Compassion Fatigue or Federal Scam?

According to executive director of the National Coalition for the Homeless Neil Donovan, “compassion fatigue” is the cause for the new ordinances being passed in cities across the United States outlawing homeless people from living on the streets, anti-food-sharing laws, and anti-camping laws.

But are Americans really growing tired of the homeless? Are we so tired of the less fortunate we want big government to step in and take care of the “problem”? Hardly.

Americans are tired of people living off of our taxes. Americans are tired of being demonized for making money. Americans are tired of the government telling the most charitable among us that they are evil, elitist, greedy and heartless, while they watch their children’s futures are destroyed by their big bloated programs that do nothing but worsen our problems. Americans are quite frankly exhausted of the nanny state causing their children to think they are entitled to everything around them and those that need a hand up becoming sponges of the system who expect a hand out. That’s what Americans are tired of.

Americans are not tired of helping those who need it. Americans are not tired of feeding the hungry or seeing the homeless. They’re tired of the homeless and hungry being used as a weapon by the federal government.

USA Today released an article over the weekend that discussed how cities all over the country are making it harder to be homeless.

Philadelphia recently banned outdoor feeding of people in city parks. Denver has begun enforcing a ban on eating and sleeping on property without permission. And this month, lawmakers in Ashland, Ore., will consider strengthening the town’s ban on camping and making noise in public.

And the list goes on: Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Oklahoma City and more than 50 other cities have previously adopted some kind of anti-camping or anti-food-sharing laws, according to the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty.

The ordinances are pitting city officials against homeless advocates. City leaders say they want to improve the lives of homeless people and ensure public safety, while supporters of the homeless argue that such regulations criminalize homelessness and make it harder to live on the nation’s streets.

Not only are these cities making it harder to be homeless, they’re making it a crime to be – and they’re doing the same thing to the private organizations and individuals who try to help them. These laws are attempting to sweet the homeless away, hidden from the public so that the American people don’t see them anymore.

Compassion fatigue? No – more like a federal scam. ‘Out of sight, out of mind.”

Last week Glenn announced Mercury One’s Restoring Love National Food Drive – this is why. Big government in many respects is the failure of man to be charitable, to be self-reliant, and to be responsible with their God-given rights. As Americans are waking up to this and changing course, government is using every weapon in their arsenal to fight back and keep power.

They won’t win – not in America.

At a time when there is increasing homelessness and hunger, why are city governments across the country making it increasingly difficult for you, your neighbors, churches and synagogues to feed the hungry? Why, when we have a record number of kids going hungry in America, are our politicians trying to restrict acts of charity?

Because we have something they don’t have – something that government can’t have; compassion – the ability to feed their heart and their hunger.

Mercury One launched their food drive with the goal of filling 11 food trucks to send to 11 cities. Within one hour of Glenn’s announcement that goal was met. Now Mercury One has expanded to many more cities with more trucks. As of last Friday enough food for over 1 million meals had been donated.

How’s that for “compassion fatigue”?

For more information on the Restoring Love Food Drive and how to donate click here.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Federal Scan across the board; this is being done to ensure the Federal dominance, and the transformation of the US at all levels into a marxist state under Obama. Remember what Van Jones said – top down, bottom up, inside out.

    Top down – Federal changed at the courts, congress, presidential, constitutional levels for absolute control and power.

    Bottom up – city, county, state levels brought step by step into harmony with Obamas will and wishes; one change made at a time to condition people into compliance and acceptance until all is controlled.

    Inside out – corruption and graft; political cronism at all levels, discrediting/intimidation/coersion of anyone who dares to stand against the new systems masters.


    That is what its all about.

    Obama will rule all or destory all.

  • landofaahs

    Federal SCAM SCAM SCAM.  Everything the Federal govt. does is to increase federal power and fill govt coffers.  No exceptions.

    • Sunshine Kid

       The beginnings of a second civil war has begun, and for the very same reason the first civil war was fought.  Not about slavery, as most will say that was the major impetus, but about states rights and too much power by the Federal government, which was why the states began seceding from the union.  They did not want the Federal government to tell the states what they could do then, and this same argument is coming now.

      Slavery, of course, will not be the issue this time.  But it will be about taxation (the reason we seceded from England), Federal government overstepping its power, and violation of the principles of the Constitution.

      Will the fight between the conservatives and the progressives be bloody?  I suspect it will, because the progressives will give no quarter in their push for power.

      • landofaahs

        I would say that the red states would want a peaceful seperation but the angry occupy types will get violent because they need some to steal from. Look at the crazies in Wisconsin. There is nothing they won’t do. If they ask for a fight though I think they should get one.

      • Anonymous

         I hate to say this, but I think you may be right. When taxes were first started, there was a congressman that tried to put a 2% cap on taxes, but congress shot it down by saying that no one in their right mind would ever want to go over 2% taxes and that there was no worry about the government getting greedy. Yea, sure. I didn’t take them long to start REALLY taking taxes and they have used all kinds of excuses to take them. Government are ALWAYS greedy and the more we give them, the more they take away. The way it is set up now, less the 50% of the population are paying taxes. I am so tired of people not paying anything, but taking everything they can. When the government started all these handouts, it was nothing more then buying votes. Johnson started this great society and as far as I am concerned, if these liberals want that, then THEY can pay for it. I am tired of having my taxes go to some jerk that refuses to work and thinks I owe them this money and I need to support them.

        States have rights that the government cannot take away according to the constitution, but the federal government has done it anyway. There is only so much more that the states are going to take from the feds and sooner or later everything is going to hit the fan and we will have CW II on our hands and all because a few people like Obama got to greedy for our own good. He isn’t the one anyway, it is the puppet master pulling his strings that burn me up. They are not even in the government, but they have control over it and us in the process. Sooner or later something is going to give.

  • Jessica Smith

    For some reason it sounds like they are enforcing natural selection to me. 

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like it to me, too.  And they’re accomplishing it even before health care rationing goes into effect.

    • Sunshine Kid

      No, what they are trying to do is the reverse:  Defang those who can and will defend themselves in order to put less intelligent, more brutish people in power:  Persons of low character, un-Christian morals and outright criminals.  In the end, there will be no rule of law, but rule by criminals, as they will be the only ones with weapons.  Eventually, because the military is likewise defanged, the USA will be invaded unless we, the people, put a stop to this madness.

      That is not “natural selection”.  It is “Unnatural control”.

  • Kevin

    I am tired of republicans and democrats. The political gang mentality is the problem with this country. Romney=Obama. Both parties are succeeding in stripping away our liberty. If you keep casting your votes for either party, you are contributing to the demise of America.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Thank you, Kevin, you have identified what I have been feeling for a LONG time.

  • Anonymous

    The government does not want religious and social groups to feed the homeless, because it wants the homeless to depend on the government for their needs.     

    • Etsuko E. Thompson

      really sit down and start thinking about what is going on.

      • MarsBarsTru7

         Scam link. Do not click. Flag these links when you see them.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Telemarketers.  In my opinion, scam artists who have no scruples whatsoever.

        • Anonymous

          You look like a scam artist to me… and yet I know nothing about you.

  • Anonymous

    I do not understand it. Why the sweep all of a sudden off the streets. ? It is not like anyone is reporting on these poor souls.  How little is reported about the millions who are NOW homeless under this Administration. 

    But for some reason now they are getting in who’s way? re-election of the hustler who put and keeps  most of them there.

  • Tool

    The Federal Government are the ones that made many of these people homeless. A lot of the big charitable organizations use up to 80% of donations for “administrative costs”- huge salaries for the CEOs of these non-profits. Remember the presidents (plural) of United Way who ripped off the charity? Naaah – most of you don’t, so look it up. In other words, the big guys don’t want competition, so they make it illegal for a common person to help someone else.

  • Anonymous

    The liberal, liberal democrats just want to take care of everybody.
    That way the poor will be under the control of the government,
    slaves to the government, and then they will vote for the
    democrats.  Any democrat who falls for this gimic needs to
    really sit down and start thinking about what is going on.

  • Anonymous

    There are many good men in our Congress but not enough to
    override the liberal, liberal democrats.
    The American people had better start taking their heads out
    of the sand.  Ostriches shouldn’t vote.

  • Anonymous

    Let me see. Homeless? 99.999% of these so called homeless have never owned a home or held a job long enough to even think about being able to buy a home. They are not “home-less” they used to be called bums. Most of these bums already recieve government assistance through  government checks, food stamps, social security disabiity,etc.They can even go from state to state and still get their money. The majority of them have police rap sheets— have been arrested for drugs,stealing, shoplifting, break ins, assult, battery, and a host of felony arrests. Most of them are alcoholics or druggies. They are not looking for work or employment of any kind. All they want is free stuff and handouts from the public. These so called “homeless” actually do quite well scaming the public and panhandeling people for money. They don’t pay taxes of any kind. Several years ago 60 minutes did a special on how much these  bums can make a day and Geraldo also did a special on these poor forgotten people. “If you build it they will come”  —if you as a city or town make it easy for them to live on the streets or parks not only are you inviting more crime,drugs and criminals,but you will also have more of them show up to live off the system. If you want to help the truly poor—go through your local church and donate to them. Most city and state organizations have learned to throughly ckeck out these people and do back ground checks before providing them with housing,clothes, or food.  Don’t ever give them cash! There are traveling “home less” that go from state to state and live quite nicely off the system. The real needy people in your community can be properly identified ,monitored and given the help they need –through local community organizations, and church groups. Big government needs to stop giving away and spending billions of dollars on” bums.”  Have them do blood tests for drugs and alcohol, do backgroung checks for criminal arrests,check with relatives, and then put them to work picking up trash, sweeping streets,whatever—cleaning parks, painting public buildings,etc.—-after and Only after that should they even be considered for getting any money. And that is only for the work they do– to buy food if they are not already eating at some Free Church  organization,local agency,soup kitchen,etc. There are a number of men’s and women’s shelters that will provide shelter,but do not allow weapons, drugs, alcohol,ciigarettes. Many of the shelters will also find them work –if they want to. The majority of these so called home less people have cell phones, they  usually have cash on them and have contacts with other bums as to where they can avoid the police and panhandle for money.
               This is not an opinion it is fact from personal experience and observation as an eye witness.

    • Anonymous

       I’m sorry, but I doubt your numbers. I believe you are mixing up pan handlers,
      scammers, and thieves with the homeless, and then shoveling more of your assumptions on top of them. They don’t need your kind of help.
      Please consider broken homes, bad parenting, no jobs, and illnesses before you say the things you are putting out here. I have helped others without homes, and I bet you have too. None of the people that have asked me for help are in jail, but they did have families that couldn’t help them in their time of need, didn’t know the strength God gives you, and had no idea how America works. You would be surprised at the quality of the families I have met and the charity work they do the second they can return a favor.
      The government is the problem, people are the answer.

      • Carol Morgan

         i have seen both sides of this situation…my ex-husband was one of those druggy people who just wanted a handout, and until i got smart i went along with it. several years after i broke with him and married someone who did want a family to take care of, i heard he was on one of those corners outside a major food store with a sign and a hand out, making 200 bucks a day and spending it on drugs and other stupid stuff. the stigma is there for a reason. But there is another side, millions of people who had jobs and a house payment and food to eat are now on the street just trying to survive. You are right about the quality of people who can find themselves in hardship, we need to be wise in how we help people so that we can try to eliminate waste, mostly we need the government to get out of the way so we can be free to learn how to be of real help to those who really need it.but til then let’s continue to be kind and Christlike in our attitudes…Every soul has worth in God’s eyes.

      • Sunshine Kid

         Using numbers for a general accounting is one thing, but these are people, and individual cases must be considered as such.  There are those who are not worth helping, but they need to be identified and rehabilitated, if possible.

        In some circumstances, unfortunately, some people are beyond help, and those are the ones that should not be helped, as it only encourages them to stay in their situation.

  • Anonymous

    The Supreme Court won’t hold this up as law.
    I would say the socialists are using the homeless because their mobs didn’t make us want to change from our “Constitutionally Correct” rules of law to the “new politically correct” laws that remove our freedoms. Ether way, It’s not legal, the first person getting in trouble should go to the nearest conservative law firm and ask for help. God Himself would see this thing through.

  • Scott Todd

    Most of the chronically homeless are mentally ill.  The best thing that could be done for them is to make it easier to put them on a psych ward.  And of the ones who aren’t mentally ill but still chronically poor, I’d like to see some sort of accountability.  I remember taking my wife to a black church shortly after we were married.  She had never been to one before.  We got there a bit early and sat out in the foyer not too far from the pastor’s office.  He was talking to someone who wanted financial assistance.  I never heard or saw who he was talking to, but I remember the pastor’s admonitions- that this church didn’t have a lot of money to hand out, that what they did give could only be used for food and rent, not for booze, drugs or cigarettes.  This person would also be required to shovel the snow off the walkway around the church.

    • Anonymous

       Good for the Pastor, no matter what the color, a small church never has enough money. The Pastor was being as careful with his flocks money making sure the seeker understood what he was offering.
       A hand out is just that, no measure of dignity in it. A job/task is often easier to swallow than a handout. 

  • Anonymous

    What government is trying to do is all a smokescreen.

    The government is trying to hijack charity by passing “laws” that restrict public access to people in need.  Then, the government will replace true charity with a false charity where, God, personal responsibility, love and care are allowed to fade away while the government deals with “the homeless problem”.

  • Anonymous

    There is a difference between a “person in need” and a “person in want”.  Knowing the difference is part of the solution to waste and fraud.  The other part of the solution is for society to move away from a “people in want” thinking.

    • Sunshine Kid

       New salute detected:  Hand outstretched, palm up, giving nothing and taking everything.

  • Anonymous

    People of all stripes had better remember the old phrase;’There but for the grace of God go I.”  Politicians of both parties can be found guilty of the out of sight out of mind mentality.  I remember 31 years ago having to go to a charity to ask for food so my children could eat.  I was thankful then and am now that I could get it.  So you cn imagine how my thoughts on this are running so in respect for civility I will leave it there.

  • Anonymous

    We met a man, who is a veteran.  He Was homeless.  I believe we were meant to meet.  I believe that because we met, we saw his pain and did our best to help him to help himself. Once I was in the local grocery with him and saw the glares and mouths in motion.  It is a wealthy area and apparently many people do Not want a homeless person to shop in the same store. Our friend is like family and am happy to say he has a good job and a place to live. He used to sleep on picinic tables.
    We are all on this planet together and anyone who would deny feeding people in need, surely has a Pea for a brain. Volunteering at the Food Pantry is an eye opening experience. Many who are in the food line this year had homes and nice cars last year. We all need to help each other, isn’t that what life is about/  Sharing and Caring.  

  • bumpkinpm

    Actually, the Government is slowly putting into place laws that will make us-  force us, to comply with their evil plans as they emerge into the light of day. They will force us to comply with their every whim, once they outlaw about every freedom we have left.  They do not want us to survive outside their grip.  Thus, eventually, it will be OK to shoot to kill anyone not with either a card or their papers on them, or either in government housing or one of their FEMA camps- homeless, eating off the land and by the hand of others, etc.  I have dealt with homeless people more than once in a medical setting, and many of them do not WANT a free house or free meals in the confines of what others say they have to do to get it.  they just want their freedom.  Sure, there are many homeless who don’t want to be, esp recently, but there are more who are homeless because they just don’t want to fit into the confines of society.  Now, they will become criminals.

    • Anonymous

      We the People will NOT allow the Homeless to become,”Criminals”  The churches are helping in housing and feeding and driving the kids to school. and taking the people to Dr. appts. and Job Interviews.  It is part of a National participation thanks to the churches in the counties.  So keep your Faith and Keep on Helping.  

  • sparducks

    San Buena Ventura California is a beautiful seaside city with a rich history and a quaint downtown. Main street is an antique mall mecca. People from all over the L.A. area love to walk main street on a sunday. Lovely weather pleasant people fabulous views until you collide with the city park that abutts main street. You see it has been absconded by homeless drug users. Foul mouthed ex-surfers and n’er -do-wells. mostly males in the 200 lb range, who sleep eat and defecate on public property. If I had some big ‘ol healthy boys like these that could work I would be a happy builder. So do I have compassion fatigue for the homeless? Uh…………..Yeah! Down town should be the jewel of every city. When I was young, spitting on the sidewalk would get your skull busted by the PO-PO. Now they sh** on the sidewalk. Thieves punks and vagrants shoul be escorted to the city limits were the will have to deal with the wildlife and the sherriff.

  • America Or Obama

    UPDATE on Obama’s “GOP WOW” war.

    The Hill is still dutifully advancing Obama’s and ABCCBSNBC’s “War To Brainwash Easily Influenced Women That Republicans Are Conducting A War On Women”.

    Is there any limit to the depravity of those that perpetuate the felonious notion of a “Republican War On Women”?  Seventy years post 1930’s Bavaria would imply some level of enlightenment prohibiting iterative ubiquitous agitprop.

    The sHill, clearly, clings to heritage over what is not abominable.

    • new2la

      That’s what they’re saying, the opposite of the truth. Same goes with the Latino vote. I am both and I can tell you, Odumer does/will not get my vote. Not all Latin women are as stupid as Ms. Eva Longoria.

  • Anonymous

    If you agree with Glenn’s ideas about food storage, try some samples or order special packs at a discount at  You can buy them for yourself or better yet help those in need. The food is really good.

  • Anonymous

     Charge Obama and Holder with treason – how do you deal with “crooks” when they have “crooks” defending them and they all protect one another!!!!!!!  Its one hell of a mess !!!
    Disgusting to say the least !!

    Thank God for Glenn Beck to help us keep our sanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sparducks

    It is insulting to most Americans when we are told that we have no heart for the homeless. I grew up around Los Angeles and visited skid row as a teen ager. The common denominator for most homelessness is drugs and achohol. And Mental illness. Schizoprenia used to be called hobos disease. All of us have fallen on hard times and no one wants to see anyone homeless. I would’nt let my kids or parents be homeless. Even in these hard times there are options. What is sick and evil is when those that are homeless are not aloud to be compelled into an institution or a charity house. Americans are charitable people and will help. But we won’t help you continue your drug addiction. I’ve been on the verge of homlessness before it’s not a pleasant prospect. But people will help if you will work. If you just lay around ,jabbin a needle in your arm compassion turns to disdain. 

  • Anonymous

    I can remember as a wee lad how popular Hitler was at the time, And how they would get the kids to turn in their own mom’s and dad’s when they would say something about what was going on, And if you think i’m way out on the limb about this, Do your own research. I know what it’s like to go into a room for a meeting that is secret, what is said in that room stays in that room, and if there is any leaks  they come from one of his cronies, my ( white house)? I thought the people still owned it. To say that the leak didn’t come from the white house Let me put it as simple as I can, That’s a damn lie, Unless the tooth fairy is spilling this stuff, No Sir, That is just another in a series of lies, You can tell  when he is lying his lips are moving,  

  • Larry Viles

    I am Amazed you can’t see the obvious. A lot of these cities are passing these ordanances and enforcing them as a way to move against Occupy protests if they show up.

  • Anonymous

    Unlike other states… Rhode Islanders don’t have fatigue for the homeless, but RIers have a history of doing our own thing and going against the norm, just ask James Madison.

  • greywolfrs

    2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles KINGS!!!!!!


    • Sunshine Kid

       And just how is a sports event pertinent to this discussion?

      I’ve noticed you have placed this same stupid post on several sites that have nothing to do with sports.  I do hope you grow up.

      • greywolfrs

        I do not really care whether you find it important or not…

  • Barry Levy


    And in good neighborhoods the PC goody two shoes, want the homesless to congregate to be fed, and then urinate on the street, bother the tax payers, and make a mess.

    Time for people to get upset with this.

    Sorry but some areas are the way they are because the taxpayers are paying for upkeep and the areas are turning into 3rd world slums and people are just tired of having to walk over winos sleeping on the streets, begging and threatening others with both their presence and their aggressive demands on others for freebies.

    the must mistake me for obozo.  Let them all go to the White House and sleep outside the White House.

  • Anonymous

    It is a surprise that the government can’t lick the homeless problem. It is a fact that if you give freely to someone, most likely, they’ll take advantage of the situation. Just consider welfare. How many people on welfare take advantage of the system? If people in authority cared enough to weed out the “bums” vs the ones truly in need, maybe our streets would not look like third-world countries. We’ve had both democrats and republicans in charge, but the problem keeps growing. Will America ever be ruled by a consciencious government to address this problem? Probably not. As long as the government works to scam the public, which is exactly what each one is doing, America will only see more poverty on the streets.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Here’s an idea:  Since the government pays welfare, make welfare recipients required to work for the government for eight hours a day, five days a week pushing a broom, cleaning streets and parks (especially around OWS sites).  Janitors are always in demand, are they not?

  • Anonymous

    In Denver, the majority of the so called “Homeless” are homeless by choice. They have killed the grass in every median intersection, and leave their garbage behind. 90 percent of them smoke. If they can afford cigarettes, they can afford food.

    I have talked to a number of them. They work the intersections like a union. There are good intersections (profitable) and not so good. To keep the peace, and them from beating and killing each other, they organize and take turns rotating on the profitable intersections. A new person that comes into their area gets put on the bottom of the list. If he/she tries to get to the good intersection first in the am, they will get jumped. They CHOOSE to be homeless.

    Their is a great center called Step 13, and it was started by a former drugged out homeless guy, Bob Cote. He has coupons you can get to give to the “homeless”. He says to give them food or money is simply enabling them to be non-productive members of society, and enabling them to continue to be addicts. He knows from his personal experience. In over 90 percent of coupons given out to the homeless, less than 3% are redeemed by the homeless.

    I have, on many occasions, offered food, work (yeah, the ones with “will work for food” signs won’t work for food) and a weeks worth of grocery’s, and have always been turned down. They just wanted cash. A friend of mine bought a guy groceries, (he was good, he held his toddler son on his shoulders while he stood at the iintersection in the heat),  sacrificing some food for her family and when she drove by hours later, she saw the 2 bags of grocery’s abandoned and sitting at the side of the store. She cried because it was food her family could have used.

    I offered a single mother of four a weeks worth of grocery’s. She was holding a sign saying she needed food for her children. Well, she refused. She didn’t want to trouble me and cash was fine, and she had no way to get them home. I offered to drive her home with the groceries, and that if she didn’t trust me, I would pay for a taxi for her. She declined all manner of help except CASH.

    I pulled up on my motorcycle to an older guy iin a busy intersection in an affluent area, and he was wearing an oxygen tube with the oxygen bottle on wheels. The gauge on the oxygen bottle was reading empty. I complimented him on his ingenuity to capture peoples hearts by appearing to be medically needy as well as homelss. I asked him where he stole the tank from, and he ignored me.

    Bottom line is people that need help know where to get it, and the “homeless” on the street know also. They, by there own admission when I talked to the ones that would talk back, do not like the rules you have to adhere by in the programs that offer food and shelter. As an ex police officer, I had seen the same ones commit crimes in December to get 4 to 6 months in jail over the winter so they had food and shelter and medical care for free. One liked to throw a rock through a store window, and wait for police.

    I have many more stories with the same endings. As Paul Harvey would say, “and now you know the rrrrest of the story.”

  • Bitsy Lou Brinker

    Seems these laws would make it illegal for any Occupy groups to be in these cities as well.  Yeah, these laws will never stand if that is the case…

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

      To order storage foods for the needy or yourself, you gotta to try these products!  Just go to . You can try the samples or buy special packs at a discount.

    • Sunshine Kid

       Telemarketer with no phone.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    It’s simple –
    **Higher taxes mean we have less of our own money to spend on charity.
    **An inefficient government welfare system sustained by perceived boundless funding pushes out “competition” in the *industry* of caring for the poor.
    **Regulations limit competition within the *industry*. 
    **A broad entitlement cradle-to-grave system keeps users of the system dependent upon the system.
    **Economic oppression achieved through regulation and taxation stifles potential job market growth that would otherwise provide jobs and more wealth available for charity, by proxy increasing the number of the poor.
    **A culture of reliance upon government has emerged as the dominant paradigm in the discourse concerning caring for the poor, creating an environment in which the majority of people familiar with the system can not conceive of existence without the system.

  • Anonymous

    Living in Rhode Island-NetRoots-Van Jones-Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and all the lefties had a three day convention-at the end of  it-they showed a Video from Obama-stating he supports Van Jones-OWS and all the rest of the left. He said he is glad to stand with them.
    We  all know he does.
    My other gripe-According to DOJ-Voter ID-not needed for fraud-just for Michelle’s Obama’s book signing along with your SS #

  • Anonymous

    I Swear! Life is like a Paw Paw Tree. Either you can be tied to it, and be shot by a progressive, wanting to steal the land, to sell to the RR, or you can become a McCoy and turn it into sweet wine, to drink and miss the boat. Plenty of coke and coal for the RR steel! I must say, I think I liked the HBO, ‘Deadwood’ series, but I guess they had to keep Hatfield and McCoy more family friendly. But Deadwood was more honest. Darn I hate those new tour buses! I’ve noticed the disappearence of the historic signs. Hum! Ah, a token.

  • KennyandBilliejo


    CHECK OUT THIS TAKE ON ‘SOCIAL JUSTICE’ ….written by Michael Novak , 2000, in First Things 108 December 2000, 11-13.

    He sounds like you/ you sound like him! and it is THE answer to those who think social justice means the government comes in and takes over what SHOULD be Individual Virtue, people associating together from the GRASSROOTS to do something for the COMMON GOOD…!!!! Dude this is YOU and your organization!

    One quote to lure you to check it out:
     “It is one of the greatest weaknesses of our time that we lack the patience and faith
    to build voluntary organizations for purposes which we value highly
    and immediately ask the government to bring about
    by coercion
    (or by means raised by coercion) anything that appears desireable to large numbers.
    Yet nothing can have a more deadening effect on Real participation
    by the citizens than if the government, instead of merely providing the essential framework of spontaneous growth,
    becomes Monolithic and takes charge of the provision for all needs,
    which can be provided for only by the common effort of many.”


    found at http://www.calculemus/org/lect/FilozGosp04-05/novak.html
    Google Scholar search “defining social justice”

    ……and your meals campaign vs the govt regs against charity meals that are popping up in cities to get us to be dependent on the oppressors and create a bigger and bigger system to control the private FREE virtue of Individuals acting to Help EACH OTHER…
    is a perfect example of the PERVERSION of Social Justice and the total absence of the concept of liberty and the pursuit….pursuit….of happiness….individually….not in a “command society” where reason replaces God, but in a society that acts from its conscience and from its Liberty….for the common good….out of the love in its heart….that got there because of its maker…

    There is no social justice is we are not Free individually to act our consciences……there is not one without the other! to my mind.

    You have to look this guy up…it is a very insightful article that may help you make your point to those who have forgotten….so much….about what America was intellectually based on…we are such generic thinkers …we have to wise up …or be enslaved…education, education, liberty and freedom education, !!!  not system propaganda without the freedom of critical thinking and the wisdom of the past…schools need more of this….so does tv and radio…God Bless you, Glenn, for providing…..

    God ……..yes GOD bless America

    Billiejo McQuistan
    Midwesterner who thinks things through
    Listener when possible

  • Anonymous

    If they get the homeless off the streets and make it against the law to help them out, then no one will see just how bad the economy really is.  Just make it “invisible” to the citizenry. 

  • Take 2

    Something is going on in Islamic east Africa… They are burning Christian Churches…
    Huge groups are meeting for instruction of what is is to end it. 


  • Anonymous

    but that’s what Jesus want his follows to do heal  the sick raise the dead and
    feed the hungry and take care of the poor. the govt needs to but out of our business.

    • Barbara Elaine Frame-Love

      I agree the Gov. should butt out! I have seen ppl healed and am now claiming my healing from early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Unfortunately, I have not seen anyone raised from the dead.   Lazarus is the only one I  know of in the Bible but feel free to 
      correct me if you like. … And of Course, Jesus, our Lord on this earth, our Savior at Judgement, and of course….  Our soon coming King.  God bless you for your boldness!

  • Katy Comal

    don’t city ordinances count as small government? lol. 

  • Anonymous

    While I agree that the “Big Government” is in the way of
    helping the hungry and the homeless, I think that “we the people” of the
    constitution need to take responsibility for giving government the power in our
    city’s states and federal elections to get away with this fraud. Government
    takes our taxes and perpetuates the free lunch policy through welfare and food
    stamp programs that for the most part don’t help the people they need to help.
    I stated that we the people need to take responsibility for letting this happen
    but there is something that the government can do to help; that is to go after
    the scamming charities that take your money and use 75% plus on administrative
    expenses, marketing and advertising. I have included a link for more information
    relating to this issue;

    Clayton from Tennessee

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