What’s it like to visit The Glenn Beck Program studios in Dallas, TX? One audience member explained in a letter to Chief of Staff Joe Kerry what it was like to stop by the studios.


I have been wanting to send you a thank you email however the past few days have been really hectic and I apologize for not writing sooner. Marina and I had such a great time on our visit. We knew that we were going to enjoy it however it turned out to be so much more enlightening and interesting that we could of ever of hoped for. On the way home from the studio all Marina kept saying was “fun stuff” “fun stuff” “fun stuff”!

Moreover, the high level not just of professionalism but of the decent kindness observed of the entire staff was really remarkable. More notably and even more impressive was to see this from people that are apparently rather young! Even the staff in the control room was offering us beverages.

Its hard for me to describe but its as if the whole studio is this microcosm of extremely high creativity coupled with decency, dedication, integrity, honor and meaningful purpose. It was really that good! In fact, I left the studio asking myself if there was a way that I could bottle some of it up and take it back to my office.

Marina got to talk with Stu in the lobby which was nice because she was hoping to see him. Meeting Ted was a real pleasure as well. We were hoping to get to say hi to Terra. Please tell her that we are sorry that we missed her.

Lastly and most of all, Marina and I realize that there are literally millions of fans that would love to have had the opportunity that you gave us. I know how busy that all of you guys are and the fact that you took your own personal work time and spent it with us; coupled with meeting Glenn and everything else that I have written above, made our visit more awesome than we could of ever imagined.

Thank you Joe. We are looking forward to seeing you again this Summer.

Scott and Marina