Backstage photos from Glenn at the NRA

  • Anonymous

    Glenn wishes his privates are as big as that shotgun he is holding.

    • Josielovesdogs Roxby

      you’re a idiot–but better just be glad we have some one besides you at the NRA to defend gun rights.  You are an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    pat is sooo fat

  • Anonymous

    chemtrails people, weather modification, chemical cocktail sprayed daily over us cities, chemtrails not contrails, contrails are water vapor and disapate, we are breathing these chems in.
    its also called geoengineering or cloud seeding, look on youtube, somebody do something, it’s causing wildfires,pollution of the waters. why do birds fall from the sky? chemtrails

  • Anonymous

    agenda 21 is thriving in our local cities on the state level. spraying large sections of the population with aluminum oxides, barium and strontium becomes easy, welcome to the modern day gas chamber, i suppose this makes it much easy to do the united nations global initiative agenda which is to depopulate, think youre government doesnt want you dead, think again. remember what glenn taught us is what george washington said,”question everything with boldness, with a firm reliance on divine providence”. history definetely repeats itself. the shadowy plans of the the global elite are being exposed. having read some of the comments from some of the low information people below my comments i would guess they are algorythm mk ukltra mind-contolled eyes wide shut folk. it takes time to learn. the holy spirit can lead you low information folk into knowing the truth about your government. thank you

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