Glenn Beck’s high school yearbook photo

  • Anonymous

     Now that’s a LOT better than some of the same era.  Not bad hair at all.  +^D

  • DeadBuffalo Podcast

    As Nelson Muntz would say, “HA-ha”! 

  • Robert G. Senter

    Is that a chalkboard in the background?  Nice tie btw.

  • Anonymous

    looks like you grew into your nose…:-)

  • Margie Jones

    Always a cutie.

  • Ramblin Rose

    He’s a cute CHICK MAGNET

  • Mary L. DesRoches

    Why does he look more like the kid on the christmas story NOW than THEN?

  • Anonymous

    Most likely to pay for a bag of coke with a hot blumpkin lol

  • Joe Johnston

    I’m glad he grew into that giant thing that sits on his neck.

  • munchkin96

    That is definitely an early 80’s haircut – I know I graduated in 1984. You didn’t play much sports?


    Let’s see one of Stuie? Bet he’s a cutie!!

  • Steve Myers

    Look’s a bit like Eric Foreman on That 70’s Show.

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