Why don’t we ever recognize the important moments when we are living them?

Over the weekend, Glenn put together this note on his Facebook page. We are reprinting it here for GlennBeck.com readers:

Good morning. Random thoughts this a.m.:

Tania let me sleep in this morning. God bless her. Hannah is coming over to can tomato sauce with Tania but before she does we are going to work on cake decorating. Hannah is taking a class. My dad was one of the best I have ever seen. Unfortunately Hannah doesn’t fully realize how much I didn’t learn from my dad, but together maybe I can remember a few things to pass on.

Why don’t we ever recognize the important moments when we are living them? I wish I would have learned more from my dad.

Also, here is what is happening behind the doors at Stage 19. The stage at The Mercury Studios, where they shot JFK, Silkwood, Barney, Prison Break and the first 2 years of The Glenn Beck Program on TheBlaze is getting a complete overhaul.

Even though the stage is 16,000 square feet and the largest stage in daily use for TV production in America, the set that is coming in is so large that we have to clear the entire floor. Which means the radio set, the Glenn Beck show set, commercial production and unfortunately the Oval Office need to come down.

It will have a place for a studio audience of 150 which we are excited about. The first time you will be able to see the new stage is for the WeWillNotConform.com event to make Common Core history. That is July 22. Movie theaters all across the country will participate for that one night only live event. Get your tickets and details at that website and join, me, David Barton, Dana Loesch, and Michelle Malkin.

In the pics you can see The Resolute desk coming out. I have been trying to figure out a place to put the Oval, but it is just too large even for the atrium. I don’t want to crate it again as it is the one thing that everyone has their picture taken in when they come to visit.

Btw- I am thinking about putting a temporary history exhibit on Stage 19 this August so people could come and take a tour of the studios as well as see some of the amazing things from history that tell the American story. We have been debating whether or not people would come. I think there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day for the people that wanted to show their kids Abe Lincoln’s desk, Patton’s helmet, George Washington’s compass and log book, the Disneyland Prospectus, the horrifying bed sheet where Abraham Lincoln died and 100s of other items we have now collected. We would charge $20 but all of the proceeds would go to Mercury One our charity. Should we do it or not?




  • Daniel

    I think it would be a Great Idea. I and some friends have wanted to come see the studio would be a great icing on the cake to finish it off. Thanks for all your hard work :)

  • Daniel

    Icing meaning the artifacts exhibit :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh, Glenn that museum idea would be ab-so-lutely perfect. Even BETTER than perfect, actually. Can you imagine how much of a selling point having authentic artifacts will be in the historical dramas Mercury studios will be filming? While every other studio either makes their own whatever or buys something “close enough” your studio will have the real deal. It could easily turn out that other studio prop departments are going to come to you and negotiate. Maybe not for the actual piece since it’s pat of the museum but at least how to make a better than “close enough” 3D printer copy.

  • JulieAnn Holmes

    I love the idea of the museum, but I want it to be more permanent. I cannot say that we could come this year, as all my vacation time off has already been allocated, however, if it wasn’t, I would be there! We could come some time next year…..

  • Spectacle

    I would like to see more of the space in Glenn’s studio used for production of good film that could compete in the market place. It is without a doubt a pivotal point in history and the market is salivating for the change. There are so many ways to use subjects snatched from the headlines in film, animation and gaming. The digital age has leveled the playing field but if you don’t act fast enough to fill the vacuum it either collapses or is filled with deceptive works instead. Glenn, you are in the unique position to make good things happen. The BS of A is lacking and I was rather disappointed in that show when I had a subscription. You don’t always have to get the left overs from Hollywood. Yes you have been successful sir but the youth market is creeping and if you don’t want to miss opportunities you must be a little more outside the bun on the entertainment side. The news side you have locked down, but you are missing so much market with missing the mark with the entertainment aspects of your corporation. There is so much more you can do with even small budgets these days. You are missing too much by sitting so high above, come back down my friend.

  • Anonymous

    Truth Lives Here! the difference between Right and Left is Know Truth Know God No Truth No God! UNgod. hussein-osama making himself the U N god. ans America the UNA-UnionNations of Amerika

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