Are you excited for Man in the Moon…Part 2?

Glenn all dressed up for Man in the Moon rehearsal. Photo by George Lange

by Jon Miller

No clarification is really needed. It’s officially been announced. And somewhere in Utah, several members of Glenn Beck’s staff are looking for a bridge to jump off of.

IT IS COMING SOON  TO YOU NEXT SUMMER: MAN IN THE MOON 2!!!” Glenn shouts at the top of his lungs before a uproarious crowd in Salt Lake City Friday night.

The crowd couldn’t get enough.

And … fine…we’ll admit: we couldn’t either.

(But ask me tomorrow, and I may have a different answer.)

“This man is a freaking genius!” One man shouts as he puts his hands over his face in bewilderment. He doesn’t  even agree with Glenn on anything. But what Glenn is showing is truly amazing.

Only problem is we’re 30 seconds from a thunderstorm coming straight from Hell. Glenn is on stage telling stories. This audience won’t go anywhere until he does.

Finally he finishes his presentation for FreedomWorks’ FreeThePeople.

He ends down on one knee, the final notes of the orchestra linger and then disperse into the night.

Glenn’s given us a tease for the sequel to the literally never-been-done-before stage show, Man in the Moon 1.

Man in the Moon 1 is not even in the can, and—as Glenn reminds everyone—“It could be a total disaster! We’ve never done a run-through!! AND the storm could shred the moon to pieces in a few hours! HAHAHA”

The audience laughs too because they think he’s kidding, which he’s not.

But he amazes them…teasing them and wetting their palette even though they’re already soaked from the rain.

Thunder, lightning, and torrential downpour are just seconds away. It’s been coming down pretty hard already. But this audience is glued to their seats.

Earlier, Glenn did an amazing (but ominous) performance that included a troop of break-dancing dementors. Perhaps better described as a dancing death squad of sinister (but talented) electro-steampunk… lords …I believe is the preferred nomenclature…And I would hate to offend them by calling them the wrong name.

But whatever they were, they looked terrific. They had gas-masks, black suits, flashing red eyes. All just terrific. Because, you know, it’s Fourth of July weekend, and we’re in Utah!

Rattling about the stage, the resounding dubstep beat drops, and the bass ripples up the stage and through the dancers’ limbs.

You were expecting fireworks?

Huge animatronic robots, which take up the entire stage, twist behind Glenn as he narrates the world’s end through technology. He warns us what our society would look like if we continue down this path.


White hot flashes of lightning spark up the sky accenting Glenn’s performance in the outdoor theater.

All this, and somehow Glenn—the biggest mouth in human history and the world’s worst keeper of secrets—managed to keep it hidden (along with several other items during the week) from his own staff.

And this was all just a preview…they took it from an old version of the show after it got scrapped.

Finally, at the very end of his “speech” Glenn invokes his muse to narrate part of the sequel to his [TBD] Man in the Moon show tonight.  Naturally, he transitions from the dance electronica portion into a serene 2,000 instrument symphony written by a group called the Millennial Choir & Orchestra, which is—according to GB—far better than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They composed this work for the second Man in the Moon show… in case you thought he was kidding, they’re well into writing the score.

Glenn explains how the show will begin:

A man and a prostitute are walking down the street … “

Of course.

But then he clarifies: “They are just trying to make their way.”

Oh thank goodness.

But before anyone can judge the prostitute, he reminds us:

It’s not just them, it’s everybody. They’re lost.  They’re walking down a dark, damp road, and everyone’s making their way to one place: a small little home where human kindness resides….

Outside, the road is still dark, damp, and dusty, but inside…inside there’s human light….

Then a person opens up the scriptures, lights a candle, and they all fall to their knees. Even the children begin to pray.”

At that moment, the ethereal choir floats in over Glenn’s voice, chanting a hymnal benediction in unison.

Glenn waits for the  angelic voices to settle before continuing:

“Everyone, the children and the parents are not praying for anything to change outside.

They’re asking the lord to change them.

They’re asking him to make them a better person. Help me change the world.

Next you see two people…just  helping each other.

And they DO change the world. But there’s nothing spectacular.

No Miracles. Just Human Kindness.”

 Human kindness: that story awaits us for Man in the Moon 2.

Even though it’s a sequel, you’ll see many of the same themes in the first one tonight.

That is, if the moon hasn’t been shredded to pieces…

So are you ready for Man in the Moon 1?

Probably a better question: are we?

  • Anonymous

    Praying all goes well for Glenn and the cast.

  • Glenda Kitchel

    I want to go to the next one!

    • Harriet J. Hernandez

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    • Anonymous

      Its just a bunch of Mormon guys having sex with each other

  • landofaahs

    I am finishing with this site because there is no depth that does not include promo’s for the next promo.  I have too little time in my life left for this garbage.  I hope I had a small impact on some of you, because many of you have had a large one on me.  Thank you all for all of the patience you displayed.  God Bless you all. 
    I will have little time to post in the future as the economic circumstances requires my certain abilities in asset protection.  The nest year will be rough, I hope and pray we can put our best foot forward.  

  • Anonymous

    What an incredible whore

    • Donald Beck

      genzod, you are obviously just a troll, a lunatic and a leftist bastard rat s.o.b.  I am sick of seeing your idiot comments on here go die a fool, you faggot.  I wish i could find you I want to kick your ass and shut you up!

  • Kountry Edge

     As I laid here in the dark with my eyes closed and just envisioned what I was hearing. I truly wished that I was there to see what miraculously touched me through sound, how it would have lifted me so to have seen.  I wished I could have what so many had the pleasure of.  

    You are blessed Glenn.   Thank you for such a story, a story of truth and realization.  A realization in which I see and hear everyday, a realization of sadness and hope.

    And tonight, I hope that this has touched everyone in which was had the pleasure to listen to this story.   And I hope, that, with the pressures of what has become our world, that they don’t forget, the real truth, the real reality of what is and what should be.

    I can only hope now, that there will be another show and that I will be able to attend.

    Again, thank you.

    • Janet Twaddle Carpenter

       Well said! I, too, lay in the dark listening. Thank Doc Thompson for his descriptions of what was being seen live. It was beautiful, in my mind.

  • Shawn McGarry

    I WILL be there with my whole family because Man in the Moon 1 was awesome!

  • James Dickey

    Something must have stunted your grammar in middle school.

    “But he amazes them…teasing them and wetting their palette . . . ”

    An artist uses a “palette.”  I think you mean “palate.”

    “Earlier, Glenn did an amazing (but ominous) performance that included a troop of break-dancing dementors.”

    It’s “troupe” not “troop.”

    I hope this helps.

  • momof4inmi

    I want to share my witness of
    the impact of Glenn’s recent Man in the Moon event in Salt Lake City. It had
    attendance of nearly 20,000 (ticketed only, not including those sitting out in
    their cars in the hillside parking lots to watch it). It was talked about via
    the broad spectrum of media, bringing greater awareness to “The
    Uninformed”. Many who heard about it were curious, and a great number who
    attended were not even fans of Glenn, but the invited guests of fans (speaking
    from personal experience). Those friends and family members left feeling
    greater respect for, and understanding of the importance of fighting for, the
    cause of freedom.

    Glenn’s DreamLabs were a vital
    part of the production of Man in the Moon. Events such as these raise more
    awareness of the deep concerns we share as U.S citizens – and I would say more
    awareness than his radio show alone. Not everyone will be interested in tuning
    in to talk radio. However, a huge number of The Uninformed are quite curious
    about shows such as Man in the Moon, and are more likely to listen or read to
    find out what the show was about – and even attend if invited by a friend – than
    they would be when asked to listen to his radio show.

    The Uninformed are happy to spend their time and money being entertained. If Glenn can tap into that group by
    providing quality entertainment that we can ALL enjoy together, even better!
    Keep the DreamLabs creating, Glenn! You guys are reaching The Uninformed! My
    sister brought her family to MitM, who would never have listened to you in any
    other way. You’ve hit the nail on the head with shows like this.

    Let’s take back the culture! Get thinkin’, everyone! Write inspiring stories
    for Glenn to produce! I’m workin’ on mine… :) DreamLabs is doing great work.
    (Think about the impact Hollywood has on our children! They already know the
    secret to getting more people on THEIR side. Parents must wise up).

    If we’re going to unite, we
    need more people on our side. Shows and events like Man in the Moon are a great
    solution to the problem of informing The Uninformed. I’m leaving this website
    now to go share the links to the YouTube FreedomWorks “Free the
    People” speeches with my entire email contacts list. Please, readers, go
    do the same! We MUST get the word out!!

    — Fired up Mom of 4 in St. Joseph, MI

  • Anonymous

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