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  • Elaine Willingham

    Dear Glenn,
    I was pulling my hair out last night because we, the audience, who couldn’t be there because (in my case it is due to illness I am not there) we thought Eric was just going to be there at GBTV to watchover. Not four talking heads going on and on with their opinions. So we missed every time Matt and Senator Dick Armey spoke, we missed MOST of the segment of the people who were from other countries (that just threw me into orbit) and had NO IDEA Michele Malkin was there. They not only spoke over her, they never mentioned who was there and who we were missing to watch the Eric Shackelback (sp) Show. Was the FreePac event recorded without interuptions and would GBTV run just the event for us without those talking heads? And PALEEZE tomorrow do not let us miss one second of Restoring Love. I am going to post this in a few places because I don’t know what Stu and Jeff monitor. Obviously you don’t know we were throwing things at the TV. Sure would like to know what we missed and watch it.

    • Dolores Walker

      Looking forward to tonight’s program and Saturday’s too!

  • Dolores Walker

    I agree with the above.  I like Eric but he needs his own time on GBTV to do his thing which is a good thing.  But I finally typed in the search box Freedomworks and got the rest of the program without interruptions.  I know you meant well but it was disappointing. We people at home did not want to miss a thing.  :)

    • Anonymous

      I also tried to find a source for the freedom works video from last night and their website says both the video and chat channels are now closed (making it now unavailable).  Eric and his roundtable had no bussiness “mucking up” the program like that.  Rev. Robison was doing an excellent job of introducing speakers.  A little bit less GBTV EGO would be nice

  • Willow S.

    Thank you for having this online.  I cannot take the PTO off to come, even though I wish I could.  I am sure other people are in the same boat.

  • Dorothy

    I just tried to watch the program for tonight – Friday evening, but Eric and three others are having a round-table discussion. Is this the program? What happened to the big event?

  • David

    I am really dissapointed hat the live coverage was cut short tonight.  I live up here in Central Maine and just could not get down there to Texas tonight.

  • Carol Enright

    I loved the show last nite but like others was really dissapointed that the program ended before all the speakers took the stage.  Please tell us there will be a way to see the rest of the show.  Lastly, I think showing the whole program without the round table would have been better, at least for me.  Advise please how we can find the part of the program we all missed.  I would have been there in person had that been a possibility for me.  Glenn, YOU are my hero!!!!!

  • Doris

    I agree with those who have commented before me.  I was so disappointed that GBTV did not show the entire program.  We missed several of those who spoke at the event esp. Pastor Hagee and those at the very end.  Why did Eric and the round table have to talk during many of the comments, prayers, etc.?  I felt this took away from the importance of the whole event.  Many of us who were unable to be at the event upgraded to GBTVplus so that all of these programs would be available.  Honestly I thought that we would be able to see the entire program without interruption or comment.  I am reconsidering my upgrade and subscription  to GBTV plus.

  • Pam

    I agree I was watching and was loving it and at the top of the hour it went black, so sad would have loved to see the whole thing, including the speakers we missed.

  • Bob Mulherin

    I watched as much as I could and was really looking forward to Pastor Hagee’s comments but did not see them.  Very disappointed.  Also, I love Michelle Malkin and did not see nor hear any commentary about her. Why not. 

  • Bob

    Fabulous Show Glen.  Only YOU could bring all of that, and all of us together, with YOUR heart warming message.  Ummmm…  It’s a little bit late now, I guess; but i’ve been having bad dreams all week about some kind of horrible bio-toxin in the restroom handsoap dispensers, and in the ice used for the soft, and fountain drinks @ Cowboy Stadium.  If I actually try to explain that to anybody, they will tell me my thoughts are in dissarray, lock me up for a couple of weeks; while putting me on meds (again) that allow me only to sit, and drool, if/when I can keep my eyes open!  I feel that possibly YOU Glen, will understand.  Please let us know that everyone is o.k., so I can get to sleep at night again.  We keep you in our prayers. ~Respectfully Yours,  Miss Nikki Pickles

  • Paul Ls

    The event was typical of a GB event or anything else he does, it was WONDERFUL.  Glenn is the Major player in the effort to save America from it’s Foreign and Domestic enemies.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, Glenn, Your passion for the goodness of our Nation under GOD will become super viral due to the excellent powerfully moving experience from RESTORING LOVE. That is exactly all we need to do in order to take back what is rightfully ours. I will tell everyone I know that your leadership is second to none and all we need is LOVE to accomplish our mission! Thank you for all that you do. 

  • Richard Everett

    Ditto to all of the above comments.  I signed up for GBTV plus because it was advertised as LIVE (or on demand).  I took the “on demand” to mean it would be available to view after the fact.  I knew going in that I would not be able to view the event “live” on Saturday night due to conflicting schedules but wanted to watch it at a later time.  So far, I have not been able to see how to do that.  I, to, am disappointed.

  • Stretch Storer

    I went to the FreePAC event on Thursday evening and the Restoring Love event on Saturday and enjoyed them both.  I had tickets to both for myself and my wife but she was unable to attend and I would like to share with her the total programs of both events. I’ve found some of the FreePAC speakers on YouTube but not all.

    I hope those in a position to make the decision on both events will make them available to all of us so we can relive and share the moments with those that were unable to attend, for whatever reason.

    It would also be a great way for us to share with those of a more “left leaning” nature some of the ideas that we feel would make the USA a better place to live for all people, even them.


  • Anonymous

    My husband and I attended the Love REunion and absolutely Loved It!  I was a little surprised there was so little about politics in the program, since we obviously all feel the same way about the issues.  My husband thinks you are just taking the path of least resistance, but all in all, it was a great program and God Bless you Glenn!!!

  • Randy Mckee

    I am starting to look for the full event to watch and seen this..i upgraded to see this event after i got home from vacation..and then i see this?…if they talked over this program I want a refund…I wanted to see it AS IS…maybe  a clarification of who im seeing but not a rambling round table like on glen beck program…I think its time for a revamp already…the round table has to go…

  • Carl Zoll

     Does Restoring Love have a website?  I have searched online and couldn’t find one.  I’d like to get involved the next time they have an event such as in Dallas.  Please let me know.  Thank you, Carl

  • selinda


  • selinda

    We just watched  the recorded show on TBN it was awesome ..i hope there will be a dvd ..i want my kids to hear it.Thank you Glenn for doing what you do. I wish more would stand up and do also. Thank you for having and putting your self and $$ up to this …CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN ANCHORAGE IN SEPT …Bring that inspiration with you!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope that the Restoring Love event hand the Freepac event will be made available in their entirity.  I would like to be able to share these events with my friends and relatives that were unable to view it in person or online.  Glenn could use the proceeds from the sales for charity or to help pay any money that was short from the event.  Glee you are the greatest>  I listen to you on the radio and watch you on gbtv everyday

  • Bruce Coffelt

    Here is a link to Daystar full video of Under God Indivisible (Friday night) 

    Spread the word and repost this .
    It is inspirational and necessary to see before November elections

    I too was most disappointed with GBTV coverage of this event

  • Poison_ Monkey

    WE want Beck playing lolo T shirt with a peanut in his pocket e.g with ta ta on a leash-rope.

  • Mimi Ryun

    As Obama doesn’t do very well speaking without his tele-prompter and he can’t have them at tomorrow’s debate I think someone needs to check his ears for an earpiece.
    Someone will be on the other end giving him answers if he gets in trouble.
    Just sayin’—

  • Vharles Chapman

    You really need to sell dvd’s of this.  Period.

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