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Glenn Beck has reinvented talk radio, changed the face of cable news, and started his own online network. But…until you’ve seen him perform live on stage, you haven’t seen the real Glenn Beck. Glenn’s hitting the road with his comedy tour, Unelectable 2. It’s your chance to see one of the most dynamic and unique live performers of his generation.

If politicians said the kinds of things that Glenn does—you know, the truth—they’d never get into office. That’s why Glenn Beck is unelectable—he can’t help but tell it like it is. No one is spared Glenn’s wrath…Democrats, Republicans, law makers and law breakers…everybody gets what’s coming to them in this incredible live comedy show. Election Day is coming whether we like it or not, so you might as well laugh before you cry. Join Glenn for an unforgettable night comedy that will have you wishing he ran for office if for no other reason than to be the first politician that got laughed at on purpose!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZSLP74WSLB7SQK4MTJHHKTJTBM Gary Wenzel

    So where will Glen bring his show??

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZSLP74WSLB7SQK4MTJHHKTJTBM Gary Wenzel

    So where will glen have his show??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W4FGQX6GR2X65RPG4MNSL66YGY sodagrrl

    I hate to say it, but Glen’s website truly sucks.  Broken links, poorly organized, links to nowhere – it’s almost un-navigable.  Glen!  get serious if you want people to like your website and PAY for it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gary if you go to buy tickets, the cities the event will be in are there!  He is great on stage. I wish one of the events was near upstate New York.  I agree with sodagirl also, I have issues all the time with the website, hopefully the bugs will be corrected soon.  Hey Glenn, my husband is an IT guy if your looking……;-)

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with sodagrrl….I’ve been an Insider member for years and I am getting frustrated!
    The website is not user-friendly!

  • Anonymous

    gb is outsourcing to Mormons abroad.  He’s not serious about his professionalism. He just wants his self-righteous soap box and doesn’t care about an effective web-site or quality broadcasting.  All you who are paying for this beware!!!
    I declare that gb will end up frustrating more people than he will ever admit. It’s no wonder he didn’t stay on FoxNews.

  • Anonymous

    I see the cities, but I cannot find the price

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VC5CJKMLKVDBGCKEZIVMAMAER4 Anonymous

    I agree w/sodagirl et al about the website. Also, watching his show on the internet is an exercise in frustration because of freezing, losing the site and having to reconnect, etc. Watching archived programs causes even newer headaches. It will automatically revert to the beginning and start all over again and again. I’m seriously considering cancelling my membership until Glenn works the bugs out. I can’t enjoy the show while constantly dealing with these issues.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Angell/100001860262545 Steve Angell

      I agree 100%.  Almost canceled yesterday but discovered it works better in rebroadcast by turning off NexDef.  I use NexDef when live because I almost always have to tune in late and pause several times.

      This product would only work for someone that could watch entire show non stop.  It is very 20th centuary.

      • Anonymous

        it is much better if you go to the ipod/cast click on the day you want and then listen to each hour that way.  Once the hour is over you have to click on the next hour and so on.  I did have the same issue you had with the starting over from the beginning but that was an isolated incident and it was the same day they had a problem with gbtv shows not listed properly.  There are far fewer issues than there were when I first decided to join and they have been diligent in trying to work out the kinks. I am glad I stuck it out.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/65DUVTKZJHPOMHZ7VJXSNYUEDU Charles Solomon

    I just wanted those in the  Raleigh/Durham area to know that even though Mr. Beck’s website states that his show will be @ DPAC, it is actually at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. I talked to the stage manager there and at RMA and confirmed this. I also sent a email to Chris Brady to inform him that Mr. Beck’s site was incorrect as to the location stated.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a subscriber pretty much since Glenn started GBTV.  I have to say that I have not had the same problems that others have described.  I find the web site easy enough to navigate, and I have found the quality of watching GBTV on my laptop pretty good.  I plan to purchase a new TV soon with web access so I can watch on a bigger screen.
    My real reason for writing is to tell you how much I am enjoying “The Real News”.  Amy is awesome, as well as the rest of the crew.  I love the free flow discussion format.  It is so refreshing to listen to intelligent people discussing the issues without arguing or talking over each other.  You can actually hear what they are saying, and everyone is able to complete their thoughts.  No canned talking points, just real analysis of real issues that matter.  I have found GBTV well worth the price of subscription.  Thank you Glenn.  PS  Pat and Stu are pretty good too, I would suggest keeping them around!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Angell/100001860262545 Steve Angell

      hmmm.  Wonder if it is something Comcast is doing.

      I hear it works great with Roku as well.  But will hardly buy that.  I watch from my computer on my 32″ TV.

      I also think they destroyed my cookies.  Very not cool.  I and many others depend on cookies for auto loging saving much time.  They suggested I delete my cookies like it would not damage my computer.  Do they not know that cookies can be good and bad.

      • Anonymous

        The Roku is an amazing little device and for a one time price of $59 it is well worth it. There are optional channels you can purchase, month my month.  No contract or anything that locks you in.  I like being able ti just turn the tv on and watch it stream through that rather than hook up my laptopp.

  • http://twitter.com/RCBeauSmith Beau Smith

    You guys coming to Japan?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D4IMWFNWFKLQVPTMY2AMZAA3T4 Fairdinky

    Having some problem with pre-buy fix for Phoenix show because there’s no Disabled Seating listed, so we’re not sure what prices will be nor assignment and we’ve learned NOT to buy and get seated later…  So can someone correct this displaying how we can purchase 2 Disabled Seats (1 wheelchair and 1 Companion) please?

  • Anonymous

    Glen,  I sure wish you would bring Unelectable II to Dallas/Fort Worth,  I was at Unelectable in 2008 and loved it.  Lisa Lewis, Garland, Texas

  • Anonymous

     I subscribed to GBTV when it started also. The only problem I have is using my net book, I have to manipulate the sizes to find the adjustments for video quality and full screen.  I wish I could pull up the On Demand directly after the live shows are over…seems I have to wait till the next day (I’m on Mountain Time). But all else is well…oh, and Steve Angell, I don’t think they are messing with your cookies, I can click right in without logging on with my password (yippee!).

  • Anonymous

    Is Glenn comin to CHICAGO?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZXQSDNBT3POK3P2VLPKVWAOQDY Anonymous

      Nope- he’s not even getting north of the Mason-Dixon line.  Would be great if he’d actually come to Minneapolis for a change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hmclaughlin82 Hannah Astling McLaughlin

    you need to go to houston, tx for the tour!!!!!

  • Rhoda Fry

    Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, Now you were born in Washington State, and I always look to see if you are coming anywhere near Seattle, I know this is a liberal area but listen there is alot of us Conservatives that live in this area too. We love you, Glenn..let the liberal haters..go throw there protest down on 4th ave like they always do..I would rather spend my time watching an listening to you. by the way. there is something on youtube you would enjoy..his name is Brother yun and it is called living water or spirit. one the other . He talks about Jesus getting him out of a Chinese Persecution Prison it is very uplifting.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T63FYRYO7DGSWNWJOPYA77SSOY Lockwood

    Guys, we get GBTV per ROKU and it keeps tripping offline and then reloading.  During last night’s program it tripped, it seemed, every other three or so minutes.

    What is being done abt this awful problem

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T63FYRYO7DGSWNWJOPYA77SSOY Lockwood

    What’s being done about the failed operation of ROKU?  On again, off again, load, trip, on again — you get the idea.

    Sure would love a reply and assurance that the problem is being attended to.  We’re paying members of GBTV. . . .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B553ZWEHGYYWZFAEPHNSD74Z5A TINA

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  • Anonymous

    Glenn, my son is about go to Afghanistan, he is only 21 years old..
    Why are we still sending our young men for a fight/war that we never are going to win!!.  You are believer of Heavenly Father, His be loved son Jesus Christ and the Holly Ghost!, you know/understand very well the Only one who can stop and defeat these evil souls(radical Islams) is the divine trinity!! not until they say is enough!!! we are going to be losing so many innocent lives!!!! this wars have been going on for centuries!!  So why, why are we still sending our young man to the sluttier for a war we never are going to end!!! these people are in-grained, brain wash since they are in their womb to hate us and to kill us!!!! why don’t we the people do something, so we don’t send any more of our soldiers, and let those people fight with each other!!! we never are going to make them change their believes!!!!  We have to do something!!!!!! can we demand to our president to stop the help that it hasn’t made any changes on those people!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hoping for Sacramento, since we don’t want you to catch anything in the SF Bay Area!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.restuccia Dawn Restuccia

    anyone know when the Return To Love rally is in Dallas in July? Need exact date to book flight! Cant seem to find it anywhere!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Harod/100002459855637 Randy Harod

      The next four years are critical to our survival as a Christian and a Free nation and dependent on President Obama being ousted. The Tea Party is currently marginalized, but hopefully will make a comeback this summer.  All of our Republican candidates are significantly flawed as is our political system. But the larger problem is that it took over 50 years to get where we are and the voters are not going to be turned around enough in any one election cycle.      
       Glenn, I was appalled to hear you say if you have to compromise some, then you prefer to lose.  So are you voting for Ron Paul?  Neither are we and neither should you try to personally destroy any Republican candidate–what arrogance and judgement that should be reserved for a Higher Power!   
       Glenn, you are one of my heroes, But there are thousands of us GBTV fans who are very upset that your narrow view and closed minded portrayal of Newt Gingrich is hurting our country.  We too are not stupid, have done many many hours of quality research about the past 20+ years and are very disappointed to see you abandon your normal “research journalist” approach with this topic.  Here is an alternate synopsis you should honestly consider from a 69 year old small business owner, US Coast Guard Academy graduate, Christian, Constitutional patriot, and happily remarried for 36 years father of 3 with 6 grandchildren–and 50% of Tea Party voters.
       Ron Paul has great financial points, but his foreign policy would be suicide as a follow up to Obama’s apologetic tour and failed appeasement term in office.  
       Mitt Romney is a political “shape shifter chameleon” obsessed with being President.  I saw all the debates and watched him absorb the resonating points from each of his opponents into his cardboard rhetoric, and polish his delivery with each state campaign. He is a good man, but he is stale flat champagne that has the Democrats salivating to take on like they did McCain.
       Rick Santorum is a very good man, but he can only be electable if more of the moderate Democrats fear for their financial futures under Obama enough to jump party.  This exodus is not worth betting our entire country on.  Most Americans are so brainwashed with political correctness or avoidance, that they literally shut down with much open discussion of religion as a main campaign point.  We need to practice the Art of War better and choose the best time and place for our battles, and this is not the time for the main open conflict to be over religion–while we are being destroyed financially and attacked on all sides by Communists, Progressives, Union thugs, terrorists, to destroy capitalism, and an all out effort by Islamist sects to establish a new Caliphate.
       Heaven knows Newt Gingrich is flawed.  But from those flaws has emerged a man who learned how to get what we need done immediately far better than anyone else in the game. My pastor has spent a month talking about  “The 12″ that Jesus picked and over time changed their imperfections into a power that forever changed our world. Each of their pasts would bring great criticisms today, but their compassion and dedication to make a difference moved multitudes.
       Newt’s key faults are his main strengths we need right now to turn around our country . Unlike Obama, Newt tells you exactly what he believes and he wants to be held accountable because “voting present” does not get you remembered in history.  He is not just a well practiced or teleprompter regurgitater, and will quickly expose every clever sidestepping or misleading comment Obama makes in the Presidential debates.  Voters are sick of half truths and begging for a new champion that does not fade away under pressure like Bush did, but openly fights for them and what they want in the face of the media, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the GOP Establishment–which hates Newt because they accept that he will do most of what he says and push term limits, closing the border, energy independence, line item veto, etc. and thereby strip the good ole boys in both Parties of their reign of power.    
       The 2012 election is about energizing most of the fiscal Conservatives, the Right, and Christians, and swaying enough Moderates to defeat Obama and his Socialist Regime and propaganda machine. The debates demonstrated that Newt electrifies and all the others posture.  If Obama is not defeated, he can stop anything the House or Senate Republicans try to change because his VETO means he only needs 1/3 plus one vote in either the House or Senate to win every issue. After winning, Newt is the only one who truly knows where the dirt gets buried and how to expose both Parties by going to the public like President Reagan did.  It is a tragic error to accept the cries from the Left that all hard statements are to be avoided so everyone just gets along–accepting this garbage is what got us in this mess in the first place.
      Yes Newt said he likes things about our hated Woodrow Wilson, but Glenn, you need to dig deeper and read the pieces he likes and why. FYI, I went through everything in “why Newt can’t win” and your 30 minute destruction piece with an open mind and in detail–and I was very disappointed at the rhetoric re-quoting of partial facts and suppositions.  It is as if you have drunk the Kool-Aid of the GOP Establishment that we cannot rock the boat and no one can withstand their onslaught over anything imperfect or that the Left disagrees with.  First, it is simply a farce to not see that Newt is first in line for a smaller government after Ron Paul’s no government. It is comical to ignore that his first marriage was to his high school geometry teacher when he was 19 and she was 26.  It is insincere to infer that his second wife can ruin him because she made that statement, but has brought nothing to back it up except that she is furious the Catholic Church annulled her marriage with Newt. Is is a Left Wing tactic to make statements like Calista “has crazy eyes”, too much influence over Newt such that she has an account at Nordstom’s, etc. and that Newt was censured by the House while ignoring their dissatisfaction of how well President Clinton out maneuvered them after 2 government shutdowns to not cave into the Dems stonewalling (like Reid is doing successfully in the Senate today).  President Reagan would “spank” all of you today.  You should be pointing out the half truths about all of our candidates and alternated with exposing Obama’s half truths and misleading lies such as phony unemployment figures and GM’s record breaking success.  
        Instead, I hear fear not facts, personal judgments not evaluated details, and an overall disgust with our government that is ignoring the first principle of The Art of War–focus on winning the war even at the expense of losing a few battles–for if you lose the War, your enemy takes no prisoners.  Glenn, I was appalled to hear you say if we have to compromise some, then you prefer to lose.  So are you voting for Ron Paul?  Neither are we and neither should you try to personally destroy any Republican candidate–what arrogance and judgement that should be reserved for a Higher Power!  You have become too close to the forest to see the trees.  You have even missed that SE is making a career out of reading you out of the corner of her eye while she bashes Newt–but we see it and it is a huge turn off.  
       Finally, you gave Rick Santorum a very good face to face hour answering your questions.  You did a much shorter remote camera hit piece on Newt Gingrich that prevented him from fully  explaining why he disagrees with you on several points. I was shocked to see your open contempt, bias and unfairness that I have never witnessed in you before.  Have you picked Newt to bear the brunt of your dissatisfaction with politics today?  I think you have created a plank you need to remove to be the brilliant fact discloser we loved you for being in a sea of media darkness.                                       

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1240478027 Sheree Blume

    Now that you have classified yourself as a comedian, ( in writing ), perhaps YOU can now get free passes from the left as does Bill Maher, etc…Separation of Church and State ( as it was meant)–The government “protecting” the Catholic Church from “money laundering”…Thanks for putting out info the other media outlets ignore.

  • Anonymous

    what about adding pittsburgh to the tour ? you have a lot of supporters here

  • Anonymous

    Glenn,  We would love to see your show.  How about Milwaukee, Wisconsin?   Madison is too Liberal with U of W there. 
    Also, once we have a candidate, can we all rally for the party?  No one will ever be perfect to meet everyones critera.  We need to get OB out of our life and out of politics.  Let’s stick together and turn this ship around.     

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cretia-Olsen/100000203043815 Cretia Olsen

    I can’t afford to go to Texas..but hope that he will head north once again..and come either to Tacoma,Portland or Seattle..and I can get tickets..When he was in Anchorage we had just moved to Washington State..and missed him..Keep working on him to head to the Pacific Northwest.pretty please..with sugar on it..C.Olsen..

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