A few words with 1791 Design Manager Tim Didanto

RawDenim.com sat down with 1791’s design manager recently to discuss the inspiration behind 1791, their denim collection, and what you can expect to see coming from them  the future.

[Hint: If you’ve been looking forward to more sales…and a women’s line, there may be good news for you coming soon.]

This past week I had the pleasure to chat with
Tim DiDonato, design manager of 1791 Supply Co. 1791 is a New York/Dallas, TX based denim company that also specializes in shirting and graphic tees.

Established in late 2011 the brand strives to embody the feel of vintage Americana and work wear with its collections. So sit back, relax, and enjoy all that 1791 Supply Co. and DiDonato have to offer.

Read the full interview HERE.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    The denim shirts are top quality.  I love the shirts for working on the farm. They are rugged, good looking, comfortable, and breathable. The shirt is so rugged in fact, that I doubt I’ll ever be able to wear it out. You just don’t find quality like this anymore. I am absolutely impressed and would highly recommend the product. Get a size larger than you think you need because they do run a bit small.

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