Congratulations Stu and Lisa!

Ainslee Faith:

2/9/2013 (same birthday as Stu!)

3:51 pm

5 lbs. 14 oz.

And the family:

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful baby, wonderful family….congratulations, Stu!  Enjoy your babies.

  • Marsha Smith

    Congratulations! What a great birthday !

  • Anonymous

    Three more and you’re tied with me. Cute kids and mom looks like she came through it pretty well! So is Glenn giving you three months off with pay? 

  • Matt Bedard

    Oh what a beautiful family!  Congrats to all three of you!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations!!! Beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl!!

  • Julia


  • ccduch

    What a beautiful baby girl….

  • tobias

    Wow 3 great looking people in one pic!! LOL Kidding aside congrats Stu and family LOLove

  • Faith Bates

    Congrats to you both….please keep adding more kids to your beautiful family. We are now too close to becoming the nations minority……..(joke)

  • Dianna Chaney

    Congrats Stu!!  And belated Happy Birthday to you!  My Grandson Dylan’s birthday is Feb. 9th too.  And he just turned THIRTEEN!  God bless you and your beautiful family.  From Dianna C.

  • Patricia Travitz

    Congratulations!!      Beautiful Family!!   God Bless. Enjoy, they grow so fast.

  • Maxine Allison

    God Bless you both on your new little spirit from heaven how blessed you are.

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