Will GBTV cover Restoring Love? Are food drive donations still needed?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trisha-Holmeide/100000669641562 Trisha Holmeide

    Maybe you could start a benevolent fund to help people attend your events who cannot afford the cost of travel and overnight stays on their own.  Many are with you in “Spirit” who have no means to pay to attend these event in person, but have the desire and the need to join and help make a difference too.  

  • Anonymous

    Trisha, I’m not sure how much more you wish this man to do!!!  He’s made the tickets very affordable. I can’t afford to go either, but I’m not asking anyone to provide the means for me to attend.  This isn’t about what Glenn can do for us, but what we can do for our neighbor.  We don’t have to be personally present to be involved.  Do something locally that makes a difference.  VOLUNTEER SOMEWHERE; DONATE FOOD TO YOUR LOCAL FOOD SHELF, get neighbors together and go to your local grade school and see if you can start a reading group…..Glenn’s message is being given to us “by example”……I plan on getting off my behind and go do SOMETHING!!!  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/U465WFRQWZS3QQCVZUWFRGMVEE Jennifer

      Are you able to go if you had tickets?  I have 5 tickets that I will send you simply because your answer was (1) kind and (2) quite accurate!  We bought them but can’t attend.  Also, I can give you our 2 FreedomWorks tickets for their event.  Please let me know if you are able to use the tickets by emailing me at mortyman1@earthlink.net.  I’m not some scam and I hope you are able to use the tickets!!  God Bless. Jennifer

  • Anonymous

    I am going – (YAY) however if I couldn’t, I would content myself with watching it on GBTV. From all I have been hearing, they are going to be trying to tape as much as possible – and there is a lot going on! There is a schedule available of what will be shown when – and I hope it all gets up on GBTV – cuz even if you’re there , there is SO much that you can’t go to it all. SO I hope to catch what I am not going to be able to attend later on on GBTV. And then of course (if I weren’t going to be there ) find a service project at home. There is enough out there!

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