What’s happened to JC Penney?

Some friends and I were talking about JC Penney the other day and the changes they have made and how they seem to have forgotten who brought them to the party.   One friend told me what his wife had seen in one store, and I asked her to write something up for me.

We are not alone right?

Read about her experience below:

This past spring, when many Christians and conservatives were boycotting JC Penney because of their partnership (no pun intended) with Ellen DeGeneres, I thought it was extreme and a bit ridiculous. Ellen, in my opinion, is one of the least offensive celebrities in Hollywood today.  Also, I am not quick to jump on the boycott bandwagon no matter the cause.

However, I have not re-entered the JC Penney near my home after coming across an overtly sexualized display in the make-up section and being politely dismissed after voicing my concerns. This display was the final straw in what has been a building complaint in my life as a mom, wife, and Christian. Here is a picture I took of the make-up ad:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.23.01 PM

The most disturbing aspect of this display was that it was front and center at my child’s sight-line. I have three young children, two of whom are readers… I do not want them practicing their reading skills on ads like this.

I understand in this climate of MAJOR political and world issues, my concerns over ads such as this one may seem trite and a bit inconsequential; but I do not live my life in the realm of big world thinking. I live my day to day as a mom who wants a pure and natural childhood for my kids. I understand that sensuality is a natural part of life (hey- I have three kids!) but there is a difference between sensuality and lust. Ads like this, Victoria’s Secret, or most magazine cover shots have created an atmosphere of carnality that reduces pure passion and love to a mere animalistic appetite.

This is not a call for a boycott. And there is no way and no reason to try to bring our society back to the 1950’s; but there is also no reason why I should not expect to be able to go shopping without my children being exposed to subject matter that is inappropriate!

You may agree or disagree; this is just one mom’s opinion. As for me, I refuse to stand by any longer and allow societal norms to dictate what my family is exposed to.  I have challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and start speaking up when I find my sense of morality under attack. It most likely will not make a difference, as I found in my experience with JC Penney; but at least I will know I am continuing to stay true to what I believe and I will never look back and wonder why I wasn’t a better advocate for my kids.


  • Ken Kolakowski

    I applaud your friend for her stance and for staying true to her beliefs. We can make a differnce in this world 1 family at a time!!!

  • Roma Lynn Starling-Gerle

    The whole world has gotten really disgusting. Sickening.

    • Anonymous

      As it was in the days of Noah and in the days of Sodom and Gomorah… Immorality then destruction… coming to your city soon… Be ready to meet Christ for he has given out his warning of what is to come.. Don’t be caught blind sided.. READ your bible and see what is to come..

  • Elaine Langbehn

    I have not shopped at J.C. Penney for many years. When I did shop there, it was near impossible to get someone to wait on you. I would have to search for someone to ring up my purchases. There have been times that I have left stuff on the counter and walked out.

    • rulie haveman

      same reason i have not shopped there for years .

    • Chloe Rowles

      Yep, that’s why I stopped shopping there; I don’t want to walk all over a store to find someone to ring up my purchases.

      • Anonymous

        That may be true, but I find that this happens in many other stores that I shop.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t shopped a Penny’s for a long time. Not because of a boycott (didn’t even know there was one, but if there is they should talk to K-Mart). Any how this is totally European. I am glad my kids are much older and have made good choices. However, I have 13 grandkids and two more coming, I would NOT want them exposed to this either. JCP better wake up or that bankruptcy will be there faster than they thought.

  • teri9

    JCPenney lost their moral compass a long time ago. Let us stand up for morality in the public square. I remember back in the 70’s people started to not pray at restaurants over their meals. I remember being told it was because we didn’t want to offend anyone who wasn’t religious. I’m ashamed to say it took me 30 years to realize the “domino affect” that had on our nation. So about 8 years ago I told my family “We ARE praying over our meal at restaurants and I am anxiously awaiting for anyone to come and tell me not to.” We need to stand up and be heard and seen in the public square. BY EXAMPLE we can lead our nation back to do what is right.

    • kavitiko

      I’m not old enough to remember the 70s, but we pray when we go out to eat. I just decided to be myself in public.

      • Tony Reese

        I pray over every meal, be it at home, or out in public. I can’t worry about what man will think of me, but what God does.

        • Anonymous

          We never fail to pray at home or in public restuarants… I Honor God where ever I am no matter who I am around.. I am not ashamed of my God . We always give thanks to God for everything we have .

          • Anonymous

            We pray as well out in public and at home. If people don’t like it that’s fine. They don’t have to listen/look.

          • shock_immuned

            How encouraging to hear, even though here it is just a few, that people pray in public for their food. I never see you when we are out and usually it is just our family praying when at a restaurant, but this is encouraging.

      • Jane Dorr Goodwin

        Things…values, faith, morality….are all lost one step at a time. We’ve turned away and let many, many, many steps be taken while remaining silent. We must be silent NO more. Remember, just as things are taken away, we can take them back….one step at a time. If we each take that first step, then the second, third, etc. we will begin to regain the moral compass that has been lost for far too long. And, as for bringing things all the way back to the 50’s….why not?? It’s not a bad goal. Let’s shoot for it!!

    • Syrita Barbera

      We pray when we are out to dinner also. I have never had anyone comment.

    • Tara Hart

      My husband and I ALWAYS pray before meals whether at home or in a restaurant, and we started this 4 years ago. I am NOT going to be afraid that I may offend someone with our gratefulness to God for the things he has blessed us with. Yes we get looks, but I also belive that if others see us perhaps that will give them the courage to also be humble, grateful and prayerful!

    • Karen Hendrix-Wood

      teri9 Very well said! That’s exactly what we all need to do. People say they don’t speak up because one person won’t make a difference…..that’s so not true. One person…..another one person. …..another other one person……before you know it we’ve got a whole crowd of “one persons”.

  • Marie

    I don’t like Penney’s either but….dang, that’s the only place I can find jeans to fit me….What will I do…

    • teri9

      Search online for that brand of jeans. (If it’s not the JCP brand) and see where else they sell them. :)

      • Johhny “the rat”

        IMO, never buy clothes or shoes online. These are things that must be tried on. Otherwise, you have major hassles returning or exchanging things.

        • teri9

          I agree. I should have been clearer. I mean to search online for another store that carries them, then go to that store. 😉 However, if you already know the brand and size fit great, then you can buy those online without having to go to a store. That’s the only way I shop online when it comes to clothes/shoes.

          • Johhny “the rat”

            Wise way to go about it. I am a big and tall man, and I always go to the store I intend to do business with online and try on stuff at their store before I buy internet sale stuff. That has been working out well. I learned the hard way though.

    • Karlec

      Marie.. there are many places that sell jeans by waist and length sizes.. trust me.. and they are WAY better quality than JcP

    • Beth

      how about just buy your jeans there and avoid the products that are being found offensive?

  • Holly Lin

    Agreed, and I know that for a while they were covering Cosmo and magazines like it that are on display at checkouts, and then they stopped covering them. You can’t even watch tv these days without all kinds of ads and things that you wouldn’t want your children to see.

    • teri9

      Agreed. We got rid of our TV in 2003. Within 3 years we (when we saw a bit of TV at a restaurant) we were SHOCKED! That is when it hit us how acclimated we had become/how desensitized to all the FILTH on TV over the years of watching TV. SO glad we got rid of it! No one needs TV any more! You can just use the screen for DVD’s. Everything you get on TV can be seen online, Netflix, Apple iTunes, etc. Even the news! TV is garbage nowadays!

      • Johhny “the rat”

        Someone once said; “you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone” In the case of most TV these days, the saying applies.

        • teri9

          lol! Yes, only this time “you never know what you’ve got” refers to all the garbage we “had” that we never realized. Ugh. Good riddance!

          • Johhny “the rat”

            That’s what I meant. I was without TV for two years (my choice), and what I found most annoying when I again started “viewing” it was all the stupid commercials! I mean, would you go to a movie knowing it would be interrupted every 5 minutes?

          • teri9

            Yep, I knew that’s what you meant. I agree – the commercials are the worst, but most of the programs are too, or are big time wasters. And, now that you ask, we haven’t been to a theater in over a year. Not worth the money. I can own the movie for less than it costs to go to the theater. In fact, I can own three movies, because there are three of us that we’d need to pay for at the movies.

          • Johhny “the rat”

            You sound both frugal and wise.

      • Crassus

        Yeah, you can even watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory.

    • foxfan

      Your absolutely correct. My elderly parents watch reruns all day on TV Land and I have to remind them to turn it off when my grandchildren visit. BTW. I once liked Betty White, golden girls was extremely funny due to the fact it took audiance participation, to get it. This, new show of hersis so blatant it’sdown right vulgar. Hope God’s not waiting for her redemption to take her or she might live forever!!

      • Tyson Litz

        Here’s hoping you never see a Comedy Roast, old or new

      • Anonymous

        Betty White has just become a dirty old woman. Can’t stand anything she is in any longer.

  • Anonymous

    JC Penney used to be my first and last stop for clothing, household goods, even jewelry for my family. When they stopped being a family store, I stopped shopping there. Ads for two fathers, two mothers and everything BUT the traditional family was cause enough. They changed their entire marketing strategy and rejected the shippers who made them a number one retailer.

    • Anonymous

      Same Here I do not shop Penney’s anymore… Only in emergency if I can’t find it else where.. I will try there on last resort… I do not support their fall to immorality what so ever… This may cause more of their stores to close their doors.. Only God blesses those that are faithful to his ways and laws.. Satan blesses no one.. Choose to follow Satan and you fail…

  • Gayla Recktenwald

    This display is ridiculous. Walking small children who can read through the store will result in questions that parents should not have to answer at that age. Are parents forced to explain what that word means walking through a department store with their kids. I’m not a prude, but this is very inappropriate. What the heck? What are they thinking? Wait…. they aren’t thinking.

    • Anonymous

      A narcissistic society based on lust and vileness will not stand much longer. The Bible is very clear on what will happen in the last days. Protect your children as best you can and keep them from those who want to sexualize them early. There is a reason they want to do this.

  • http://www.gwenspaperexpressions.com/ Gwen

    KUDOS to this article!

  • Linda W

    I had quit going to JCP about 2 or 3 years ago because I am a plus size woman and they would have christmas shirts and mothers day shirts in regular sizes and not mine. The plus size they did have was horrible and for old people. I think they have gone down hill for along time and are trying to come back using not very good tactics.

    • Johhny “the rat”

      Same with big and tall menswear.

    • Karlec

      Their clothes are cheap and crappy.

  • katherine

    Why do these idiots not get that decent ppl don’t want this sort of indecent displays. Penny’s business is already in trouble. I’ve noticed that businesses that don’t get in to controversia things business is doing very well. Seems like that just don’t get it.

    • teri9

      To tell you the truth, I think they DO get it. They don’t care about us. They want our kids. I am learning it’s all calculated, so the next generation is worse, and then the next, and so on, until we are all living exactly the way “they” want us to: with no morality, no integrity, no faith, “carnal sensual and devilish”, in high rises (notice them going up in ALL mid-large cities, usually downtown areas?), owning no property, no cars but bikes (ever notice how all the major streets are being renamed “Bicycle Route (insert number)”?, with the government telling us how much toilet paper we are “allowed” to buy per family per week (like in Venezuela today), etc.etc.etc. Calculated. “They” (global elite) want it for themselves, and keep us under thumb. (think throughout world history… all tyrants, kings, and dictators have been money/power gluttons) And Obama is one of their puppets. It’s all connected. Check out “Agenda 21″ online. It’s the end of the free world. What JCP is doing is just one small facet of that. It makes my stomach and patriotic heart revolt and vomit and cry all at the same time.

      • Anonymous

        Teri is right. We couldn’t have reached this point by just the incompetence of our “leaders.” I think they’re much smarter and know exactly what’s going on.

      • Janean Guy

        You are oh so right. There are so many people that are not aware of Agenda 21 and how it has invaded most cities in America. One day they’ll wake up to see that we’ve been swallowed into all of this.

      • Anonymous

        That’s why I’m less than a month away from moving over 100 miles away from Metro Atlanta! I will not be corralled like some animal!

    • Anonymous

      I believe their liberal agenda is more important to them than their bottom line. Look at Hollywood. They are losing money on these pseudo Biblical movies and the other vile movies they make and yet, they continue making them.

  • Linda Maury Wiepert

    Haven’t been in a JCPenny in years . kohls is so much better . Friendly staff.etc

  • http://notonefuckingdime.com/ Some Old Dude

    Totally different store than five years ago. Never go there any more.

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone upset with JC Penney and not NARS cosmetics or Sephora? NARS is the company that makes the line of makeup and Sephora leases the space drom JCP. Everyone should get all of the details before passing judgement.

    • TJ English

      While you’re correct in saying that we should ALSO be upset with NARS and Sephora, ultimately it is JCP that has the display set up, and it’s JCP that has the power to take them down. I don’t think the writer is suggesting it’s ONLY the fault of JCP. You definitely aren’t wrong, but she’s not either.

    • Karlec

      What’s the difference.. it’s in a JCPenney store.. for sale.. so yes, they must take the responsibility for it.

    • Jake

      I totally agree with you Shelbybell! Some people just have to make something out of nothing. This article just tells me that someone is looking for notoriety for bringing this up. Unfortunately this world has changed and continues to change. Just teach your kids right and you won’t need to worry about what is on the cover of a magazine at a grocery store. I grew up seeing or hearing things my parents probably didn’t want me to. I turned out just fine.

      • Donna Kellum

        Rotfl, yes you eavesdropped on your parents way to often. It’s very clear to everyone here. So basically your saying your parents did not shield your innocents. To bad for you!

    • Paula Dennis Bond

      Well said!

    • http://mczwzthinks.blogspot.com/ MCzwz

      You miss the point. That is not the issue.

      The location accepting to display this immorality is Penney’s. By not entering Penney’s at all, we are also not assailed by the immorality of NARS or Sephora – housed *by* Penney’s location.

      In the same manner that these types of ugly, immoral displays are no longer at Sears (who realized where *their* bread was buttered when they ventured down that road), Penney’s can also choose NOT to provide the display space.

      Until they stop pandering to a minority, my hard earned money will not go to their coffers.

      • Vee H

        very good advice

    • teri9

      shelbybell, I’ll tell you why.
      – Because this article is about JCP showing the collection, showing it at kid-eye-level, and making the choice to go against the majority of public opinion that they should not participate in such vulgar commercialism.
      – Because while NARS and Sephora have the right to produce whatever they wish, they usually go through other companies to get their product sold. It is those companies we are targeting. If there were no company to sell their product and advertise for them, they’d go under. No demand, no supply.
      – Outside of this article and outside of JCP we are also fighting to let it be known that NO company should produce and advertise such things, if they care about the public good. Period. But THAT conversation belongs on the NARS and Sephora article page, not this JCP article page. This page is about JCP.

      That is why. Hope you understand now. It was obvious to everyone else.

  • Tom

    While I agree this ad is in extremely poor taste. I think the problem is a society that raises children to be sexually repressed, while at the same time the technological progress has made it impossible to shield young children from inappropriate content. We tell kids that any sort of normal sexual expression is now punishable by permanent social exile or prison or both. Ask kids today and you will not find a wild oversexed generation, you will find a generation that hasn’t been allowed to learn, experiment and live the way my generation and those who came before me. I am 52 and my kids now live in fear of the literally thousands of laws regarding what used to be considered normal childhood experimentation.Kids playing doctor now are sent to therapists to be told there is something wrong. This is another symptom of a society falling apart. More freedom less government stable families are the solution, more rules and more laws is like squeezing a ballon, squeeze one side and the other side will pop out. Let our kids grow and learn, save the rules for truely dangerous stuff and the kids will be just fine.

    • Johhny “the rat”

      “any sort of “normal” sexual expression is now punishable by permanent social exile or prison or both.” Gimme a break. Kids need guidance to grow up with any kind of positive moral compass. Parents who abdicate that responsibility are just lazy.

      • teri9

        I think what Tom is saying (correct me if I’m wrong Tom) by that is what we see today in the news: a kindergartener expelled from school because he held his hand in a “gun” position, or like Tom said with kids playing “doctor” and then sent to therapists because “something must be wrong”. Those things are ridiculous. I don’t think Tom is saying that we should not teach our children and pass on to them our values of morality and virtue. Rather that the world has gone insane in mirco-managing our lives to the point where even kids can’t be kids for fear of being sent to therapists, the principal, or police. I think we all agree that parents need to teach their children, yet also society needs to back off and allow these kids to be able to BE kids and have an innocent growing-up period where they aren’t bombarded every second of every day with inappropriate material.

        • Johhny “the rat”

          I agree with everything you said. Maybe I misunderstood Tom.

          • Tom

            Teri understood my point perfectly

      • Tom

        I should have save the laws, not the rules

        • Johhny “the rat”

          No problem. I understand what you meant now.

    • bboy9009

      Kids need guidance and wisdom, not experimentation

  • Crystal

    I’m a mother of three teenagers and I also have young nieces and nephews. If I wass to walk in on this ad front and center for them to see; I would have to speak up. I also have trouble with some of the advertising on television lately. I just love when the kids and I are watching something and a “personal messager” comes on. When are we as Americans going to say enough is enough. Somethings need to stay off television and stay in catalogs. I rarely shop at JCP anymore due to the fact that it had changed for the worse. They don’t have a great selection like they did before.

  • diannnoeora

    I am not defending JCPenney, but I would like to point out that other stores carry this brand of makeup, which, traditionally, uses risqué names for their shades. (Which is why, no matter the quality, will never get any of my money.) Nordstrom and Sephora both carry nars makeup.

    • Beth

      Thank you! I dislike when people have to see the worst in everything, especially since this is a HUGE company. I doubt they are TRYING to offend anyone, just trying to sell products and make money like the rest of the world.

      • Karlec

        Beth.. that’s the whole point! Bypassing morals for greed.

        • Beth

          greed: intense and selfish desire for something, esp. wealth, power, or food
          I disagree that running a company can be considered being “greedy”. They have to make money to pay wages so that people have jobs to provide for families. The money doesn’t just automatically go into one person’s pocket.

          If you label a business as greedy without knowing how much profit the company alone is gaining you are opening up the floor to say the same of every single business. Are Christian businesses greedy because they try to sell as many bibles or christian based merchandise as possible? No. They are keeping their business afloat, just like JCP is doing now. Other people could argue that a Christian store with all the displays of Christ on the cross are being immoral by displaying death and pain and making THEIR children ask questions that they don’t want to answer. After all, it IS a two way street.

          morals: a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.
          Things you see as moral others can see as not and vice versa. Morals are based on the individual, not on society as a whole. A store cannot possibly appease every single person on this planet that has an opinion, and that is something that everyone is missing. It is impossible to please everyone. If everyone was the same we wouldn’t need all the commandments in the bible. We would be treating each other the same no matter what and there wouldn’t be bloodshed or violence.
          Yes, stores are going to occasionally offend someone of some race or creed or religion, but it isn’t a personal attack or a lack of morality. It is just trying to provide product to the public as a whole in a way that the majority of the public will not find offensive.

          With this one thing the Christian public is outnumbered, and that is nothing to get in a huff about. It is stuff like this-overreacting to the smaller things-that give Christians such a bad name to the public. You see something you don’t like your kids to be around, don’t take them around that area, or sufficiently block their line of sight to the product as best as you can. Chances are that they haven’t even seen the stupid thing and can easily be re-directed to something much more interesting than makeup.

  • Jill Francour

    shelbybell….YOU ARE SPOT ON! Didn’t realize this was a forum to tear apart JCP. I hope all of you close your eyes when you stand by the magazine racks, and turn the channels on the tv when a man and woman are getting a little amorous …..it`s easy to say these things, but do all of you really live by your words?

    • Anonymous

      Our family does.

      • rulie haveman

        so does ours we skip the magazine rack or stand in front of the kid when we see something inapropiate n there

    • teri9

      Actually, yes, our family does all those things. We actually take the magazines out, and turn them over or hide them behind a decent magazine, and complain to the managers. We also got rid of TV completely. And we watch nothing that is over PG-13, and many times not even those, when it comes to movies. We actually live what we profess to believe. Don’t you? It sounds like you don’t. It also sounds like you’d be shocked to learn that anyone did live by the moral words they speak. The morality of this world has been lost, and that is one big reason why the world is the way it is today. It’s all connected.

    • Anonymous

      We do.

  • Gary Ellis

    ty for the information i do not get out much but J C Penny will be one i will avoid.

  • mary

    I have had it with jc penny!

  • Chelsea Carter

    Yeah. …about as bad as the time I went Christmas shopping at Macy’s and they had Arab pop music on………I have not gone back in….

    • Anonymous

      Oh no! The world that houses millions of people from different backgrounds and beliefs does not cater to your sense of what should “be”! How unfair! How dare Arab people have music!

  • Sara Wood

    I didn’t even know about the boycott because of Ellen I thought it was due to the ad of 2 mothers for mothers day ad a few years ago… knowing the background of the founder he would’ve rolled in his grave to see it, for it was a gutsy move for any company. .. and I believe they are reaping that now. ..no company needs to establish whether they are pro or con for homosexuality, it’s a business. .. sale clothes not an opinion

  • FellowPatriot

    I quit shopping JCP when they put out sales flyers with two homosexual men and their adopted children on the front for Fathers’ Day and two lesbian women and their children on the front of the flyer for Mothers’ Day. That sealed the coffin for me!

    • Katie

      Speaking of two gay men ad, I stopped buying honey maid since their last commercial.

  • Deb Ambrose-Belmont

    I DO NOT like their commercial jingle: “when it fits, you feel it.”

    • Beth

      but that is true . . . if it fits right you can feel when it fits. isn’t that what trying on clothes does? it allows you to feel what fits properly and what does not.

  • Michael Joseph Chambon

    Jc penny took money from George soros

  • Deborah Haynes Hampshire

    We still pray over our food while dining out…
    We are sometimes looked at but no one has said a thing
    To us yet…and I never thought they would until the play 5 years
    Or so…

  • Shannon Maybon Tucker

    That which we tolerate today we will embrace tomorrow. I applaud all who stand up for morality weather it’s popular or not.

  • Zahara

    I’m not boycotting JC Penney; I just lost the desire to shop there. Not too many years ago, I could walk in to this store and be greeted by sales people who seemed happy to see me. These sales people would assist me in any way they could, and wish me a good day as I left. Now, I have to search for a sales person. The easiest way to find them is to look for the cluster of agitated, frustrated customers. The sales person will be in the middle, trying in vain to help 3, 4, or 5 people at once. Plus, the layout of the store is confusing. I have found other places to shop.

  • Mary Jones

    Just yesterday I threw out my JC Penny catalog. Been done with them since they used gay couples as advertising. I vote my values with my wallet.

  • Anonymous

    Anything JC Penny has, I can get at Amazon and if Amazon does this then Glenn Beck has another opportunity for his MarketPlace.

  • Karen

    I too use to love Penny’s. It was the place I would go to for drapes, bedding, clothing, rugs and many things. It appeared to me that a few years ago when many people slowed down in their spending they started a new marketing program. Their advertising was directed more towards much younger people. Their advertising changed dramatically. My small local store had this full size free standing cardboard of a young woman in a bra and nearly g-string underware. They had it positioned so that when you walked in it was the first thing you saw. It was disgusting and no where near the underware section. I complained 3 times about it and how I thought it was offensive. Every time we went into the store there she was. My husband claimed it was sexual harrasment to him and I thought of all the little children and teenagers that saw it every time they entered the store.That was when I knew that Penny’s had sunk beneath me. Their Sunday adds almost always have a young woman in a bra, underware or a bikini. I am completely disgusted with Penny’s. I read the confession of a man who had trouble with perversion. He said the first thing he did on Sunday morning was to go through the adds and look for young girls in bathing suits or underware. He said he actually got off on it. What has happened to our society?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know what NARS is and considering the comments I choose to remain ignorant …. not all ignorance is bad!

    • Beth

      It is just a brand of makeup like cover girl or nix

  • dawn mcminn

    I don’t see anything wrong with boycotts, it has made some companies change their minds. Anyway the adds representing gay families caused me to stop going there. This display is ridiculous. I only go if Im desperate, usually I can find what I need elsewhere.

  • Katie

    I haven’t stepped in any Marriott hotels for years-I can’t believe they sell liquor! Best western is a more wholesome place to stay during our travel anyways! I guess I will not go to JCPenny’s anymore. Maybe online shopping?

  • Greg

    …people that live in glass houses…
    Why single out a single store? You will find multiple issues in any retail establishment – including LifeWay Christian stores.
    We are all adults living in a Godless world. You as individuals make choices best for your family(s) – but don’t condemn…At least look in the mirror before doing so.

  • Betsy Oman

    It’s so hard to find clothes to wear that have decent necklines. And it’s especially hard to find decent clothes in sizes for the teenage daughters. And the concept of a “dress” is completely foreign. And that goes for all of the stores that sell clothing. I have better luck finding clothes I’m willing to wear at thrift stores. It’s a bonus that they’re cheaper.

  • shock_immuned

    Why can’t businesses like JcPenney just stay in the business of selling products instead of politics or sexuality. When JCP decided to use Ellen DeG. as a spokesman, I did stop going to JCP because it is obvious where it was all heading. I miss going into the store and just shopping and enjoying the experience. Now, not only JcPenney but other stores, as well, the shopping experience has dwindled down to just a few departments in the store as most are promoting ideas that I do agree with.

  • Sunny Martindale

    we all forget the Grand Canyon was created by a slow constant erosion of sheer, solid rock and so goes our morals and values everyday in America because we don’t stand up for Christ

  • Anonymous

    Penney’s will soon fall, just like all others who try to please the world instead of God. I haven’t shopped at Penney’s for years and glad of it, but it once was a Christian based store where it’s founder would not allow the stores to be open on Sundays. Mr. Penney would not be pleased.

  • Anonymous

    I stand with u, after all this is still a free country?

  • Danielle Koffee Potts-Spratley

    I will not shop there now…I agree, boycotting because of Ellen is stupid and hateful, makes us all look like idiots, but THIS is crap.

  • Danielle Koffee Potts-Spratley

    by the way, as usual, I try to share something like this…and it wont allow me to

  • Syrita Barbera

    Thanks for the post. I didn’t know about the connection between Ellen and Jcpenny.

  • Bruce Barrell

    I’m with this Mom 110%!!!!!!!!! I want my boys to remain pure and young men of integrity throughout their childhood / young adulthood. Such coarseness as this advertisement is degrading to our culture….

  • Linda Payne Hancock

    Truth is, JCPenny’s will be out of buisness soon anyway. They have totally forgotten the people who were their customer base and they want to bring in the “young and hip” crowd who will never shop at a store they consider their “grandparents” store.
    Couldn’t happen to a better place.

  • Nicolle Starnes

    I was shocked to read this. I’ve never lived near a jcpenney until recently but this is horrible. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. I was watching a family program the other day and had to cover my boys eyes as the rebok commercial came on where the lady strips naked I mean wow I’m terrified for the world my child will be living in.

  • Krimsen King

    This poor, concerned mom IS the PC police… Sure, maybe the add should be out of the eye line of children, but sheesh… you don’t need ‘big world thinking’, you just need to stop looking for ‘offensive’ material everywhere, expecting some arbitrary idea of ‘purity’ in society. Stop trying to protect your children and just let them learn the world around them. Then they won’t have such a hard time understanding the world when they come out from under your wing. There are delicate ways of explaining things to kids. You don’t need the graphic detail of what every word means, and you can tell them which words they should or shouldn’t use. Stop expecting society to bend around your delicate sensibilities, then maybe you won’t get so offended by a simple make up ad.

    • Beth

      Yes yes yes 100times YES! As a Christian woman it hurts to see people so up at arms about something so small.

    • kavitiko

      I’ll require them to bend to my sensibilities when they want my dollars. If it were a matter of just speech, I think you’re correct. However, I’m not going to pay a company that acts this way, and it’s my right to do so because I’m allowed to live my life based on my sensibilities.

  • landofaahs

    The free market is what has happened to JC Peney.

  • Tara Hart

    I quit going to JC Penny many years ago. This isn’t the first thing they have done that is offensive, the same goes for Target. I try to purchase things from companies that have the same moral compass as me. Try 2ndVote they have a great app that shows how stores rate in the moral compass arena.

  • Carole Brewer

    I have shopped at Penny’s most of my life, way back in the 50’s and loved them, but recently I noticed that there clothing line was not for families and stopped buying them. One day not long ago I commented to one of the clerks that I was sorry they had changed there line of clothing and wished they could change, her comment to me was that my concern was the concern of a lot of people and they were planning on going back to there old line, as far a the cosmetics, they are not owned by Penny’s but have allowed them to distribute this line, which is also offensive.

  • Anonymous

    James Cash Penney (the founder of JC Penney’s and the mentor of Sam Walton), would fire every employee, including managers, ON THE SPOT.

  • Robert E. Lee

    Maybe they’ll sell out to Goodwill.

  • Anonymous

    Since switching to new management and rebranding a couple years ago Penney’s has gone all down hill in my opinion. Their catalogs, eagerly looked for by customers for years particularly around the Christmas Holiday, have also changed dramatically and not for the good. Slick, short attention span advertising that doesn’t really show the products well. The store closest to me closed last year and I can see why. I may be canceling my card as I rarely shop at Penney’s anymore. They have joined the low class, low information, tasteless crowd in my view.

  • S3

    I’ve even got the “in the gutter” vibe from JCP just walking in the store! Totally agree with your piece! My family prays at home. We pray in restaurants We pray at the park. We even pray at my kids ball games! If I can’t bring the Lord with me, I won’t be going!

  • Deckard426

    Penney refuses to accept dollars any longer as payment for their Chinese-made garbage. Now if you want a crappy pair of shoes, you have to trade in a gold bracelet, Bitcoin, or box of .22 ammunition.

  • Lisa Killworth Turner

    This is actually from a Sephora store inside JC Penney. There are stand alone Sephora stores too. If you want to complain about it you should go to the company that makes it, Nars. There are many other makeup stores that sell this brand, not just JC Penney. I have never purchased a Nars product, but have had a free sample from Sephora, of the product of outrage. It was actually a good product!

  • Sharon Crawford Storck

    my local JC Penney had a sign on the escalators that read no Cains or walkers on the escalator. I politely asked them what they had against Mr Cain and Mr. Walker The store manager had no idea what I was talking, about until I explained to him that a cane used for walking is spelled CANE not CAIN. he apologized and removed the sign. My issue is why didn’t he know how to spell cane.

  • Anonymous

    The world is a large cesspool, populated by people who are:

    1. Splashing about without a care
    2. Dog-paddling trying to keep from drowning
    3. Dog-paddling a bit harder in an attempt to get out
    4. Attempting to lure or drag the dog-paddlers back into the deep end
    5. Lying dead at the bottom.

    We’re soaking in it right now, the stench is getting worse, but, over time, most people don’t notice, they don’t even know what they are swimming in but whatever it is, it’s just fine. They’re living in it, eating it, drinking it, making it. The sweet smell of success.

    The bottom awaits. A bottom they do not or will not see because of the sewage.

  • Anonymous

    This kind of collection was available in a Sephora store in 2009 as well. I won’t forget seeing this on full display in the mall. I’m not one to boycott things myself, but to bring them to attention and/or question them. I wonder why names like these are necessary for make-up collections that not only adults are using, but teenagers as well…

    • Joey Monson

      I would argue that it could be a good thing. You can get the glowing look of passion without actually having to engage in it.

  • Shannon Dolph Stuart

    JCP used to be the Chik-Fil-A of department stores. They are no more.

  • http://mczwzthinks.blogspot.com/ MCzwz

    You’re not alone.

    One of the biggest differences between Liberals and Conservatives is that when we do not like something — such as the overt sexuality of Penney’s and other locations — we decide for ourselves whether we will continue to support their objectionable expressions. Many of us decide we do NOT want to support that behavior by giving them our hard-earned money.

    So, we don’t. That simple. I would suggest there are millions of us out there who simply pull back from those companies who offend us. It’s been years since we have entered Home Depot, for example, not since their “gay-ness” was so clearly expressed in the presence of children.

    Look at the millions who supported ChikFilA . . . did we make noise? Did we run around screeching our fool heads off in childish numerical rhymes? Nope. But the message of support was expressed.

    I would bet we’ve all been doing the same thing with Penney’s, Home Depot and who knows how many other objectionable companies.

    Our money. Our right to chose where to spend it.

  • Glenn L

    “$JCP WHERES THE NEWS! 12% plunge doesn’t just happen!!!!!!!,” wrote TheEngine3r on StockTwits.
    I sold all my JCP before it crashed today. Pundits are crying “what happened?”. I owned the stock because I used to shop there and thought the new leadership could correct things. Haven’t actually been in the store for a long time. When i saw this post, I couldn’t hold the stock anymore. Looks like a bunch of other folks felt the same way!

  • Anonymous

    They are in trouble as are Sears & KMart because of their views on Christian conservatives. They have followed the Obama bandwagon & will soon pay for it. Now Obama goes after Hobby Lobby not because of healthcare but because they are Christian. I am sure Chick-fa-la is next.

  • Vee H

    I stopped shopping at J C Penny’s for purely economic reasons. It was during the Ellen time, but not because of any boycott I was aware of. I just hated the new catalogs with no price tags. I also didn’t like the good price everyday campaign. I missed the sales. I figured out from some random reading they had hired an Apple exec to run J C Penny. No wonder it was messed up. Did not even realize all this other stuff was going on but I’ll be watching now.

  • Tim O’hare

    Praying is as useless of an activity as it is possible to do. To implore the blessings or help from an invisible wizard, you might as well ask for help from Gandalf or Merlin.

  • Frustrated

    I came upon this add tonight when trying to figure out if I should write JC Penney….now I feel even more frustrated and like I have been in a cave for a few years. I’ve shopped at JCP growing up with my mom, she loved JCP and always told me the owner’s story and his tithing habits. I kept shopping on and off at JCP through my adult years and then moved to a city for many years that had a JCP too far away so I kind of forgot about it. Having moved back to a large city in Texas a few months ago, today I walked in with my 4 year old to buy makeup at Sephora….the next thing I know a man dressed like a woman, with huge eyelashes, heavy makeup and a wig asked if we needed help- I was stunned! I was hoping my son, who is very bright, would not notice this was a man. He wasn’t trying to be subtle. I felt nauseous and eventually left without buying anything. All this time I’m thinking “but JCP is conservative, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, did the hiring manager not notice?!” As I left, I mentioned that I was outraged to a woman with the “manager” name tag from JCP, I politely said “There are places for that- not in a family store!” She politely and perhaps (now I know) a bit surprised said “…I don’t know what to tell you” ugh! So I researched on google ‘what happened to JCP?’ and I came upon this article and now I know and I don’t agree that I should be having to explain to my son what a transvestite is because we went shopping at a family department store for his children’s clothing or my makeup. WOW! What has become of our nation, it always seemed like more of a distant question, today I am saddened because it hit home for me. :(

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