Grotesque 9-11 Graffiti

by TheBlaze’s Robyn Wallensky

Just blocks from a firehouse where 15 of the 343 New York City firefighters were killed on 9-11, I spot grotesque graffiti.

“It makes ya shake your head doesn’t it?, ” says Jim Smith an employee with Turner Construction.

The graffiti handwritten in black marker says “9-11 haha” and “F*** U and Osama.” It appears in four different spots on the white construction walls on 8th avenue between 54th and 55th streets.

Jim Smith shakes his head in absolute disgust, “Apparently they have no sense of what people went through.Thousands of innocent lives lost and they write this?”

The company, Turner Construction, is also building at Ground Zero.

Construction worker Sean Kelly says “If it means what it sounds like it means, it’s disgusting. I had a friend who perished in 9-11, a firefighter, Michael Lyons, God rest him and it would be a horrible thing for someone to write something like that we all know what everyone went through on that day and it’s disgusting.”

Just six blocks south at the corner 48th and 8th Is a firehouse called “The Pride of Midtown” there are murals, plaques and pictures of the 15 members of Engine 54 Ladder 4 killed eleven years ago by terrorists.

A firefighter I interview for the Blaze tells me in addition to the graffiti, someone has been putting oatmeal over the glass where color photographs of the deceased men are posted in a permanent memorial.

There is a constant flow of tourists taking pictures at this location. Mary Orlmanfrom of San Francisco says “I think it’s a disgrace.” I ask her who she thinks could be behind this horrendous act, “a heartless person who probably had a lot suffering in his or her life.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s either some ignorant, dumb kid (we get idiots who spray paint MS-13 in our sidewalks, yet our teens are softies) who was not even cognizant when this happened (thanks public school system), or this is the typical coward that committed the original act to begin with. You know, the cowards in the Middle East that like to put towels on their heads, hiding their identities, while they throw rocks, behead people, shoot at civilians, etc.
    Cowards. Spineless, gutless, cowards. The kind that would rather hide in a cave than face the American military head-on.

  • Rose

    How does a person connect with Glenn – as in send a message? He is the most unreachable person ever.

    What he and his staff are missing, by the way, is the attack on the video blaming a private citizen for Muslim violence – is nothing more than getting folks used to Sharia Law. No more Constitutional rights. If you offend a Muslim, you are in deep trouble – Muslims have rights to off your head or rape you – like they do their wives. Get ready for Sharia. It’s coming. That is what it appears the White House is doing. No more free speech.

  • XenaWP80

    I would not be surprised if this disgusting graffitti was done by idiotic collage students, who had there head filled with “blame America for everything” stupid nonsence from their commie loving professors. Were is America’s shock and outrage for this?

  • Anonymous

    Some people are just completely empty inside. When you see these people they kind of give you the chills. The nothingness in their eyes, their uneasy presence. You can see that something good once was in them, but now something evil has made home of these vessels and is rotting them to the core. Liberal ideology can and does create such people. Don’t believe me? Think about how anti-human liberal ideology is. Abortion, animals and plant life before humans, anti-procreation, eugenics, the list goes on and on.

    • Anonymous

      You’re correct. China, Korea, southwest and southeast asians (Middle Eastern countries, Vietnam, India, etc), black Africa and most other non-European countries in the world that embrace socialist and communistic principles do not view individual deaths (excepting those of their leaders, who enjoy cult worship that borders on the psychotic) as unremarkable and unimportant.

      Even the deaths of a few thousand are usually met with puzzlement as they try to understand why the US views every life as precious. This type of political system, due to collectivist mentality, cannot afford to esteem one life or even the lives of thousands as this could lead to a yearning for individual freedom and development of individual talent that would place one life over another.

      In this country, liberal mentality inevitably embraces this mindset. To a liberal, individual lives cannot be acknowledged because this recognizes the potential of individuals to rise above others through the application of the intelligence and talents that set them apart from others, combined with blood, sweat and tears.

      This is a death knell to liberalism, which seeks to equalize all individualism into collective sacrifice. In this system, the hard work of the individual must be derided and the financial awards and public esteem of society for these individuals must be equivocated by criminalizing success as theft of scarce societal resources that do not rightly belong to the individual, but the proletariat as a whole.

      Liberalism inevitably leads to a decreased appreciation for life, exactly as you said. But there is more to it here. This is the result of liberal “tolerance”. Generally what this means is they are allowed to say absolutely anything, even incite to violence (think Louis Farrakhan) without fear of any repercussions.

      Who believes that this was committed by a youth from a conservative background? It may have simply been a gangbanger trying to achieve notoriety or it could simply be a moron that wrote this. But one thing is for certain. Both the gangbanger and the moron are the direct result of liberal policies applied in real life situations.

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