A day in the life… of 1791 Design Manager Tim DiDonato

Tim DiDonato is Design Manager of 1791 Supply & Co. He has been with 1791 since its founding and is responsible for the research and design of the products. Tim is married to Glenn’s daughter, Hannah, and the two live with their rescue dog, Hans, and their cat in Dallas, Texas. Below is a glimpse into his typical day.

7:43 AM: I don’t set an alarm. I have always had a mental alarm clock. I literally wake up at the same minute every day. When I first relocated from New York to Dallas, I set an alarm clock for about three weeks, and now I wake up at 7:43 every morning without an alarm.

8:00 AM: Next I put the dog out. He is mix – American foxhound and Italian greyhound. We rescued him in Dallas, and his name is Hans. He came with the name. Someone at a dog park once asked me, “Did you name your dog after Inglorious Bastards?” I was like, “No, I did not name my dog after a Nazi.” After I put him out, I jump in the shower. By the time I get out of the shower, Hannah is up, so I get changed and get ready for the day. Since 1791 is a new brand, I really like to test out the clothes. I am always wearing my 1791 jeans with either a work shirt or a flannel shirt of some sort.

8:30 AM: I usually go out and play with the dog for a good 25-30 minutes. And then either Hannah or I, whoever gets to it first, make our lunches. We usually make PB&J’s and switch up the snack with either bananas or peaches.

9:00AM: We head to work around 9 o’clock. Our commute takes about half an hour. We listen to Sirius XM Patriot to hear Glenn’s show on our way. We used to leave at 8:30, but we realized we would just sit in dead stop traffic. Then we tried leaving at 8, but that was even worse. So when we leave at 9 there is no traffic. The people I need to talk to – shops, and factories, and stuff – aren’t open until 10:30 or 11 anyway, so it is fine for me to get in around 9:30.

9:30 AM: I normally get in and go grab coffee. I can never find the milk or sugar that I want, so I am usually running around trying to figure out why it is always missing. And then I head into my office. I normally write a list of the things I need to get done the night before, which helps me assess how I am going to go about the day. Since we are still such a small business, I really like to focus on the quality control end of things. Sometimes I have to write out purchase orders for trims we will need; or I will get in contact with our denim factories to see how things are going with production; or I am checking with our denim mill to make sure everything is being woven on time.

10:15 AM: I don’t really have a specific time I design. I am always just sketching stuff. Most of the time, when designers are working on a season, they lock themselves in a room until it’s done. But we are not on a fashion time schedule like that, so it is nice to have that freedom. I am always redrawing and re-sketching so that we can present it to Glenn. Glenn will tweak it a bit and ask about the ‘why.’ The ‘why’ is really important to us. We are coming out with a couple new products, so I have been ordering sample fabrics. As soon as they come in, we go to the pattern maker. We are working on some new shirting and women’s denim at the moment. We are really excited about that.


12:00 PM: LJ [Herman, Senior Director, E-Commerce] and I usually meet around noon every day to go over what’s going on. We kind of tackle the day that way. Normally right after I meet with LJ, Hannah and I will have lunch. Normally we eat lunch with her dad every Wednesday in his office. On the other days, Hannah and I just eat in my office.

1:30 PM: I buy a lot of Japanese books and magazines because they are actually really into vintage workwear. I like the whole modern work wear movement, to look and see how a pocket was done in the past; how a button was done; just researching to see if it is something we can translate to now. It is important to have a storyboard to keep you focused and in the right mindset. It also helps all the other people around me because they may have other ideas of what 1791 is. It is hard to explain, because you don’t see a lot of designers doing this yet, but our customer is kind of a historian. The pockets on our work shirt I’m working on are tilted to the side not because we thought it was unique, but because between the 1930s and 1950s track workers were wearing shirts like this. Authenticity is key.

3:00 PM: Around 3 is when Hannah will start asking me what we should have for dinner. And I never know what to say. So I usually reverse the question back and say, “Well what do you want for dinner?” And then it becomes, “Well, I asked first” or “I had to pick yesterday.” She is a really amazing cook, but I am not creative. I will just say mac-n-cheese every night.

5:00 PM: We normally head home around 5 or 5:30, once Glenn is off-air. On the way home we will stop at the grocery store to pick stuff up, or we will go over to Glenn’s for dinner. We eat with Hannah’s family two or three times a week. It is nice to have family time.

6:15 PM: If we go over to Glenn’s, we will eat and then either sit around and talk, or play a game, or read scripture. Hannah and I will put the kids to bed. If it is just Hannah and I, we come home and she starts dinner, while I take the dog out. We have a cat too, so I let the cat play outside for a little bit also. On the nights we are home, we watch TV after dinner. We are always watching HGTV or DIY Network.

10:00 PM: We usually head to bed and keep watching TV. I start negotiating with the dog about whether or not he can sleep on the bed. He always has that look like, “You could sleep on the couch, Tim.” And I am like, “No, there are other places for you, Hans. You have a dog bed.” It’s a problem. I try to lay down around 10:30 or 11. I always pass out first. I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime, no matter what. That is never a problem.

As told to Meg Storm

  • Anonymous

    What a dip shit.

    • Anonymous

      And this coming from a jerk…

    • http://youtu.be/0iRCvDwF26Q Sam Fisher

      Says the pot. 

    • Anonymous

      If the jeans are anything like the tee shirts,you might as well go to goodwill as the quality is as bad as I’ve seen and they still charge outrageous prices.I hate to say it but Walmarts quality puts them to shame. I ordered some tees and you could literally see thru them.

  • Anonymous

    Good looking ’73 Winchester.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah! Me too! I wish knew someone that had one, the 44 version, so I can see what its like?

      • Anonymous

        I had a friend who bought a complete collection of old Winchesters up in BC. It included models 1873, 1876, 1886, 1892, 1894, and 1895. They were in great condition and shootable. They also came with quite a few boxes of old cartridges for many obsolete chamberings of these rifles. He in turn sold them at auction. I should have worked up the cash to purchace one of those. A good reproduction of the ’73 and ’76 can be viewed at


        • http://palinsdirtylittlesecret.blogspot.com/ CovertWarOnAmericansLeakedHere

           oil them up for the revolution

          • Anonymous

            Dianne Fiendstien  was just a young girl in 1873 and not a member of the Senate. She was probably thinking even then, ” What need have people of repeating rifles that fire more than one shot without reloading. We oughta make a law.” They were the assault rifles of the nineteenth century.

      • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Okay… that sounds like a Day in the Life. I know what you mean about design. I am sketching all the time. My better half comments endlessly as to why is there a sketch-pad in every car, backpack, billet, Kitchen/Coffee/End table in the house and everywhere in between. There is always something to do, dream about, write down thoughts or gleanings from others.

    When sketching, either your client’s dreams come alive or your dreams are realized. Depending on what “it” is, willing “it” into solid reality could be a challenge, but that is the journey and joy [sometimes tears] of creating.

    BTW – love the Winchester! Good choice!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Dozier-Posey/1632216710 Donna Dozier Posey

    I really have some information that I would like to share with Glenn Beck. If anyone knows how I can get somethings mailed to him or an email I would really appreciate it. 

    • Pamela Peltonen


  • Anonymous

    You have the nice designs on shirts,but put them on a decent shirt that will last over a week !

  • Pamela Peltonen

    I am a very frequent buyer of your clothing and for the most part I’m happy. However, I have to be honest. Some of the shirts you guys sell are very poor quality. You can literally see through the fabric it’s so thin. I love the designs on the shirts, but as a farmer, I could sure use a better quality material. The 1791 western shirts are top quality and are made to last a lifetime.  I would recommend these shirts to anyone! We just would like to see a more rugged, durable cotton used in the T-shirts….please.

    • Anonymous

       What do you expect from Glenn Beck.
      His doesn’t care about your satisfaction, he only cares about maximizing profit by peddling cheap crap!!!

      • Anonymous

         Its not Beck’s company you troll. get a life.

  • Anonymous

    This poor son of a bitch is trapped in hell

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WKSHM6BNKMZ5GNOOCRUKK2AVX4 Johnny M

    7 hour work day. Must be nice to work at a startup and be so lazy. Ever thought about leaving for work at 730 to get their on time?

    I’m sure coming in at 9:30 really shows the other employees how dedicated you are. Especially when other designers are putting in 50-60 hour weeks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.phelps3 Cindy Phelps

      Just be quiet!! Jealous much??

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WKSHM6BNKMZ5GNOOCRUKK2AVX4 Johnny M

        Interesting comment. Communists can’t stand a difference of opinion either. Carry on comrade.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jenca1 Jenca E Lewis

      it’s called being the boss. that’s what happens when your work hard and have great ideas…..and own your own company. try using your hatred of successful people to fuel your ingenuity and become the boss. then you won’t have to worry about other people’s work hours.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/WKSHM6BNKMZ5GNOOCRUKK2AVX4 Johnny M

        What are you talking about? I didn’t say anything hateful. So being a boss allows you to be lazy? His title is Design Manager, not OWNER or BOSS. When you work for a startup business you don’t put in 35 hour work weeks. YOU DO WHATEVER IT TAKES BE SUCCESSFUL. 

        What I stated was pure perception and opinion based on fact from the article and this opinion comes from someone WHO WORKS IN THE INDUSTRY and understands what it takes. I speak from experience. You speak as a protector. 

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001865028025 Karen Lee Zieminski Munson

          ENVY IS UGLY!

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/WKSHM6BNKMZ5GNOOCRUKK2AVX4 Johnny M

            There is no envy. I have my own successful career. Can you dispute my points? Or are you exactly like the left wing obama drones you despise? 

        • Pamela Peltonen

          I understand where you’re coming from and I didn’t take your comments as jealousy. You sound like a hard working person with a superior work ethic. That’s a pretty rare commodity these days.

      • Anonymous

        It’s called being a leech, this toad isn’t responsible for anything.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GJ46URNAST3RNCQMXDXV7PXMVI dl

      Your criticizism of Mr. DiDonato is subjective opinion, and you failed to consider measured results and his sense of style. That you were compelled to openly share such a cynical critique without recognizing anything but your own apparently crystallized fear of success to the point of expressing resentment, intolerance, fanatic principles, and egotism suggests an emotionally immature and insensitive nature that likely sacrifices relationships and success over pride and an austere sense of justice.  Get a grip, take a laxative, develop a sense of humor, and above all, let it go.  Creative expression isn’t measured by hours spent toiling in obscurity nor the time set on your alarm clock. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=775909570 Josh Forsythe

    Nice but lose the skinny jeans….lol!

  • http://twitter.com/PrairieShay Shay

    Kudos to you on being an entrepreneur! We had several Japanese exchange students share our home, and your assessment is correct–they love vintage work wear. Ours loved and bought many of the blue work shirts from used clothing stores, with the name tags on them. We teased them about their daily name change. :-) Anxious to try some of your jeans!

  • Anonymous

    No cross burning or hate speech hour? Oh he’s related to Beck by marriage….makes sense I guess…just use his money to better yourself and sell his hatred….how American….how sad

    • Anonymous

       How sad of a troll you must be to hang out on the website of a guy you hate so much. What a sad life you must have

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect from Glenn Beck….quality? HAHAHAHA have you ever seen or heard this man? he’s full of hate and lies…and self promotion….not quality….have fun paying $40 a shirt for pure shit…

    • Anonymous

       You obviously dont know Beck. He never spreads hate. You are full of crap and a POS left winger. Go choke on your own vomit.

      • Anonymous

        So when he called Obama a racist, that wasn’t spreading hate? Are you that stupid?

    • Anonymous

      You must be one of those “tolerant” liberals!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WKSHM6BNKMZ5GNOOCRUKK2AVX4 Johnny M

      Can you please provide those hate and lies? Glenn Beck is a fantastic speaker and all of his events have been spectacular. You should watch the Restoring Love or Restoring Honor events. You might find something you agree with.

      Whats wrong with Glenn Beck promoting himself? Are people not allowed to promote themselves in your world? That is disturbing. Is narcissist Obama the only man allowed to promote himself? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000434149741 Regina Winterhalter Hopkins

    Such hate only hurts yourself because you have to live with that hate.  You want a different opinion that’s okay but don’t put people down because they don’t agree with your point of view.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.lee.923 Bob Lee

    someone once told me it is not the hours u put in but what u put in the hours. as far as his father in law goes i don’t think there is a better AMERICAN than Glen.  In the south there is something we call the green eyed monster or “jealousy” sounds like a some posters are ate up with it.  I just want to say good luck to you and your new family.

  • J Cole

    Good ‘ol Glenn Beck.

    Cons love him because he’s a race-baiter and fear-mongerer, but hate him because he splits the GOP and costs them elections. What a pathetic fool, and no wonder he can’t get a TV show.

    The only thing worse than him are his ignorant followers. Goodbye GOP!! You sowed your own grave.


  • Pamela Peltonen

    Comment from a frequent buyer of 1791 merchandise: Please, please make the T-shirt fabric thicker and more durable. I wore a new T-shirt out to the barn just the other day and got it hung on a piece of baling wire. It ripped a big hole in the brand new shirt. Shirts should be able to withstand more than that. It’s like wearing panty hose and getting a run in them the first day. You won’t keep your customers happy this way. I do love all the designs and I am very happy to support a company that shares my conservative values. Good luck to you sir!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, reading these comments makes me feel for those who have such envy. I for one wish this young man the best of luck. He has a great life….good for him. I am sure that not everyday goes like this one described…….I am sure there are late evenings and unplanned working weekends as well. Its really hard to judge him by a few paragraphs.

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