Feel good video of the week

Have a case of the Mondays? Watch this pep talk from “Kid President” and you’ll be cured:

Next time you’re having a bad day remember, “you can cry about it or you can DANCE about it.”

  • Draxx

    I have taken the road less travelled…

    But, it was full of potholes, broken paths, full of dust on dry days, full of mud on rainy days, incomplete construction here and there, only one rest stop (and I haven’t found it yet), I
    even found ice and slipped causing me to lose direction and/or safety, and yes I have had a few accidents.  Yet, I Am Still Alive!

    Occassionally I stopped somewhere beautiful along the line and enjoyed life…  And it is along these detours that I have found the most rewarding parts of life.  In retrospect, I find that the beautiful would have only been okay if the road wasn’t tough.  The bad could have been better if I was just a little more careful, but would I have learned what was necessary to succeed?  Would I understand other peoples problems?  If there wasn’t the beauty would I even care to try and fix the problems?  Ultimately does it matter what happens in the past since it is a one way road?  I say it Does Matter, because we need to know where we have been to know where we are headed…

    • Anonymous

       Draxx, I couldn’t have said it better. I often have to smile when my grown children complain to me about the difficulties of their lives. I have taught them over the years that the only reason that the sweet things in life mean anything is because of the bitter that has given those experiences contrast. But the smile is for the fact that their lives have been made so much easier by the sacrifices made by my wife and I as we traveled the same road they now face with their own families. We had no help, no one to turn to that was in any different situation than we were, and yet, along with the stress, came a profound appreciation of the beauty in our children’s eyes that reflected our love, the grace of a God who truly loves us and blesses our lives and the things that nothing of this earth can purchase. So as they pass through what they consider to be trials in life I realize now that no matter what our situation, the only thing we have control over in response to bad situations that are not of our own making, is the choice we make in how we respond to those situations. Thanks so much for your comment. It was beautifully expressed and profoundly true.

  • http://twitter.com/meredithengland Meredith England

    This kid is amazing. He’s overcome more in his short life that most of us ever will. You’d have to know him to understand how awesome he is.

  • http://twitter.com/Kris10Ware Kristen Ware

    From Manic Monday to Peptalked.  I’ts a great video

  • http://www.facebook.com/hjdenise Denise Koss Godsey

    Apocalypes Secrets by John Able, MD

  • http://www.facebook.com/hjdenise Denise Koss Godsey

    Apocalypse Secrets by John Able, MD


  • http://youtu.be/xm1F7ub00gk Sam Fisher

    There is only one path for me but fear I am not strong enough
    to take it. This country lost it way taking the easy path when it is the road
    less traveled that make person into what they could be. We need to take that
    path even if no one else takes it with us even if it means we die. Tho there
    are dangers there could be great rewards in the other side of the dark forest. God
    has a path a plan for each of us to follow we just need to show courage to take
    the path he put out in front of us. I know which way God wants me to go but not
    strong enough to do it alone. By his help I will be with him because he is God.

  • http://twitter.com/diane4CommonSen Diane Thompson

    This is so precious — we can learn from this young child!

  • http://twitter.com/Teresa52748473 Teresa

    If only this kid was “Dear Leaders” son, he is bright, happy loves to unite people and likes football he is our all American kid. God Bless you sweetie. Keep those pep talks coming, your are awesome now and can not wait to see you grown up.

    • http://twitter.com/KissMyAmFlag kmaf

       Please Stop referring to bhusseino as _dear leader_! Is neither and obfuscates while excusing the atrocities he & krew have wreaked upon us.

      • Paula Collins

        Teresa’s use of quotes tells people she uses those words in sarcasm.

  • Anonymous

    Smart kid…lots of common sense at a young age…so glad he is preaching unity and getting along not division, making the most of an education…not living on unemployment and food stamps.

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

    King David danced before the Lord Most High, in front of the Ark of the Covanant…

  • Anonymous

    IF LIFE IA A GAME,ARE WE ON THE SAME TEAM…for there Is No I in Team!

  • Anonymous

    I heard more wisdom in these four minutes than I’ve heard out of the White House for the past four years! Cute kid!

  • Anonymous

    Today has been one of my bad days; I’ve been so very ill.  A “pep-talk” from this wonderful little child was just the spirit-lifter I needed.  I believe God led me to this for that very reason.  God Bless you child, mission accomplished. 

  • Anonymous

    If you click on kid videos the government watches you just fyi

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