attended “Freedom Fire” with about 8000 Americans in a small town called Logan City. The little ones, having been raised too long in New York City and never been exposed to Kansas “City” didn’t understand how Logan was a “City”. I didn’t know how to answer other than saying, “size doesn’t define a city – the people do”. Pretty good for being as distracted as I was. I should have thought more deeply of the full meaning of that statement. It is true about a family or a country as well.

The “city”, upon learning that was going to be in attendance, had asked me, the day before the event, to say a few words. I agreed. The next morning, I saw story that I was going to “say something” on the front page of the local paper. Above the fold! Not something that would happen in that local New York “City” paper. That I was going to speak was not the point of the story, the point it seems was that I was going to “say something”.

As I read the story, I was struck by the fact that even though I had only agreed to speak around 4 pm the afternoon before, not only was it in the paper, but the reporter had found the time to learn of the “outrage” of some that had already called the Mayor and the University where the event would be held.

The local reporter asked for an interview as did the local radio station. In seeing that the radio station would air it live, so no edits or spin would be possible, I chose the radio station, which was not an affiliate of mine.

It was hosted by three really smart, fair and talented men. One left, one right and a libertarian. They were honest and frank. Two told me up front, they did not like me. The guy on the left and the conservative. I was so glad that I had chosen the radio station. It was a chance at honesty and real dialogue. In the end, I left a fan and with three new friends.

I spent forty minutes with them but only ten with the audience in the stadium where I was to ‘say something’. I know the hosts heard the message, but because I didn’t get the one on one with the audience along with another important reason, I am not sure I was able to make myself clear to those in the stadium.

I also wasn’t able to speak with you on this holiday, so let me share with you the words that were on my heart that I think are important for me to say. Whether they are important to hear is up to you.

I know what I have said in the past was controversial. Some of it foolish, some of it wrong, some of it poorly worded. But on the same page, some of it right and some of it needed to be said. For those things that were said by me that caused needless division, I am deeply sorry. For those things that drew sharp lines around truth and deceit that were spoken out of a love of God, country, and a plea to return to common values – I do not regret that I said them. I do, however, regret that I had to be the one to say them.

The truth does set you free. But what, all too often, we overlook is that, many times, the truth will make you miserable first. It usually makes the messenger the most miserable first, because he knows that far too often he will be the one blamed. A messenger, loyal to the message, accepts that risk and relies on the hope that the message will at some point be heard.

Today I have another message that I regret having to deliver.

I believe we are a nation at, in or very near civil war.

The first shot hasn’t been fired yet. “Fondly do I hope and fervently do I pray – that this ‘mighty scourge’ might speedily pass away”, Lincoln said.

But if we are to reverse this course maybe we should look at his words again.

“Neither anticipated that the cause of the conflict might cease with or even before, the conflict itself should cease. Each looks to read the same bible, and pray to the same God and each invokes His aid against each other. … but let us not judge lest we be judged. As it was said three thousand years ago, so it must be said, ‘the judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether.'”

The first civil war pitted the North and South against each other and thousands died. But the fact is, that division still exists in many ways. It doesn’t seem to matter that “for every drop of blood drawn by the lash, was paid by another drawn with the sword.” The battle still rages, the wounds are not allowed to heal.

That was a civil war fought in the 1860s. It was over something that had to be stopped the scourge of slavery. If indeed I am correct in my assessment that we are in a cold civil war, not north vs. south, but neighbor against neighbor, let me ask: What is this conflict over?

I would answer: The Truth. There really is only one truth. We can disagree on healthcare and taxes. But the truth is not subjective in cases like the VA. Are there secret waiting lists so workers gain bonuses? Yes. Are we killing US citizens with drones without a trial? Yes. Is the NSA spying on you, me, members of Congress and terrorists? Yes. Are we enforcing the rule of law equally and blindly? No.

But if I asked the average person in the street what is this conflict over – what would they say? In the end, it would boil down to our ‘uniforms’. Republicans vs. Democrats.

“He started it!”
“oh yeah, well you were the one…”

It is at this point the adult in the room is supposed to say firmly;

“Knock it off!”

Where are the responsible adults? We agree on the truth. At least the Left voted against these things under Bush, while the Republicans defended them. Now, in this never ending game of musical chairs the roles are reversed.

This was my point last night and will be my point and message going forward in clearer and specific examples: I will take responsibility for my actions. I will tell you that I was wrong on the war in Iraq, the PATRIOT Act, drones and in many ways, the Republican Party. The Left was right.

Will you join me? Put your sword and shield down. Don’t worry about the splinter in the others eye, but instead take the beam out of yours. I don’t have a beam by the way, I believe I have an entire forest to remove from my eyes so I will be very busy for quite awhile.

We must again become the UNITED States of America again. It may be our last chance to save the Union that has indeed changed the world.

We have so much in common. More than any of us want to even admit. But the biggest is our heritage. At some point someone in our family came to these shores because the Constitution offered an opportunity for a better life. Even though those whose ancestors were brought here for the most evil of all of man’s desires, have a life is better than it would have been if they were born anywhere else on the planet. For all of our problems, that is not a fact that can be disputed. It does not justify the act, but it allows one to make sense of the senseless and move forward and build a positive life.

But, we have an even greater heritage, our common ancestry to a Heavenly Father. We indeed are brothers and sisters whether we like it or not. We are family, and just like family we are not required to agree or even always like each other. But as our Eternal Father commands, we must “love each other”. My earthly dad put it this way, “When all is said and done, we are still family and that never changes. In the end, family is all that matters and all that we’ve got.”

Let me say again, I am not just sorry for ‘how you may have interpreted’ the things that I have said in the past. I am actually deeply sorry for things I have said and done that have helped drive the wedge between us deeper. I ask for your forgiveness. I do not expect you to forget.

But I do ask you to understand a man cannot change overnight, he can only try to be better everyday. I will make mistakes again, I will say things that are stupid again. I live 4 out of every 24 hours live on air. I challenge you to not look for my mistakes, but perhaps spend time working on where you may be in error.

No matter if I am a perfect man from here on out, or if I were even hit by a bus today, the story will never be written: “Glenn Beck changes his life, or killed in freak bus accident – America heals”.

For America to heal, we must actively “bind up this nations wounds – to care for those who have fought this great battle, their widows and orphans.” We must be the good Samaritan. We must bind the wounds, care for and actually love those we supposedly hate or hate us.

Let us begin this Independence weekend by embracing each other on the bigger principles. Let us declare ourselves independent of the “old world”, full of old stereotypes and thoughts. Let us, let go of people telling us who we are, what to think or what to do. Let us view our problems as “liberating strife” and begin the long process of being better men and women than we were even five minutes before.

Let it be sung of us:
“who more than self, their country loved –
And mercy more than life”

We have no King but a Heavenly King. He commands us to love one another while the kings of this earth tell us to hate one another. We, each, need to ask ourselves: which King will I serve?

Let us unite at the feet of our American Father Abraham. Abraham Lincoln. Let us BEGIN to “bind up the wounds of this nation with malice toward none and charity toward all.”

It is my prayer that I may look back on this coming year and say quietly and meekly to myself that I did the best I could to live worthy of the stewardship of those rights and responsibilities that God has seen fit to graciously shed on me.”

I wonder if the “city” paper reported above the fold that I have now “said something?” If they actually heard me, they did. If they didn’t, perhaps it was because I didn’t state it as clearly as I did here. I hope they understand and forgive my reasons. Last night, I didn’t want to say anything overtly political at the ceremony marking our political birth.

I will continue to attempt to find my way in the days to come so in the end all success will be nobleness and every gain divine.

  • Jeremiah Nierras

    Love you, Glenn, but as another American father had said:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    If civil war should come because we already had given so much and is still being demanded of us, then let fate chart its own course. Be assured in mind, though, that those who will fight in this conflict didn’t wish for it to be so. If we are to fight, there should be no malice, but only a belief in the idea that if we don’t fight, we will corrupt the very future we are trying to save.

    • Jamie Taylor

      Beautifully spoken…

    • landofaahs

      Amicable divorce if it comes to it would be preferable, Liberty with unity or liberty apart. Irreconcilable differences.

      • don

        liberty apart–no freedom

    • Hansel Ang

      This is well said, may I add, just as the most dangerous lie is one masked by truth, the most dangerous enemy is one who lives among us. The line in the sad needs to be drawn, the enemy knows they need to keep us redrawing the lines. Fighting amongst ourselves.

      • don

        divide an conquer—-thats marxism

    • don

      glen is changing alright–from right to left

  • Anonymous

    Well said, sir. We’re with you. Love really is the answer. Because the things we need to heal – tolerance, respect, support, etc. – these will follow if we have love for each other, even if we don’t see eye to eye.

  • Dana
  • Rick Bartholomew

    Keep on FIRING! ….for Freedom & Liberty.
    Saw you in Huntington, WV parade about 12 years ago.
    Pharmacist Rick Bartholomew

  • Ruthanne D’Antuono

    Not all of us in this great Nation are Christian, Glenn. Nor do I consider the Bible any source of inspiration, having read it more often than I ever should have.
    I prefer to cultivate my own relationship with my creator.
    Many of us ARE trying to mend fences. I consider myself fairly conservative, registered republican and Pagan/Buddhist/Thelemic.
    I believe in random acts of kindness. If you promote that a bit, it will start something bright and new. I’m respectful of your humility, and wish you the best.
    Perhaps start by realizing that this is a country of many spiritual beliefs, connected to or not, any established religion, and you will have come a long way. Namaste.

    • Johnny Blaze

      I’m pretty sure he understands that. Hence his friendship with atheists (Penn Jillette comes to mind), Jews (Restoring Courage rally in Israel comes to mind), etc. He’s also a Mormon, not something widely accepted by the mainstream in America. He invites people from all walks of life and faith to voice their opinions and he respects them as long as they sound half way educated. I appreciate your effort, but try listening a little bit more before forming such an ignorant opinion.

      • Anonymous

        Speaking of ignorance —

        Glenn made specific reference to HIS religion and not even a passing nod to any other faiths. So Ruthanne’s comment was directly on point and your knee-jerk defense of Glenn’s oversight is — well, rather ignorant. If Glenn desires to mend fences and see people unite then constructive criticism will be necessary for him to receive. He has, as he admitted, been quite divisive.

        • John W Pavidis III

          And here you come on your high horse to cast judgement as if you are some authority. Pot meet kettle I guess. Why should he be politically correct all the time? this muzzle of crap you idiotic people cling too is most of why we are where we are. Are you not adult enough to over look the particular religion and insert your own? Are you so weak in mind and stature that you must always attack some imaginary slight?
          MUST you always display your ignorance in an attempt to gain some notice?
          Speak of ignorance. You better be careful of the stones you cast for they may be aimed at a mirror….

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t say Glenn had to be politically correct all of the time. However, he overlooked the diversity of faiths in this country with his comments and someone noticed and mentioned it. Then we have the “John brigade” show up to defend something that doesn’t even matter.

            //Are you not adult enough to over look the particular religion and insert your own?//

            I don’t bother — religion is for the weak.

            //Are you so weak in mind and stature that you must always attack some imaginary slight?//

            Isn’t THAT amusing!

            //MUST you always display your ignorance in an attempt to gain some notice?//

            “always display”? We’ve interacted before? Or are you engaging in some massive imaginings. I’m going to guess that latter since you appear to not understand the definition of the word “ignorance”. Let me give you a little clue — folks who listen to Glenn Beck and other vitriolic “talk show pundits” test as far more ignorant in studies than those who don’t.

            (Well, actually they show that watching Fox News increases viewer ignorance but since Glenn used to be one of their regular contributors I’m going to go ahead and give him credit for some of the stupidity going around.)

            //Speak of ignorance. You better be careful of the stones you cast for they may be aimed at a mirror….//

            Since I have no superstitious fear of breaking mirrors I think I’ll be okay. While I am human and just as prone to err as any human, I’m also perfectly willing to take my lumps when I’m an ass and move on. I wonder if you folks can say the same.

          • James

            Watching any mainstream news no matter the label can result in at least partial ignorance. They are all biased, but I’m sure you know that deep down. The real issue with your comment is religion being for the weak. I’m naturally suspect of large organized religious institutions because like Government they become corrupt over time. However, this has no bearing on having faith in God which I do. That said, if things do come to a civil war as alluded in the article your going to find out which camp is truly weak. Christians know how to hunt, shoot, and are not afraid of death. Your camp… Well, I’m sure a few of you may have some courage. Still, not enough to be a measurable factor. Christians don’t want violence, but be careful you don’t wake a sleeping giant. I for one am done with “camps” but sometimes when speaking to someone indoctrinated into the Left-Right paradigm you have to speak the language. Both sides are bought and paid for. Haven’t you realized that yet? Do yourself a favor: Get serious and subscribe to truth and logic. Not everyone has to agree, but liberty and freedom always trumps. Subscribe to liberty and everyone will be just fine. Try and force your will on others and there will be blood.

          • Anonymous

            //Christians know how to hunt, shoot, and are not afraid of death.//

            Guess what? I grew up on a farm. I know my way around weapons as well. Unlike you, I’m not salivating at the thought of shooting and killing other people, however. And you have no idea as to the courage of the people who stand up to you and your ilk. You folks walk around, talking tough, and completely underestimating the quiet strength in people who stand up for those who have no voice. Being a bully doesn’t make you strong. Being a loudmouth doesn’t make you strong. Using a lethal weapon and killing people doesn’t make you strong.

            //Subscribe to liberty and everyone will be just fine.//

            You mean like the liberty to make my own health choices for MY body? Like that?

            //Try and force your will on others and there will be blood…

            Like the way people in your camp have killed abortion providers and try to FORCE women into unwanted pregnancies which they then want to FORCE women to risk their lives and health gestating? Yeah, no hypocrisy at all there…

          • Anonymous

            Nobody outside of the democratic party is trying to take away the liberty to make your own health choices. I want everyone to be able to decide on their own whether they want to purchase health insurance (not at all the same thing as health care) without it being mandated (now isn’t that really taking away your freedom), I want everyone to go to whichever doctor they choose for whatever reason they choose. It just should not be my responsibility to pay (or help) pay for it. And as far as I’m concerned, kill all of your babies you want to. Just don’t ask me to help pay for it. Your choice, your responsibility. Accepting the consequences and prices for the decisions you make in life is also a component of liberty.

          • Anonymous

            Life, begins at conception. At that moment, cell division begins and about nine months later a baby is born unless people like you stop the process by abortion. A civilized society does not tolerate murder, especially to those who cannot defend themselves. But since you do not not believe in God, in spite of all the evidence that you see daily, you don’t care about that tiny little life and are perfectly comfortable ignoring Gods command of “thou shalt not kill.” A civilized society, whether you believe in God or not does not kill just because it’s “your body”. Unprotected sex has consequences, one of which should not be the death of human being. And I, nor any other tax paying citizen has any responsibility whatsoever to pay for your sexual mishaps.

          • Anonymous

            tverle this was meant for Rianya. I tried to move it but disgus wouldn’t let me.

          • Anonymous

            According to the Bible life begins at breath. Research it if you don’t believe me.

            In Leviticus it tells the punishment if two men fighting cause a woman to miscarry — the penalty isn’t murder.

            And if life means so much to you that my bodily autonomy is no longer mine then when are you going to introduce a mandatory organ donation law? After all, people are dying every day for lack of usable organs while those selfish corpses take them to the grave? What about mandatory blood donation or bone marrow donation. Because if one gender loses their right to decide what risks they take with their body in the name of “life” then EVERYONE should. That’s the American way, right?

          • Anonymous

            For some reason God gave you, a woman, the incredible privilege and responsibility to bring forth life in this world. You can do anything you want with your body but that does not give you the right to destroy a life. To kill. To murder. After all, there is absolutely no difference between you taking a .45 and blowing somebody’s brains out and killing a fetus. One is just older than the other. Furthermore, I have absolutely no responsibility, nor should any other American taxpayer, to pay for your contraception or abortifacients. In keeping with your theme that your body is yours to do with as you please, then YOU should, therefore, be 100% responsible for paying for these things yourself. Especially when I do not believe in what they do. What I want to know is why do you believe it is my responsibility to provide you with these drugs? What makes you so damned special that others are responsible for taking care of your needs?

          • Anonymous

            I, I, I, I, — thank you for demonstrating your selfishness. But it’s okay, because Obama fixed it. Women still have the ability to choose whether or not they will reproduce. And I hope that galls you and your misogynist friends.

          • Anonymous

            I, I, I, make my own decisions, pay my own way, and deal with the consequences of those actions. Why is that selfish? I don’t expect you to pay my way through life and you think I’m the selfish one? You are far more selfish when you think your birth control (or abortion) should be paid for by someone else. Furthermore, nobody has ever tried to take away a woman’s right to choose whether or not to reproduce. It is so easy in this country NOT to get pregnant that there should be little need for abortion. I know, I know….what about women that get raped? Show up with a copy of the police report of the rape and the abortion is free. How’s that? If the mother will die if she carries that baby, then her doctor can perform the abortion. Other than that, think about what you’re doing before you get pregnant. Imagine that!!! Plan ahead. If you don’t want kids have your tubes tied. If you think you want them later, then have the 6 month birth control put into your arm. If you use your brain for just a few minutes you can likely figure out how not to get pregnant. And there isn’t a person around that’s tried to take that right away from you. But, hey, like I said before, kill all of your babies that you want to. If you’d rather kill your own child than raise them, you don’t deserve the privilege of having children.

          • Anonymous

            //I, I, I, make my own decisions, pay my own way, and deal with the consequences of those actions.//

            No you don’t. You got where you are with a social network that supported you and you’re too self-centered to see how much help you got.

            //You are far more selfish when you think your birth control (or abortion) should be paid for by someone else.//

            Since your money and your financial obligations are of paramount importance to you perhaps it will help to know that it costs you and the rest of society far more helping women thrust into poverty by an unplanned child than it does to provide free birth control and/or abortions.

            //If you think you want them later, then have the 6 month birth control put into your arm.//

            Costs between $400 and $800 up front, but lasts up to three years.

            So you think women who can’t afford children have that much money just sitting around? Really?

            You’re trying to make what YOU want to impose on women simple and easy. Why aren’t you railing on the rich corporate owners costing thousands in bypass surgery — after all it’s so easy to have a healthy heart in this country, why don’t they just do it instead of expecting everyone else who pays insurance premiums to pay for them?

            //But, hey, like I said before, kill all of your babies that you want to. If you’d rather kill your own child than raise them, you don’t deserve the privilege of having children.//

            That’s a lovely ad hominem — did you think of it yourself or did your pastor hand feed it to you?

            Fact: I have never had an abortion.
            Fact: I have two children.
            Fact: The first child was completely unplanned, the result of his FATHER choosing to have unprotected sex without consulting me AND said father then pulled the “I’m not involved/it’s not my child.” card.
            Fact: The fact that I COULD terminate my pregnancy and chose not to turned an unplanned pregnancy into a choice — and because I CHOSE to give birth rather than being forced into it I was a far better mother. My son didn’t ask to be born, I chose for him.

            You people who hate that women can have the same sexual freedom you do can try to pretend it’s about “your money” or “taking responsibility” all you want but in the end it boils down to punishing women for having sex. Just as my son’s father “punished” me by getting me pregnant and running off (and punished his son by never, ever, ever accepting responsibility for him, even after a thorough DNA test proving his parentage). Maybe you kid yourself with your rhetoric but you aren’t really fooling anyone else. The moment you resort to logical fallacies you prove you’ve got no logically valid argument, just opinions and — well… hate.

          • Anonymous

            Please, tell me how my choices have not been my own and are only the result of my social network. I’m curious to know how my working hard and doing without rather than going on welfare or unemployment is not my doing. I’m curious to know how putting everything we had on the line to start a business and working our butts off to make it successful should be attributed to you and not our own hard work.
            I don’t hate women!! FACT: I am a woman. FACT: I have four children, quadruplets. FACT: Nobody PLANS THAT!! FACT: I could have qualified for WIC benefits but didn’t take them because I could cut some other expense in order for us to support our family. FACT: You don’t have to take an expensive form of birth control, you can get FREE birth control pills at the county clinic. (Bet you can afford that.) Or maybe even Planned Parenthood, they’re about much more than just abortions. FACT: You were present when you got pregnant (or as you like to say ‘when he got you pregnant’) with an unplanned pregnancy. If he wouldn’t wear a condom you made a CHOICE to continue with copulation. FACT: Women have many choices to make before the pregnancy actually occurs. Perhaps some should make better ones up front.
            No, my pastor didn’t tell me anything. I don’t go to church, I think for myself. I think abortion is a terrible, terrible thing, but, honestly, if you would rather kill your child than have it, I don’t want you forced to have it. You won’t make a good mother!! Why is that something I should be held accountable for? Are you paying for braces for my four children? Was that your bank account that money was deducted from just today to pay for the eye appointment? And, just so you know, we don’t have insurance that covers those things. We’ve had to make a choice to do without other things in order to afford those. I don’t really understand what it is you’re looking for outside of someone else paying for things that you want. I have no problem giving to causes I CHOOSE and I’m probably one of the nicest people you would ever meet. I just don’t want someone else making those decisions for me. Why are you so willing to give up that power and yet call it freedom?
            I don’t have a problem with people getting benefits from insurance companies when they are also paying the premiums. I do have a problem with the fact that I am now mandated to carry maternity coverage (and others) when I have no need for it. Why am I not allowed to choose the coverages I want? That gives people the FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Why do you consider it ‘freedom’ when someone is telling you what you MUST purchase? Why do you think I’m so wrong because I think that real freedom is having the choice to purchase or not purchase, to choose what you want if you do purchase, to make decisions that affect your own life without interference from people that know nothing about you in the government?

          • Anonymous

            //I’m curious to know how my working hard and doing without rather than going on welfare or unemployment is not my doing.//

            Are you a white male (and I’m guessing that’s a big “yes” given the sense of entitlement you’ve been displaying) then you benefited from racism and sexism in our culture. Do you work in a business that transports goods? Then you benefited from our highway infrastructure that makes that possible. Do you work in a technological field, then you benefited from our technological infrastructure. The truly sad part of this is that you honestly don’t see all the contributions hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens have made that made it possible for you to find and keep work. You have been lying to yourself, stroking your ego with how self sufficient you are with no clue that you are part of a society that has supported you — but you don’t care because you don’t want to provide support in return. Your attitude (which is shared by Romney) is exactly why Romney would have been a dreadful president.

            Keep patting yourself on the back for what you “accomplished” with the help of countless people. I’ll keep pitying you for your lack of comprehension.

          • Anonymous

            Ooops! I guess you had to stop your reply there because you found out that I’m not a male. Sorry to ruin the stereotype you’ve let people drum into your head. Just fyi, men don’t hate women. Women that hate themselves try over and over to convince other women that men hate them. I’m sorry that you’ve bought into that.

            I never said that those things weren’t in place. However, other people were employed and got paid for those things and the tax dollars that I pay (which would be me ‘giving back’) on income because of my hard work helped to make all of that infrastructure possible. Please, don’t convince yourself that all of those things are FREE because they are brought to you by the government. All of that infrastructure wasn’t donated because of the kindness of strangers. Those things are all paid for by people just like me that work hard and pay taxes. I’m not part of the 50 +/- percent that have a $-0- tax burden. And you are correct, my financial position is very important to me. Because my husband and I have chosen to take responsibility for ourselves and our family we must be aware of where our money goes. I don’t live in a mansion, don’t have offshore accounts, or more money than I know what to do with. What I do have is four children that have braces, two that wear glasses, and college for them all that will need to be paid for in just a few short years. Every dollar matters in my house, just like it does for most people. I don’t have money to throw away, or to help soothe the sting of bad choices made by other people. The supply of money in my home isn’t unlimited. There comes a point where what people like you expect for me to help pay for has got to stop.

            By the way, I prayed for you last night. I prayed that you would be able to shed your identity as a victim and perhaps see all that you could be without hanging onto victimhood. I also prayed for your son that he never sees the ugly side of you that sees him as something that was ‘done to you’ by some man. I prayed that he only ever feels that he is a child brought into this world of love. For his sake and your own it’s time to step up and accept that you were a willing participant in his conception (it wasn’t done to you, it was done WITH you) and let go of your status of being a victim. You’re so much more than that and by clinging to your victimhood you’re still giving that man control over your life and emotions. Do you really think he deserves to still be in control?

          • Anonymous

            Quit your whining and don’t pretend you don’t hate women. Men aren’t the only people who hate women — many women hate themselves as well.

          • Anonymous

            It’s obvious that you’re not even reading my responses, but you’re funny!!! There’s a whole group of women like you that cry because you want someone else to pay for your contraception and to pay for you to kill your own children, but you accuse me of whining because I think you should take care of yourself. It’s time to grow up honey and take responsibility for yourself and your family. Like I said before, quit pretending you’re a victim. I don’t hate anyone, including myself, but it looks more and more like you hate yourself and the decisions you’ve made, and you’re grasping at straws trying to find anyone to blame. It’s yours, time to own it!!

          • Anonymous

            //There’s a whole group of women like you that cry because you want someone else to pay for your contraception and to pay for you to kill your own children, but you accuse me of whining because I think you should take care of yourself.//

            Yeah, you’re whining sweetie. And what’s more, you obviously didn’t bother to read what I’ve said or you’d know how stupid THAT comment above is.

            //It’s time to grow up honey and take responsibility for yourself and your family.//

            My family is all grown up and doing well, madam misogynist. Now I’m concentrating on my other family — humanity. Women controlling their reproduction is one of THE greatest aids to reduce and even eliminate child poverty, child mortality, increase the health of the community and decrease crime rates — but you don’t actually care about living, breathing children, do you? And you don’t care that women in poverty are the least likely to be able to afford contraception and the most likely to suffer (along with those children selfish people like you wish to foist off on them because you hate women who have sex, whether willingly or unwillingly) along with their children. Go tantrum to someone who hasn’t already seen through your self-loathing, dear — I’ve apparently lived longer than you and, unlike you, apparently I managed to grow some empathy and social responsibility.

            //Like I said before, quit pretending you’re a victim. //

            Never, anywhere, have I ever claimed to be a victim. Please stop lying about me. Lying about people is an ugly, ugly trait in a human being.

            //I don’t hate anyone, including myself, but it looks more and more like you hate yourself and the decisions you’ve made, and you’re grasping at straws trying to find anyone to blame. It’s yours, time to own it!!//

            Which decision would that be? I can hardly wait to see what other lies you’ve told yourself about me to justify your cruelty, your lack of empathy and your selfishness. Just WHAT is it you imagine I need to “own”? Or is the person who needs to grasp straws to blame others for her own choices YOU looking for any and every excuse to justify advocating harm to women and children?

          • Anonymous

            No whining here. You stated how you feel, and I’ve stated how I feel. Period.

            //Women controlling their reproduction//

            Do you mean controlling it like you did when ‘he got you pregnant’? And as far as that goes, women living in poverty have the most access to free healthcare and contraception. And where do you get the idea that I am trying to force child birth on anyone? I’ve told you repeatedly that I’m all in favor of you killing all the children you want to. I don’t want anyone to raise a child they don’t want. Children are far too important for that, and deserve better.

            //Never, anywhere, have I ever claimed to be a victim. Please stop lying about me. Lying about people is an ugly, ugly trait in a human being//

            No, you didn’t claim to be a victim. You said that getting pregnant was ‘done to you’ like you had no part of that. Kind of like a victim would do.

            //Or is the person who needs to grasp straws to blame others for her own choices YOU looking for any and every excuse to justify advocating harm to women and children?//

            How in the world did I advocate harm to women or children? By agreeing with you that you should be able to get abortions and kill those children and possibly do harm to your own body?

            //Which decision would that be?//
            Most obviously, the decision that led to your unplanned pregnancy. Again, you referred to it as something that was done to you. It’s time to own up to your part in that.
            I know it makes you feel better to convince yourself that I’m some kind of monster, but I’m not. My husband volunteers with the State Guard and the Sheriff’s Department. Between my four children and I, we have put in volunteer hours at the Ronald McDonald House, the local thrift store whose proceeds benefit a number of charities, the local nursing home, the sheriff’s department training facility, the Sunshine Kids, and many others. One of my daughters even got a certificate of recognition from the governor last year for all of her volunteer work. You’re so right…..I’m a mean, selfish person and I’m raising mean, selfish kids. I give plenty, and likely more than most, but I OWE you nothing. I am a caring, loving, strong, and intelligent woman. However, I still don’t understand women that think they derive power and freedom by depending on other people to make a way for them. If the world went to hell tomorrow, I know that I have the knowledge and skill to keep my family alive and safe. This country is full of women that have been convinced that they are ‘less than’ and incapable of caring for themselves and that they need the government to do it for them. That saddens me greatly, and if you are as caring and compassionate as you claim, it should sadden you that they are not being empowered but enslaved. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

          • Anonymous

            //I’ve told you repeatedly that I’m all in favor of you killing all the children you want to.//

            Perhaps if you return to school and apply yourself you might learn the difference between a zygote, an embryo, a fetus and a child. And I do find the snarky accusation that I wish to “kill children” entertaining. It shows you have nothing factual to bring to this conversation — just lame ad hominems.

            //You said that getting pregnant was ‘done to you’ like you had no part of that.//

            No, I actually didn’t say that. What I said was that HE made a choice to continue with sex after the birth control we had agreed to use broke — he did so without consulting me. I was not experienced enough to know what he was doing. So I stated the FACT that I got pregnant even though I was attempting to be responsible because of someone else’s choice. The only “victim” in that scenario was my son who had an utter loser for a sperm donor.

            //How in the world did I advocate harm to women or children? By agreeing with you that you should be able to get abortions and kill those children and possibly do harm to your own body?//

            When you use terms like “kill those children” (which are medically, scientifically and legally false) then you make it clear what you are really saying. Sucks to be you, I guess, when you insist on pushing your faux “righteousness” on others with your pretend tolerance.

            //It’s time to own up to your part in that.//

            Guess what? I gave birth to a healthy, intelligent, loving baby boy. Raised him with zero help from his loser father. He’s now a strong, loving, generous father and husband who is the primary nurturer in his marriage and does a wonderful job with his oldest child who has special needs. Not only did I “own up” I also took responsibility for the child I CHOSE to gestate and deliver and did a wonderful job raising him in spite of the malice and intolerance of small minded people like you. I’m just sad that your mother was obviously unable to give you the kind of love I provided my son and produce a daughter who actually cares about the poor, the children and basic human freedom.

            //You’re so right…..I’m a mean, selfish person and I’m raising mean, selfish kids.//

            Seeing the problem is the first step to fixing it.

            //However, I still don’t understand women that think they derive power and freedom by depending on other people to make a way for them.//

            The only reason that you can’t comprehend that the issue at hand is absolutely the opposite of “depending on other people to make a way for them” is because you don’t want to. I dare you to take the time to do some serious research on the health benefits for women and children when birth control is readily available to women — birth control that requires NOTHING by way of another person to approve. Look at what spacing their children out does for women and their children. Look at the studies that show how society is helped by not having children born to overwhelmed mothers with too many mouths to feed. Look at the drop in crime rates when women aren’t bringing children they don’t want into this world. LOOK at the studies — then come back and tell me what the truly compassionate and caring thing to do is. Because I don’t care how much time you spend volunteering in other areas — when you advocate to disenfranchise the vulnerable (which women and children are) your volunteerism in no way mitigates the harm you advocate to others.

            Oh, and it doesn’t matter what you think about providing free birth control — because now it’s available without the employer being involved at all. And you know why? Because insurance companies save more money providing free birth control and preventing the expenses of pregnancy and childbirth (and pediatric care.) So it’s all moot, isn’t it? The woman haters lost.

          • Anonymous

            I have no need to sugarcoat it. It is terminating the life of what will a human being, whether it’s only two cells along in development or two months. If those same two cells were found tomorrow on Mars the media would go on and on because life was discovered on Mars. But if it’s in a woman’s body we can’t call it life until she says it is?

            Here’s what you actually said ‘Just as my son’s father “punished” me by getting me pregnant’. Not the more detailed story you have above.

            So in your mind I’m advocating harm to women and children because I didn’t use the term you prefer? That’s rich.

            Maybe instead of just giving them abortions, doctors should offer free sterilization. According to you that should end poverty and crime.

            I think it’s funny that you call me names and now have moved on to insulting my family when I’ve given you ample evidence that I’m nothing remotely close to the monster that you want me to be so that you can justify your own hatred. But, hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. I’m part of a very close family, am loved deeply, am able to love others freely, and I’ll still keep you on my prayers at night.

          • Anonymous

            //I have no need to sugarcoat it. It is terminating the life of what will a human being, whether it’s only two cells along in development or two months.//

            Since more than half of all pregnancies never develop a viable fetus (and that’s without any intentional abortion measures) let’s try for a little honesty and say it MIGHT be a human being.

            //But if it’s in a woman’s body we can’t call it life until she says it is?//

            So you want me to think this is about life and NOT about telling women what risks they have to take with their own bodies? Really? If you care about “life”, what about quality of life? Oh wait, I just suggested that you look into just how much women controlling their reproduction benefits them, their existing children and society as a whole and you didn’t — did you? Because living women, and their living children, and the society we live in — they aren’t “life” — just those “cells”.

            //I think it’s funny that you call me names and now have moved on to insulting my family when I’ve given you ample evidence that I’m nothing remotely close to the monster that you want me to be so that you can justify your own hatred.//

            I may be remembering wrong but I’m pretty sure the “monster” accusations started with you talking about how it was fine with you if I killed my “children”. A little hypocritical to complain now — don’t you think?

            And please keep your prayers to yourself. Any deity that would listen to YOU isn’t one that I want any assistance from. I’ll wait for a deity with compassion and decency and love for humans to reveal itself instead.

          • Anonymous

            You are so wrong in so many ways, but I’ve wasted too much time with you already. May God bless you.

          • Anonymous

            Back atcha’.

            By the way, while you’re worrying about those lives — I wonder how frothing at the mouth in anger you are over the refugee children trying to enter our country. So far you’ve indicated that all you care about is getting fetuses born — after that you don’t care.

          • Anonymous

            //Here’s what you actually said ‘Just as my son’s father “punished” me by getting me pregnant’. //

            Also, in his case it literally was a “punishment” on his part. He’s part of the patriarchal mindset that believes women owe him sex but they are sluts if they have sex. Plus I looked like his first girlfriend (who he also got pregnant) who had an abortion. Even though they both agreed on it, apparently he had anger/guilt issues and felt the need to punish her by proxy.

            So no, it wasn’t me deciding I had been punished but yes, it’s really much of what motivated him. Just as “punishment for having sex” is what motivates you, not sanctity of life, as you pretend.

        • tammy

          Shut up, you troll :)

          • Anonymous

            tammy, as much as I am leaning towards agreeing with; you, I think Glenn’s message is to “turn the other cheek” so to speak. I just try to ignore Rianya’s rantings. She seems bent on roiling up the waters; I will pray for her tolerance and understanding.

          • tammy

            I think he is afraid the people will raise up and the war here will start. There is prophecy that brother will raise against brother and father against son. I can not imagine anyone is ready for a civil war and the aftermath. I think Glen wants us to try to civilly try to make the liberals understand what is coming and get them to join with the good against the bad. The only possible way to save our country is for both sides to come together. I am afraid it is too late for that, We are not willingly going where the progressives are pushing us, and the liberals will not wake up until it is too late. Don’t mean to be a downer, but time is short, the divide is great and the sides of good and evil are gathering. The antichrist and the false prophet are already in play. Read the Bible, the signs are here. If you are not Christian, just keep your eyes open because you are going to see things change quickly. Glenn is a man of God and he knows what is coming. I think he is trying to make his peace.

          • Anonymous


          • tammy

            Hey, it worked LOL

          • Anonymous

            It did? What were you trying to accomplish with your name-calling?

        • Marc Falsetti

          Rianya, why would Glenn come from a perspective of any other Faith than his own? How could he? I can only speak confidently from that which I understand and actively sought wisdom in!
          If I were to speak from a Hindu perspective when conveying my thoughts it would appear fractured and disjointed because I have already dismissed that particular theology and do not hold it close! Just as you attempt to comment from an insightful intelligent perspective, when in reality you have embraced blind ignorance! Thus your comments appear to a truly wise person as nothing more than Fractured Logic!

          • Anonymous

            //Rianya, why would Glenn come from a perspective of any other Faith than his own?//

            Because he realizes that his religion isn’t the only one and he truly seek unity with others — that’s why.

            //How could he?//

            The same way he speaks other words. It’s not difficult.

            //I can only speak confidently from that which I understand and actively sought wisdom in!//

            You can speak confidently about anything you choose to speak confidently about — your confidence has nothing to do with veracity or accuracy.
            //If I were to speak from a Hindu perspective when conveying my thoughts it would appear fractured and disjointed because I have already dismissed that particular theology and do not hold it close!//

            So you feel completely fine with calling for unity while ignoring all diversity? That’s rather counterproductive.

            //Just as you attempt to comment from an insightful intelligent perspective, when in reality you have embraced blind ignorance!//

            Oh my, such a clever insult. You must be very proud of yourself. The fact that I do not embrace your imaginary friend does not make me “ignorant” — it makes me different from you. Too bad your response to those who are different is to insult.

            //Thus your comments appear to a truly wise person as nothing more than Fractured Logic!//

            My, my, how self-congratulatory you are. Feel better now?

            If you were truly wise you’d open your mind and seek to learn from others rather than trying to drive them off with feeble insults.

      • Ruthanne D’Antuono

        Name calling does not make you a speaker for anyone, Johnny.
        I really like Glenn, but sometimes I want to kick him in the head…just to remind him about how many other religions are in this country!
        I have watched his show many times, and all I hear about is “Christians”!
        Friendships are often superficial. If you are reading his mind, well, I have sincere wonders about your reply, which was certainly not insulting people. I aimed for a short post, but I will be watching for you now, since you have very little knowledge. Read the Nag Habbahi and see if your smart fanny can make sense of the fact that Jesus was a TEACHER, and not a god,; this “gpd” copnnection was borrowed from the Greeks. You obviously know nothing about your own religion.

      • Ruthanne D’Antuono

        Judeo-Christians are not the only voters in this country. Many are liberal, I am conservative and Free Thinker. I don’t care about main stream, or sheeples. You are not making Glen look good; you are making yourself look ignorant in regards to non judeao/christian, Hindu, Janists Wiccans and Pagans. I like Glen when he is talking about real stuff, instead of deviding our country by judeo-christian religion. Be aware.. I am not the only Pagan/ Buddhist in this country.
        We, who have already been to hell, now look to sprituality.

        • Anonymous

          sorry, but bottom line, this country was founded on Christian values. we accept freedom of religion in this country, but we are essentially a Christian nation. the facts are the facts. deal with it. i have many friends that are not Christian, and i accept them for what they believe. YOU need to accept the fact that Christianity DOES exist and is the majority of the population in this country. WHY do you hate so much?

          • Anonymous

            Sorry but this country was not founded on what you consider “Christian values”. That’s just a lie people like you tell yourselves to justify trying to create a theocracy (a blatant violation of our Constitution) based on your particular imaginary friend. Time to grow up and accept the rest of us who have grown far past you on spiritual matters.

          • Anonymous

            time for YOU to grow up and read history. almost to the man all of our Founding Fathers were devoted Christians. but yet, they recognized the need for religious freedoms. they formed our constitution to be fair to all beliefs. like it or not, you OWE your right NOT to believe in my “particular imaginary friend” to those of the Christian faith. deal with that thought.

            and i NEVER said anywhere that i wanted to create a theocracy. that is YOUR paranoid delusion not mine. a TRUE PATRIOTIC American, who knows history and who doesn’t have a closed mind, NEEDS TO ACCEPT PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS. that is what our country was founded upon. freedom.

            and i DO accept you and others of your belief. but the difference between you and me is that YOU do not embrace the freedom of religion that our country was founded upon. you and your ilk go out of your way to put down the fact we believe in a higher power. you put us down for our beliefs. indeed you make a mockery of us. but as a person of Christian values, i can forgive that you put down my faith.

            you believe you have grown far past me on spiritual matters. maybe so. i’m only human. but for you to declare that statement, only shows arrogance and contempt for people who do not subscribe to your way of thinking and enlightenment. that in itself shows how little you have actually grown in spiritual matters. for there to be total spiritual enlightenment, there needs to be acceptance of others who do not share your beliefs. if you want to declare yourself well versed on spiritual matters, you first need to learn acceptance.

            our ancestors left the other side of the ocean, partly to achieve religious freedom. it so happens that most of them were Christian. their values were clearly on display. if you know what Christian values are, you would clearly see this to be true.

            i hope this helps to show that Christian values are not a bad thing.

            please give acceptance a try.

          • Anonymous

            //i hope this helps to show that Christian values are not a bad thing.

            please give acceptance a try.//

            I certainly will — the moment I stop seeing so-called “Christians” (like the Green family of Hobby Lobby) using their imaginary friend to attempt to penalize women, penalize homosexuals, penalize people of color and so on and so forth.

            I’ve grown beyond your version of spirituality because I don’t accept that owning human beings is “moral”. I’ve grown beyond it because I know humans are humans regardless of their gender or sexual orientation or what part of the world they come from. What you are interpreting as “contempt” on my part is merely bare bones reality. Your deity is imaginary to me until someone proves it.

        • Anonymous

          ohhhhh…. “Be aware…” are we supposed to be afraid because you are Pagan??? REALLY???? lololololololol
          i am TRULY afraid now… (you’re an idiot) lolololololol

          my apologies people, i normally never go after someone like this. but i am sick and tired of my religion being dragged thru the mud so to speak by people who clearly think they are above others because of their beliefs. i have lived my life as Christian-like as possible, but the attitude of this woman makes me sick.

      • zemla

        Ok, can we stop with the token atheist stuff?

      • Ruthanne D’Antuono

        I wrote after reading Glenn’s blog. My “reward” from voicing my opinion, were accusations of hate, and now ignorance?
        The continued insistence that Christianity is the only religion that has noble values to share is ignorant. There are many roads to the mountain, but there is only one mountain.
        Why do you need to defend him?
        I’ve traveled the world. Just part of a great education.
        Go see the ancient caves in China on the Silk Road.
        Read the Nag Hammadhi; study Greek history (Socrates) and ancient Egyptian,Tibetan and Hindu scriptures. Sumerian is also really enlightening, as is Taoism How about Theology 101?
        What you wrote was sad to read.
        It had nothing to do with “Mending Fences”. I can see that you felt the need to feel superior in your knowledge of Glenn, and not in the situation our great nation faces. I am very proud that my Irish ancestor ran supplies to George Washington. I am also proud of our continued Masonic heritage, which formed much of the basis for our Great Constitution. I hope that Glenn continues to ask questions and that this great nation has a better Socratic dialogue with the issues at hand. I am certain we will get through it without over-using words like “Hate”, “Racists”, “Real American”,”Ignorant” and “Patriot”. These terms divide us, and are destructive. It’s easy to destroy, but it take real courage to unite and create. Glenn is not the only one working towards this goal. If you want to stick to calling people ignorant, I feel really sorry for you.

  • http://ebenezerposts.com/ Gary Wiram

    This was exactly the theme of an article I wrote last September – http://ebenezerposts.com/we-the-purple/. You’re on the right track here, Mr. Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glenn, there is no room for charity left in a heart filled with half a century of malice.

    • Maren J. Scott

      so you are fifty? god bless you.

  • Maren J. Scott

    Wiping away tears. I cannot even begin to tell you how ashamed I am of my town. I have lived in Logan all my life, it has always been a refuge of profound kindness where people help each other and wave at strangers, where most would give the shirt off their backs for someone in need. To have you treated in any way but with civility is disgusting. I am so sorry. In this household, you are loved and accepted without question or hesitation. Big hugs, big apologies, I am so sorry. The liberal voice once again is the loudest one.

    • Anonymous

      You’re ashamed of your town and talk about profound kindness and then throw jabs at “liberals”. Way to keep that divisiveness going, Maren. I’m sure Jesus and Glenn are proud of you. Be sure to assume the political leanings of other people who act poorly too. In fact, I’m sure all those nasty haters at the border “protesting” refugees are “liberals” too, right?

      Shame on you, Ma’am. You can be supportive of someone without throwing stones at other people.

      • Maren J. Scott

        Dear Rianya, Sadly those who were the nastiest and the most vile were proud to be liberals and touted it loudly. Quite frankly I don’t care if Glenn or Jesus is proud of me. I am sorry you felt you needed to take offense, and good job trying to use Jesus as a club.

        • Anonymous

          Hahaha, I don’t use “Jesus” as a club — I leave that for religionists. I use “Jesus” as an example of hypocrisy. You remember those pharisees he criticized so often? I see a strong resemblance between them and you. You see, you complain about people being nasty and vile and then you proceed to be nasty and vilify ONE group of people. Why? Well, obviously they’re the group you don’t like. Feel free to keep it up. I love watching religionists be nasty while complaining about nastiness.

          • Eleanor

            Oh, PLEASE, keep going down the thread. Let everyone hear your “position.” That stuff USED to work. You are a great example.

          • Anonymous

            Why thank you for the invitation, I think I will continue to exercise my first amendment right to express myself. How kind of you to give me permission.

      • Carol Walters

        Now who is throwing stones?

        • Anonymous

          Since I called one person on their specific hypocrisy, rather than lumping everyone who disagrees with me under a name I find politically expedient to denigrate, I’d say it is the person I responded to who is throwing stones. It’s one thing to call one person out on uncivil behavior. It’s another thing to be antagonistic to large groups of people you’ve never met.

          • Eleanor

            You are so talented to have accomplished both in one post! Kumbaya, my sister!

          • Anonymous

            I will! Thanks for the encouragement!

          • tammy

            It is not mean or vile to call a tomato a tomato. If those people were nasty to Glenn, they need to be called out. You have no clue to justice. Maren apologized for the Cretans who were acting out. Good for her, they needed a lesson on civility

          • Anonymous

            //It is not mean or vile to call a tomato a tomato.//

            Unless it is someone you disagree with calling someone you like a “tomato” — eh? Love the hypocrisy.

            //If those people were nasty to Glenn, they need to be called out.//

            What if they were just calling a tomato a tomato?

            //You have no clue to justice.//

            I don’t?

            //Maren apologized for the Cretans who were acting out.//

            The word you’re looking for is “cretin” and it’s abilist language that insults based on people who were born with physical and mental disabilities. I realize you don’t care if you are insulting or not but if you’re going to use insults you might want to use them correctly.

            //Good for her, they needed a lesson on civility//

            Yes — everyone but you needs lessons in civility, don’t they?

      • Sean

        Actually, some of the nasty haters blocking buses are liberals. Some of the nasty haters demanding the “refugees” be removed from their town are liberals. It seems when Democrats are face to face with something that their president caused, and or failed to stop (remember he had house and senate when he took office), then suddenly it becomes an issue. As long as it only effects “those other people” they really don’t seem to care.
        My heart does go to these illegal immigrants, who are not refugees. They were lied to. Our executive branch either through ignorance or politics perpetrated the lie. Don’t forget, not so long ago President Bush offered a bill that Obama is quoting as if he thought of it, and every Democrat voted against it. The Rhino Republicans did too.
        It wasn’t one side or the other that created this mess. I am sorry, the Republicans are not conservatives as a Party anymore. None are looking out for the well being of this nation, but people are too blind to see it.
        This isn’t a football game where you simply pull for your team no matter what. We have a big problem in this nation. People better open their eyes to the whole problem, and stop looking at only half of it.
        Yes, to answer that, Liberals are turning these people away. Yes, conservatives are saying horrendous things about these children. Yes, It was a Conservative that did a bit piece as if lice, scabies, and strep are some how not already in the US.
        You ask me, the whole bunch in Washington need stones thrown at them. They forget who they serve, and fight with one another as if they are the ones in power. We even agree with them. Shame on them, shame on this country for forgetting who we are.

        • Anonymous

          So, what you appear to be saying is SOME people who are being hateful are liberals and others are conservatives. I’d like to know where you get your facts for this but I accept the possibility. I assume that you agree with me, however, that the sweeping generalization of “liberals” is inappropriate and false. Since the implication of the comment I responded to was that ONLY liberals are engaging in this behavior.

          • Eleanor

            You are too generous. Did you know that it is possible to hold an opinion without hating anyone? The crowds that “greet” the buses may be mixed, but I can guarantee that if the person is there to defend our laws he is a conservative and if he is there full of hate, as your posts have been, it is a very liberal thing to do. If you do a liberal thing or believe a liberal thought, you are a liberal, whether you like labels (or liberals) or not.

          • Anonymous

            //The crowds that “greet” the buses may be mixed, but I can guarantee that if the person is there to defend our laws he is a conservative and if he is there full of hate, as your posts have been, it is a very liberal thing to do.//

            You can “guarantee” that? How? Do you know these people personally?

            Oh, wait, I get it…

            You’re generalizing and lumping everyone you disagree with under a term you THINK is insulting.

            I bet you think you’re a good Christian too, don’t you?

      • Janean Guy

        I didn’t see any throwing of stones, just truth.

        • Anonymous

          It’s funny how people who complain about being insulted (or someone they like being insulted) are the first to throw out insults. And then they are blind to their own behavior.

      • Anonymous

        You know the “liberals” DID re elect Barack Obama. You did know this right? So I mean you get a reputation when you something so ignorant… The evidence was all over the place on this guy Obama, yet you all re elect him. That was unbelievable to me.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I did vote for Barack Obama. Not only am I impressed with how hard he has fought to help the people of this nation recover from the disaster Bush left us, I also figured the conservatives wanted him in office too since the best alternative they had to offer was Mitt Romney who would have been a bigger disaster than Bush. What “ignorance” do you refer to? I’m not the one who put the people in Congress who have spent the last 8 years fighting ANY improvement for any Americans just to spite our first black president.

          • Marc Falsetti

            Rianya, I’m sorry, but you certainly suffer from Cognitive Dissonance ~

          • Anonymous

            You’ll have to do better than that, Marc. Feeble insults aren’t worth the air you waste to express them. If you feel I am in error you need to point out those errors using facts (not opinions, mind you) and evidence (evidence which can be verified independently, mind you).

          • Marc Falsetti

            Exactly Rianya, To someone with Cognitive Dissonance, presenting FACTS is akin to casting Pearls to Swine!
            Look it up if you dare! I presented FACTS, but you still have the unmitigated gall to post …. and I quote,

            ”Yes, I did vote for Barack Obama. Not only am I impressed with how hard he has fought to help the people of this nation recover from the disaster Bush left us, I also figured the conservatives wanted him in office too since the best alternative they had to offer was Mitt Romney who would have been a bigger disaster than Bush. What “ignorance” do you refer to? I’m not the one who put the people in Congress who have spent the last 8 years fighting ANY improvement for any Americans just to spite our first black president.”
            ~ Reanya

            It is obvious that you march through life to the rhythms of some drum I or other intelligent folks will never hear!

          • Anonymous

            // I presented FACTS, but you still have the unmitigated gall to post//

            What “facts” were those? I must have missed them.

            And “unmitigated gall”? Seriously? It’s “gall” to post my opinion or is it just “gall” because I don’t mindlessly agree with yours?

            I’ll wait for those “facts” — patiently, because you seem to be in hyperbole mode rather than fact mode.

  • Lee Little

    ” If I can turn one head to common sense, to pride in self, and understanding of everyones fellowman, then my head will rest easy on a mountain of sorrow.”

  • Jared

    Yeah this is just vain wishing. I appreciate the attempt Glenn, but there are many in this country with zero understanding of what America means: civic duty, liberty, the declaration of independence, the importance of being both virtuous and informed, so on so forth. The drudge report leads today with an article from Salon where the author laments America unraveling, and then blames it all on Citizens United, and people who are pro-2nd amendment (because it’s our fault shootings happen). Maybe we can find common ground on money in politics. But how can one find common ground with people who want to take away your rights? Who advocate the redistribution of wealth? Who advocate the construction of entire classes of people who subsist off government largesse? How can we reason with people who have absolutely zero interest in their government, and spend their time reading celebrity blogs and clubbing? Who disavow God and any common morality? That are taken in by politicians in both parties like the Cochrans and Clintons who are obviously scam artists clawing their way to power on the backs of “low information” voters?

    It takes more than wishing. I wish that’s all it could take. But we’ve become a hollow shell of ourselves and don’t deserve the flag we fly most of the time. Today I see “bros” with kegs of beer walking around in old glory board shorts shouting “MURICA”, like as if these shallow symbols and semi-sarcastic statements make them an American. It’s frustrating. But in the end, if you’re a christian, you realize nations rise and fall, but the Glory of God will remain forever. So in that, and only that, is there any real peace.

    • Nancy B

      LOL. You actually sounded like someone I could carry on a reasonable conversation with, in spite of our differences of opinion, until I got to the blather about “reading celebrity blogs and clubbing”. It’s the crux of the problem. When both sides stop with the false assumptions and generalizations and actually listen to each other,there can be progress.

      • Jared

        Maybe you’re right. I’m probably ranting a bit much. I’m a recent grad from the biggest state university in the country and it’s the norm, not the exception, but that’s a limited sampling of my generation. I could just rephrase and say people spend too little time actively engaged in the process, enthralled with their own adventures. If we could find a way to teach/show people the importance, the essence, of America, I’m all for it and I’ll leave any disparaging comments at the door.

        • Carol Walters

          I think the only way this will work though Jared, is the people have to care more for others than they do for themselves first. Otherwise, you are just whistling in the wind.

          • Jeffrey Anderson

            More people need to learn the lesson of JOY. Jesus Others Yourself. If America would put Jesus first and others second we would be amazed to see that our own needs will take care of themselves.

          • don

            your right carol–where these democrats are carrying us is for their well being not ours

        • Anonymous

          Jared, you have nothing to apologize for, you post was 100% right on.

      • John Williams

        It wasn’t the blog and clubbing line that got you, be honest, it was the next line wasn’t it. God and Country trip up a lib every time.

        • Nancy B

          No. It was definitely the blog and clubbing line. But thank you for giving another example to clarify my point.

      • don

        i/m for freedom an small gov.==their for marixs –an marixism is only good for them in control–never works

        • Nancy B

          Aaaand, yet another example that illustrates my point. More false assumptions and generalizations. A few liberals are Marxists. But most liberals aren’t. All liberals are “for freedom” – for all citizens.

          • Anonymous

            I am sorry, I will have to disagree with you there. Remember it was the liberals who saddled us with the speech codes, and the racial quotas, and don’t hand me any BS about ‘righting past wrongs’, as if that were even possible.

          • Nancy B

            I’m not sure what you disagree with. That Don made a false assumption about liberals’ socioeconomic leanings? That he implied liberals don’t love freedom? I agree with you that “racial quotas” won’t right past wrongs. But,in my experience, they were instrumental in righting then-current wrongs. And maybe liberals should apologize for saddling you with “speech codes”. You just need to let them know what that term means.

          • Anonymous

            I’m going to guess “speech codes” translates into: “won’t let me engage in hate speech without negative repercussions”.

    • Steve V

      Especially since love of the USA is not being taught or shown in example to the current generation. The concept certainly isn’t included in Common Core…

      • chelebr

        Actually, the Common Core does include patriotism, or doesn’t exclude it, unless the teacher does. I’m a teacher, and while I certainly don’t agree with everything happening right now, I will say that the ‘evils’ of Common Core have been blown way out of proportion. Common Core, at least in my district and those of my teaching friends, is a structure. It provides a guide for the subjects/concepts to be taught and insures that when kids move from one district to another – even if that means moving from a big city or suburban district to a small rural one or vice versa – they will have the same base of knowledge. Teachers are still free to teach the way we always have. This isn’t the thought police…it’s a framework, and a pretty good one. You don’t know how many times I’ve had kids move in in the middle of the school year who hadn’t had half of what we’d already covered. They’re left with a hole in their education unless I take my own time (which frankly, I don’t have) to remediate…because the parents aren’t going to do it. With CC, at least I know that they should have covered and been introduced to the same things as my students.

        • John

          The same thing happens in Congress, remember the Contract for America, it was a good cause but someone decided to change the title and boom new cause.

        • Addisoneconman

          I to am a teacher of Social Studies, and the problem with Common Core is that eventually the test will dictate the curriculum because that is how teachers are evaluated. Here are two small problems I have run across with sample test questions. Let’s start with an easy one, “What conflict was the United States involved in during the 1860’s, should be easy right? The answer- The War of Northern Aggression…HMMMM don’t remember learning that one. Well here is another and far more dangerous. “in the evolution of economies, what is the proper order?” the answer- lowest level-free enterprise, next socialism top rung of the ladder- communism. Is that really what we want our kids to be taught? THE TEST WILL EVENTUALLY DRIVE THE CURRICULUM

          • chelebr

            I’d be interested in knowing what state you’re in. Tests are written at the state level, not the national level. I have several friends who grew up/went to college in the south (Alabama and S. Carolina), and they always refer to the Civil War as ‘the war of Northern Aggression’. And no, they aren’t joking. LOL.

            I teach elementary school, so we don’t deal with economics, but the second question sounds to me like a timeline question, rather than one ranking the types of economies by ‘worthiness’. The wording is awkward, but the wording in so many of the questions is deliberately awkward. I have my theories as to why, having to do with making public schools look bad, but those are only theories. 😉

          • Valarie

            Friend, big government isn’t going to stop at the state test. If CC keeps rolling, eventually we will all be using the same test and that test will be created at the federal level. Like you, I have taught for many years and the idea of a “common” curriculum is noble. However, I believe that state superintendents of school could have just as easily developed a common set of standards and moved along just fine without the feds. Power corrupts and DC is as corrupt as it gets, well, not counting the UN 😉 As for me and my family, we are leaving public ed, even if it means a drastic lifestyle change.

          • chelebr

            That will never happen. LOL. I’ve been an educator long enough to know that. It took the states forever to develop the tests…it would take the feds even longer. Won’t happen in our lifetime.

          • Addisoneconman

            The real problem is that we are discussing testing at all. I have been in education since 1978 (officially retired 4 days ago:) When school was the three legged school of pupil, parent and teacher working together we taught kids how to think. Historically as governments grow in scope and power every single one of them went to the educational system first to dumb down the process and not to raise thinkers but to raise responders. You can look at every tyrannical system through out time and the first group of people they get rid of are the intelligentsia and the independent thinkers

          • chelebr

            I don’t think that’s what’s happening here at all. If anything, MORE is expected of students than when I was in school. We DO teach kids to think and come up with their own answers and support them. It’s LESS rote repetition than it used to be, not more. Our state is going AWAY from multiple choice testing and using more short answer/explain-what-you-mean type questions.

          • don

            your lying out your teeth–i put 4 through school in the late 60’s-80’s an one througt in the late 90’s an in to 20oo’s–my kids learn more 20-39 by ears ago than to day.its because the left owns the schools now —common core–stick it where the moon don’t shine

          • tammy

            You must have just graduated then, because since I went to school, they have dumbed down the education of our kids amazingly. They have also changed history in many ways, such as the teaching of the Crusades. Also, they need to teach some rote repetition. 2+2=4. Many kids these days can’t even add or subtract on paper, let alone in their heads. They are making simple things, way complicated. How much harder will it be when they get into complicated things???

          • Jeff Ludwig

            I found the same developments as you.

          • Anonymous

            What a true statement!

          • Viking King Eleven

            LOL – Good thing kids that move have a common curriculum. LOL

          • Anonymous

            That’s why you should be worried. For your children’s sake, not yours.

          • Anonymous

            What many people are not aware or in a state of denial of is the fact that Obama is an Illegal alien who showed a forged birth certificate to the world and is using a stolen SS# which he used to register for the draft. These two charges are being brought and will, hopefully, be decided upon by the end of the year. Documented and proven evidence of his past is being brought to light by numerous witnesses, players and publishers that will expose Obama as being a Communist, homosexual and a devout Muslim. 4 players that were ready to testify have been “mysteriously murdered”. The woman in charge of Obama’s birth Certificate records in Hawaii was “killed” a few months ago who was the only passenger hurt on a belly landing plane crash off the coast of Hawaii.
            Little by little it is mounting up but the are still 51 million fools who still believe he a god.

          • Anonymous

            Scary scenario, I wish all of it will come to light before more damage is being done.

          • don

            no your wrong–a pen can change that today

          • Addisoneconman

            Actually I am from the north- midwest to be exact. The economics question was not an exact quote because it would not have made sense, but the question was definitely indicating that our economic system was the most primitive on the evolutionary ladder.

          • don

            ha ha ha so says a liberial

          • Addisoneconman

            Don, I hope you are not referring to me as a liberal…HAHA if so you would be the first person in my entire life that did not say I was way TOO conservative:)

          • don

            i’m 71 an born in the south never heard it called that

          • Anonymous

            No, she’s right. I have heard that some people in the south call it the ‘war of northern aggression’ (not sure if I should’ve capped that, forgive me if I committed any grammatical sins), but I doubt all of them do. The south is like any other region, people coming and going all of the time, some stay, some don’t. I myself have one foot in the south, one in the north, as I have a very large, extended family from everywhere. I am only one generation from having been born in the south, but it’s just another example of most of us being unable to focus more on what we have in common, and what is good for the common good (no, I’m not advocating common core here) and if we as Americans ever managed to see through all of the lies and the tricks that the government is using to bust up our nation and our society, and decided to band together for good, they would be through, and they know it. For example, look back at how our society pulled together during WWII. I feel that is what largely brought about victory, even if it was very costly. Fast forward just to the Viet Nam era, and see how divided we had already become. Keep moving forward to today, and see how we’ve become totally rotted out and stretched to the breaking point because there’s almost no sense of cohesion in our nation today. We’ve become totally balkanized, and I’m not sure there’s much hope for recovery. Not only have the progressives done massive damage to the fabric of our society, so has our apathy. No one who loves liberty can afford to sit back and hope that someone else will do the heavy lifting. It is up to all of us to keep vigilant and get involved. And hope there’s still time to turn this thing around, before we go completely over the falls.

          • Trudy Handte

            On the stanchions outside the National Archives building in Washington D.C.are carved these words: The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance. Somehow we have ignored that and we take our freedom for granted at our own peril. History proves that it can be lost in a flash.

          • Karen

            I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee (born in 1963 and college in the 1980s) and I have never heard the term “War of Northern Aggression”. Don’t lump all southern states in with those two.

          • Joan Bearden

            I live in Alabama(born and raised here)and I have never referred to the Civil War as the War of Northern Aggression. Also, I was never taught that and have never heard anyone refer to the Civil War that way.

          • Anonymous

            I HAVE heard of it referred to that way, and I was born out west (but with many family members born in the South). Maybe it’s more of a matter of personal political views, but I don’t see the harm in that as long as people remember that united we stand, divided we fall.

          • Anonymous

            thank you for the examples of how history can be significantly altered, for those that don’t have the time to read, or for those that are young and will truth the teacher.

          • Anonymous

            Thank GOD that we have some people willing to tell the truth about government run “Common Core”.

          • Becky Hanson

            So you are a teacher TOO? Do you teach the TRUTH? I am Native American… black people were not the only people that were oppressed, my own grandfather and his six brothers were taken from their parents and taken to the southern most part of our state and made to be slaves. You would think that that wouldn’t be possible in the early 1900’s would you? It was supposed to be out lawed by then, but it was still practiced. My grandfather was a young boy of ten or eleven, he was a middle son. They were full blooded Native American From Siskiyou County in California. The Irish people were also oppressed, as were the Polish, the Jewish and many other sects and nationalities, and don’t forget the Mormons.

          • Addisoneconman

            Becky what happened to your family was unjust and crooked as all get out. Unfortunately I taught Economics not American History.

          • Anonymous

            That is a sad fact of life, and I am not for one minute trying to deny it, but have you ever stopped to think that many ‘native Americans’ did their share of killing and capturing, of both whites and other ‘native Americans’? Ever heard of Olive Oatman? The soil of America is stained with blood of all races, and not one race is wholly innocent.

          • Anonymous

            You have a good point there. Whatever ground this country has made over the years to follow the constitution and the declaration of independence statement that ” ALL men are created equal” seems to be falling by the wayside. GOD has to be brought back into each persons life and taught in our family circles again. JESUS has said, “what you do the the least of my breth’rens, you do to ME! Treat others as YOU would like to be treated and we would have a better world to live in. I know it’s a dream but, the government hasn’t figured out to take peoples dreams away,,,,,,,,,,,,,YET!
            I said this statement before but it needs to be said again

          • Becky Hanson

            I agree. no arguement.

          • Anonymous

            You have a good point there. Whatever ground this country has made over the years to follow the constitution and the declaration of independence statement that ” ALL men are created equal” seems to be falling by the wayside. GOD has to be brought back into each persons life and taught in our family circles again. JESUS has said, “what you do the the least of my breth’rens, you do to ME! Treat others as YOU would like to be treated and we would have a better world to live in. I know it’s a dream but, the government hasn’t figured out to take peoples dreams away,,,,,,,,,,,,,YET!

          • Ruthanne D’Antuono

            Very true Becky. Slavery has a long history in what records we have throughout the world. We were the first nation, that I know of, that consciously made a decision, and fought to end it. I’d like to see the current trafficking in humans ended. This is not a thing of the past, but something we still have to deal with today.
            I’ve heard that the “War on Women” has to do with birth control, but the darker side is the fact that women and children are still abducted in this country to be exploited. Over 17 thousand each year. One of the biggest markets is the United States. Scary, eh? I did my research.

          • Becky Hanson

            Yes, it must be ended. It’s not only our country, but other countries that are involved too. I pray that we may find a way to end it so that men, women and children will cease to be abducted and exploited. I know that it is a horrible experience. My grandfather only told me bits of what he went through and I know it was no where near what others have gone through. I’m a very sensitive person, although people wouldn’t know it because I try to hide it.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for revealing the real TRUTH!

          • John Gouker

            Thank You !

        • Its me, Bruce

          I submit to you, that teachers stopped teaching ‘they way they always have’ sometime in the ’60s, when it became clear to the left that there is power in indoctrination through ‘education’.

          • Jeff Ludwig


        • Viking King Eleven

          That’s your support for common core, kids moving? What’s your name and district so we can inform parents what a useless teacher you are.

        • savy

          Your problem is you trust FEDZILLA and there is no evidence that works well,give me some old time catholic nuns and priest even lay teachers , they taught us well and actually tried to ready us for reality just because we have computers and cell phones will not negate human nature.. most public schools are done because of the hello howdy duty I’m a union man you can call me Rudy dah dunt dunt, word from Detroit or should I say what is left of it..I am a teacher to when I have industrial steel to work oh wait no work..lol

          • Anonymous

            Come again?

        • Anonymous

          How wonderful that teaching is now easier for you.

          ‘Course, the kids don’t know the Truth any more. But that shouldn’t matter, as long as your life is easier.

          How about going back to what worked 50 years ago, instead of trying a new “theory of teaching” every other year? How about everybody in your school district who doesn’t teach or sweep up get fired, so the parents don’t have to spend money they don’t have uselessly on education? How about giving up that unionized nostrum for mediocrity known as tenure, and try merit for a change?

          There’s plenty wrong with education today, and the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Common core, or any other nonsense from educrats just trying to propagandize children into socialist robots, hasn’t – and won’t – fix a thing. We went to the moon, and built the best civilization on Earth on the “old” education. Teachers complained of being underpaid, but the students learned, and applied that learning. Today they know how to text trivial twaddle to one another, and they all want to be overpaid social workers. Big Deal.

          • annieree

            Having been a school board member for 13 years, I heartily agree — you have outlined basically what is so wrong with public education these days, and Common Core just makes it easier for the ‘educators’ to do the government’s bidding, not better education for our kids — that’s never the gov’t’s motive.

        • Anonymous

          Brainwashing is rampant in this administration. The government is not bright enough to control STATE education.
          All they are looking foe is power and control.

        • Ruthanne D’Antuono

          I can see where this would have value for children who are forced to relocate from place to place.

        • John Gouker

          Pass the koolaid…………..

      • Anonymous

        If someone lacks the education, can you offer some part of the missing piece?

    • Anonymous

      They don’t mind Glenn’s message or don’t fear it. They just don’t like his delivery. Every day on the air he says someone is a moron. Pat and Stu whimper whine and scream thinking its funny. Glenn puts people down and says they are stupid. Even Glenn will tell you that if you haven’t been listening to him since day one then its like walking into the middle of a movie. They are not going to get it. Glenns public speaking skills are superior to most and the messages are true – – but those who don’t know him fear the delivery. It IS his own fault.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll just say this,. You have to be pretty stupid to re elect Barack Obama. The evidence was all over the place in the first term.

        • Anonymous

          What evidence was that?

          • Anonymous

            You just made carolionelouise’s point. :)

          • Anonymous

            If there’s actual evidence then surely you, or carolionelouise, could provide it — right? This comment is merely deflection.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t usually waste time on the uninformed when the internet is available for all to look IF they choose to. Some don’t….ignorance is bliss.

          • Anonymous

            Well then you’ve obviously got no argument to provide. Without evidence it’s nothing but hot air — and I’d give you points for an original deflection except that it’s not original at all.

          • don

            then your not on often are you?

          • Anonymous

            That, and there isn’t enough room on the page to list everything about him that should’ve opened the eyes of the misinformed and misguided voters who foolishly elected him the first time (my own Dad was one of those, but by the second time around he had realized his big blunder). It’s no use to argue with some, they just want to fight purely for the enjoyment they get out of it.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t actually have to list “everything”. I’d be satisfied with a few examples of the supposed “evidence” that voting for Obama was a bad move — particularly when his main opposition was a waste of resources like Romney. And I’m still waiting…

            So far I’ve seen nothing but impotent and vague complaints.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t vote for him. What you talking about? My town, county and state chose someone else.

        • don

          one more that knows

        • Anonymous

          I know there are people who don’t believe this, but I truly think he’s in there due to voter fraud, not that there weren’t a lot of misguided fools who both voted for him, and those who sat home pouting because their choice wasn’t nominated, which was the same as voting for B0 anyway. Too many people just don’t sit and think things completely through. That, and they don’t pay attention to cause and effect, so they keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

    • Ardis Kenney

      Then we need to teach these principles in the schools and in the homes again!

      • don

        no kiding how long did that take you?

    • Anonymous

      If you’ve been unsuccessful trying to ‘educate’ or open eyes, try another route and we all learn in different ways at different speeds.

    • Jeff Ford

      Exceptionally well stated.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. As long as we have more low information voters than hardworking people who are informed we shall never be a great nation again. Glenn is wrong. If you are appeasing the enemy he will walk all over you and crush you in the end. Look back in history. If our forefathers had not stood up to the English crown, America would be part of England. If some of the Germans and other nations would not have stood up against Hitler maybe America would be part of Germany. We have to stand up for what we believe in and not give in to the lies and evil which tries to destroy the freedoms of this nation.

      • Anonymous

        Are you suggesting it was Germany who saved America, and not the other way around?

        • Anonymous

          No, I am not. All I meant to say is that not all Germans were Nazis and those who saw through what was coming their way stood up to evil. Some worked secretly with the Americans and the British to hasten the fall of evil. Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler who had the ambition to have a world government. But, treating Hitler with kid gloves emboldened
          him. German U-Boots were cruising all along the American shorelines. If all nations and those Germans who were against Hitler had looked the other way, gave up their principles and united with the enemy, would we look at a different world now? What about the Germans who later stood up to the Communists in East Germany? If they would have looked the other way, do you think the Berlin Wall would have fallen?
          It is easier to give in and look the other way, than to stand up to what you believe in. Liberals want to ban GOD from these shores. Military chaplains can not speak freely anymore. Drugs are being pushed onto the younger generation. There are so many things wrong, but Glenn thinks by just extending a peaceful hand the Left will change. It is a fool’s errand in my opinion, but as long as I have the freedom to voice it I shall.

      • JeffBobbie Nicol

        First of all we, the patriots and good God fearing citizens of this great nation out number the progressive, socialist, brainwashed anti-American followers of the next government program for more free stuff! The thing is they are the most organized and ultra well funded through the evil elitists who wish to create the “ONE WORLD GOVERMENT”. If you look at those at the top of the leftist, progressive and radical academics (some Republicans fit in here too) you will see that this ultra rich, greedy, arrogant, narcissistic and power hungry are the leaders of the rabble that cry the loudest about anything and everything that their power hungry leaders (OBAMA) tell them is going to be bad for them. Some of these are the continual false statements about conservatives, such as The war on women, racism, anti-immigration, anti-children and the list goes on and on but every one of these completely untrue battles is what we hear and see on just about every media outlet day in and day out. This is due to the fact that the majority of the national media has become the propaganda wing of our run away, out of control giant government, with our want to be “DICTATOR” B.O. leading the way!
        If we want to save the country “We the People” the majority in this country need to stand arm in arm for our freedoms and we may not agree on every issue, but we all agree that becoming a dictatorship nation run by socialists has nothing to do with being free. But running around with guns and testing fate is not the way to do it, that is the last resort and if we stand peacefully but steadfast in our honest beliefs we will win.
        God, Faith, Hope and Love really are the answers to freedom and the fools trying to destroy our country are falling apart and starting to eat their own and it won’t be long before they lose like always or resort to violence. If it comes to that then we are given the right to protect our family so pray to God it does not come to that.
        God Bless America, stay the course and be better than those who wish to destroy the western way of life.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/chuckburns4usa cburns4vta

      Jared I believe you to be correct and I don’t see this ending up
      anywhere but with a AR in my hands since like you I will not settle for
      less the my and my country man’s inherent freedom no questions. But I
      will till the shooting starts try to stop it from happening, we must
      learn to hold hope and reality otherwise even in victory we will lose
      what our founders created. Freedom gives mankind hope and in our
      nations past millions came from the corners of the earth hoping for that
      freedom. Never turn down a chance to share the message of liberty with a
      stranger and only that hope of preserving the country you love will
      allow you to speak with the power that will reach those listening who
      never cared till they heard you.
      That being said reality and most
      certainly history does not suffer fools, and the world favors only those
      who prepare and practice what they want to succeed in and in fight live
      through. So prepare. Have food that stores well, a few 55gal. plastic
      drums at least one of potable water and one of gas, lots of ammo and the
      means to reload at least one caliber of rifle and pistol, mags for
      those weapons (lots and the means to carry them reloading in a fight can
      be a death sentence). You get the point.
      But never give up hope
      brother without it we could win the battle but lose our principles and
      the ideals that made this land great.
      I used to tell those I know:
      “I pray we do it with ballots, but I prepare to use bullets.”
      Now it seems beyond even elections and those words no longer fit so to you I would say:
      your eyes and pray for freedom and peace, but do it holding your rifle
      in case you say Amen and open your eyes and it is not so.”
      Feel free to quote me.

    • John Gouker

      Excellent perspective Jared !

  • Clay Slape

    I agree Glenn, we are on the verge of a new Civil War. A war in the streets of American. A war of BLOOD LETTING and Discrimination. This is not the war to end all wars. This is only the beginning. Our war will be because of a difference in Politics. Those who wish to remain free in a Republc -vs- those who want to enslave and socialize America under a Democracy.

    Let me invoke a truth to you. I am delivering a message. I am the Messenger. When Barack Obama first went to the US Senate, I knew by the whisper of an Angel that he is the Anti-Christ. To further prove that out, we only need to look at Luke Chapter 10. Christ warned us that Lucifer would come as “lightning from heaven”. When that passage is looked at with the Hebrew Concordance, it translates out to Baraq Bamah. In old Amarmaic tongue, pronounced Ubama or Obama. Barack H Obama was known to Yahshua Christ.

    Reading the Book of Revelations chapters 6-23, you find out what he is going to do while he is here. He is doing exactly that. He is turning man back to what man was in the time of Noah. He is using Chaos, Deception and Lies against America and the rest of the world. He will bring about final war in the valley of megiddo. He is enabling IRAN and SYRIA to make that possible today.

    Baraq Bamah (Anti-Christ), aka Barack H. Obama, is turning the world upside down. Breaking every rule, every law and creating and crafting his own to bring about the destruction of Israel and those who support her.

    You and I both know that the script has already been written. We know who ultimately wins. These are days of the birth pains of our destruction before the earth is again cleansed of the wickedness of man when Yahshua Christ returns with his army to wipe them out.

    Pray it happens soon so many do not have to suffer.

    • David J. Owens

      Gotta disagree with you bud, this guy is not smart enough to be the anti-Christ. I do agree he is deliberately trying to destroy the country though.

      • Anonymous


        Both of you are such great examples of what is wrong with America.

        • David J. Owens

          Yep, keep on lovin’ the dictator in chief and see how far that gets you.

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t say anything about loving Obama. I’m referring to the religious superstition and general sour-grapes nastiness of you two. Someday, if we’re lucky, America will be free of religious bullies and a person will be judged by their abilities and actions, not by their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or any number of other trivial attributes.

          • tammy

            Wouldn’t it be nice if all liberals and godless heathen would just disappear, then no one would be bullied or judged by the mindless. God bless the Christians and all good people in the world. If we are lucky America will be free of all immoral people, regardless of their color, gender or other trivial attributes

          • Anonymous

            No. We already lived through one of those civilizations — they were called the Dark Ages.

          • tammy

            Yes, that was when evil people like you caused hate and chaos through out the land. Love never begets war, evil or hatred. We will leave that up to you

          • Anonymous

            Evil people like me? In what way am I evil? Last time I checked I didn’t kill puppies or enslave women. Please, share all you know of my “evil”.

            On second thought, nevermind. You’re just another eternal child terrified of anyone who is different from you and, like Marc, only respond with feeble insults. Sad for you two but I accept what I cannot change.

          • PeterMoss

            You’re projecting tammy. It’s the religious fanatics who bully and judge people world-wide. They use the supernatural narrative and religious mind-control techniques to beat down women, independent thinkers and anyone they don’t like.

          • tammy

            Was just echoing back what Rianya said changing the narrative to the opposite of what she said. Otherwise, both sides can say the same of the other. I do lean towards the moral side of humanity and really am tired of being bullied by the immoral. You don’t like moral people, leave us alone. You guys are so famous for saying live and let live, when are you going to start living what you preach???

        • http://www.funfxkaraoke.com/ Judy

          You are what is wrong with America! If I said I wish my computer keys could land a punch to your beak, the political correctness monitor would tell me I can’t say that…so I won’t. But you are a simple minded troll.

          • Anonymous

            You are wishing physical violence on me but *I* am the problem? Sorry, honey, but you have anger issues.

      • tammy

        Obama was put in as President by the Bildeberg Society per Kissinger, Kissinger said that Obama is their front man but they have been in control for at least 100 years. They have just slowly been moving us to a one world government, with them in control, of course. Kissinger said they have promised Obama to be the first One World President if he can bring our economy down to 3rd world level. Soros also said he is here to help Obama bring us down. He outlined how he was doing it and he is now on the last step. Just waiting for the right time and all he has to do is make one phone call. I thought they were both crazy, but checked out this Bildeberg Society. At first what I found was nothing, then I found other sites. The most interesting one was the member list. Most Presidents were or are members, many politicians on both sides of the isle, many rich powerful people, business CEO’s The world bank, the Fed, and so many others including many leaders and rich from other countries. Kissinger said the Bildebergs and the Illuminati have joined together to bring about the One World Government, and the one World Religion. Kissinger also said that there are too many people, and we are killing the Earth, “so unfortunately, many people will have to die” They are sick individuals with way too much power. God help us. BTW I believe Obama is a lot smarter than they give him credit for. I think they will find they can not control him when he is in control.

  • Anonymous

    The signers of the Declaration of Independence put their lives and their fortunes on the line for what they believed in – until people are willing to do that on a large scale I fear nothing will change – our prosperity and hence comfort may have doomed this great nation.

  • Daniel Ferguson

    I am currently reading the book “American Spring”, which is about the revelation. I hope and pray you are right, that through love we can restore our nation. However; I also hope we are not the patriots on Lexington Green wondering who fired the first shot.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know what you ever did that so terrible according to some. You lifted up our hearts at the Lincoln Memorial, where even the creatures of the sky, those beautiful birds greeted you in that V Line salute!!!…Your tv show was like a free ecuation. And I am surprised more liberals didn’t listen and watch you since they love everything for free. You’ve continued on through the Blaze educating us again… Can’t begin to tell you how much I learned from you through all your hard work and efforts… All you ever wanted was for America to be free and for all of us to come together. When almost 2 million marched to the capital that fine day, it was clearly inspired by you. You made us unafraid again made us brave again. You even told us not to believe you but fact check it out ourselves. I did and found you were right. We saw you laugh and excited and we saw you sad and angry… Sad for what’s happening to our country… And I’ve seen you give with your own money and time to help so many.

    For me, I bow to no one but God, and my God, family and country always comes first… But to you, Glenn, I say, —“Oh Captain My Captain!” … YOU would have been one, whom George Washington would have chosen to lead his men!

    God bless you and your family Glenn, who made so many sacrifices so that you could come to us….Keep up the good work! And to you i now say, as you have encouraged us so much in the past, “Hang in there.” We will get this country back so help us God.”

    • Anonymous

      More “liberal” bashing again. So, Glenn, are you proud of what you’ve created? A bunch of people who can’t see anyone disagree with them without finger pointing, name calling, and attacks. Yeah, good luck on the unification of America. You’ll need it.

      • Janean Guy

        Did you not read any if what he said?

      • Pat

        Why don’t you try reading and comprehending the article?

        • Anonymous

          I did read and comprehend the article. I’ve also read Glenn’s misogynistic, dishonest, etcetera rants that he dismisses with “I’m sorry I had to say them.” — He didn’t have to lie, he doesn’t have to demean women or attack those who demand that only they get to decide the risks that they take with their bodies. And then I read the comments of the people here — presumably the very people he’s trying to reach with his “we must unify” shtick. Unsurprisingly your idea of “unity” is to bash and try to run off anyone who doesn’t agree with your dream of an American Taliban — one run, of course, by YOUR version of religion because all others are ungodly.

          • NealGraham

            Rianya – what are you saying? Are you saying that you should be able to do whatever you wish with your body, up to and including the termination of the life of an unborn child if you don’t wish to carry it to term, or don’t care to raise the child, or just don’t want the hassle of a pregnancy? I’m trying to understand what you meant by “decide the risks that they take with their bodies”.

          • Anonymous

            That is one of the things I am saying. For instance, I don’t see you advocating for you and other citizens to be forced to donate their blood, bone marrow, extra organs or even their organs after they die to save the life of a born child or adult. Why should I have any less say over the risks I take with MY body?

          • NealGraham

            You can do what you wish with your body, UNTIL you have ANOTHER human being’s body inside your body. Then there are TWO persons involved, and you are not able to be judge, jury, and executioner for the unborn child just because it’s inconvenient for you. If you didn’t want a child, then you should have been an adult and used “protection” to prevent the pregnancy from ever starting.

            I have no idea what you are rambling on about as far as forcing people to donate bone marrow / blood / etc. They are wholly unrelated to the MURDERING of unborn children via Abortion and / or abortion inducing DRUGS.

          • Anonymous

            //I have no idea what you are rambling on about as far as forcing people to donate bone marrow / blood / etc. They are wholly unrelated to the MURDERING of unborn children via Abortion and / or abortion inducing DRUGS.//

            Well, all you people SELFISHLY keeping your blood and bone marrow to yourself are MURDERING all those people who are dying for lack of them in the hospital. And since you want to force me to risk my life and my health and my body to keep a fetus alive then, morally, you have no more say over your body than I have over mine. If you didn’t want to donate your bone marrow to a dying cancer patient you shouldn’t have produced any, right? Because the crux of the issue here is your whinging about “murder” is just baloney. You don’t care about the unborn babies. You don’t care that the women who abort would be bringing that child into poverty (hello increased crime) and lack of care (hello increased crime) and hunger — no because the minute that fetus is born you want to berate the mother for bringing a child into this world she can’t provide for. Quit lying to yourself because you sure aren’t fooling me. YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THE FETUS and this isn’t about “murder”. You just want to punish women for having sex — as shown by your ridiculous “protection” comment.

      • sandyg

        Here-in lies the problem!

        • Anonymous

          Liberal bashing is the problem? Well it’s certainly a big symptom of the problem.

          • sandyg

            Sorry, you misunderstood my comment. Here-in lies the problem is your attitude.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, I see. So “the problem” is people who disagree with your world view? Maybe America isn’t the right place for you then. I have a first amendment right to not only disagree, but to actually voice my disagreement in public.

          • John Williams

            No the problem is liberals actually believe that if we don’t think like you, we are below you. Meaning you are smarter. That is the problem. If you believed we are equals a debate could be meaningful. At this point there can be no discussion because if we bring up one point you don’t like well then we are racist. Get over yourselves.you are no better, and no worse I might add than us. We are all the same, there are some libs and some conservatives that should have to wear a helmet 24 hours a day. But the opposite is also true. Have a blessed day.

          • Anonymous

            //No the problem is liberals actually believe that if we don’t think like you, we are below you.//

            Kind of depends what you mean by “think like you”. If you mean, “think like me” in regards to the social contract, protecting the vulnerable, creating equal opportunities for all — yeah, I think those who disagree with that are “below” me. They are demonstrating utter selfishness and callousness and I have no respect for them. However if they think differently than I do in believing there is a deity (which I see no evidence for so don’t actually agree with the concept) or in thinking that people should never work on Thursday to keep Thor’s day holy or something like that, I just think they’re different and whatever makes them happy is fine by me.

            //Meaning you are smarter.//

            While research has shown that conservatives test as less educated with poorer critical thinking skills, I don’t believe that means they are not as “smart”. I think most people have the ability if they are given access to valid information and encouraged to think critically. ANYONE can change if they choose to, although change is hard and can be very scary.

            //At this point there can be no discussion because if we bring up one point you don’t like well then we are racist.//

            Did I say that somewhere? Or are you assuming?

            //Get over yourselves.you are no better, and no worse I might add than us. We are all the same, there are some libs and some conservatives that should have to wear a helmet 24 hours a day.//

            While I agree with the basic premise of this sentence I’d like to point out, once again, the use of abilist language as an insult. Individuals with disabilities are not going to be acceptable to me as a choice of insults because that is demeaning to individuals with disabilities. The fact that people make fun of them, turn them into insults, and demean them is an example of what I mean when I say that the protection of the vulnerable does not mean anything to the people I’ve responded to here. Language has power. If you reduce a person to an insult then you create an atmosphere of disgust and dismissal for those individuals. That’s why the corporate owned media has spent so much money lambasting the poor — because they want you to hate the poor instead of realizing that you are likely one paycheck away from being one of them and seeing that the corporations and the ultra-rich are the TRUE welfare queens. If they actually paid their share of the social contract our country wouldn’t be in debt anymore. So I agree that there are fanatical liberals and conservatives who are rude, uninformed, insulting, with poor thinking skills but the only people who should have to wear a helmet 24 hours a day are disadvantaged humans who would physically harm themselves without it — and they don’t have a place in this discussion.

          • NealGraham

            @Rianya:disqus “While research has shown that conservatives test as less educated with poorer critical thinking skills, I don’t believe that means they are not as “smart”.”

            Since you like demanding others to back up their assertions, I’ll wait while you back up the assertion you made above……

          • Anonymous

            By the way, please note all you readers that I have actually provided links to back up my claims and so far individuals like Neal have offered — nothing whatsoever.

          • John Williams

            I would like the name of the study please. I made no assertions about persons with disabilities, your mind went there. Protection the vulnerable and creating opportunities for all is a great idea and when the funds are available I’m all for it, but social programs for the few at the expense of the many are infantile and stupid.

            However if they think differently than I do in believing there is a deity (which I see no evidence for so don’t actually agree with the concept)

            I don’t care if you agree with the concept, its about faith in something higher than ones self which is why you take issue with it.
            at any rate, I have no more time to waste listening to your incoherent rants. Some of us work to support the social programs you so dearly love.

          • Anonymous

            //I would like the name of the study please.//

            This article has links throughout it to various studies that apply:


            //I made no assertions about persons with disabilities, your mind went there.//

            You used the need to wear a helmet 24 hours a day — a situation that happens only with individuals with severe disabilities — as an insult. Yes my mind went there because YOU went there.

            //I don’t care if you agree with the concept, its about faith in something higher than ones self which is why you take issue with it.//

            Apparently you missed the part where I said it’s an area I disagree with people on but don’t actually care what they believe — at least I don’t care right up to the point where they start using their “faith” to harm people. Then I care very much.

            //Some of us work to support the social programs you so dearly love.//

            Nice attempt at an ad hominem, there. Do you ALWAYS like to imply that the people who disagree with you (and use facts which you’ve failed to provide) don’t “work”? How very unoriginal of you.

          • John Williams

            You really should read the entire studies you point to, that one states that on average social conservatism is more attractive to the lest endowed mentally. However it also stated that this by no means indicates that liberals or more intelligent or vice versa. The less intelligent gravitate toward conservatism because its easier to understand. That does not mean conservatives are dumber.
            nice backpedaling on your previous statements by the way.

          • Anonymous

            You should re-read what I said. You interpreted it to mean I said conservatives were less intelligent — I never said that. I said less educated with worse critical thinking skills. I don’t believe that political affiliation has anything to do with the ability to think — but I accept that people who cling to certain “truths” are often less likely to be willing to accept new information.

      • Anonymous

        Ok look.. Rianya….Here’s a challenge then for you to unite.. Join with me and those who believe this country is headed in the wrong direction…. Join WITH us and stop fighting.. I want the fighting to stop too. We are all Americans, so I challenge you now, to stop attacking each other…. I want to also, stop the attacks…so will you join me in this? Will you join with me and others and Glenn, who want to find some common ground? Let’s do this. We can! Will you try?

        • Anonymous

          Depends on your “common ground”. Does it involve hurting other people? Legislating your “morality”? Disenfranchising women, people of color, those with a different sexual orientation or identity?

          If so, no, we won’t unite and I’ll fight to my dying breath.

          If, however, you are willing to keep your religion at home and carefully and logically examine what laws and ordinances do the most good for the most vulnerable people, I’ll gladly unite.

          Also, please note that while I have confronted specific people on specific attacks, *I* am not the one turning one form of group identification (i.e. “conservatives”) into a dirty word. I don’t see any chance of people uniting as long as it’s an “us verses them” mentality — and sadly most religions promote just such thinking.

          • Janean Guy

            You’ve been listening to those on the left way too long. Our forefathers didn’t leave their religion at home. God, the Almighy, and Christ fill documents from that era. And how do the conservatives “hurt other people”, disenfranchise women and peopleof color or with a differnet sexual orientation. “All men are created equal” and comservatives realize and respect that. We believe in the worth of the individual, EVERY individual, and we want to allow each and every individual to make his/her own choices as to what they want to do with their lives and how they want to do it so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. FREEDOM is the word. Live and let live. We don’t want a huge central government that takes from us and dictates to us. We don’t want a government that taxes us to the hilt and then “redistributes” our money. (And if you think that this means we don’t want to help the poor and less fortunate, those who truly can’t do for themselves….WRONG. Also, if you check the facts, you’ll see that conservatives as a whole contibute much more to charitable causes that do the liberals.) We want to enable the poor to do for themselves instead of ytrating them like they’re too stupid or incapable to learn and work and promising to give them more and more and more just to garner their votes at election time. Those who have given up the “gimme, gimme” status for productive lives are so much happier and have a great sense of pride.

          • Anonymous

            //Our forefathers didn’t leave their religion at home. God, the Almighy, and Christ fill documents from that era.//

            A few prominent Founding Fathers were anti-clerical Christians, such as Thomas Jefferson (who created the so-called “Jefferson Bible”) and Benjamin Franklin. Others (most notably Thomas Paine, who authored the religious book The Age of Reason were deists, or at least held beliefs very similar to those of deists.

            Historian Gregg L. Frazer argues that the leading Founders (Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington) were neither Christians nor Deists, but rather supporters of a hybrid “theistic rationalism”.

            The Treaty of Tripoli, states that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion” and was passed unanimously by the Senate and signed by President John Adams.

            //And how do the conservatives “hurt other people”, disenfranchise women and peopleof color or with a differnet sexual orientation.//

            Let’s see — Hobby Lobby mean anything to you? Essentially they’ve sued for the right to discriminate against women by limiting THEIR work recompense. Notice how they don’t have any convenient beliefs that impact a MAN’S ability to make his own medical decisions — only the women. And how does that hurt women? Well the IUD is one form of birth control they oppose (for reasons that are medically and scientifically unsound) and yet for women who are sensitive to hormones, like my daughter-in-law, the IUD is the safest and most effective form of birth control. And their case wanted to not cover a doctor even talking to a woman about these birth control options. So a woman would have to pay for the doctor’s visit herself, pay for the IUD and pay for its insertion. I had a friend tell me yesterday that when she got hers (and had to pay for it herself because she doesn’t have insurance) it was $700. Now if this Hobby Lobby employee is a single mother with a few children already and a deadbeat father to those children (like so many women) then that $700 is a HUGE burden. And it’s a burden being placed on her because a bunch of people who will never meet her have decided that THEIR religion (and ignorance) entitles them to discriminate against her ability to afford safe and reliable birth control. (Birth control which does NOT cause fertilized eggs not to implant.) What’s more, they have decided that their religion, which this woman may very well not follow, entitles them to interfere with HER ability to make her own medical choices. It’s no business of any employer to decide what an employee does with their body outside the confines of their workspace (and barring any negative fallout for the employer). AND because of that ruling now another “Christian” employer is suing that not only can they not cover birth control (ANY birth control) but that they also cannot sign the waiver which would then allow their female employees to be given Federal assistance with birth control. So if you REALLY have a desire to help the poor then fighting these conservative bullies is certainly something you should be working for. Even more, if you REALLY have an issue with your taxes being spend on people with a “gimme, gimme, gimme” mentality you’ll stop looking at the poor and start looking at the corporations and filthy rich who, through tax breaks and loopholes AND through forcing their employees onto government assistance by not providing a living wage, are actually taking your tax dollars. But corporate welfare, bailouts, and of course the wars making folks like Cheney even richer, are where our tax dollars are being wasted — and you aren’t even paying attention to them because they’ve got you all worked up about these mythical grasping, lazy, poor people. The Jesus of the Bible would call the people driving these movements pharisees and worse.

            I’d address the rest of your comment but I don’t want to write an entire book.

          • Julia Book

            Okay… whoa for a minute… if someone wants to use a method of birth control that hobby lobby doesnt pay for then why would they work at hobby lobby? When did we become a nation that assigns jobs? If they dont want to cover a certain thing then why should they be forced to? Being forced to do something in the land of the “free” has become far too common. Are you going to choose to work as a clerk in a Baptist church and then grumble about how the preaching against homosexuality bothers you so it shouldnt be permitted? This is why catholics dont work for abortion providers. Like it or not we have a responsibility to chose our employer to at least somewhat mesh with our morals and ethics. This is our personal responsibility. It is not the responsibility, nor the role of our government to force the political correctness du jour down the throat of every business in order to conform them into a role that is acceptable to any group of people. That means majority or minority. Why is it so important to you to take the rights of the green family away? They are a family that owns the hobby lobby business you know. Not some anonymous board. They arent all of a sudden bringing religion to the table, they have never been open on sundays to honor the lords day of rest, as is written in their bible. They pay more than minimum wage because they believe it is the “christian” thing to do. 4 out of 20 methods of birth control mandated go directly against what they stand for. Why is it so critical to you that they be forced to pay for this? Should they “leave religion at home”? Open on Sundays and force employees to work and be away from their families, lower wages, be open on holidays and not pay holiday wages also? Hobby Lobby employees will disagree with you on that. Do you work at Hobby Lobby? What makes you think you can speak for them? This is the problem with the country. We have a group of people who believe they are smarter and know better what is for the common good, but this country is founded on our differences and individual liberties. Taking those differences away in the name of the greater good does not make it less a theft of freedom. When did your emmployer providing birth control become an inalienable right? Why would you invite your boss into your bedroom by making him/her responsiblle for paying for your sexual escapades? Its not his right or responsibility. Does your job meet your needs? If the answer is no then work hard – get solid skills and references then move to another job. Why is there no sense of personal responsibility in any of this “the government must care for all” rhetoric? Why must you abuse so many people by calling them victims and vulnerable? How dare you steal their abilities and humanity by making them into child like incompete n ts that you and others who are smarter than them must provide for? You did not see hobby lobby suing to have these methods of birth control taken away from everyone, only for their right not to pay for them. Like the concientious objectors of the draft in the 60’s. They could not be forced to war and this family, who has been blessed with success, who now have a large profitable company based on the principles of their religion should not be forced to violate their principles.

          • Anonymous

            //if someone wants to use a method of birth control that hobby lobby doesnt pay for then why would they work at hobby lobby?//

            1) Hobby Lobby covered those forms of birth control until they decided to file their suit.
            2) People have to feed their families — it’s that “responsibility” thing conservatives like to bleat about.

            //Are you going to choose to work as a clerk in a Baptist church and then grumble about how the preaching against homosexuality bothers you so it shouldnt be permitted?//

            Apples and oranges my dear. Hobby Lobby isn’t a church, it’s a craft store. One with “principles” that it ignored until they were politically convenient. One that invests in and makes money from companies that produce abortifactants — which seriously draws into question their supposed religious beliefs.

          • Anonymous

            //Like it or not we have a responsibility to chose our employer to at least somewhat mesh with our morals and ethics.//

            Baloney. Employees provide a service — something employers NEED. Employees get paid, go home, and live their lives. We have zero “responsibility” to mesh our morals and ethics with our employers. In fact, trying to demand that in order to be paid decently for the work provided we have to obey our employer’s morals and ethics is a prime examples of FORCING beliefs onto other people. Nothing is more vital than survival — you’ve just said that employers should be able to hold food, shelter, medical care and basic needs over their employees heads to force them into their own moral values. What a ridiculous concept. Employees are hired, we aren’t slaves.

            //It is not the responsibility, nor the role of our government to force the political correctness du jour down the throat of every business in order to conform them into a role that is acceptable to any group of people.//

            The 14th Amendment guarantees people certain protections — and yes, those protections even include protections from religious bigots who choose to run a business. You watch, the Hobby Lobby ruling will be reversed. If a religion or a group of religious people want to run a business they have a social obligation to do so according to the laws of the society they live in. If their religion accepts that, well and good, if it doesn’t then they need to stop trying to profit off of those in need and just open their own church. *I* have no obligation to allow religious people to dictate my private life to me. Nor does anyone else.

          • NealGraham

            We CHOOSE to work for a given company, and that company has a defined belief set. The owners of that company have a defined belief set. If we disagree with those belief sets, we should NOT work there. It is that simple.

            Trying to FORCE YOUR BELIEFS on the company, because you want to FORCE that company to provide abortion inducing contraceptives or other medical devices / drugs / et.al. – then you are clearly violating their constitutional rights. You have NO right to require that a given company provide anything that is in violation of their religious beliefs. They have a right to refuse to be involved in anything that violates their beliefs. If you disagree with their beliefs, then it is up to you to LEAVE. You have zero right to force your beliefs upon any other entity, and corporations are considered a “personage” in some respects in legal matters.

            The Hobby Lobby decision will not be reversed. Claiming it will be reversed is tantamount to ’tilting at windmills’.

          • Anonymous

            //We CHOOSE to work for a given company, and that company has a defined belief set. The owners of that company have a defined belief set. If we disagree with those belief sets, we should NOT work there. It is that simple.//

            Baloney. A business is not a religion. Be a business or be a religion but there’s no legal or Constitutional grounds to allow a business to discriminate against women for religious reasons.

            //Trying to FORCE YOUR BELIEFS on the company, because you want to FORCE that company to provide abortion inducing contraceptives or other medical devices / drugs /et.al. – then you are clearly violating their constitutional rights.//

            Businesses don’t have Constitutional rights. That’s because they aren’t people, they’re businesses.

            //The Hobby Lobby decision will not be reversed. Claiming it will be reversed is tantamount to ’tilting at windmills’.//

            Time will tell.

          • Anonymous

            //4 out of 20 methods of birth control mandated go directly against what they stand for.//

            Not according to medical professionals and scientists. 1 of those 4 methods might, occasionally, rarely, do what they claim to be against — not the other three. They just prevent ovulation or kill sperm. What’s more, if they actually are against abortion then why do they profit from it? And why do they do business with China which mandates abortions? Seems like pretty shaky “morals” to me when you dictate to your employees on one hand and rake in the cash from institutions that cause abortions.

            //Why is it so important to you to take the rights of the green family away?//

            What “right” is granted in our country for religious people to discriminate against women and interfere with their access to medical options AND dictate in what way they use their earnings for their labor? Where is that “right” written?

            //When did your emmployer providing birth control become an inalienable right?//

            Well, Hobby Lobby can always just opt into an insurance plan, like other big companies, and let the insurance pay it like the mandate says. Because that IS a right for women now — insurance pays for birth control. And THAT is what people who care about other people, and the poor, and personal responsibility rejoice over because THAT decreases abortions and poverty and increases the health and well-being of women and children. When did it become an inalienable “right” for religious employers to disenfranchise women? Why should they have such a “right”?

            //Why would you invite your boss into your bedroom by making him/her responsiblle for paying for your sexual escapades?//

            Ahhh, and THERE we have it. I knew it would boil down to this. So, your REAL issue isn’t “personal responsibility” or “morals” or “freedom” — it’s punishing women who choose to have sex but don’t want to conceive a child. Typical.

            //Why is there no sense of personal responsibility in any of this “the government must care for all” rhetoric?//

            Since you advocate employers being allowed to remove responsible options from their employees, you just lost all credibility as someone who values responsibility. Be honest — you don’t actually care about “personal responsibility” since the women who choose those forms of birth control (particularly the IUD) are being VERY responsible — you just advocate turning employees into the slaves of their employers. It isn’t enough to work for your employer, do a good job, and earn them profits — no, YOU feel that they must also live their lives according to their employers hypocritical “morals” — the ones that say that they can’t PAY you in a way that allows you to be responsible but they can make money off of the very thing they claim to hate. Sure.

          • Julia Book

            “Not according to medical professionals and scientists. 1 of those 4 methods might, occasionally, rarely, do what they claim to be against — not the other three.” That is actually not true – please fact check yourself.

            “What’s more, if they actually are against abortion then why do they profit from it?” How is it that you think they profit from abortion?

            “And why do they do business with China which mandates abortions?” Hobby Lobby’s contention is that by purchasing insurances that provide free abortificients they are materially cooperating in the use of those abortificients by their employees. Their employees can still pay for an abortion on the ABOVE minimum wage they pay – which is their option – but the company will not directly and with foreknowledge specifically fund this activity. The same argument is valid when applied to China – they can purchase goods but would not purchase from a company that said “Oh hey we are using our funds from this sale to go pay for abortions”

            “Seems like pretty shaky “morals” to me when you dictate to your employees on one hand and rake in the cash from institutions that cause abortions.” No – they have drawn a very clear box around their morals and where and how these support their doctrine.

            “What “right” is granted in our country for religious people to discriminate against women and interfere with their access to medical options AND dictate in what way they use their earnings for their labor? Where is that “right” written?”

            First, its not discrimination – the supreme court just ruled on that. Second – “dictate in what way they use their earnings for their labor” What convoluted logic are you using to build this argument??? No one is dictating how they spend their earnings?? Unless you are somehow saying that if they have to pay for their birth control for their own sexual activities, which are entirely their business then they may not have as much money to spend on other things???? Wow – I have a car payment which is a HUGE burden – I need it to earn money and provide for my children – will you pay for that for me???

            “Well, Hobby Lobby can always just opt into an insurance plan, like other big companies, and let the insurance pay it like the mandate says.”

            or they can take a stand and say they don’t agree with some fundamental piece of this legislation and they want their religious liberty respected.

            “Because that IS a right for women now — insurance pays for birth control.” Actually – the RIGHT for religious freedom still exists – the supreme court just agreed to that whether you agree or not – your argument is flawed. Just as the supreme court allowed abortions via roe v. wade, despite religious objection – because I do not have to have one doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to choose to have one. Do you see this is a 2 way street?

            “And THAT is what people who care about other people, and the poor, and personal responsibility rejoice over”

            They rejoice that people exercise the personal responsibility to make others pay for their lives – much like slaves to their masters? — huh — basic logic says no.

            “because THAT decreases abortions and poverty and increases the health and well-being of women and children.”

            Birth control has been around a long time and yet the number of abortions per year, the level of poverty and the health of women and children have increased year over year. I think your conclusions here are again flawed.

            “When did it become an inalienable “right” for religious employers to disenfranchise women?”

            An employer deprives women of their rights? No. They haven’t – those women still have that right – its just on their own dime – not their employers. When did you get the right to disenfranchise those who have religion?

            “Ahhh, and THERE we have it. I knew it would boil down to this. So, your REAL issue isn’t “personal responsibility” or “morals” or “freedom” — it’s punishing women who choose to have sex but don’t want to conceive a child. Typical.”

            What? Where do you get that out of my statement about people having sex? I’m sorry – you have misunderstood my statement. I don’t care who what when where or how you have sex. I don’t want to hear about it – see it or have any part in it. It isn’t my business. Just like my sex life isn’t yours. To be discussed looked at or punished or anything else. Its my business. I don’t want my boss in it and you shouldn’t either. The only person responsible for you is YOU. Anyone else is either a parent or an owner and I AM NOT OWNED. I pay my way and I strongly advocate you do too, because one day your owners are going to look at you to do something for them that you may not agree with, but at that point they will have bought and paid for you fair and square and you will have signed away your “right” to say no for todays give aways that are not really free.

            “Since you advocate employers being allowed to remove responsible options from their employees, you just lost all credibility as someone who values responsibility.”
            Lol – okay so you say that if your boss doesn’t pay for your responsible options you can’t be responsible. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of what responsibility means here.
            “Be honest — you don’t actually care about “personal responsibility” – Yes I do and your “abuse of my feelings by your negation of my statement… lol – to paraphrase your earlier statement to someone else… No seriously – I do and your statement is wrong.
            “Since the women who choose those forms of birth control (particularly the IUD) are being VERY responsible”
            I agree – they are – I just don’t think anyone should be FORCED to pay for it if it violates their religious convictions. The supreme court, and I both believe the trumping of a constitutionally guaranteed right to religious freedom is not overcome by the “right” of a woman to have birth control paid for by someone else.
            — you just advocate turning employees into the slaves of their employers. It isn’t enough to work for your employer, do a good job, and earn them profits — no, YOU feel that they must also live their lives according to their employers hypocritical “morals” —
            NO actually I am ADAMANTLY against this – but the thing you fail to understand is that when you bring someone into every intimate corner of your life you open the ability of that employer to pry into all those intimate spots. They have the RIGHT to know when where and how their money is being spent.. Are you ready to share those details? Its coming…
            “the ones that say that they can’t PAY you in a way that allows you to be responsible but they can make money off of the very thing they claim to hate.”
            Wrong again – Hobby Lobby pays well over minimum wage.

          • Anonymous

            //That is actually not true – please fact check yourself.//

            “According to the Food and Drug Administration, all four of the contraceptive methods Hobby Lobby objects to—Plan B, Ella, and two intrauterine devices—do not prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterus, which the owners of Hobby Lobby consider abortion. Instead, these methods prevent fertilization.

            “Yet this scientific determination did not guide the five justices. In his opinion, Alito contends that these four contraception methods “may have the effect of preventing an already fertilized egg from developing any further by inhibiting its attachment to the uterus.” He does not cite any science to back this up. Instead, in a footnote, Alito concedes that Hobby Lobby’s religious-based assertions are contradicted by science-based federal regulations: “The owners of the companies involved in these cases and others who believe that life begins at conception regard these four methods as causing abortions, but federal regulations, which define pregnancy as beginning at implantation, do not so classify them.” Still, he and the other conservative justices are saying that in a conflict between a religious view and scientific research, religion wins.”


            Perhaps you have some evidence the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t?

            //The same argument is valid when applied to China – they can purchase goods but would not purchase from a company that said “Oh hey we are using our funds from this sale to go pay for abortions”//

            Sophistry. They are supporting a regime that mandates abortions for women who don’t even want them. If they care about abortion then they don’t support regimes that force them on others. But they don’t care about abortion — they care about restricting the rights of women.

            //I pay my way and I strongly advocate you do too, because one day your owners are going to look at you to do something for them that you may not agree with, but at that point they will have bought and paid for you fair and square and you will have signed away your “right” to say no for todays give aways that are not really free.//

            Wow — and I feel the same way about people like you claiming I have to have the same “ethics” as my employers and that they can dictate HOW I use the recompense I EARNED. Is the sky blue in your world?

            //I agree – they are – I just don’t think anyone should be FORCED to pay for it if it violates their religious convictions.//

            Which religion is it that dictates birth control again? I’ve looked in the Bible and I have yet to see where God said “Thou shalt not use and IUD.” Then again, the God of the Bible wasn’t even humane enough to say “Thou shalt not own another person” so perhaps that’s the wrong place to look for morals or ethics.

            //NO actually I am ADAMANTLY against this – but the thing you fail to understand is that when you bring someone into every intimate corner of your life you open the ability of that employer to pry into all those intimate spots.//

            Hobby Lobby barged into those intimate spots. For years they paid for those forms of contraception because they are standard and THEN all of sudden, they discovered that it was against those religious beliefs that they hold SO dear that they invest in companies that make abortion drugs. So it’s okay for them to PROFIT from abortion but they can’t “morally” allow their healthcare coverage to allow a woman to prevent conception (and an abortion).

            Everything you claim to value you have argued against — and the only reason I can think of for that is that in religion reality often turns upside down.

          • Anonymous

            I notice that in your entire rant you ignore the reality that for some women the IUD is the only safe and effective form of birth control. You ignore that women having full access to contraceptive options allows them to make responsible choices and helps them and their children. You ignore the reality that other religious institutions are now attempting to springboard this ruling to restrict women’s RESPONSIBLE options even more — and still others are attempting to use the ruling as justification for refusing to hire or serve those that they feel offend their “morals”.

            I’m not surprised. It’s obvious that you don’t care about women, children, OR the poor. You give me the impression that you think anyone who is poor deserves it. Well, go right on with your misogyny my dear — I hope that you never have to experience the reality of what I’m talking about first hand. It’s a sad thing to watch women turn on their own gender. It’s one of my major complaint with religion — so many religions turn otherwise decent human beings into monsters who care about no one.

          • Julia Book

            “I notice that in your entire rant you ignore the reality that for some women the IUD is the only safe and effective form of birth control.” That is irrelevant – No employer should be forced to pay for insurance for an employee – until our overreaching government decided to enact this mess of Obamacare Insurance was a benefit not an entitlement. Insurance as a benefit encourages good employees to work for this company versus the competition.

            “You ignore that women having full access to contraceptive options allows them to make responsible choices and helps them and their children.” I don’t ignore that and I agree that women should make responsible choices to help themselves and their children. I don’t think your boss is your parent or your “Master” that he should bear responsibility for your healthcare choices. I employ freedom of choice and work for companies which provide healthcare coverage which meets my families needs. If I have needs which exceed those I save, work a second job and do whatever it takes to provide it. No one in this world signed up to take care of me except my parents – and after the age of 18 that become my job – a concept you are clearly unfamiliar with. Pity.

            “You ignore the reality that other religious institutions are now attempting to springboard this ruling to restrict women’s RESPONSIBLE options even more — and still others are attempting to use the ruling as justification for refusing to hire or serve those that they feel offend their “morals”.

            Again – irrelevant. If you can’t afford birth control don’t have sex, or have your partner share the cost – or whatever you want to do – but please don’t ask me or my boss to pay for it. I am neither your parent nor your “owner” so it is not my responsibility to take care of you. It is yours. Why do you feel entitled to someone else paying for you?

            “I’m not surprised. It’s obvious that you don’t care about women, children, OR the poor.” Not true. I care very much. I am a woman – I was a single mother at age 19 and I did not then – nor do I now – believe it was anyone elses responsibility to care for me or my children. I did not have parents – or anyone else – to support me. I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to support myself. I busted my tail. I did without. I bore the “Huge burden” of paying for my own birth control and every other need I, or my child had. It was hard and we did without a lot. I did not feel like it was anyone elses responsibility. Why do you?

            “You give me the impression that you think anyone who is poor deserves it. Well, go right on with your misogyny my dear”

            Misogyny – the hatred or dislike of girls or women – Being a woman has nothing to do with being poor “dear” – in fact – your expressed belief that it does says just how oppressed you have become by your own flawed belief system.

            “I hope that you never have to experience the reality of what I’m talking about first hand.” I have been there and clawed my way out of it without relying on anyone else to clean up after me. It sounds like you are really suffering. My advice is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps – work your ass off and make something of yourself without relying on anyone else- once you do you will be surprised at how empowered you feel.

            “It’s a sad thing to watch women turn on their own gender.”
            Worse is to watch your gender subjugate themselves to others in the name of cheap party favors like birth control. You are worth more than that. Don’t give up your life or our vote to be controlled by your masters who pay for your life and everything in it.
            “It’s one of my major complaint with religion — so many religions turn otherwise decent human beings into monsters who care about no one.” Generally speaking that isn’t true of modern religion, but in the end it is other peoples beliefs which are the real issue – much as I have no right to stomp on yours or your lack thereof – you have no right to step on others – even if you disagree.

          • Anonymous

            //No employer should be forced to pay for insurance for an employee //

            Why don’t we just return to the good old days of serfdom and get it over with? Eh?

            //No one in this world signed up to take care of me except my parents – and after the age of 18 that become my job – a concept you are clearly unfamiliar with. Pity.//

            Baloney. Society cares for each other. You benefit from infrastructure, education, government oversight of food, medicine and working conditions and more because you are part of a society that values and provides those options. Your selfish “I take care of myself” is absolutely dishonest.

            //If you can’t afford birth control don’t have sex//

            What a silly little person you are. Because that’s how the world works, right? What you call “personal responsibility” sure looks like utter selfishness and self righteous dishonesty from where I sit. If you TRULY think you are self sufficient then perhaps you should be finding a deserted island to live on and show us all how it’s done. Because what you’re REALLY saying is that YOU are happy with your life and have no interest in repaying your part of the social debt to those less fortunate. As I pointed out, you have a definite attitude that poor people are poor because they deserve it. I’m done with you. You don’t care about anyone but yourself.

          • Trent

            Women still have full access to all medication. It is their right to get it if they want it. It is not a right to force a company to pay for it. A woman can buy insurance that will cover those things. Just shop around.

          • Anonymous

            Trent, are you aware that until the ACA women paid a quarter to half again what men did for insurance? And they did so for no other reason than they have a uterus? And when the employer offers insurance a woman doesn’t have the same options in affordable insurance plans. So what this boiled down to was an employer forcing their religious beliefs (and misogyny) on their female employees. But that’s okay, because now women can just go to the insurance company directly for their birth control needs. So employers are, once again, out of the loop. You’ll have to come up with some other way to vent your hatred of women having freedom to engage in sex.

          • Anonymous

            If they cannot take birth control, how about they close their legs???? Use a condom??? Duh!

          • Anonymous

            Wow, so many things wrong with that misogynistic comment. First of all, not all sex is consensual. There are scores of websites online devoted to men telling each other how to rape women. Secondly, many men refuse to use condoms — and those are most likely to be the men who don’t take “no” for an answer. Thirdly, sex is a natural urge for all humans, not just men. Finally, it’s not your job to dictate limitations to women just because they are women. You’re welcome to decide not to have sex yourself or to use a condom — your body, your decision.

          • NealGraham

            @Rianya – you are repeatedly injecting your PERSONAL BELIEFS into the discussion as if they were “fact”. NO one’s personal beliefs are facts just because they say so.

            The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision does NOT prevent women from accessing any/all forms of birth control. If a woman does not want the choices available through Hobby Lobby, they simply change employers to an employer

            Whether someone believes in GOD or not, does not determine whether they believe abortion is murder. They are not mutually exclusive ideas.

            Misogyny aka “war on women” is a myth perpetrated by the left. Women have countless privileges / rights / access to virtually unlimited healthcare (even before Obama(S)care was signed into law) / etc. Claiming that there is misogyny in the world, does not magically make it so. Do women have the exact same privileges as men, no. But they are very close to the same. Then again, men don’t go around demanding the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and to do whatever they want to unborn children in their wombs – to the detriment of well over 50 MILLION Babies KILLED via Abortion as women do.

          • Anonymous

            //If a woman does not want the choices available through Hobby Lobby, they simply change employers to an employer//

            That “simple” is it? Tons of unemployed people in America would consider your argument most disingenuous.

            //Whether someone believes in GOD or not, does not determine whether they believe abortion is murder. They are not mutually exclusive ideas.//

            Generally speaking those who consider abortion “murder” do so for religious reasons since neither science nor law back up the stance. What’s more, religion didn’t consider abortion “murder” until recently. In the 50’s there were church going individuals allowing their children with Downs Syndrome to die on their church going Doctor’s advice because they weren’t going to live anyway. A post-birth abortion, as it were — by those who supposedly have issues now with abortion.

            //Claiming that there is misogyny in the world, does not magically make it so. Do women have the exact same privileges as men, no.//

            How very amusing that your second sentence totally validates that there is misogyny in the world.

            //Women have countless privileges / rights / access to virtually unlimited healthcare (even before Obama(S)care was signed into law) / etc. //

            Do you realize that before ACA that women often paid half-again as much as men for their health care JUST because they have a uterus? Do you have any CLUE what you’re driveling on about?

            //Then again, men don’t go around demanding the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and to do whatever they want to unborn children in their wombs – to the detriment of well over 50 MILLION Babies KILLED via Abortion as women do.//

            No, they just go around demanding the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and to do whatever they want to women to the detriment of well over 275,000 women killed each year in childbirth and pregnancy worldwide and even more being left with permanent health impairments.

          • The American Patriot

            Rianya – You are making every typical argument that the Leftists try to make about God and this country. They and You use a document “The Treaty of Tripoli” to try to prove God had no place in the founding of this country. Once again, you folks understand nothing about the whole picture. First, The Treaty of Tripoli is NOT a founding document so it has NO bearing on what our nation was intended to be. Second, what it WAS was a TREATY. Treatys are documents designed for two purposes, to end hostilities between two countries and to gain the upper hand in trade negotiations. Nothing more. Politicians will say or do most anything to accomplish either or both of these agendas. To determine the truth of the founding of this country you must rely on the documents that established it as those are the guiding principles they meant to set forth. Third, let me make clear, WORDS MEAN THINGS. I hear this argument all the time between Christians and Non-Christians, or Non-Believers. The WORDING is so very important. Many Christians make the mistake of claiming this is a Christian country. That statement is not totally accurate in it’s attempt to describe how this country was founded. The TRUTH is this: (Please read carefully) The United States of America and all of its original rights and laws were BASED on Christian Principles, Values, and Morals. The founding documents themselves refer to GOD and his importance to the founding and future of this country. Our Forefathers were brilliant men. They were running from FORCED religion that was being foisted upon them by a Tyrant King. The King was attempting to make it so that EVERYONE would have to join the Church of England, in an effort to control the hearts and minds of Englands people. Our Forefathers did not want to be guilty of that same thing, so brilliantly they used the Best reference material available to guide them in setting forth laws, etc. but were careful to make sure not to disallow those who dd not believe as they did from their own types of faith or lack thereof.

            The very RIGHTS you THINK you have to contraception, gay marriage, and many more issues too lengthy to number here are all in your head. You and other believe that because you WANT something to be so, YOU have a RIGHT to them. This simply is not true. Our founding documents laid out rights and where they came from. IF you actually take the time to study them, you will see for yourself that our RIGHTS came from GOD. Not from the government. As far as your thoughts on Thomas Jefferson, he has been hijacked by the Lefties for mostly ONE phrase he wrote to a Baptist Church in response to their support of him. In that letter he wrote of the wall of separation between Church and State. In that letter to the Danbury Baptists he was clearly talking about the WALL of PROTECTION afforded to the religious and their religions against INTRUSION by the government into their affairs. What he was refering to was the First Amendment to the Constitution which reads as follows:
            Amendment I –

            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            The Socialists in this country who wish to CHANGE the meaning of the Constitution try to say that those words mean that Religion has no place in government. Read those words carefully. NO matter how you read it, it DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING of the sort. When it says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion,” It is referring to the Limits they are placing on GOVERNMENT, not on the people. ( there are no limits placed on peoples exercise of their religion or religious beliefs – NOT EVEN WHEN THEY OWN A COMPANY LIKE HOBBY LOBBY) . The next line reads: “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. I am pretty sure that line explains itself. YOU, NOR THE SOCIALISTS, NOR THE SUPREME COURT, can change it’s meaning. The Owners of Hobby Lobby have a RIGHT under the Constitution to FREELY EXERCISE THEIR RELIGION AND THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, and according to the Constitution there is NOTHING YOU or anyone else can do to interfere with that. Hobby Lobby has ALWAYS provided Insurance for their employees because according to their own religions beliefs, they believe it is the Right and Correct thing to do. No one had to FORCE them to provide coverage, they always have. Hobby Lobby also pays TWICE the minimum wage to all their employees, again because of their religious beliefs. Hobby Lobby NEVER wanted to refuse or disallow contraception to their employees. Out of the 20 or so current contraceptives on the market, they only wanted and exemption on the ones that , according to their religious beliefs allowed or manifested abortions. 4 out of 20 or so. You cant make an intelligent argument that Hobby Lobby is trying to KEEP WOMEN DOWN or Violate their RIGHTS, when those same women are paid TWICE what they would be paid at any other retail job similar to the job they do at Hobby Lobby.Those women would MOST LIKELY NOT get insurance at another retail establishment as most retail establishments do not allow those women to work a full 40 hr schedule, keeping them from qualifying for insurance coverage in the first place. Hobby Lobby has always allowed their employees to work a full 40 hr week so that they will make a better living and so they qualify under the law to be covered by insurance. This whole attack on Hobby Lobby is ridiculous. Hobby Lobby take better care of it’s employees than most other companies in the country. The OWNERS of Hobby Lobby DO NOT GIVE UP THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS JUST BECAUSE THEY OWN AND OPERATE A COMPANY. IF you believe differently please do what I did here and back up your argument with FACTS instead of opinions, and show me where your supposed Rights come from and the documentation to back it up. As is ALWAYS the case when Liberals such as yourself try to make an argument about how downtrodden you all are you believe you are entitled to something but cannot explain where that entitlement comes from. OBAMACARE is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The ruling by the Supreme Court was totally incorrect on this matter. Courts and the people who run them have their own agendas they introduce into law at every opportunity they get. The Supreme Court is NOT the final judge of anything. Their only purpose, according to the Constitution is to INTERPRET law. They did NOT INTERPRET the Obamacare Law, THEY CHANGED IT. Obama himself, and every Democrat who supported it and voted for it ranted on and on that it WAS NOT a TAX. They INSISTED it WAS NOT a TAX. In their ruling, the Supreme Court admitted that the only way the law could stand as it was written, is if it WAS a TAX. Therefore, they ruled that Obamacare WAS a TAX even though the authors of the law themselves insisted it was not. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to TAXPAYER FUNDED HEALTHCARE. Those of you who are Liberal minded want the government to PROVIDE you with the things you want but dont want to be RESPONSIBLE for paying for. I have a news flash for you…..the GOVERNMENT doesnt give you anything. THEY do NOT have the means to do so. They do not have the RIGHT to do so. The TRUTH is that your So called FREE Healthcare is NOT FREE. The GOVERNMENT DOESNT PAY FOR IT. THE GOVERNMENT CONFISCATES MONEY FROM THE TAXPAYERS OF THIS COUNTRY TO REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DID NOT EARN IT, IN TRADE FOR YOUR VOTE. That makes YOU and others like you SLAVES to a Government who pretends to be your friend. There is an old saying that no one knows the original origin of that says: ” A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take everything you have.” BE Self Sufficient! Take care of yourselves. If you or your friends want to use an IUD because you feel that it is the safest form of contraception, then USE IT. Hobby Lobby never argued that you should not have access to it or that it or other forms of contraception should be banned. They simply argued that because of THEIR God given RIGHTS to FREEDOM to exercise their Religion as they see fit, they simply did not want to PAY for it for you. You can still spend a few dollars a month and get it all by your self. Hobby Lobby is not trying to push their religious beliefs on anyone. They do not hire ONLY Christians. They employ everyone. The do not beat their employees up if they do not belief as they themselves believe. YOU and your friends who believe as YOU do are the ones that HATE and DEFILE others who do not believe as you do.
            I am sure you are a very nice person and mean well. Its not all your fault that you are so terribly misinformed. You have most likely been taught by Liberal teachers in your Government sponsored Public School, very probably are not a God fearing or believing person so you don’t have that experience to guide you, and you get the very little news you ever hear from people in the Liberal media. I would bet you are probably even a member of Oprahs Book Club. Minds are like computers. If you fill a mind with Liberal Socialist Propaganda, you will forever be enslaved by those who despise Liberty and Freedom. If however you fill you mind with Gods word, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, you will eventually come to understand what FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE truly means and what it truly costs. The biggest difference between Liberal Socialists, Progressives, and True Conservatives is simple. The Liberal Socialsts and Progressives want you to believe in their Declaration of Dependency and the True Conservative wants you to believe in the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE. Ultimately…..the choice is yours. Slavery of Freedom. Remember though, WE all have a choice also. And the day is quickly coming when WE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FORCED TO PROVIDE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE TOO SPOILED TO PROVIDE FOR YOURSELVES, WILL SOON REFUSED TO BE ENSLAVED BY YOU.

          • Anonymous

            //They and You use a document “The Treaty of Tripoli” to try to prove God had no place in the founding of this country. //

            Your deity has no place in the governing of this country. It is a country that is founded on the principle of religious freedom and allowing your deity a say in our governance would violate those who have different deities or no deity at all.

            //The United States of America and all of its original rights and laws were BASED on Christian Principles, Values, and Morals.//

            No it isn’t. It’s based on the Magna Carta and a few other philosophical sources.

            //The Socialists in this country who wish to CHANGE the meaning of the Constitution try to say that those words mean that Religion has no place in government.//

            YOUR religion cannot have a place in our government because the moment it does it becomes our government supporting a specific religion which then violates the RIGHTS of all who don’t believe in your religion. It’s not rocket science.

          • Chas Jones

            Good government cannot exist if the people holding office lack Morality, Integrity, Virtue, and Honesty and Character. Those simply do not exist in folks who reject their source, which is the God who reveals Himself in His Holy Word, the Christian Bible.

            We are allowed, in fact we have a duty to elect people of High Morals and Character. Check out David Barton’s site and the numerous original source documents here:


            Our nation was never a secular nation. It was built on Biblical Precepts and concepts. Only those denying and opposing God seek to remove Him and His Precepts from our people.

          • Anonymous

            People who use their imaginary friend to get in between a woman and her physical autonomy lack Morality, Integrity, Virtue Honesty and Character. Sadly, too many people with imaginary friends think that they have imaginary virtues that give them special rights over females, the poor, and so on. And that’s not virtue, my misguided fellow human, it’s arrogance and delusion. Enjoy your delusion. May it bring you great joy as your life goes on. Just don’t bother pretending to me that you are a decent human being in any way. The Jesus of the Bible would be appalled by your selfishness and your love of money and your contempt of the poor and vulnerable.

          • John Williams

            The USA in not based on the Magna carta and other philosophical sources, it is based and built on and about the constitution. The Magna cart a was signed in 1215 in England. Read a little bit please.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, John, John, John…

            The Constitution was framed with elements from the Magna Carta, common law, The Articles of Confederation, the Flushing Remonstrance of 1657, The Spirit of the Laws by Montesquieu, John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and Edward Coke’s Institutes of the Laws of England.

            Read a little bit please.

          • Anonymous

            //The Owners of Hobby Lobby have a RIGHT under the Constitution to FREELY EXERCISE THEIR RELIGION AND THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, and according to the Constitution there is NOTHING YOU or anyone else can do to interfere with that.//

            1) What about their employee’s religious rights? Hobby Lobby could very well be infringing on those. How do you know they don’t employ a woman who is part of a religion that requires her to space her children out by three years? Since when does an EMPLOYER get to limit an employee’s rights to practice their own religion on their own time? (And to use the compensation they earn with their labor in the way they see fit?)
            2) IF they actually had these “religious beliefs” they wouldn’t do business with China nor would they invest in companies that actually manufacture REAL abortion drugs. Clearly they are willing to make money off of abortions — in fact, perhaps their sudden religious need to deny contraception to their employees is along the lines of creating more of a market for the drugs they’ve invested in. That would make sense to me.

            //No one had to FORCE them to provide coverage, they always have. Hobby Lobby also pays TWICE the minimum wage to all their employees, again because of their religious beliefs.//

            No they don’t. I researched it. They pay a few dollars over minimum wage but they don’t pay twice the minimum wage — even though they apparently claimed they were going to start doing so. And regardless of that — the reality is that they offer health insurance as part of their compensation for labor yet they try to limit the employee’s use of that compensation. If you ACTUALLY value freedom of choice and individual freedom then you would be outraged by an employer’s interference with their employee’s personal life — but “freedom” isn’t what really motivates you, is it? You just want to cram your religion down the throats of those who don’t believe like you do. And that will backfire on you because the so-called “Christian” religion isn’t the only one in America and by opening the door to religious exemptions the men on the Supreme Court have opened the door to Sharia Law and Jewish restrictions and ALL THE OTHER RELIGIONS out there. Can’t wait to see what happens — it’ll be hysterical watching the Christian bigots screaming the first time their Jewish employer insists that their insurance won’t cover medications made with pork derivatives (and there are more of those than you might think).

          • NealGraham

            Hobby Lobby is NOT infringing upon anyone’s 1st amendment rights! You and anyone else has the RIGHT and privilege to QUIT employment with Hobby Lobby, and to go to a company that provides all forms of contraceptives/abortion that you desire. That is your right. You do NOT however have the RIGHT to FORCE a company to provide you with any/all contraceptives just because you want them. You are trying to force your ‘rights’ upon others, which is unconstitutional. Hobby Lobby is NOT trying to *force* their religious beliefs on anyone.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t worry about it, Neal — Obama fixed it. Insurers grant contraceptives directly to women without going through companies at all. Have a lovely day now.

          • PeterMoss

            Hobby Lobby will suffer business loss for being religious bullies and they deserve what’s coming their way.

          • Anonymous

            If you want to kill a baby, why should your employer or the government pay for it? You get a check. Pay for it YOURSELF! Novel idea, huh?

          • Anonymous

            1) The objected to forms of birth control either prevented ovulation or killed sperm — no “baby” or even zygotes were harmed.

            2) If you want to get an erection why should your employer or the government (or the taxpayers or those who pay premiums to your insurance plan) pay for it? You get a check. Pay for it YOURSELF!

            Novel idea, huh?

          • PeterMoss

            “Kill a baby” You simple folks can make dishonest statements like that but they still don’t change anything, especially the law.

          • Anonymous


            The Supreme Court said otherwise — and if you want me to respect their ruling in the Hobby Lobby case (which obviously I have no choice but to do so — at least until we get some new justices) then you’re kind of stuck with that ruling, aren’t you?

            Really, I can’t wade through any more of your hysterical ranting so I’ll just leave it at that. Time for you religious people to stop looking for one set of rules for yourself and another for everyone else — it won’t work here in America.

          • Chas Jones

            Both the Obamacare and Hobby Lobby decisions come from the same court. That alone does not make either one constitutional. Sadly, I doubt you study or comprehend our constitution. I read both decisions. The Hobby Lobby majority specifically cite their legal justification. Chief Justice Roberts writing for the majority in the Obamacare case specifically avoids any legal justification.

            You may not care about those differences. But any lover of Liberty, Justice, and the Rule of valid Law, must.

            If you ever have anything of substance to say I will happily join the dialogue. Until then, may God grab a hold of you.

          • Anonymous

            Well, you can’t look for “something of substance” and then invoke your imaginary friend — that’s just contradictory.

            And actually, the “legal justification” they offered was just silly and then they turned around in less than two days and offered a ruling to allow further restriction of women’s reproductive choices offering the OPPOSITE justification.

            But that’s okay because Obama fixed it. Employers are out of their female employees doctor’s office. It’s between the woman and the insurer and her doctor — as it should be. So just enjoy your Pyrrhic victory.

          • Anonymous

            Arguing with a Liberal is like talking to a blank wall. Their brain must be wired differently, because they just repeat what comes down the Obama/Liberal pipe-line. They never think for themselves, nor do research on anything.

          • Anonymous

            This was the best post I have read in a very long time. Thank you. It was very well written that even a Liberal can understand what you were trying to convey. Let’s just hope that some of your words will force them to think instead of just repeating the never ending propaganda from the leftist media.

          • PeterMoss

            Our rights don’t come from some unproven mythical supernatural entity primitive men imagined. As far as slavery goes, you are a slave to the religious narrative that was hammered into your head since you were a young child.

          • Its me, Bruce

            No one is forced to work for Hobby Lobby.

          • Anonymous

            True — they can always starve to death, them and their children.

            Personally, I hope the women employed by them find better jobs and leave en masse. I know my religious beliefs prevent me from ever supporting Hobby Lobby with my hard earned money and I hope other women and men who care about women feel the same way. Then the Green family can reap the just deserts of religious bigotry and bullying.

          • NealGraham

            The US Supreme Court’s decision on the Hobby Lobby case was simple: The business is owned by US Citizens and they are entitled to 1st amendment rights to practice their religion as they see fit. They are NOT forced to provide abortion related products that are against their religious beliefs. NO Person is FORCED to work for, nor continue to work for Hobby Lobby NOR for any other business. You have FREE AGENCY to choose where you work. And the owners of Hobby Lobby, et. al., have the right to exclude any/all medical procedures/drugs/etc that violate their religious beliefs.

            You are able to terminate your employment with Hobby Lobby, and find employment at a company that includes those things Hobby Lobby chooses not to include for religious reasons. Hobby Lobby is doing NOTHING to harm you or any other ‘woman’. Neither did the US Supreme Court harm you or any other woman by coming to the decision it came to.

          • Chas Jones

            Sadly, our supreme court did not go as far as you claim. They instead by a razor thin 5-4 decision merely upheld the Restoration of Religious Freedom act. They never really mention our 1st amendment God-Given Rights. I wish they had.

          • Anonymous

            The Restoration of Religious Freedom applies to religious non-profits — Hobby Lobby is not covered by that act.

          • SubSailorPatriot

            Why is everyone responding to this troll called Rianya? It continues to use circular logic with the sole purpose of getting a rise out of all of you. It can’t tell any difference between the concepts of “access” and “someone else paying for it.” Let it rant, but don’t give it the satisfaction of keeping you on the hook.

          • Anonymous

            “It” is a she but it was good of you not to assume.

          • PeterMoss

            SubSailorPat, Rianya is not a troll at all. Your comment puts you in that category however. Rianya has made more honest, truthful, fair-minded comments here than I’ve ever seen and she’s made them with eloquence and dignity. Everyone in this forum owes her some gratitude for the time she has spent sharing her thoughts and ideas. Thanks Rianya. May I suggest you look into getting an internet radio show? You are a breath of reason and fresh air.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you kindly but I think Rachel Maddow already has that niche cornered — and she does it better than I could ever hope to. :)

          • Anonymous

            That’s a nice little rationalization for misogyny you’ve got there but thanks to Obama you are absolutely correct that the decision did not harm women. Now they can just go to an insurance company directly and the employer is out of the loop. But I do hope for their own sakes that the women working for Hobby Lobby find better positions with less hypocritical and misogynistic companies. And I still won’t be shopping Hobby Lobby. I’m sure there imaginary friend can find them other patrons.

          • John Williams

            It is also said woman’s right to choose where she works.

          • Trent

            You’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid haven’t you? The government are the ones hurting Americans. Remember when there were no “benefits”. Then a company decided to offer benefits to entice people to come work for them. So others started to offer benefits to compete. These are not “rights”. They are benefits. The government is now forcing all companies to offer benefits. This is not a free America. It is a communist country where others are forced to do things by the government.

            Corporations earned their money. Sure they offered a product at a higher cost to the citizens. Sure they gave themselves bonuses. Sure they didn’t pay the employees excellent salaries, but they never forced their employees on government assistance. The government forced their assistance on them. If another corporation offered a higher salary, then employees would leave for that corporation. This would force the first corporation to raise it’s salary or go out of business. It’s called the free market, which can and will take care of itself if the government stays out of the way.

            Maybe Cheney is getting richer because he invested in a business. Obama, is getting richer by taking more of my money because unlike him, I actually work for a living and pay my own bills.

            I believe that we all should pay for our own health care, our own food, our own housing, our own contraception, etc. Not because I’m a conservative, but because I’m an adult.

            As most conservatives believe, It’s time for Americans to grow up and become responsible. That, and that alone, is the difference between a conservative and a liberal. One wants freedom (conservatives) while the other wants someone else to take care of them (liberals).

            Do some research, do some fact checking (liberal media, such as MSN, doesn’t count). There are many sources of information not just news channels. Do some research! Let go of all the hate! Search for answers and you will find them. If you continue to search for hate, you will find that also. Your choice.

          • Anonymous

            //These are not “rights”. They are benefits.//

            The same could be said for pay. In fact “benefits” are part of your pay. If employers don’t want to pay their employees they should just be honest and say so — like Walmart has.

          • Anonymous

            I have left a few jobs because I didn’t agree with the owner’s stance or the company culture on important issues in my life. I have also had to work multiple jobs in order to make a “living wage” to care for my family. I am currently a contractor with no health insurance because I have determined that is best for me and my family. We get to weigh every health care situation and determine what is best and most cost-effective for us. Is it tough sometimes? Yes. But as an American, I have the right to determine who I work for and what I spend my money on. The Green family, being Americans, also have those rights, as does every Hobby Lobby employee.

            Every choice we make in life has consequences – positive, negative, or neutral. We cannot escape those consequences, whether we call those choices “rights” or not. As I mentioned above, there were consequences to my decisions to leave certain companies or becoming a contractor. I took a pay cut in one move; I don’t have health insurance but make a much higher wage, in another. Unfortunately, modern society has altered the word “right” to mean consequence-free choices. Employees of Hobby Lobby can still choose whether to work for Hobby Lobby. They can also choose to use IUDs or Plan B as birth control. No one is infringing on those rights. If they value using a form of birth control at a low cost more than working for Hobby Lobby, they have the right to find another job. If they value their job at Hobby Lobby more than reduced cost birth control, they can choose to stay at Hobby Lobby. No matter their choice, there are consequences to live with.

            By the way, as long as we are speaking about women’s “reproductive rights”, why is there no great push for employers to cover fertility services to promote pregnancy and birth just as there is to cover services to prevent pregnancy and birth? My very good friends had to undergo multiple tests and procedures, costing tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket, to have their only child. Other friends of mine went through all of that, with all those costs, to have adoption ultimately being their only option to have children, which is very expensive of itself. I don’t hear people demanding companies cover those costs in the name of “reproductive rights”.

          • Anonymous

            //By the way, as long as we are speaking about women’s “reproductive rights”, why is there no great push for employers to cover fertility services to promote pregnancy and birth just as there is to cover services to prevent pregnancy and birth?//

            I’m not an insurance expert but I think that fertility service are covered on most plans. At least some of it.

          • Chas Jones

            There is an explicit Right of freedom of religion and free exercise of religion in our constitution. There is NO right to abortion in our constitution. Moreover, the Affordable Care Act violates our constitution in several ways. Regardless, no act of congress may trump our constitution.

            Be honest, you support what you like or want, you do not support our constitutions nor our Creator-Endowed unalienable Rights.

          • Anonymous

            //Be honest, you support what you like or want,//

            As do you, obviously.

            //you do not support our constitutions nor our Creator-Endowed unalienable Rights.//

            You’ll have to prove this “creator” to me before I can support that it gave any “rights” to you.

          • Chas Jones

            So you reject our Declaration of Independence, unanimously embraced by all our “Founding Fathers” and every State. You also reject the constitution drafted and adopted in furtherance of our DOI.

            You will answer to God for rejecting Him. However, you also reject our founding principles and documents including our constitution. You are entitle to oppose it but it remains our supreme civil law.

          • Anonymous

            The Declaration of Independence is not a document to reject or accept — it’s simply our ancestor’s declaration that they were no longer a colony of England. The fact that you think there is some form of “rejection” to be had indicates that you have serious issues with clarity of thought.

            I do not reject our Constitution — I enjoy and appreciate our Constitution. I do, however, reject your interpretation of our Constitution. Our Constitution is a living document. It has been “amended” many times. Originally only white, male, landowners had any privileges or rights. Now most people in America do. Soon, even we women will be covered under the Constitution. It’s one of those facts that makes me love our country.

            //You will answer to God for rejecting Him.//

            IF your deity exists (which I have zero evidence to indicate it does) I would say any “answers” would be between me and it. It’s none of your business one way or the other. So take your malicious threats (which merely show how unloving you’ve imagined your imaginary friend to be) and keep them to yourself. It’s an abuser who says; “I will punish you for not loving me.”

            Have a nice day.

          • PeterMoss

            Creator does not mean god. If the Founding Fathers wanted it to mean god, they would have used the term god instead of creator.

          • Chas Jones

            Almost every single “Founding Father” wrote and made speeches equating and identifying the Creator of our Declaration of Independence as the same God in the Geneva and King James Bible translations, and most also made reference repeatedly to the Lord Jesus Christ. Their meaning was crystal clear.

          • Anonymous

            Spoken like a true Liberal with a “give me more attitude”, because the rich can afford it.

          • Anonymous

            Um, the rich are the ones with the “give me more” attitude. They pay a fraction of the taxes they used to pay to support the country that gave them the chance to make their money. Just because you have hopes that someday YOU can be filthy rich and not keep your end of the social contract, it doesn’t mean that you will.

          • NealGraham

            @Rianya:disqus – what evidence / data do you have to back up your assertion (you sure do make a lot of those) that the rich “pay a fraction of the taxes the used to pay”????

          • Anonymous

            Today’s income tax rates are strikingly low relative to the rates of the past century, especially for rich people. For most of the century, including some boom times, top-bracket income tax rates were much higher than they are today.

            Contrary to what Republicans would have you believe, super-high tax rates on rich people do not appear to hurt the economy or make people lazy: During the 1950s and early 1960s, the top bracket income tax rate was over 90%–and the economy, middle-class, and stock market boomed.

            Super-low tax rates on rich people also appear to be correlated with unsustainable sugar highs in the economy–brief, enjoyable booms followed by protracted busts. They also appear to be correlated with very high inequality. (For example, see the 1920s and now).

            Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/history-of-tax-rates-2012-5?op=1#ixzz36zUL3gKr

          • PeterMoss

            Well said Rianya and exactly on target.

          • Kathy Clark

            Might as well talk to the back of your hand Rianna is so indoctrinated – very sad Because of this thinking a great compassionate country is going down but they-the useful idiots do not see it that way

          • Anonymous

            “Compassion”? Where do you get “compassion” from the whole “personal responsibility” mantra?

          • John Williams

            Ha keep our religion at home yet tolerate gay marriage and gay day parades and everything else in our face, but keep our religion at home? Who are the tolerant ones again? We have held our tounges so long that its taking us time to find the words, but we are getting there. And your statement about defending your beliefs with your dying breath, um, hun so will we, and we are the side that believes in guns.

          • Anonymous

            Jesus would be so proud of you. I distinctly remember on the Sermon on the Mount where he said: “Blessed are those who have guns for they shall be just like the Muslims they loathe and threaten violence and create rivers of blood and pain for all they disagree with.” Sadly Jesus doesn’t exist and you are living proof of that.

      • Ted Garrison

        We agree you have the right to voice your opinion, but so does the other side without being called Racists, Hateful, etc.
        This country was founded on the backs of immigrants who came to the US, not because they thought they would get a free lunch, but because they say it as a place of opportunity that rewarded hard work and ingenuity. The problem now is too many people want the rewards without the hard work. Instead they complain it is not fair, so they want to take from those that are successful. Sure some people cheat and steal – arrest them and put them in jail. The Wall St. fiasco was a perfect example, but no one went to jail because they bribed those in charge with campaign contributions. The laws are on the books to both of those two groups in jail, but no instead we want more laws that infringe on those that weren’t breaking the law in the first place while those that were breaking it ignore the old and new laws.

      • Anonymous

        Liberals like Rianya do not have the ability to open their minds or comprehend anything that differs from their indoctrination training. It is not liberal basing – it is the truth. I don’t agree with everything Glenn says however I LISTEN and take away what I agree with and I do learn a lot of history in the process. Something a true liberal is incapable of.

        • Anonymous

          Keep up the liberal bashing. It certainly demonstrates to anyone with critical thinking skills just how “open” your mind is.

        • PeterMoss

          You and the rest of Beck’s audience are the real people who have been indoctrinated and it shows.

    • tammy

      I feel just like you. Glenn taught us so much and I too checked what he said and he was right. Almost everything he said has come true. What he said about Soros got me checking things out and what I learned from watching him in interviews definitely showed what you said, this is one scary guy. In my words he is just totally evil and out to destroy our country. He said he is here to help Obama destroy our economy. He even said how he was going to do it. He is on the last step. All that remains in one phone call and America is bankrupt. So far, everything Glenn said has come true. He knows his history God bless you and America

      • PeterMoss

        Do you still believe Glenn’s conspiracy theory involving the Obama Administration covering up for a “Saudi terrorist” Glenn accused of being involved with the Boston Marathon bombing? Do you still believe that Glenn’s predictions of riots nationwide during the summer of 2012 is true? There’s many other false predictions and conspiracies Glenn cooked up as well. It’s amazing how gullible and forgetful his fans are.

        • NealGraham

          If you Listen to Glenn’s show, you would know that he says: “I am HORRIBLE on timing, but my predictions almost always come true”. In other words he may be wrong as to when the riots will occur, but that they will indeed occur. Then again we really already effectively had riots via the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters. They may not have been riots in the traditional sense, but yet they were certainly close to the same thing.

          • PeterMoss

            Neal, we’re all “horrible on timing” but when we make “predictions” they’ll probably happen after enough time elapses. That’s no special talent and Glenn is selling a narrative that he does have a special talent and that it comes directly from his LDS god. That’s an outrageous claim to make since it can never be proven, and it’s irresponsible for Beck to be selling this supernatural narrative. He’s been wrong enough times to show any reasonable person that he’s simply full of it. And now he may finally have to pay for it too. July 29th is the court date set to determine if his legal team can get the defamation case against him dismissed. Stay tuned.

        • tammy

          So he got the time line wrong. No one is right 100% of the time. But he is not the author of that prediction, the Bible tells us the same thing. It also tells us no man knows the day or the hour, but we will know it is close when certain things happen. Those things are happening and we are down to the last few on the list. I do not believe Glenn was far off tho. He himself has admitted he has made some wrong assumptions, but he is closer than anyone else. Most him haw around what they mean, Glenn tells you exactly what he thinks, but always tells you to do your own research. If you don’t follow up with your own research, it is your own fault if you believe what others say and it is wrong. We are all guilty of that at times, but reading and studying fills in a lot of details and also causes you to throw away wrong ideas

    • Teresa Connor

      I totally agree with you! I don’t know what he said that was so divided. I learned so much from him and he spoke closer to the truth then anyone. I believe in him and he is a man of his word. God Bless Glenn!!

    • sandyg

      well said

    • Anonymous

      Very well said. We watched Glenn on TV and learned a lot. But his radio shows I can not stomach. He comes across as silly and naïve. Too bad FOX had to cancel Glenn’s TV shows.

  • http://batman-news.com/ Fuhgitaboudit

    The fascist left have pushed and pushed and pushed until we can no longer live together side by side. The civil war has already begun and it was started by the intolerant leftists.

    • old_broad

      Like you, I have begun calling those who are destroying our country fascists. I think there are many Democrats that look at their government and wonder what happened!

      • zemla

        You are correct there, as a former Democrat I just hope the republicans don’t make the same mistake and assume their Party is anything other than just that.

  • Anonymous

    I have always heard you say Glenn, where is or George Washington? We need another George Washington!… I haven’t seen him for years and years. But now, I think I found him….In my opinion, I see no one above him, since you’re not running Glenn…. First of all, he has the knowledge of what the Constitution means.; Of what it means to be an American. He fights with passion and love for what’s right and I’ve seen him emotional, tearful, when things go wrong. His heart and mind are in the right place and he stands bravely for what is right….. So I think i found him Glenn, and I see no one like this out there….It’s Trey Gowdy, Glenn. I believe sincerely with all my heart, Trey Gowdy is our next George Washington.

  • KJAY

    Glenn…..what you need is to wake up in
    the morning and get a nice, hard smack in the face from reality.

    You’ve been on this Kumbaya kick lately where you just want everyone from both sides
    of the aisle to hold hands and get along.
    You don’t seem to
    understand that there is NO chance of that ever happening.

    You would NEVER in a
    million years turn your back on your God and your religion because you feel as
    though that is who you are. That is what makes you the man that you
    You live your life for your
    God and you wouldn’t change that for anything.

    That is why your “let’s
    give peace a chance” approach will never work.
    You need to realize that
    the left do not view their politics as “politics” they view politics as a
    religion and liberalism is their God.

    You can show them all of
    the facts in the world right in front of their face…..it will not matter to
    If their “God” says you are
    wrong….you are wrong.

    You and the people in your
    audience can open up your hearts to them and extend a hand of friendship all
    that you want….they will absolutely NEVER do the same in return.

    Facts, logic and common
    sense do not matter to them the way that it does to us.
    Their agenda is what
    controls them.

    You tend to point to God
    and the bible as being the answer to all of our problems…..how do you expect
    the party that makes it a point to deny the existence of God and the bible to
    see things the same way that you do?

    I am a huge fan of yours
    and I agree with you on most things….but I’m afraid that this one is going to
    go nowhere.

    • Steve Preston

      The answer to get everybody to wake up is revival. Maybe Glenn is alluding to that, but without God causing the blinds to fall off eyes, there is no reasoning with the left.

      • Anonymous

        Coming together is the ONLY way to keep this country strong, because we will be attacked if we keep on being divided. Attacked by those who want to rule us and gain from us the spoils of what we toiled so long for. We will be attacked by outside forces when we are weakest. This country and its liberty ideals will implode if we don’t find a way to get together.

        Forget the Kumbaya labeling crap, we need to be the adults in the room to say “Hey. Stop what you’re doing. Work it out. We are much stronger together. And then battle the enemy side by side.”

        • KJAY

          Wishful thinking.
          Tell me when the “left” have ever acted like adults.
          It will NEVER happen.

          • Anonymous

            We are Americans. It CAN happen. It MUST happen.

          • KJAY

            Yes….we are Americans.
            The same Americans who elected all of these disasters into power in the first place.
            I’m not too impressed with Americans at the moment.

            I hope you’re right.
            I pray you are right.
            But I fear you are wrong.

          • Janean Guy

            We can’t approach those in our government that way, but look how many people on the left who disagree with Glenn on mnay issues have come together with him on others, and those same people are now friends. Those are the kind of people that can be reached, and if all of us take the approach that Glenn is suggesting, we can make a difference.

          • tammy

            Christians, Conservatives, the tea party and all “right” thinking people need to get together. We need to come together with a common goal and set our priorities. If the right can not get together, how can we get the left to realize we have a good message. You can not bring people to God, unless you really believe and live the life. The same in politics, we need to live the life style and show them how good it is. We need to get our sh=t together if we ever want to get our country back. We need to show what our lifestyles offer.

          • Pat

            Glenn is not saying eveyone must believe in God to come together. Just the opposite. Look at his good friend Penn Jillette. He does not believe in God, yet he has more in common with people of God than most anti God people. It can happen.

          • tammy

            The part of God was an example to explain what we need to do to bring people over into the light of Conservatism. I am a devout Christian, but I know people who are atheists, gay etc that are better people than some so called Christians. It really doesn’t matter your exact type of belief, as long as you believe in decency, goodness and love. Christians tend to go toward the Conservative side, but so do many people of all belief systems. That is all that matters, what is in your heart

          • Anonymous

            Well said. Thank you.

    • Jamie

      Agree with everything you said, Kjay. ‘Kumbaya kick’… cracked me up, because I’ve been noticing the same thing. Glenn, this country needs the truth spoken loud and clear, and unfortunately I don’t think we have enough brave men and women willing to do it. I have spent my entire July 4th stressing about the freedoms that I fear my young children will never get to know. I have wondered just how close the persecutions of Christians by Muslims will get to them. And I am afraid. If you are now willing to bow to left who are ready to take every right we have, and believe that we can just ‘love them til they change their [evil] mind’, then I am even more disheartened on this day. Please get back to truly educating everyone.

      • Janean Guy

        Glenn is not asking us to bow to the left. Be willing to admit when you were wrong, reach out in places where you can find common ground, approach everyone in love, and obey the commands of God. That’s all that he’s asking. That does not mean that you condone or bow to evil. You still need to stand your ground.

        • Anonymous

          TOUCHE, Janean Guy! — Very well said! — I completely agree!

      • KJAY


    • Bob Ruzicka

      Your hopes and prayers are right. Your fears are logical. But our answer is not in ourselves. It is in our God. The remnant of Isaiah is at work here. God doesn’t need a majority; in fact He tends to go in the other direction. I’m not saying this will all work out, but if we don’t first seek the Kingdom, it surely will not. It is up to us. For my part, I will treat others well, serve, pray, and wait. Maybe impatiently.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. One person at a time, kinda like Pay it Forward.

    • chelebr

      I’m a moderate-to-liberal and I believe in God, read my Bible, and go to church (almost) every Sunday. Anyone who reads their Bible knows that Jesus plainly spoke the greatest commandment (and also the hardest) Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor AS YOURSELF. (paraphrased) And by neighbor he did not mean just the people who agree with you, or just Christians, or just heterosexuals.

      Reading this, for the first time I’m actually impressed by something Glenn Beck said. And I’m not at all surprised that some of his own ardent followers are trying to dissuade him from this path. It’s a hard path, and it’s a path that involves actually listening to other people, something extremists on both sides are wont to do.

      We are all Americans. Gay and straight, liberal and conservative, Republican, Democrat or Independent (me). We all want what’s best for our country, we just have very different ideas on what that is. All should remember that during the Civil War, the Bible was used to defend Slavery, as well as to insist on its eradication. The Word of God has been twisted by men (and women) to their own devices as long as it’s been in existence.

      So why not me? My take…God doesn’t care about anything but how we treat each other. That’s it. That’s what matters. God doesn’t care if the country that is America survives or fails. God cares about individuals, not institutions. That’s why we need to take God out of the argument. There are plenty of good points to argue without him.

      • Kay Williams Wagner

        I liked what you said, mostly. You have some good points but you do not know what you do not know so maybe you should have said in my opinion God doesn’t care about anything but… I think God cares about more not less. My God is Big, bigger than you can imagine. Its not important really but your post was the one that caught my eye.

        • chelebr

          Of course it’s my opinion. Everything here is someone’s opinion. 😉

          My God is huge. That’s why I believe he cares about people…not institutions and governments. The Bible tells us that all that will pass away, but the human soul will not.

          • PeterMoss

            Why do you believe a human has a “soul?”

      • Anonymous

        I like what you believe your deity wants from you. If more who called themselves “Christian” were of your persuasion our country would be a much nice place and our government wouldn’t be in the dreadful shape that it is in because people who care about other people would have never voted for those who seek to harm others in the name of their deity. Nice comment.

      • Chas Jones

        You are Correct that God teaches us to Loves sinners. However God neither loves nor excuses sin. Neither are we to love sin. That mankind has twisted Scripture does not alter God’s Word or meaning.

        Surely, if you claim to read the Bible, or to be a Christian, you do not defend homosexual actions, do you? Surely you do not claim that either God or our constitution identify any “right” to homosexual actions, do you?

        • PeterMoss

          “Sinners”…..The real sin is to be an independent human and to not use your ability to think and reason and instead accept what you’re told without asking for evidence.

      • zemla

        I think there is a failure here to realize that Glenn beck fans do more “liberal” bashing then Glenn beck himself. I think the guy understands that,as a nation, we are pursuing a path that has little to do with political influence, so he grasps at straws but like a few other hosts, golly gee, he just won’t lay it all out on the line. So he boohoos the left and brags about his leftist friends. He throws in for the republican canidate and then says (again and again) “I’m not doin that again”….so I think he’s trying to ease into informing folks that it’s all bullspit without totally obliterating his audience/financial base.

    • Anonymous

      The war is coming and there is nothing to stop it. I cannot wait for it. The lines have been drawn. The final straw will be the government coming to take our weapons away so we will be helpless to defend ourselves from the government. That is what the right to bears arms meant. Not to protect us from invasion, but to protect us from a tyrannical government, like we have right now. The states are calling up their militias. The president ignores the constitution that he swore to uphold. Illegal immigrants swarm the border thanks to the idiot in office, We need to execute them all. Only then will the influx stop. There are too many laws. More laws every year and never are any removed. We need to wipe the law books clean and start over with a revised constitution worded so the judges do not get to make their own interpretation. Supreme court judges need to be elected like every other official and removed when they are not doing a good job. Term limits for congress. The list goes on. The war will commence. I cannot wait for the first shots to ring out…….

      • KJAY

        I agree 100% and I’ll be right there with you.

      • zemla

        I hope you learn to wait because you are getting mighty excited for something that is going to leave national devastation and global damage in its wake.

        • Anonymous

          Time for waiting is over. There comes a point when you have to stand up for your rights or you will loose them. We need to cut foreign aid to $0. We are NOT responsible for the problems in other countries. War is hell. Lives must be lost. The devastation must come. The government cannot be fixed. It has to be replaced. If you think it is best to wait and do nothing, then you are part of the problem. You can go hide in your basement while real Americans fight for their freedoms.

          • zemla

            See, you do great with term limits and cutting foreign aid (let’s add leaving the UN) but then you jump right back into this…..”aroused desire” for war. seriously now, do you ACTUALLY believe that an armed conflict is going to make this all better? Does you’re desire for this conflict include an understanding of grid and logistical failure? Do you really think the world is just gonna sit around and eat popcorn waiting to see the outcome? If I’m part of the problem, that to me seems better than the far worse problem you seem to be willing to instigate.

    • old_broad

      KJAY, I agree with most of what you said, but I think the part of Glenn’s comments that you missed is the one about remember our commission by God to love others. When we give in to hate we lose, we lose our souls. Do you remember the anti-Wall Street bunch and how vile they acted? That is how to lose a soul. We must not, in our fear of losing our country, lose our soul.

      I am grateful to Glenn for the education I have received at his hands and the sacrifice he has made to educate us. He is personally moving into new territory in his own life and is asking us to come with him. He is asking us to make a deeper commitment to our God. To behave like our Savior. Only then can God raise that hedge that protects us once again.

    • zemla

      Spot on, hope more listeners share that point of view. Personally? I think the beckster knows a weeee bit more than he let’s on, and that info scares the crap out of him, so he is being a softie for much the same reason that “there are no atheists in foxholes”…just my 2 cents

  • Anonymous

    //For those things that drew sharp lines around truth and deceit that were spoken out of a love of God, country, and a plea to return to common values – I do not regret that I said them.//

    If they were “common” values there would be no need to “return” for no one would have left. Greed, misogyny, homophobia, those aren’t “common” values and it’s a good thing too. Humans are better than the nastiness you’ve promoted, Glenn.

    //But, we have an even greater heritage, our common ancestry to a Heavenly Father. //

    See, that’s another of those divisive statements, Glenn. There’s no reason to believe in your particular deity and, if one is female, there are a LOT of reasons to ignore the bastion of male cruelty represented in the Bible.

    Do you want things to be better in America? Fight for humans to be decent to one another REGARDLESS of their religion, gender, skin color, or sexual orientation. Quit attacking women, homosexuals and any religion that doesn’t agree with you. Vote for people who represent this SECULAR GOVERNMENT by the people and for the people — not for the corporations. I could go on but I suspect that you aren’t actually interested in working to make America a “united” nation. You just said that we need to unite as a ploy to try and silence those who disagree with the nastiness you’ve put forth in the past.

    • jojo

      You seem to have a really big chip on your shoulder.
      You don’t seem to be very kind.
      kind (adjective)
      : having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others : wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others

      • Anonymous

        I am not even remotely kind unless I am dealing with a disadvantaged human being or child. Why should I be? The world, and religious bullies in general, have never been “kind” to me. Nor are the people responding to Glenn here even remotely “kind”.

        As for my chip — well, that’s life — eh?

        • Janean Guy

          I’m sorry that you have been deprived of love, Rianya. The lack of love in one’s life can bring about an attitude of hatred and bitterness. I thank God that I was raised by people who loved and cared for me and that I’ve found love elsewhere, too. There are those who claim Christianity but don’t practice it, don’t show the love in action or deed. But there are many, many others who are devoted to God and will love you. (They still make mistakes because they are human, but they will love you.) You don’t have to tell any of us here that you will be seeking God and to join with those who follow his direction. Just do it, please. God is already loving you, always has, and you need to know that. I will pray for you.

          • Anonymous

            //I’m sorry that you have been deprived of love, Rianya.//

            Well there’s a silly, self-serving assumption. I have plenty of love in my life. I’ve had plenty of pain as well. Mostly, I have Asperger’s and I’m very evidence oriented and unwilling to accept all the religious excuses for cruelty towards others. So I practice kindness to those who need it, and those who justify cruelty with “Well God said you’re an abomination.” I treat with the contempt they deserve.

            //But there are many, many others who are devoted to God and will love you.//

            In 25 years of seeking the deity you proclaim I never found any evidence it exists. So I don’t believe and won’t believe without solid evidence. However, those 25 years weren’t filled with pain — most of the people were pretty good, many were torn by the homophobia and misogyny they were told their deity required of them. But, as I said, I have love in my life and don’t need an imaginary friend that is based on hatred of women in my life. When people stop using the deity of Christianity to demean other people I will be a little less disgusted by it, though.

            //I will pray for you.//

            That’s a nice thought and if it makes you feel better then you have my blessing to do so. Have a nice day.

      • Janean Guy

        I think we need to pray for Rianya. She needs to feel God’s love surrounding her. Most bitter people are seeking love.

        • Anonymous

          Asperger’s, Janean Guy, not “bitter”. Look it up. It’s a form of autism. I look at facts and evidence and draw conclusions. It’s why I don’t believe in a deity — because I’ve seen no evidence for one. When you attempt to tell me what I feel you are erring in two ways. The first is that you claim supernatural powers to know my emotions better than I do. The second is that you invalidate what I have told you about my emotions — which is a form of abuse that falls under the label of Gaslighting.

          I don’t care if people pray for me or not — if it makes you happy, go for it. But if you try to tell me my own feelings I will certainly point out your error.

        • PeterMoss

          And the rest of us will think for you Janean. You sound just like Dana Carvey’s Church Lady.

    • Maren J. Scott

      Namaste Rianya, may you find peace.

      • Anonymous

        I doubt any person truly finds peace while they are alive. But I certainly hope for a better future for my loved ones.

        Good wishes to you as well.

  • Sarge3012

    Glenn, it’s not Republicans vs Democrats. Forty years ago, that statement might have been true. But today it’s Republicans and Conservatives vs Socialists, Marxists, and Communists disguised as Democrats. It’s a civil war that must be fought to save our country. How many brave American men and women died in Korea and Vietnam just to stop the spread of that insidious, vile ideology in those countries? Thousands!

  • Keoni Noa

    Amen! Couldn’t agree with you more! God Bless!

  • Tj Murphy

    You keep doing exactly what you are doing Glen. You continue to inspire folks to talk and give their opinions. We don’t always like what we hear but, the point is,
    we are hearing all sides in your forum. That is freedom. Let It Ring!

  • Jo Ann Vacirino

    I have often criticized and condemned you for contributing to the polarization and paralyzation of America. But you were not alone, many have led and continue to lead the charge from the left and from the right.

    Despite my distaste for your message, I kept hoping you would give Governor Gary Johnson some air time during the 2012 election because he was the only Presidential candidate who was trying to unite people. He was pointing out what we have in common instead of fueling the fire on false political arguments that don’t even belong in the election arena.

    I kept hoping you would take notice of the Presidential Debate farce and use your media clout to reveal it. Two more candidates were qualified to be on that stage. Poll exclusion leading to debate exclusion is a sneaky trick, but it’s certainly isn’t rocket science. You could have talked about it to your audience.

    If you’re really ready to unite people and help them free themselves from the left/right paradigm, then please interview Gary Johnson and let him talk about the CPD lawsuit that will open the door to more voices on the national stage.


  • Gracie66

    Stop apologizing. I had never heard of George Soros before I started watching your show. I had no idea that Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist, helped elect Obama. The word “caliphate” wasn’t in my dictionary. It never occurred to me that a president of the US would surround himself with left-wing radicals until you pointed it out. So why are you sorry? That Americans started thinking?

    • PeterMoss

      Glenn’s apologizing because he finally realizes that you yokels have actually been taking his hyperbolic paranoid fantasies seriously and now pose a threat to the United States of America! It’s fairly obvious at this point.

  • Marc Falsetti

    I’ve always admired you Glenn, but there must be a Gun currently held to your head to articulate your thoughts in this defeatist way! Today, as I look across the landscape of the United States of America, the opposite of Freedom prevails. Self-sufficiency has been replaced by dependency on a Malevolent Federal Government and the peoples’ love of the land has been replaced by personal desperation and self-interest.

    Freedom of thought has been replaced by a State Run Educational System that produces Docile, Self-absorbed Robots that would make George Orwell blush. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength. Instead of learning to be critical thinkers, America’s youth are conditioned into an Ethic of Mass Consumerism and Secular Numbness. For without any trace of Moral Fabric our Great Country will resemble a Circus of Degradation and spiral into an Maelstrom of Empty Pursuits!

    There is something simmering deep inside the Soul of Real Americans. We want to know that we are a Free People; that the Government acknowledges our individual rights; that fiscal responsibility is an absolute requirement. We want our Presidents and Politicians to mean what they say when they take the oath of office ….
    ”To Defend the Constitution of the United States!”

    Do we have Freedom when half the country pays taxes to support the other half? Do we have Freedom when government regulates every aspect of our lives? Do we have Freedom when our currency is controlled by a corporation that has no accountability to the American people? Do we have Freedom when we have more debt than can possibly be repaid?

    We now live in a time where
    The Courts Destroy Justice
    The Universities Destroy Knowledge
    The Media Destroys the Truth
    The Banks Destroy the Economy
    The Religious Destroy Faith
    And the Government Destroys Freedom

    The Government Bureaucracy is to a point where it is no longer worth what the tax payer is required to maintain it. I wonder how many Americans realize they have sold our God given Freedoms for a mess of pottage.I hope Real Americans will see themselves as the Empowered Man. It makes no difference whether you are a man or woman, how old you are, or the color of your skin. You must decide to no longer be silent, to get off your bench, pick up that Constitution and hold it high in the air as a Standard for the World to See. We will not hold back! We will not be silent!

    Those who are seen Revolting will be thought to be insane by the ones who could not feel the Tyranny! We are the future of this Nation and without US, the American Dream WILL PERISH FROM THE LAND!

    Isaiah 59:14
    ”So justice is driven back and righteousness stands at a distance;
    Truth has stumbled in the streets ….. Honesty cannot enter.”

    All European tradition, Marxism included, has conspired to defy the natural order of all things. The powers have been abused and this cannot go on Forever. No theory can alter that simple fact. True Patriots will retaliate and the abusers will be eliminated. Things come full circle, back to where they started!
    Stay Thirsty My Friends!
    That’s Revolution ….. So Be It!

    • Anonymous

      Wow — this is an AMAZING example of hyperbole! And all of the random capitalized words! I’m just shocked you haven’t figured out how to change the font color to red or purple.

      • http://www.funfxkaraoke.com/ Judy

        Random capitalized words and font colors?!!! Really, Rianya? You are obviously a liberal troll and you had absolutely nothing intelligent to say! Marc spoke the truth. I want to marry this man…he has an awesome brain.

        • Marc Falsetti

          Judy, thank you for your kind words and proposal my dear. LOL but I have been married now for 30 years!

          Rianya, I suspect is nothing more than a Common Delusional Liberal (Random Capitalization) who’s own misgivings in life have caused her to covet and malign those with clarity of thought …..
          I suspect she attended some college and was indoctrinated there-in. Her incessant ranting only shows regret in her life choices and her ardent wishes to share the misery!

          “A person who has blown all their options can’t afford the luxury of changing their ways. They have to capitalize on whatever they has left, and they can’t afford to admit — no matter how often they’re reminded of it — that every day of their life takes them farther and farther down a blind alley ..…”
          ~ Hunter S. Thompson

          • Anonymous

            I like your quote — it applies so well to you and the folks like you on this page.

          • PeterMoss

            Glenn attracts these religious fanatics like Marc and Judy. They’re the people who have been financing his gravy train.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I’m sure you do and I’m sure you two will be VERY happy together.

        • PeterMoss

          Judy, you could honeymoon in Marc’s underground end-times shelter and feast on freeze-dried gastronomic delights by the light of a Coleman lantern. Sounds like fun.

      • http://www.funfxkaraoke.com/ Judy

        And remember Glenn’s civil war theory? Do you wonder why it may be nearing the point of civil war? Because people like you want to tell everyone else how they have to think. Just keep spouting your leftist garbage and see if you can fill the heads of actual thinking conservatives. You will not! You are, however, fueling the fire!

        • Anonymous

          I don’t want to tell anyone how to think — but I’m free to tell anyone I choose how stupid I think their bigotry and nastiness are. As for the “civil war” Glenn sees looming — I suspect he realizes that he and those like him have been fueling the fire for quite some time. Now he’s scared of the monster he’s created — and well he should be. Wars are nasty things.

          • PeterMoss

            Well said. The truth always shines through the darkness. Glenn has created a monster with his end-times nonsense.

        • PeterMoss

          Judy, it’s you religious extremists – world wide – who want to force their unproven brand of religion and thought control on others. Even Glenn is member of a cult religion. People of reason simply follow the truth which is a result of evidence, reason and logic.

      • Marc Falsetti

        You cannot hide the truth from me – I know what’s in your heart,
        Greed and jealousy each equal – All your days now dark.
        Mighty mountains fall in dust – The world falls into hell,
        Because of faith in lying prophets – With no one to lift the spell.
        No way to rescue destiny – Scream and curse in vain,
        You will never be remembered – No one knows your name.
        ~ Marc Falsetti

        • Anonymous


          Well, have a nice day.

        • PeterMoss

          Rianya, what’s troubling is that nutters like Marc probably have stockpiles of guns and ammo. They’re like ticking time bombs. Thanks Glenn!

    • Janean Guy

      I dont’ think that people are understanding what Glenn is saying. He is not throwing in the towel or giving in to the progressive movement. He will continue to fight it, but I think that he sees that first all of us need to turn to God, second that we love one another regardless of how much we hate their thoughts or actions, and that we attempt to find common ground with those we diaagree with on many issues. Once you find that someone whose views you opposed can be a friend and ally, once you show humility and say “I have made mistakes,” or “I was wrong about that and you were right,” then those people will be more willing to do the same. People can have their minds changed if instead of attacking them you approach them in love. Not all Americans will unite, of course, and there will still be hatred and mudslinging. But if enough Americans unite in a common purpose, perhaps we can overcome. And if not, we still have God’s protection as long as we choose to walk with him.

      • Eleanor

        Janean, the proof that this is not true is in the post after yours (skip this one). Rianya, has been culling through this thread looking for anything she can use as a springboard to insanity. Showing humility and admitting our mistakes, especially when they are not mistakes, is fuel for the evil. Glenn has been a great educator and suddenly, as of Bundy Ranch, he has turned all that information inside out. I hold out hope that someone in the government “got to him” with threats. Maybe they threatened him with charges of sedition if we actually stood up for ourselves and each other. If that is not the problem, he has lost me. I have no respect for the whiner he has become. Rianya thinks ugly and subhuman is the only way to protest, because that is the only way liberals do it, but I was overcome with admiration for the display of courage and courtesy, determination and defense, respectfulness and resilience that was the Bundy Ranch …so far. We always have to kick out a few of Rianya’s crowd who think they can give us a bad name or whip us into a frenzy like a pack of unthinking liberals. That is par for the course. But the fact remains that we DO ask them to leave when we find them. I hope Glenn pulls himself together. It would be a shame to lose him. And, you are right, we plus God, are the majority.

        • Anonymous

          //Glenn has been a great educator and suddenly, as of Bundy Ranch, he has turned all that information inside out.//

          I’d guess that maybe the throngs of American terrorists who showed up betraying their country by threatening the legal authorities there gave him a wake-up call. I wonder where those gun toting “freedom fighters” were when Mary and Carry Dann, the native American sisters were fighting the BLM from their illegal grab of their land? Nowhere to be seen, that’s for sure. Then again, I’m sure they don’t count as REAL Americans since their ancestors only settled this land millennia before the first white person showed up.

          • PeterMoss

            They didn’t settle it. They lived on it.

          • Anonymous

            Ahhh, so your sophistry eases your conscience at the fact that YOU benefit from your ancestors theft of this land from the indigenous inhabitants? Well whatever works for you. Me? I am a little more intellectually honest than that.

          • PeterMoss

            Some of my ancestors were here before the European settlers arrived. They lived on the land as hunter gatherers. they did not “settle” it. That’s a fact that is intellectually honest, even if you want to deny it.

          • Anonymous

            “Intellectually honest”? Well, since you apparently get to define your words I guess in some sense it could be “intellectually honest”. But in reality the native Americans had their own territories which they “settled” in their own fashion. They used their land and cared for their land in ways which we latecomers derided and never tried to understand. And some of my ancestors were here before European settlers arrived as well — that doesn’t actually signify for either of us since we aren’t part of their culture. A culture my European ancestors did their best to eradicate.

          • PeterMoss

            In reality we have different definitions for the term “settled’ in this context. At any rate, culture clashes as influxes of new people arrived into areas others already occupied by others has been happening since hominids began roaming the earth. The people living here when Europeans first arrived were certainly not the nature-loving peaceful saints some are trying to portray them as. That narrative is false.

          • Anonymous

            It doesn’t matter if they were “nature-loving peaceful saints” or not — we aren’t either. But the reality is that not only did our White European ancestors steal this land from those people, they did their very best to eradicate them as a people and a culture. That’s a huge sin in my eyes. But now the descendants of those genocidal thieves think they have some moral high ground to whine and complain about other people coming to find a better life. That’s just selfishness and cruelty.

          • PeterMoss

            Faulty assumptions make the perfect foundation for erroneous conclusions and harsh judgments. Usually that circus of confusion is occupied by religious fanatics. It’s a bit disappointing to see you among them on this topic.

          • Anonymous

            For your statement to have any credibility you need to point out what “faulty assumptions and erroneous conclusions” I have supposedly made. It’s easy to throw vague criticisms out but unless you specify and back up the supposed errors with fact you are simply blowing hot air — again.

      • Marc Falsetti

        I Respect the Man who knows distinctly what he wishes. The greater part of all TROUBLE in the world arises from the fact that Men do not sufficiently understand their own aims. So what you are saying is that,
        if you have some Respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become Better than they are …..
        helping them to see Clearly?

        Pretending that we live doesn’t make us alive.
        Pretending that we see doesn’t give us the sight.
        What is it that makes us lose sight, True Sight, of what is Real
        and Essential? I agree Janean ….. I’ll take God’s organized patterns
        of chaos over the chaotic organizations of man, any day.
        But when is it, that the Wicked begin to plot the Destruction of the Righteous, some ask? It is when you OPPOSE them, of course!

        Galatians 4:16
        ”Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

        I refuse to renounce my Integrity. I stand in defiance to the
        Mountain of Lies! I can no longer afford to be indifferent.
        From misery I have turned away and Let the Bridges Burn!
        I will anchor myself to the foundation of everything I Love!
        This will be my Atonement …..
        Burn the Bridge behind me ~ Leave No Retreat
        For there’s only One Way Home!

        • PeterMoss

          Spoken like the typical extremists Beck has been attracting and who he is now afraid of and trying to distance himself from. Wow Glenn, you really opened up a can of worms with your end-times, hyperbolic, paranoid rantings over the past few years. Nice job.

    • PeterMoss

      Secular numbness? What’s more numb than a person who refuses to think and use reason, but instead blindly clings to some religious myth? Science and reason have given you the modern world you live in and enjoy. Religion is not the answer, but it sure is a big part of the problem in the world today.

  • Scott Uhlenbrock

    Glenn, I sincerely believe that in order for the United States to become united again, we need to get back to the essential basics. The very basics that this country were founded upon. Benjamin Franklin once said:

    “A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights
    which God has given them cannot be enslaved.It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

    In order for us to understand that the government does not dictate what we do, and that our rights are not given to us from the government or man. The words of our founding fathers need to be heard and understood. Americans today, on both ends of the political spectrum, both agree that our government IS NOT listening to them. This is where we must unite. We must unite in knowing our current government is not listening to it’s citizens. Our government must listen to it’s people. We are in charge, we own them. Americans are loosing reality with what we are founded upon, and what those men had to endure to secure the liberties we have and are slowly losing today.

    • Anonymous

      //Americans today, on both ends of the political spectrum, both agree that our government IS NOT listening to them.//

      This is the first comment I’ve seen yet that was sensible and not rude. You are quite right — both sides should be able to agree to the fact that our government no longer represents the people who have elected them into their office.

  • Heather Ann Searfoss

    We must all search out people we have things in common with. I won’t be bothered by distracters. I will stay firm to the course my friend.

    • ryukidn

      We’ve already had our coming together in the last 5 years. Now, we must
      find commonality with the people with whom we vehemently disagree.

      We must reach across to those who hate us …

      • Heather Ann Searfoss

        That is what I meant. I’m sorry I didn’t make myself more clear. Stay strong my friend.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, have you considered that what we are really up against is the fourth
    beast of Daniel? I agree that we must become one nation again. Unfortunately
    that will not happen because our culture has been misled to reject God. Without
    God we are not being observant. If we were observant we could see what God is
    doing and understand that we are in the 14th year 7th month of Ezekiel’s war. The Book of Daniel gives us the measuring rod between historical events. The Book of Numbers and Ezekiel give us the scale to use. He demonstrates His existence and ability to reach across millennia in the Bible if you seek Him. It is as simple as subtracting 333 from 2,300. If the number you get is a date that is a year the world wants to change then read Daniel 8 to understand. We will not become united until we understand what God is doing and what are His Objectives?

    • PeterMoss

      And still, after 2000+ years, no evidence that the supernatural realm bronze age men imagined to explain a world that mystified them because they had no science, even exists.

      • Anonymous

        Precisely the point Winston it is impossible for a bronze-age person to project in time an event 2,300 years in the future compounded by 3 changing scales of time. Only a God who can move in time can do that. All this He lays out for us in hind sight demonstrating proof “HE is the God of the Bible”. The Bible is the only document written that can do this. But Winston you need to wake up to what’s going on in Israel. The very promise that you have witnessed kept. Is driving the non-people of God to rebel in the 14 year Seventh month of Ezekiel’s war that can also be tracked in the Bible.

        • PeterMoss

          The larger point remains, men 4000 years ago knew less about the world than an average 8 year old American child. And they’re responsible for the concept of the Abrahamic god. They created it and it shows. There’s still no evidence that it exists and reason and logic tells us they imagined it because they had no real science or knowledge of why things are as they are. Reasonable people separate fact from fiction via evidence, reason and logic; there’s none to support any religious narrative yet. How much more time is needed? What will be said when “Jesus” still hasn’t returned 50 years from now? “OOPS!” would be a succinct and appropriate word.

  • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

    I don’t know what you ever did to divide us. It wasn’t you and in fact if more had listened to what you were saying and telling us, we may not be in this mess. You simply told us the facts and many on the left and the right called you a conspiracy theorist. Well, everything you warned us about has happened so I am not really sure where all this guilt is coming from… I say keep educating the people .

  • Crassus

    Sometimes I think Glenn is looking for a bailout from the Obama Administration. Thus his kindler and gentler tone. His company is on the verge of bankruptcy and needs a fresh infusion of cash. Since the likes of Rupert Murdoch would tell Glenn to pack sand he has to look in other directions. Not saying that you can bet your last dime that what I just said is true but it would explain a few things. You gotta always follow the money.

  • Robyn Temple Pearson

    Glenn, thanks for your words at Freedom Fire in Logan. Your speech was eloquent as always! I heard you would be there and that’s why I went. It’s not every day we can see Glenn Beck (in person). Thanks for sharing with us! You made the evening that munch better. We appreciate so much your efforts to help make our country better! It seems to me that those who oppose you just don’t seem to recognize truth. Thanks!

  • Jeffrey Edward Robinson

    Glenn is absolutely right. Those of you advocating or, o be fair, declaring inevitable, a violent civil conflict are giving in to frustration and becoming the bigger probnlem by doing so. We have truth and the better part of human nature on our side. If you no longer believe that good still outnumbers evil amongst your fellow human brothers and sisters, what are you even fighting for? We must believe in goodness, so that we expect to find it, so that we can see all of it and magnify it.
    The time is right for some doggedly determined passive civil disobedience certainly. But we must be commited to non-violence. We must vow that we won’t throw the first, second, or even third punch. Why? Because we must be above reproach. And, frankly, because chaos will deliver control to those who are currently “at the controls”, poised to deliver an end to the chaos, by whatevers means…which means kiss your liberty goodbye. The sheople will thank them for it. So, please, listen to glenn again, and give it some more thought.
    I just have one thing I would like you, Mr.Beck, to think about. I am an atheist. I am also an infrequent listener (these days-schedule issue), but huge fan and admirer. I think we need to find a way to convince people to value and strive for morality without relying solely on a return to faith t get us there. The stats are undeniable. Basically, its a unwavering, historically one way trend. Without debating the reasons why or if its a good thing or bad thing, we should recognize the truth of it and act accordingly.
    I believe in natural absolute human morality. The relativists were wrong. Sorry Nietshe. But if we keep telling atheists they can not be truly moral without god, they might all start to believe it.
    Also, I think some of those in the religious conservative side (not glenn) need to think more sympathetically about what it is to expect other people to live under laws that are not undeniable moral truths, rather just taken directly from your faith- a faith they(other people) don’t subscribe to. Its presumptous, to say the least.

    Jeffrey Robinson

    • ken.

      we must be non-violent in our actions, but prepared to defend ourselves because the leftists are preparing to bring violence upon us. they have to use violence to complete their plan to destroy america, they cannot do that if we stand up and defend ourselves, if we don’t then we will become slaves. we must be ready for it to start at any and every moment. defense is not violence.

  • Jace

    Yes. After reading this post I made up a graphic and a blog post. Let’s stop fighting each other and recognize who the real enemies are.


  • Pam

    What jumped off the page at me was, that what was needed was the TRUTH. The truth applied through our Laws, Constitution ,Bill of Rights. These are the tenets that have made this nation work. Yes we are a melting pot in heritage, that means that we, at one time, came together and” melded” we respected and followed the spirit of what this country was founded on. That is not what the immigrant of today seems to want. They bring their old country with them and want the USA to change for them. That is not melding, that is division.
    What is taking this country down is that it has splintered into minorities that demand that their ideals are more important than the health of the nation. What happened to keeping your private life in the home or neighborhood? How is it that a person has the self importance to think that the whole world should change because it offends him or his circle of friends. Tolerance is a word that has to be looked up to see what it means. I believe in tolerance, I don’t have to agree with the religion, politics, or others opinions as long as I receive the same right.
    We can agree to disagree, and get off the subject. Until we can put our petty disagreements behind us we are destined to fall.
    This United States of America will only survive if people will control their greed for money and power. Our leaders have to love this country enough to do the hard job. Enforce the laws equally. Take us back to a Constitutional Republic that once was America.
    There is no person that could look at these people that are pouring into our country without a broken heart. I would not want an animal to suffer what people are suffering all over the world. But we cannot cure that or prevent it. It is simply a tidal wave of humanity that cannot be handled by this country. What good can the USA do anyone if we all die? It is not selfishness it is just common sense, we do what we can and that is all anyone could ask of us.
    One more thing. I will admit that I fear the Muslims and Islam. Why? History, war, 9/11,the very basics of their beliefs. I know that there are surely good and peaceful people in their religion. But the price is too high at this point in history for the American people to risk tolerance right now.
    The United States first has to heal herself and her people, when we do then maybe we can be of some use to the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous

    Ec 3:1 ¶ To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. I am afraid, once again, you are ahead of the curve. You are very aware of how little people will accept help while on the way down. Vaya con Dios!

  • Tom

    The solution is freedom, and the people in charge of every facet of government from the Federal to the local don’t believe in freedom. I don’t know how we come together when the people making the rules don’t trust adults to live their lives without government intervention at every turn.

  • http://beckhampost.blogspot.com/ James Beckham

    Sadly, that’s only possible when the progs start using common sense. Only then can we become united once more.

  • joanne

    Jeremiah heiress you have said what I feel so well.

  • Karen Rath

    Thank you, Glenn. You have taught me so much. I went from liberal to conservative to mostly libertarian with a few conservative and a few liberal views. We agree on most things and not all. I totally applaud you for your education and now most of all for your call to unity. I am working on it in my own life when most of my friends and church mates are super liberal because that is what I was until 6 years ago. I am finding common ground with some. I have lost some others. I admire you more than ever.

  • John Marshall

    Glen, I have been saying for years that we are electing men (and women) who dont understand that we want them to stand for what we believe but at the end of the day, work out an unhappy handshake. Make both sides miserable to keep “We the people” happy with a working government. Bring back the unhappy handshake.

  • disqusit

    If Glenn can come out and not necessarily explain his ‘mistake’ of (or more likely just unknown reason for) firing Wilkow, but just explain or give a brief statement to his audience why one of our favorite and popular hosts was terminated, I will hold onto what he is claiming in the past and his recent claims of recognizing differences, accepting things, and finding ways to move forward. The importance of being a man, seeking the truth, being transparent, etc.

    Otherwise, I am not just spouting garbage as a Wilkow fan, I am actually way more upset that Glenn pulled – consciously or unconsciously – a mainstream media tactic of letting Wilkow go right before a holiday weekend, without comment or notice, without the chance for a goodbye to the fans (that was left for the record anyway. That day is not available so I don’t know), and Andrew took the high road holding no ill will and won’t go into detail which I would expect and is the professional thing to do.

    It just reeks of hiding information. Keeping something important from the body of supporters that are ‘helping to build this network’. I don’t want to be a part of something that is turning into yet another behemoth that keeps things from its base, shoves things under the rug, and refuses to address them.

    I hope I understand Glenn correctly and if people stop and read through all the comments in response to this post – you should realize to yourself that he’s actually right. People are starting out by ranting yea or nea, then after brief discussions with one another… beginning to talk and agree to disagree or even find a little common ground. Yes, it is possible we could very well pull this off if we work together. Will we? Time will tell. Especially if people like Glenn actually lead by example and not just by words. You have the ears of millions while we have the words of the few around us. That’s a lot of influence and understandably a heavy weight of responsibility, but the mantle that you have chosen.

    Anyway, /wall of text
    Take care all and I hope you had a safe and welcoming Independence Day!.

    • Anonymous

      He FIRED him?

      • disqusit

        Well I guess you could say ‘let go’ or ‘severed contract’ or whatever the proper terminology would be until such time as Glenn could actually clarify some details for us. However yes, Mr. Wilkow made it very clear that although he holds no ill will, he will do whatever it takes to get back on TV, etc, etc. which leads one to believe it was definitely not his choice.
        That’s the reason this stinks to high Heaven… if it was simply a matter of ratings, something done/said, a disagreement, well ok fine then – just say so and let everyone move on. Don’t just can a member of TheBlaze family we’ve all grown to care about, especially in a seemingly back-door snarky way, and expect us to just be fine with that. This company is supposed to be better than that.

        • Anonymous

          Glenn has been pretty “stinky”lately. Certainly NOT the 1st time he’s treated his subscribers with disdain.

        • PeterMoss

          Glenn may be trying to save up for what’s coming after the defamation case is settled.

        • zemla

          Beck often mentioned how much his wife liked wilkow…

  • Rich Glaser

    Glen don’t get weak kneed on us. You have nothing to be sorry about. 8/28 was one of the best experiences in my life. No one get it right all the time your only human. You speak from your heart and your a really good person. You might not like it but your more like George Washington then you realize. There are allot of people that look up to you and I am one of them. I pray that God gives you the inner strength to carry on with every you decide to do. Our country needs you. You are a good and courageous decent man and the world is a better place having you in it. God bless you and your family and the Blaze

    • PeterMoss

      Do good, courageous decent men promulgate insidious conspiracy theories that cause harm to innocent young people just starting out in life?

  • Terri Slomkowski

    Thank You Glenn. It all breaks my heart that the U.S. has come to this in our lifetime (or any lifetime) I am very afraid.

  • sandyg

    Carolinelouise well said!

  • Bob Gadient

    beck’s continued journey to the center is sad and hard to watch. too late will he learn that conceding points to the enemy in order to gain their approval will only get him lip-service from their gods of the copyright headings. when he runs out of situations of “being wrong” and looks for the left to make concessions, we will be swallowed up and spit out. it’s fine to admit when you are wrong. he’s done it in the past. now he appears to be playing a game of “you show me yours and i’ll show you mine.” i already know what “theirs” looks like. none for me, thanks.

    • Debbie

      Good point!!

  • Chris Layton

    Glenn you are such a hopeless globalist.
    You proceed from the viewpoint that you know what’s best for us.
    You don’t.
    You treat your audience like an abusive father who beats his children saying “It’s ok, I know this may hurt but it hurts me more than it does you and it’s for your own good”
    When individuals choose to remain individuals, they choose wrong is your mantra. Let them be like Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi you trumpet across the broadband.
    I’ll choose just to be as I was designed to be, me, an American, an individual, not part of the crowd but a voice no less.
    Will the mobs of Rome silence the individual?
    Will LGBTV shame the minority who don’t join hands with the world?
    God can hear and answer one man’s prayers because in Heaven, there is no democracy, no popular vote, no multiculturalism.
    Only one king, one standard, one way.

    • Debbie

      I agree. I don’t know what is happening with Glenn. I know he want to bring people together, but that does not mean you should keep saying I’m sorry. I sometimes wonder who is the real Glenn and I’m a supporter but I’m starting to question who he really is!!!

      • Guest

        I’ve wondered the same thing.

      • Chris Layton

        I’ve wondered the same thing.
        Uniting ourselves with everyone goes against the divine attribute of enmity that God placed in Adam and Eve’s children.
        I love the United States and I love the freedom for every individual to choose their own destiny.
        I think that people who shame others into believing that we have to be unified to all walks of life really do us a great disservice.

      • PeterMoss

        Bundy Ranch affair and the defamation lawsuit over the false accusations against a college kids. That’s all you need to understand to figure out GlennBeck2.0.

        • zemla

          I’ll say, someone needs to tie up all the clips of beck and jones sniping at each other during the bundy ranch media money machine….that was some very fun radio

  • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

    Yes, this conflict is over The Truth … and whether we are living in its light, or in the headlight beams of someone who, to paraphrase Adam Savage, rejects that reality and seeks to substitute their own.

    And you don’t always get The Truth, by taking the average of everyone’s opinions and calling it “the center”.

    You get it, by being intellectually honest.

    And being a responsible adult, means NOT allowing those you deal with to get away with intellectual dishonesty … let alone an ends-justifies-the-means relativism being viewed as a feature and not a bug … even if it means getting unpleasant about it.

    Civility in response to intellectual dishonesty is counterproductive in the defense of liberty. Glenn, you will not get the civil discourse you seek, until ALL sides return to intellectual honesty in their pursuit of the truth.

  • Betty

    I accept the challenge. Let’s look for some common thread that unites us instead of dividing. We are an angry nation of people who no longer tolerates or worse respects a difference of opinions. It has become a shouting match and unfortunately too many Americans have put on mufflers to deaden the sound. Let’s try removing the logs one at a time.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ritchietheriveter Ritchie The Riveter

    Now, a little intellectual honesty on my part:

    When it comes to Iraq … we know what it takes to establish sustainable peace: the replacement of tyranny with rights-respecting governance. We were on our way to establishing that in Iraq (with the support of millions of Iraqis), only to have Progressive politics and the associated myopic ideology poison the process and cause us to pull up short … allowing the political weasels, terrorists, Iran and Syria to gum up the works as before.

    When it comes to the PATRIOT Act … as originally proposed, it was a prudent countermeasure to bring our intelligence and law-enforcement resources up to the point they could keep up with a tech-savvy enemy. It was when we went into spying on American citizens in order to mine data that the problems started, and yes – that can be laid at the feet of the Bush Administration AND the Obama Administration.

    When it comes to drones … they are a legitimate tool of war, though they may have been used in less than prudent ways. And an American citizen who, in clearly evident ways, joins with terrorists on foreign soil comes under “enemies, foreign and domestic” and is a legitimate target … trial or no trial. OTOH, posse comitatus prohibits the military from using them on our soil, outside of war upon that soil … and their use by law-enforcement agencies must put our rights to life, liberty, and privacy first.

    When it comes to the GOP … they and the Dems are the vanguard of a professional/political complex that puts its care-and-feeding at top priority, and are willing to use/fold/spindle/mutilate the rule of law, the Constitution, and even the self-evident truths within the Declaration of Independence to enhance said care-and-feeding, even at the detriment of our lives, our liberty, and our ability to pursue happiness.

    And here’s my little confession … I wrongly kept silent about the GOP’s faults, in these areas and others (like profligate spending) because I prioritized the war effort and protecting it from Progressive erosion, over interdicting what the GOP was doing wrong … though even then, I did oppose Mr. Bush’s efforts to move us down the road towards illegal-alien amnesty, and I stand by that.

  • Kevin Kramer

    I have said it for almost 2 decades, we will never be a nation united until every politician with a “R” and a “D” behind their name out of office. How can this happen? Get the money backing corporations out of politics. The bad thing is, the R and D’s have already passed bills to try and make sure this never can happen. Unless we the people decide to unanimously vote them out. It’s about time this happens. For the last 14 years, the last 2 administrations had destroyed this country, and if you don’t realized the 2 had the same agenda in mind, you don’t fully understand the problem.

    • ryukidn

      That’s politics … it is but a mirror of the people. It is a symptom, not a cause. WE are the cause, and healing ourselves as a people will also cure our politics.

    • zemla

      Thank you for that last line

  • John Hokanson

    I have had to pull away from the news of the day because I internalize to much of the contention that is caused by exploiting the differences and opinions of today. at the beginning of this year our family suffered a tragedy that crossed the lines of these opinions and differences. One wonderful life was lost and others where put in jeopardy. To much time and emotion was spent on differences and lost was the love and common ground. In the wake of our loss has come a wave of unconditional love and concern that has spread far though out our family tree and to many friends. There where and are many in that number that are suffering from their own trials or hardships. We have found that the love we have one for another was stronger than the differences that are between us. Healing has began as we have set aside opinions and differences and connected with the love and concern that we all have for each other. The messages that I have heard from you as of late has given me hope that on a community level there can be things that bring people together in spite differences or opinions. We are all different but there is much important common ground that is lost in the fight. You will most likely have a bigger target on your back for pushing for common ground. Please don’t stop. As my family and friends needs the healing that we get by coming together our nation needs the healing we can get from caring for each other and building on common ground.

  • Kim Didier

    Obama’s plan is, and has always been, to divide this people, first, then to conquer. Glenn is absolutely right. We need to stop the division, NOW. Stop this sick man and his cohorts, who have been pushing this agenda with the sole purpose of crushing this country, dead in their tracks and come together as a country, as a people, as children (brothers and sisters) of an almighty God. There will be those who are not willing to “come together”, mainly because they enjoy and thrive on the chaos, the hate, and the evil. Those people are very few and far between. I believe that most Americans want peace, want happiness, enjoy their freedom, and want to just “get along.” That is why so many have buried their heads in the sand. What is going on in this country is too scary, too horrific, and too (quite frankly) unbelievable to listen to and even begin to process, for a good portion of our brothers and sisters. We have fallen into this evil trap of division and fear. United we stand, divided we fall. Obama knows that, and he is counting on it. I honestly believe that MOST of the scandals that have occurred are MEANT TO BE DISCOVERED. They didn’t just, ooooops, come out. These scandals instill anger, discord, and fear in those who have a conscience, an understanding of their severity, and a realization of the consequences of the non-action of those in “power” to remedy them. This administration has some of us shaking in fear, a lot of us shaking our fists in anger, and the rest of us (who believe in a Divine plan) saying, “I wish the Lord would just come and wipe this guy off the face of the earth and end his evil reign of terror.” :) If we all came together, as brothers and sisters, and showed this man that we will NOT be divided by fear, hate, race-baiting, religion-bashing, social status-slamming, or any other “category” that he will try to divide us on, that is when we can start working together to piece this country back together. We are a nation divided, and, until we can fix that, hate and evil will continue to prosper and will, eventually, win.

  • Mike Maroon

    I think the key is this ” Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men.” – Philippians 2:3-7 This America of our has become so narcissistic, it’s tough for any of us to see beyond the end of our own noses. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, we should point at ourselves. How can I change? How can I reach out and mend a fence? Until that happens, the cold civil war has no chance of ending.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when?

    Remmeber when we all came together after 9-11? i can recall that day and the days after so clearly….. No one was a democrat and no one was a republican. We were all Americans, united. There were no red states. There were no blue states. Only the red white and blue of our flag, were the colors we saw on those days afterward. God, I sometimes despise these party names, democrats and republicans. They are designed to divide us! Why can’t there be ONE party? The “American Party,” and everyone who wants to run for the presidency, runs. And you can then figure out some kind of run-off with the top 2 or 3….. I hate these party divisions. They are tearing us apart….But more importantly, I sometimes wonder, will it take another 9-11 or worse, God forbid, to being us all together again? Is THIS what we need to make us stop fighting each other?

    I often think in the end what God will say of us…. Perhaps it will go something like this… “You bickered and fought each other, and tore each other apart in the end. You almost seemed to enjoy the fight with each other at times, and your anger destroyed you both in the end….
    Yet, I saw your inner beauty and love and strength. —- “When your fellow countrymen lay hurt, scared, injured or dying, that is what brought out the best in you. You went to save him. You crossed frozen rivers, faced gun shots in war, and climbed up through a burning towering inferno, to save your fellow countrymen….You asked not whether he was a democrat or republican then, liberal or conservative. He was your fellow countrymen, and you risked your own life to save another….You came together when you had to, which showed me you are capable of this, and showed me that every one of you have such great hearts…. The latter is how I made you, and what made you so great.”

    I cannot speak for Glenn Beck, but maybe this is what he is trying to say. Choose the latter. Choose to be the great Americans you are, and come together. Think of every day, as the day after 9-11, and we will make it.

    • ryukidn

      That’s exactly it … they have divided us along every conceivable demographic, creating multicultural pods of groupthink & hatred. We have to come together to defeat this evil.

  • Sue

    Jared encourage your family and friends to see the movie “America” to receive an education about the exceptionalism of our wonderful country from it’s birth to current day. Beautifully done with both sides of issues represented including but not limited to Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayres. It gave me historical facts to counter those who are influenced by the main stream media into believing our country is not exceptional but a country of greed and war…the audience applauded the movie, what a great feeling to be in a movie theatre surrounded by fellow patriots.

  • Debbie

    Glenn not sure what is becoming of you, but I hope pray that you stay true to who you really are. It’s OK to bring people together but if you keep on saying you are sorry and you were wrong then it makes one think who are you really!! Until others come out and say what they did or said was wrong and they are sorry we are not going to be untied. I don’t know what is going on in your life, but if you keep straying away from who you presented to your supporters of being, you are going to lose a lot of them. You may not care but in the end you will, but I know you care. I have been a supporter of yours for awhile. If you stray from your principles, values, and morals you will lose this supporter. This journey cannot be one sided!! May Yeshua bless and keep you. Love, Debbie

  • Amber Schanck

    “by the martial tones of our National Anthems which pealed cheerily on the air, and made the welkin ring; recalling the past not only, but as if declaring with a silent but actual eloquence, that “peace hath her victories as well as war, ” and that the present was fulfilling, at least in part, the trust which the past had bequeathed her, presenting in the regalia of moral and philanthropic associations, in the emblems of genius and industry, in the signs of civic worth and wealth, in the implements of honest labor, in the marshalled bands of those prepared upon “occasion quick,” to battle the devouring element, and in the serried ranks of citizen soldiery, only waiting the drum-call to action to vindicate their country’s honor or defend its shrines, thus evidencing the glories of the present, thus producing to view the ties which bind the people together in social and civil compact, thus telling of the past and teaching of the present, and (as we shall presently observe) prophesying of the future, did the procession of that day move as “a voice walking,” proclaiming through the streets in mighty diapason, in blended and harmonious tone, that however the ship of state may at times drift from her moorings, the broad pennant of her first commander is never to be taken from the mast-head, that however we may be split by faction, however distracted by partisan policies, or even torn by disunion itself, however sunken from the high standard of political virtue, the noble patriotism which distinguished the natal period and early years of the Republic, that despite all the influences of these degenerate days, the memory of Washington is never to fade, the love for the Father of our Country is never to grow cold in the hearts of the people.” Doctor Noah Hunt Schenck, Feb. 22nd 1861

  • Anonymous

    Nice speech. Another lecture from the man of God telling us how to behave. How convenient of you Glenn, to be able to carry such a huge fan base from FOX to your new venture, only to abandon them in pursuit of your new “journey”. More everyday your message to your listeners is… forget it… I was wrong… just bend over and comply … after all, who could argue with the love thy neighbor speech? And while we are surrounded by deceit, tyranny, sedition and scandal … on what could very well be our last Independence Day… you are on vacation.. hope you enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous

    Very wise words, Glenn. It’s too late. This has gone beyond brother vs. brother and into the latter day prophesies. It’s between the Godly and godless now, no going back – no coming together.

    • PeterMoss

      Delusion is your real enemy.

  • Dale Means

    It all sounds nice but when you are dealing with Satan only a revolution will save this country. This country is past saving, liberals didn’t win they just destroyed the country and themselves.

    • ryukidn

      Let’s pray we don’t have to have a war. satan would LOVE to have us all in the streets in a loud, vulgar, bloody, horrible war … gunning each other down, leaving piles of bloody dead American bodies in our streets, blowing up our country … OH YEAH, satan would LOVE that! It would play right into his hands …

      We cannot defeat satan via revolution. The revolution is satan’s success. The only thing that pushes back the darkness is light … and, the only thing that defeats hate is love,

  • Kent

    Glenn, I was there at this event with my family and I want to thank you for your words. Your short 10 minute speech was a tremendous addition to our 4th of July celebration and I thank you for taking the time to come and address us here in Logan. I’m glad that you did not give any time to the local paper…”The Logan Liar.” Because it swings to the left, you would have been portrayed badly. My family and I were giving you a standing ovation because we wanted you to know how much we appreciated your words of America. I can only hope that you heard us. Thank you for being a great patriot. You are welcome back here in Logan any time.

  • Debra Oneil

    so, tell me then…. does God believe in prosecution of crimes? because this “situation” has gone far beyond mere words. Sticks and stone have been and are being thrown! do we then just say “I forgive you” to lois lerner and her bunch? they persecuted, with impunity, american citizens for their ideology! some they actually did irreparable harm! Does the bible not teach.. (google it) “God shall by no means allow the guilty to go free” Is God the same yesterday today and always? well, then how do you ask we follow the “Un Godly” path ? do you believe that we should allow election fraud to stand? should we allow our leaders , left and right, to violate their oaths of office; or do you still believe those positions are sacred trusts? I’m sorry glenn… but your moral compass is not pointing true north… you have slipped toward anarchy. you now advocate for the blanket acquittal of actual criminals, under some false guilt we are supposed to adopt, because of a bit of name calling. the scale by which ye measure …. is off. we stand in truth, prosecuting those who persecute… and you stand and say he who is without sin cast the first stone. I say the message is lost, because those to whom you speak, in a relative sense, CAN cast the first stone… only they do not… they seek justice of by from and for the offices of the nation we hold dear, and the values on which she was founded… with liberty and justice for all. all being the rich the poor the powerful the meek the old the young the left the right… ALL. God is no respecter of persons… why do you now ask clemency for those who have attacked average citizens for their views… and I mean with real monetarily verifiable damage? either you have lost your sense of right and wrong… or they have something on you. If it be the latter, then you need to fess up, so they cannot stop you from your intent to save this nation… if your own reputation be a false face… then you are not the man God will allow to do this. its simple… which path do you choose?

    • Chris Layton


    • ryukidn

      What you’re referencing is politicians’ crimes. That’s not the arena that Glenn is working in now. When he is talking about uniting the country, he is talking about WeThePeople.

      We all know the gov’t is not a solution for … well, much of anything, really. If we have any hope of saving any semblance of freedom, it is ONLY through God’s divine intervention. And, WE are God’s intervention. It is up to us to connect with our friends & neighbors, and begin to repair our fractured nation, one person, one neighborhood, one city at a time.

      What Glenn is saying is that we are responsible for restoring our relationships, and restoring the character of our nation as a melting pot ~ ONE nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty & justice for all.

  • Linda Hardman Corn

    Thank you Glen Beck for your honesty, humility, and your knowledge of the ways of our Heavenly Father. He sent each of us who wanted to follow Jesus Christ, to earth, to learn of Him and and to strive to be like Him. He knew we would have struggles here, but He provided a way for us to overcome those by giving us commandments to follow. It is up to each of us to embrace those commandments so be can be happy while we sojourn here on earth. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF….LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.We cannot move forward in a positive way less we follow those loving commandments. No matter what our brothers and sisters think, believe, do…we need to love each other and work together to UNITE AS AMERICANS if we want to remain a FREE NATION!!

    • Debra Oneil

      he also did what was right, and told the pharisees they were a bunch of jackbooted thugs! but in much harsher words than I just used… that IS love.

      • Chris Layton

        That’s right. It’s why they were all offended at His words, but it doesn’t matter. He came to teach the truth. In America, we don’t have a guaranteed right to not be offended.

  • Debra Oneil

    come out and be ye separate… a peculiar people… come out of her lest you partake of her plagues. .. do not even eat with ones such as these. sometimes God asks us to be set apart.

  • Anonymous

    While I have never agreed with you on anything in the past I do agree on your recent attempt to try and get people with opposing viewpoints and religions to come together to fix our broken system. But you can see by the reaction of yours and hannity’s fans. that they do not want to solve problems they only want to throw hateful comments at liberals. THIS IS YOUR DOING. You and Hannity and rush and levin, etc have created monsters that follow you. You can see by their response to your article, they do not want to part of your peace and tommorrow you too will be bashing someone you don/t agree with. If you are really the religious man you claim to be. you should spend every hour of everyday asking forgiveness from God, and please someone take his mic away,

    • Debra Oneil

      … “here’s your sign” :) that white flag works well, huh Glenn. now..are you hip to what Christ said about shakin the dust off your sandals? this is the closest to grace these folks come… and you think they will believe in smaller government, lower taxes, less give aways? hahahaha they dismiss targeting of americans by the irs (then fbi epa and the rest of the alphabet soup) then call us monsters! lol. its like waving a white flag at al queda… and if you can’t recite the quaran, they behead you! you really don’t get it do you?

    • PeterMoss

      BULLSEYE! thanks for the laugh! This is Glenn’s doing. His chickens have come home to roost.

  • Lynette Downs Walker

    As a life long resident of this community, my husband and I would like to welcome you and your family. We are so pleased that you chose here, to make your retreat ranch. We listen to your program and admire you for the messages you give, with hope that one day the majority will understand how much you love this country.

    • PeterMoss

      Glenn already had a retreat ranch in Texas and was telling everyone to move to Texas. Now he buys yet another retreat ranch in Idaho.

      • zemla

        Yeah,duh, that’s what rich famous people do. I think chappalle has one out there too

        • PeterMoss

          Yep. Spend it while you still have it Glenn. The July 29th decision approaches.

  • http://theconservativeerudite.blogspot.com/ Conservative Erudite

    as i scroll through the comments, i have become relatively speechless, but i’m going to try and put words in my mouth to express my emotions:what glenn said was, i believe, correct, and i think a lot of people are missing the point. yes, crimes must be atoned for. yes, the split between the right and left has become greater than any split since the civil war era.

    but there are also times when you need to put the needs of this great nation above your own wanting revenge. let God do all the ‘revenge.’ honestly, we’re only people, so let God judge, right? after all, all these crimes these people are committing, they’re really against God, and he will judge, whether he does it now or later.

    instead, we need to seek peace. stop talking about how we need to hate people and start talking about how we can come back together. if we have another civil war, God forbid, i cannot tell you how much national regret america will feel. so let’s think ahead; lets try to spread the truth, and teach through love, not by swearing at them and telling them how doomed they are making america.

    truth is a constant thing that will always be accepted, but it’s the way the truth is portrayed that determines if it will be accepted. remember we are not fighting our enemies; we are not fighting Al Qaeda. we’re fighting our neighbors, and it doesn’t need to be that way. lets instead teach them, preach truth and they will accept it. perhaps, then, and only then, america will indeed be saved.

  • Daniel Halverson


  • Chris Layton

    I think Glenn should explain why he fired Andrew Wilkow.
    Maybe Wilkow should join up with Alex Jones’ Infowars channel.
    That way, The Blaze can go the way of Liberty Treehouse and Disney which is great for children and the adults can move over to something more relevant.

    • zemla

      I would assume they’ve talked, but jones is even more of a…..”manager” then beck, so I’m not sure that’ll work out

  • nearboston

    All that Beck left out was cuddly puppies, unicorns, and bunny farts.

    IMHO he missed the mark completely. We need to return to being The united Sovereign States.
    The Federal government has gotten too: big/intrusive/wasteful/powerful…..

  • http://robinville.com Robin Ann Stamm Walker

    Well said! as one who sees these things in the daily life of my own family. I am grateful to you for being able to bring the thing that NEEDS to be said to the people. Thank you for all your words, and for sharing the words of our Heavenly Father and our for fathers with us once more.

  • Teslanedison

    The movie America that is in theaters right now really speaks to the current situation and administration. Having values and being honest considerate, of others, and using biblically common sense values would be smart, also making friends with as many neighbors as possible where common values allow.

  • Viking King Eleven

    That would be a high possibility if The Blaze was an actually news organization.

    Instead we are left with a blogging empire that repeats approved AP and Reuters news and distracts the public with old viral videos and meaningless garbage reporting.

    Instead we are left with basement bloggers that will not cover government corruption or single out politicians or news media officials by name who participate in organized crime, treason and provide the material support of terrorism.

    Instead we are left with an Amazing American who has cowered in the face of danger to protect american communists, socialists, dictators and murderers with the mantra “we must have common ground.”

    Instead we are left with American citizens screaming about corruption while The Blaze ignores their voices and heaps distraction news in every direction like a flaming pile of terd monkeys.


    • zemla

      Yeah see, right??? These guys just pull articles from the same “main stream media” that everyone cries about and then talk about how they feel……I mean, gosh, just be open about being “pundits” already

  • Larry J Crapo

    MATTHEW 24:9 A-MEN

  • Larry J Crapo


  • Dano

    We all need to call our congressmen senators, governors, Federal court judges, any representatives we can to help governor Perry and his plight over the boarder. Perry is asking for help and the rest of the country feels helpless except the rest of the country needs to be organized to do the passive resistence, take them to court. Phone calls, a few traffic jams in Washington dc on the beltway, anything to to get attention of “We the people”. Maybe some sit ins on steps of congress and federal courts. The federal government is letting the people down. tons of people need to be organized. Where are our leaders to get us organized. Everyone is talking, Glen Beck is getting rich, I like what he says, Demos are getting rich, I don’t like this, and no body says go do this to stop this. I’m sorry I have given up on my vote it doesn’t work anymore. Tell me to call this person or drive your car to this state to stop activity until they protect our boarders we need real leaders. We more direct action on the boarder and at some of these elections, at supreme court, we need direction not a lot of talk… We need to immediately help governor Perry not let the Demos throw him down the Rio Grand. It is now or never, what good does it do to keep talking about it.

  • Anonymous

    And it will be elements of the lunatic fringe Teabaggers that will start the killing.
    Glenn needs to try just a little harder. Stoke the paranoia, stroke it good at which I imagine he’s very good. Just push a few crazoids over the edge. And he’s the person to do it. Ever lived in a city under martial law. I mean real martial, with the 101st airborne patrolling the streets with fixed bayonets and shot to kill on sight.
    That’s what he’s trying to start. And there are enough crazy paranoid followers to do just that.

  • IT 2 IT 1234

    and current OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION
    ———————————– – – -ALLLL other concerns.

    Franchise slum enmeshments will NOT SAVE US!

  • PeterMoss

    The record is clear. Mr. Beck preached fear and division for years and made hundreds of millions of dollars from it. Last March he finally got called out for his fear mongering and now has a defamation lawsuit to face. Glenn has always been fond of “connecting the dots.” Does anyone else see a a picture emerging here? One that shows Glenn Beck struggling to change his image after the Bundy Ranch affair and the defamation lawsuit, perhaps in an effort to protect his fortune.

    • not a liberal

      It must suck to be filled with so much envy and jealousy. Work on your on life, you have a lot of work to do.

      • PeterMoss

        I wouldn’t know not a lib:) I live better than Glenn does, For instance, I don’t need a security team to protect me (at least not yet), so your conclusion has no merit. My point however, still stands. Glenn is finally being forced to take responsibility for his out-of-control circus of fear, delusion and paranoia. Justice is something you should embrace if you’re a fair-minded reasonable person. Why so angry at the messenger?

  • WASP

    If, as a collective, want what America once was, a group of like minded states will have to secede and those who wish to establish that will have to relocate. It has to contain at least one state with a viable port, which rules out the western states. Although Northern California wishes to create its own state, then that would be viable.

    Generally speaking this generation is in “the fourth turning”, Strauss and Howe are studied scholars that have studied indepth the Anglo societies during the past 500 years and have found, in every instance, the below to be true and an unwaiverable pattern. http://www.lifecourse.com/about/method/the-four-turnings.html

    Below is a description of each of the four turnings, including which generational archetype fills each phase of life during that type of era. We also note which generation came of age during the most recent example of each turning, and how it contributed to that era’s mood. The descriptions refer to a
    four-phase model of social change devised by the famous sociologist
    Talcott Parsons, who hypothesized that society moves into a new phase
    every time the availability or demand for social order rises or falls.

    First Turning

    The First Turning is a High. Old Prophets die, Nomads enter
    elderhood, Heroes enter midlife, Artists enter young adulthood—and a new
    generation of Prophets is born. This is an era when institutions are
    strong and individualism is weak. Society is confident about where it
    wants to go collectively, even if those outside the majoritarian center
    feel stifled by the conformity. America’s most recent First Turning was
    the post-World War II American High, beginning in 1946 and ending with the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963, a key lifecycle marker for today’s older Americans. Coming of age during this High was the Artist archetype Silent Generation (born 1925 to 1942). Known for their caution, conformity, and
    institutional trust, Silent young adults embodied the ethos of the High.
    Most married early, sought stable corporate jobs, and slipped quietly
    into America’s gleaming new suburbs.

    In Parsons’ terms, a First Turning is an era in
    which both the availability of social order and the demand for social
    order are high. Examples of earlier First Turnings include the
    post-Civil War Reconstruction Era, sometimes called the Victorian High of industrial growth and stable families, and the post-Constitution Era of Good Feelings, when Thomas Jefferson celebrated the advance of science and empire.

    Second Turning

    The Second Turning is an Awakening. Old Nomads die, Heroes enter elderhood, Artists enter midlife, Prophets enter young adulthood—and a new generation of child Nomads is born. This is an era when institutions are attacked in the name of personal and spiritual autonomy. Just when society is reaching its high tide of public progress, people suddenly tire of social discipline and want to recapture a sense of personal authenticity. Young activists and spiritualists look back at the previous High as an era of cultural poverty. America’s most recent Awakening was the “Consciousness Revolution,” which spanned from the campus and inner-city revolts of the mid 1960s to the tax revolts of the early ‘80s. Coming of age during this Awakening was the Prophet archetype Boom Generation (born 1943 to 1960), whose passionate idealism and search for authentic self-expression epitomized the mood of the era.

    In Parsons’ terms, a Second Turning is an era in which the availability of social order is high, but the demand for such order is low. Examples of earlier Second Turnings include the Third Great Awakening around 1900, marked by labor protests, Billy Sunday evangelicals, and “new woman” feminists, and the Transcendental Awakening, which Henry David Thoreau described as a period “when we have lost the world…and begin to find ourselves.”

    Third Turning

    The Third Turning is an Unraveling. Old Heroes die, Artists enter elderhood, Prophets enter midlife, Nomads enter young adulthood—and a new generation of child Heroes is born. The mood of this era is in many ways the opposite of a High. Institutions are weak and distrusted, while individualism is strong and flourishing. Highs follow Crises, which teach the lesson that society must coalesce and build.
    Unravelings follow Awakenings, which teach the lesson that society must
    atomize and enjoy. America’s most recent Unraveling was the Long Boom and Culture Wars, beginning in the early 1980s and probably ending in 2008. The era
    opened with triumphant “Morning in America” individualism and drifted toward a pervasive distrust of institutions and leaders, an edgy popular culture, and the splitting of national consensus into competing “values” camps. Coming of age during this Unraveling was the Nomad archetype Generation X (born 1961-1981), whose pragmatic, free-agent persona and Survivor-style self-testing have embodied the mood of the era.

    In Parsons’ terms, a Third Turning is an era in which both the availability of social order and the demand for such order are low. Examples of earlier Unravelings include the periods around the “roaring” 1920s of Prohibition, the Mexican War in the 1850s, and the French and Indian Wars in the 1760s. These were all periods of cynicism and bad manners, when civic authority felt weak, social disorder felt pervasive, and the culture felt exhausted.

    Fourth Turning

    The Fourth Turning is a Crisis. Old Artists die, Prophets enter elderhood, Nomads enter midlife, Heroes enter young adulthood—and a new generation of child Artists is born. This is an era in which America’s institutional life is torn down and rebuilt from the ground up—always in response to a perceived threat to the nation’s very survival. Civic authority revives, cultural expression finds a community purpose, and people begin to locate themselves as members of a larger group. In every instance, Fourth Turnings have eventually become new
    “founding moments” in America’s history, refreshing and redefining the national identity. America’s most recent Fourth Turning began with the stock market crash of 1929 and climaxed with World War II. The generation that came of age during this Fourth Turning was the Hero archetype G.I. Generation
    (born 1901 to 1924), whose collective spirit and can-do optimism epitomized the mood of the era. Today’s Hero archetype youth, the Millennial Generation
    (born 1982 to 2004) show many traits similar to those of the G.I. youth, including rising civic engagement, improving behavior, and collective confidence.

    In Parsons’ terms, a Fourth Turning is an era in which the availability of social order is low, but the demand for such order is high. Examples of earlier Fourth Turnings include the Civil War in the 1860s and the American Revolution in the 1770s—both periods of momentous crisis, when the identity of the nation hung in the balance.

    • Anonymous

      What happened in the 1860s established a precedent that states cannot leave the union once in.
      There is a mechanism in the Constitution where states can amend the Constitution without the national government. (Article 5) It is in there so the states can assert themselves should the national government get out of control. States should give that a try before seceding.

      • WASP

        We all became slaves, all became “citizens” of D.C. (District of Isis), the era of the golden noose wrapped admiralty flag, statutory law, and an ever growing, monolithic federal govt.

        Leave the legaleeze to the letch jew slave masters who created it, we will hang them with it. Our mechanism is cival war 2. Ghandhi, MLK doctrines may work for slaves, but not for anglo-saxons. My blood runs chillingly cold these days, I’m not alone.

        Seeing a group of dirty, diseased human rats walking along side the highways has just about put me over the edge. If I was not Christian there would have been extreme roadkill, and they are not to blame. We are. Why? We have allowed the abomination in D.C. to grow. Not having the stomach for outright KILLING the traitors. So it is what it it. Obama should be rotting in an unmarked grave, along with 95 percent of congress, nearly all federal judges, most of the military brass, in fact just nuke D.C. alltogether. Turn it into a wasteland where only demons and devil inhabit for 10,000 years.

  • WASP

    By the way Mormons believe in a “White Horse Prophecy”. Romney is thought of as that man, he himself believes this, being 7th generation of an original Mormon “apostle”. Saving the constitution that is hanging on by a thread and establishing D.C. as God’s eternal seat on Earth. He will be the GOP nominee with the full weight of the LDS behind him, the LDS throwing all that they have into the ring, a do or die situation. I think Beck thinks himself as “mr white horse” as he is in the fight to save the constitution himself. Beck has a differant agenda from what most listeners assume.

    He is a Mormon and his Jesus Christ is not the same Jesus Christ that died for our sins. His “Jesus” is a brother of “Satan” birthed on a planet circling star “Kolob” where “god” has eternal celestial sex birthing the souls that inhabit humans. They believe God himself was once a mere mortal man and that all Mormons will eventually reach “godhood” and birth their own spiritual children and rule their own planets.


    • not a liberal

      you are sick

      • WASP

        Mormonism is sick, everything I posted is factual, EVERYTHING

        We will have the choice in 2016 of a delusional Mormon cultist who believes he is ordained by a deity that is circling “Kolob” to fulfill his cults destiny or a communist cvnt who wants to plunge America further into communism. We are doomed either way. As both are GODLESS destinies. To think of a mormon as a Christian is to believe the Rev 2:9 & 3:9 “jew” as “gods chosen”, and judaism is Hebrewism of the Old Testament. Most of Becks looney tunes judaised followers believe in all three of those falsehoods.

        Beck is a Judas goat, wake up , we are all being lied too. Beck is part of the JewStreamMedia / TalmudVision cult of lies. The “truth lives here” along with the leaven of Herod. If he would do an expose on Mormonism and go into that cults false , TWISTED beliefs his viewership would plummet. The jews running the JSM will put a prophet of the Spaghetti Monster cult out in the national limelight next to detract Jacob/Israel from the inevitable destiny of Obadiah 1:18. I mean why the hell not, they believe in “god” too so they must be christian just like beck.

        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FOR MR BECK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Explain to the viewership how Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers and how “god” had sex with his wife birthing both Jesus and Satan and how they competed to be “god” of planet Earth. Run that twisted belief up the flag pole and lets see who salutes. Cat got your toungue, eh mr blechhhh ?

  • http://www.timothyburns.com/ Timothy Burns

    Glenn, I believe with all my heart that we will see armed conflict in American streets between govt forces and the people they are supposed to protect in my lifetime. I’m not talking race riots of the 60’s, The Govt has prepared, armed and supplied militia across the country. They are attempting to co-opt preachers to teach Romans 13, and at the same time they are actively “poking the box” while working toward economic collapse. No other outcome is possible.

  • linreis

    it must start somewhere, with someone…say I, say aye.

  • Mustapha-bin

    I thought a city is defined by having a cathedral.

    The UK has, for centuries, regulated which settlements can title themselves a city. Under Henry VIII, the presence of a diocesan cathedral was usually enough to guarantee the claim. Size didn’t matter so much as the exercise of power – spiritual or temporal.

  • PeterMoss

    Here’s the perfect music to go with what Glenn wrote above.

  • Vince Fox

    The Civil War was over “State’s Rights”. And so will be the next one. But instead of North vs. South, it will likely be Urban vs. Rural.

    • Chas Jones

      You over simplify the causes of our “Civil War.” It was about many things. But essentially it was about the Lawless seeking to preserve slavery by any means necessary.

      Our constitution was written to become our supreme federal or national Law. It was to allow us to peacefully decide questions and issues that might otherwise incite folks to war and arms.

      We must return to our constitutions [as originally adopted and originally amended] under the Rule of Valid Law if we are to settle our differences peacefully.

      If however, the lawless demand defeat, we the Law Abiding must be willing to Fight and Defend that which our Founding Father’s bequeathed to us, their posterity!

  • Chas Jones

    Glenn and Folks,

    I can and Do forgive Glenn. However, forgiveness alone does not end division nor Unite U.S.

    All our Citizens are “Americans.” However, just as it was during both our War for Independence and Civil war, we are not United. I agree with Glenn that we must honestly find where we may agree, and where our views touch fundamental Truths and we disagree, we must learn to disagree with civility.

    But let us not kid one another. Many of our Citizens seek to undo or overthrow our Constitutions, Rule of Valid Law, and to erase our Creator-Endowed unalienable Rights. One side in this “conflict” is seeking to “fight” Lawfully and constitutionally. The other side is seeking victory “by any means necessary!”

    Our very Liberty and Lives are at stake. If the side fighting lawfully and constitutionally may prevail, Thank and Praise God!

    However, if Lawful and Constitutional methods are thwarted and defeated by lawlessness … THEN and Only Then, Patriots will once again be forced to DEFEND our Liberty and Creator-Endowed Rights by Bearing Arms! As at Concord and Lexington, as at Fort Sumter … be sure to make “them, the lawless,” Fire The First Shot … and May God Declare “We the People” fire the final shot!

    I pray we may Agree Upon This!

  • Laddyboy

    To correct any Historian; the war between the states was NOT over slavery. The war was over States’ Rights. Slavery was brought into light late in the war by Abraham Lincoln, a Lawyer. He hoped the “freed” slaves would rise and fight their “owners”.
    To set the record straight, I disagree with Any and ALL slavery, both in the past and now in our time.

    • Chas Jones

      You are incorrect or mistaken Laddyboy. Slavery was vanishing over time as the Founders intended. Then the courts began joining those trying to prolong slavery through unconstitutional court rulings.

      Many southern States decided if Lincoln won the election war was the only response. It wasn’t only slavery, but slavery was a major factor.

  • don

    glen you are now taking in circles—are you for freedom or are you for the left?>left screw you

  • Fran

    I may be wrong but I believe that today’s politics boil down to one: good (God) v evil
    and All through history the good usually win…but much suffering and misunderstanding precedes that.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, your words have a lot of meaning, true meaning. The problem with the USA is that it does not live in truth, but by divisive lies. Both sides are guilty of the same lies by not fixing the problems that people want/need. Every election is full of promises to improve America, only promises to be broken for self-serving government. Your own government does not rule by the Constitution, rather by their own rules and laws. With so many broken laws that plague the country, the US today is nothing like the country that it was established. It is too late to fix things as most Americans live off each other and off the system that created it all. Yet, the division between republicans and democrats is like two enemies, both based on lies and deception. It is the quest for POWER and MONEY, all coming from Americans who have been brainwashed one way or the other. Most people don’t care to hear the truth, whether it comes from the government or from faith preachers, for even they are divided. Just like we see religious strife worldwide, the same exists in America.

    • TheBingeThinker

      Well, thank you! (You see if us Americans post things like that, then we are considered unpatriotic and stalked by Big Brother).

  • R G

    The Truth shall keep us free, IF it is delivered daily and widely. A nation of free people should maintain that freedom, because freedom lost may as well be time lost. How can it be recovered? The great issue with America is the corruption and/or failure of our education system. Propaganda doesn’t work on fact possessing people. Propaganda IS working to convince people short on facts that consistently failing, historic, ancient, oppressive collectivism is actually progress and better than liberty. People short on facts believe that our right to freedom of religion means not on public land. People short on facts believe that the founders were just a bunch of rich, barely religious, wealthy slaveholders who didn’t make any effort to end slavery or live in union with the native Americans. People short on facts believe that today’s Republicans are the pre civil war Democrats and that the parties switched places in the 60s even though Obama’s 2014 and Wilson’s 1914 ideology and agenda have strong continuity. The divide is between people short on facts supporting the Democrats and their agenda without understanding it and the ramifications of that vs people who do understand all the reasons that America and liberty are great and what losing them means. I have read that when you visit Monticello, there is a video that claims that Jefferson fathered Sally Heming’s children despite there being no such conclusion from the DNA test. I have visited Independence Hall and the presenter gave a very informative, lengthy & accurate report on what led to the Revolution, the Declaration and the Constitution before holding up the Constitution and saying that the framers made absolutely no effort to end slavery. How many people visit these places, sacred to the advancement of liberty and walk away with a negative view of the founders, the founding and the country? I recently visited Gettysburg. The theme they are running is “Gettysburg. America’s Common Ground”! Common Ground? What?!! It is the centerpiece of division in America! The National Constitution Center, Al Sharpton and Bill O’Reilly all say that the 3/5 clause calls slaves 3/5 of a man. That is only true until you READ IT! If we fix the delivery of the truth, we fix America. Without that, I see corruption, failure and fascistic socialism at the end of a short road to serfdom.

  • James Keir Baughman

    Glenn, I’d like you to tell me where you’ve been wrong, or purposely divisive. We watched you every day the Communists allowed you to have advertisers so you could be on TV. I never heard anything in which you were wrong. You have been the most “right” man in America in pointing out these Communists who are determined to destroy America. The South did NOT lose 260,000 of our men to defend slavery. We fought to defend against exactly what is happening now. We clearly saw it coming, even then. This is NOT a time to grow timid, weak, and mealy-mouthed. These Communists ARE determined to destroy what has made us the best in this world. Yes, I’ve known for a while how close to Civil War we are. But, real Americans are NOT causing it. The Communists are. Have you forgotten the Bolshevic revolution which destroyed Russia in 1917 and since has murdered 100 million innocent civilians? It’s here again. And it is the great grandsons of the same tiny group of people. They have loaded civilian agencies with millions of military rifles, bullets, and equipment meant for us. It is they who want to conquer America. It is either fight or become like Russian “slaves” with no freedom. If the Communists cannot see the astounding good in America, let’s get it on and get it over with.

    • Chas Jones

      And yet, “the south,” never freed their slaves and urged them to join the south in making war against the Union. Did they? You are pretty much correct in the rest of your comment.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you keep praising Lincoln. Why? He abandoned just war theory for total war theory. Do you even know what that means? No civilized country in centuries had used this evil way to wage a war until Lincoln came along.

  • Anonymous

    ARE YOU Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Fred

    We are not responsible for what others say,do,or think. When we stand before God we will only answer for our self.

  • Suni Godbold

    The days of Ronald Reagan are GONE!!! This is now!!! I am old and I am still able to say this: If you love AMERICA then by GOD fight for her!!!
    No one seems to know how to fix this mess,
    There have to be many Patriotic Americans out there who have some ideas of how to save us. PLEASE step forward.
    All of us who post on this web site have opinions, be they good or not good. We need an individual who has aspirations like our forefathers to lead us, who is not afraid for his/her life. That is what is has come down to. Look at the history of this administration and the administration of the clintons.

  • Anonymous

    You got that Right Glenn, God Is athe Answer!! Who cares what the question is and May God Bless America!!

  • Mike

    It’s a beautiful dream; but just a dream none the less. I will never live my life on my knees as somebody’s slave; as it is far better to die on my feet, fighting to preserve my god given freedoms. If perish I must; let it not be said that the cause was not worthy of the sacrifice.

  • Nanette Gray

    Yes, Glen you have always been way ahead, what is going on is what you reported years ago, what now seems eons ago. That the move is for this country to be part of something bigger and even more evil. Something you are very much aware of, A One World Order. it is soon to come, and yes if we could tell all to look up for our redemption draws neigh, would it mean anything? Over half of America is blind, blinded by God because of their heart, let’s pray for them our country and even ourselves as those drums bang with war.

    • PeterMoss

      That kind of thinking is just as detrimental to the nation as the far left socialism some espouse.

  • Anonymous

    I love you Glenn but, sometimes, you are a bit too much of a romantic.

    • PeterMoss

      Oh yeah. He lays it on pretty thick sometimes. Most times. lol

  • Anonymous

    What I’m going to say has nothing to do with what you all are commenting on here, or maybe in does in a way.
    Everybody is saying that the illegals are coming here because the Countries that they are coming from don’t supply enough food and such. This is where I’m puzzled. If things are so bad where they are coming from, then why does most of them have nice clothes, cell phones, I-pads, nice shoes, etc.? Look at them riding the rail cars, and/or going through the brush, at the centers, etc.

  • Arizona Don

    As long as we have an elected leader at the top, writing executive orders unfettered that divide us, racially, ethnically and by wealth and successfulness, we will NEVER again be the a UNITED nation!

    This president barack obama has promoted unmitigated greed and planted the seed of discontent and entitlement which will do more harm to these people (he is influencing) then he could have ever done with a handout alone. He, as a politician, is playing on a weakness of ignorance in order to gain and solidify his own power (and for some reason we do not see it). He is, so to speak, killing them with what they perceive as kindness but it is not kindness at all it is the exact opposite! He is performing a negative emancipation, he is making them slaves but they are going willingly or perhaps blindly happily. Even through they should be able to see what is happening they do not. He has them mesmerized. He is killing the nation and leading it into a civil war of some type. It is not possible to divide a nation as he is dividing this once great nation without finding resistance somewhere along the line to the abyss. That is inevitable and will be upon us very soon before many even begin to perceive what is happening.

    I find it unbelievable that the same nation that came together in September of 2001in defiance of a common foe could now, just thirteen short years later be so filled with hate for our fellow citizen and hell bent on destroying each other all because of one man planting these seeds of greed and discontent who has twisted everything good about this nation to the point it is barely recognizable anymore. Are we what we were that day in September of 2001 or what I see before us now in 2014? We cannot be both! .

  • Ann Iston

    Today’s liberalism is hostile foreign ideology.

    Make no mistake.

  • Anonymous

    GOD Bless You and Yours Glenn, You are a wonderful man with sincere idea’s. Some will listen, some will not. But GOD does know your wonderful Heart and Soul and that is why he has given you Blessings, Knowledge and Patients. You will always have my respect, young man. Please continue to reach out to people, even though they grumble, they still listen to you. You started this whole awakening in our land, We will always need you too. because I, for one, believe GOD has lead you down this path. You are helping HIM. Thank You Glenn.

  • http://www.movieguide.org FilmDoctor

    I’m not concerned about drones killing some terrorist scum overseas supporting murderers of Jews, Christians, and Americans. I AM concerned about the millions of unborn babies being murdered, especially black babies. And, I am concerned that Americans let a bunch of atheist/leftist bigots indoctrinate their children in gov’t run schools. And, I am concerned about a bunch of perverts pushing their immoral promiscuous agenda down our throats.

    • PeterMoss

      You need to mind your own business and the few years you have left will be more enjoyable.

  • Jeff Noncent

    yes we must bring back the old United State of America again, I agree with Glenn Beck

    • PeterMoss

      Not going to happen.

  • talkstoomuchtoo

    The past 6 years have brought no calamities upon the country and the world as Bush’s first four. No new wars, no overreaching education mandate (you complain about Common Core–what were you BLIND during NCLB!!), no deficits brought on by irresponsible spending, No new debts to China….

    America– the crickets are chirping quietly outside your homes- but you foolish extremists act like there is martial law, like your guns are being rounded up, like there are concentration camps–

    You act as if there is ACTUAL oppression when all there is — is your discomfort, your lunatic ravings and imaginings….

    Yet- right now– when these children who are YOUR children– whose displacement YOUR drug habits caused, whose economic misery unfettered free trade caused- when these children come — you sick individuals, raise your flags and cry about sovereignty when your economic habits (legal and illegal) have decimated the working poor in Latin America.

    Shame on you, citizens of these United States– shame!

  • Neal Hines

    Amen Jared . I remember when no one would sit beside me at airports or bus terminals , and give me dirty looks or hide their children as if I would eat them. I remember buddies spat at . These people are now in charge

  • http://www.poliscitech.com/ Dr. Tod P.

    We must become the US again….Of course that would be great, but even better, a united world. In order to do this, we need to come together as we all slowly are via the internet and understand each other. Understanding, that is the key word here. Acceptance is the next word in this chain of words. Acceptance is probably one of the harder things for people to learn to do. It is very hard to accept the view from someone that has the desire to kill you, sure we can understand why, but when they may be wrong in their belief it is difficult for them to understand and accept you. I would say this is one of our biggest hurdles as a society.

    One other thing that bothers me about our entire society is that many believe having loads of MONEY means intelligence. This is the biggest bullcrap I have ever heard. Those with money “think” they know better and this is definitely not the case. They are slaves to their money and “need” to make more to feel good about themselves. When is enough, ENOUGH! I think it is far more imperative to have knowledge and skills. Those without knowledge and skills are the real losers in the end because they cannot teach our young these valuable things so they can have the tools they need to survive in all circumstances. Sure you can go to school to gain knowledge and skills, but it is not the same as being taught the basics from a parent or a grandparent.

    There are many of us that can write novels Glenn, but few that can build, by their own two hands, a house, a car, a NEW technological device and anything you would need to accomplish a specific task. You said your grandfather could build a lot of things by understanding, well this trait is disappearing in our young due to people like you that forced down their throats that MONEY is everything. This is the problem in the US and most of the industrial societies. Wealth should NEVER be hoarded, EVER for the use of only a few.

  • http://www.poliscitech.com/ Dr. Tod P.

    One other thing I need to express here, to be Godly does not mean to be wealthy. If there truly is a God, then I am 100% sure that money means NOTHING to it. This is why our world is so corrupted, because MONEY means everything to a lot of people. When anyone puts MONEY above people, they are far away from having Godlike behavior. These people should be shunned. Yes, some form of money needs to exist for common trading, but we should all have something to trade that has value equal to the sum of the money being traded. MANY people want absurd amounts of money for their knowledge or skill and we have all been forced to pay these absurd amounts at one time or another. Lawyers are a great example because the laws were written so that only a lawyer can understand them, this is simply wrong. Everyone should be able to fully understand all laws since they inherently apply to everyone. The rules of supply and demand do not apply to the prices lawyers charge for their time because we have tons of lawyers and they have all set high values on their knowledge set and skill in law. Your grandfather was a machinist, that is a skill that is being lost and robots, as good as they are at doing repetitive work, cannot be creative. Should it not then stand to reason that machinists should be paid as much as a lawyer or more? I learned machining before I received my Doctorate in Physics and Engineering so I would have not only the knowledge, but the skill to build what is in my mind.

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