A Conversation with Glenn: Why do you discourage people from participating in rallies?

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with what Glenn is saying…use your heads.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn sees farther than the gun barrel.  We do have to be careful.

  • Anonymous

    How’s Glenn’s macular whatever? Didn’t he start crying that he was going blind like the older sister on Little House on the Prairie?

  • Daniel Paul Couture

    Glenn – My wife and I are big fans and have been in your camp since first watching your program on fox. Thank you for obeying what God has directed you to do.

    This morning you asked for suggestions of people you could interview who get it, who have put forth solutions to the problems facing our beloved country albeit different from yours. One man whom I have great respect for, and whom believes effective conservative storytelling is and has been sorely missing, is Bill Whittle. You both have a passion to excel, and you share much in common from what I have seen and heard. Bill has just launched his own web network: http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=bbd892da8595ea1b5c16b6b88&id=b31e52e559&e=65dcd8b27a. Bill is a deffender of our Constitution, and I believe he would be a strong allie. Please consider.


    Daniel Couture

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