What did Glenn see on his anniversary trip? Deadly trees and black hives….

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Glenn, you sure an find the weird stuff! lol!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian921 Brian Johnson

    West Virginians would know to stay away since it’s called a “Manchin”-eel tree.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So you found the landing place for Pelosi when her home planet dumped her on earth?

  • DAnne

    Glenn, that sign is a lie.  Those apples really have magical powers to make you smart and rich, but the elistist liberals don’t want you to know that, because then you would pick them all up and sell them to your tea bag followers.  Really!  Its true!  I learned that in an anti-liberal epiphany.  

  • http://twitter.com/ellenbutler Ellen Butler

    I was listening to the radio program today when Glenn was describing this trip, and I could only imagine what those “hive” things looked like. So now I see the photo of it, and I still don’t know! Really bad, disappointing photo, Glenn. For all I know, that’s a sasquatch squatting back there in the trees. Did you ever find an explanation for what those things are?

  • Anonymous

    You all celebrating the inauguration today? It’s a great day to be an American. He spoke about gay rights, climate change, taking care of the poor and sick, and many other important issues! It’s going to be a great 4 years! God bless America, right? Right!

    • http://youtu.be/XEjnyMyJYTI Sam Fisher

      He is also screwing 77% of America with higher taxes making the poor even more poor given breaks to his fat cat backers and making millions off of morons like you that worship him as a god and buy every single book he ever written. You are nothing but a fool following the snake oil man with nothing by lies to feed idiots like you who would believe the B.S. that he pulls out of the hat. He don’t care about the poor if he truly did he would actually fix the economy now instead trying socialism that has never worked in the history of man. He sees idiots like you as tools that can easily be thrown away. Good luck being Baba’s play thing when Obama care gets you in thrown in jail.

      • SoThere

        Obies good with the talking points. Did he happen to mention something new today. Same crap, different day, just like Knownothing pushing his “Militia” minutia. LOL

        • http://youtu.be/XEjnyMyJYTI Sam Fisher

          I am beginning to think that knownothing loves being abused by Obama even after taxes going up he still follows him like a good little zombie.

          • SoThere

            He only has his stupid talking points. He knows he’s wrong but he’s not smart enough to change his Libtard ways.

  • americanathlete

    I’m just glad you didn’t partake of the forbidden fruit. Tania didn’t, did she? lol

  • http://twitter.com/fawnday Dawn Brayton

    Those trees should grow near maximum security prisons and be able to be seen from all the cell windows. Then there could be a choice for death-row inmates how they want to die. Shame on Tania wanting you to touch the tree. Is everything okay at Shangra-Beck???

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet Glenn pooed himself when he saw that sign lol

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