Growing up or Growing Apart?

by Meg Storm

In 2008, Barack Obama commanded two thirds of the youth vote. He beat Republican challenger John McCain by a whopping 34-point margin, 66 percent to 32 percent, in the 18 to 29-year-old demographic. There is no other way to slice it: it was a complete butt kicking by the calm and cool guy, who campaigned on euphemisms like hope and change and knew how to use Twitter. Wearing an Obama-Biden button on your backpack, permanently scarring your car with a bumper sticker, or volunteering for his campaign on the weekends seemed trendy, savvy, and popular.

It would be easy to look at the polls today, which show President Obama with a very solid lead (recent polls have it at 55-36) among young voters and say that not much has changed. After all, in but three week’s time the President will undoubtedly capture the demographic by double digits. But when you look past the numbers, things start to get more complicated.

President Obama’s lead among young voters is substantial, but his failure to maintain the epic levels of the 2008 election, in part reflects the failures of his policies. Youth unemployment in this country is approximately double the national average, and from April to July the number of people ages 16 to 24 who are unemployed, rose by 2.1 million to 19.5 million people.

These numbers don’t lie, and to the extent that the polling data shows President Obama slipping in the polls when it comes to young voters, one must question: are these voters simply growing up or are they growing apart from the Democratic party and its fearless leader?

The second presidential debate began with a question from coed Jeremy Epstien. Epstien voiced the concerns of so many college students and recent grads when he asked the candidates if they could reassure him and his parents that he will be able to “sufficiently support” himself after graduation. What was President Obama’s response: a three part answer that touched on the value of higher education (something Epstein probably knows seeing as he introduced himself as a COLLEGE STUDENT), the need to be energy independent, and, finally, the importance of creating new manufacturing jobs. Something tells me that is not the kind of “sufficient support” Epstein, and countless others (myself included), were looking for.

We are now talking about a coalition of voters, who are more tentative to accept empty promises that contain words like hope and change from a man who now looks worn and weathered, not shiny and new. Over the past four years these ‘kids’ (some of whom were not eligible to vote in last election) ‘grew up’ as they watched their parents struggle to make ends meet or faced their own uncertainty as the cost of living continued to increase and their job prospects faltered. And what about the actual kids – 12, 13, 14, 15-year-olds – who are very well aware of the fact that mom and dad can’t afford to buy those new Nike sneakers or North Face jacket. What will happen when they are eligible to vote in a few years? Will they favor the out-of-control tax and spending methods of progressives, liberals, and Democrats, or will they favor the smaller and more fiscally responsible government championed by conservatives and Republicans?

As a senior at New York University, I attend a liberal college, in a very liberal city, and an even more liberal state. I have heard countless stories about the good ol’ days of 2008 when the thought process was simply: You’re not voting for Obama? Oh, then you must be voting for Hillary. But the atmosphere around campus today is quite different. My politics classes are filled with policy discussions that frequently result in critiques of the administration’s handling of issues ranging from foreign policy to tax code. Peers in my journalism classes no longer laugh off assertions of media bias, instead, we dissect the worst offenders and look for solutions.

I don’t see these changes as merely ‘growing up’, I see these changes (many which have I have observed particularly over the last year or two) as a sign that the notion of a big government that favors redistribution and overpopulates the discourse with trivial social issues is no longer as attractive as it once seemed. If the jewel of the Democratic Party – President Obama – is having trouble selling these policies to the allegedly lockstep voters of the youth demographic, who can they possibly sell them to?

What I am describing is not a particularly overt change in behavior or one that will have much of an effect on the polls this November, but there is a palpable sense the young people are frustrated, and their saviors at the DNC are no longer providing plausible solutions to very real problems. If this trend continues, which I believe it will, regardless of who wins the election, Democrats may find themselves with a large problem on their hands: the youth vote hasn’t just grown up, they have grown disenfranchised and, dare I say, more conservative.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Growing up and growing apart – for the youth  vote reality of them being used and discarded has hit home full force.

    • Deborah Rowe

      @Xray_01_Actual:disqus I realized I was nothing more than what many of my classmates are still: liberal Democrat zombies. Elaine replied I am amazed that some one able to profit $5386 in a few weeks on the computer. have you seen this

  • Draxx

    I believe many of the Youths for the last twenty years have felt disenfranchised at home, both parents working many hours to provide that Very Expensive College Education (one of which I never had the privelage of recieving from my single mom with five children, and I was the baby of the family). Not by her wishes but my mother was a Weekend Mom at best, we had clothes and she was there for important talks, and the occassional sporting event.  During the week she worked very hard, she was one of two bi-lingual social workers out of an office with 50 or more workers.  Her case load was literally ten times larger than any of the other workers (except one).  Because, I knew how hard she worked for us, I cut her some slack but I have seen my friends go berserk and crazy.  Doing stupid stuff to get their parents attention even if it was in a Negative Way. Then the parents get pissed at the kid, and the kid ends up pissed at their parents (I never understood that logic if it could be called that).  Then when dinner time rolls around they are all quiet and scowling at each other… At our house my older sister usually made dinner, my mom would get home and eat with us and share small talk, then she would go shower and relax in front of the TV set.  Occassionally she would sit there and quietly breakdown with tears reflecting the various colors of the TV.  Her absolute silence and the weariness on her face, made me feel guilty for being alive to make her suffer for me.  Sometimes I would reach over and grab her hand, and she would squeeze it so tight my fingers would go numb (but in my childhood mind, my hands numbness and pain was my contribution to the household).  This continued until I was a teenager and became completely numb to the entire routine.  I wish I had more quality time with her, but I knew that many of my friends didn’t even receive as much as I did…

    I think I handled it pretty good, but when I think of how my nieces and nephews were/are over the last 10 years (actually more than them only).  They sit and complain about how rough they have it (their third Xbox360 broke, or the High Def TV looks a little blurry), while my siblings and friends are working two jobs and still can’t make all ends meet…

    Now, sorry it took so long I am getting to my point.  Being Disenfranchised at Home they were looking for a Surrogate Parent, and Big Government People said “We’ll take care of you if you elect us!”.  Now they are waking up and finding out that there isn’t enough Free Money to go around like they promised, they are not getting more freedom but more regulations/laws that they have to conform to.  I believe that Todays Youth is Very Disenfranchised with Liberals, Dems, and big government people (or they are finally learning enough math to figure it out).  I believe that more youths are going to lean to the right in the future, if not then they will become slaves to the left!

    • Anonymous

       What you describe is a commodity called character, this quality doesn’t always show up in the same process. Yours came to you, in your attempts to comfort your mother . Its lesson is- life isn’t always fair and is only as good as each of us make it.

      America is the richest nation the world has ever witnessed. The product of this great abundance and wealth is a nation full of spoiled-rotten children. Insistent that their every desire be satisfied, if they cannot get what they want at home – they will eventually look elsewhere. That means, Obama’s plan of seducing their votes IS WORKING –  and the majority of our college campuses are nothing more than pro-liberal training camps.

      Obama is not looking for minds of character – he’s buying votes. In fact, the way he looks at it, the less worldly these minds are, the better.

  • Chris Dupuis

    Hey it doesn’t matter anymore because KPHO Arizona CBS affiliate already aired a called election in Obama’s favor, with 99% of precincts voting!  Check the news.

    What are these people playing at….

  • landofaahs

    I think you will see a separation of the states in the not too distant future.  That is unless the end comes first. 

  • Sam Fisher

    As a young man I will say it is more growing up and seeing
    the real world as is and also seeing what lies the Dems have surrounded themselves
    in. second debate is a great example of this. Obama said gas prices going
    higher showed how much better the economy which is a flat out lie. The Dems
    have a habit of rewriting everything from economics 101 to physics and history
    in order to win stupid people. We are just sick of being talked do to and lied
    to by them. I talked to others that feel the same one happens to be even gay
    but he knows that Obama is killing this country and the Dems are just marching
    with the beat whale we youth get shafted by them. Obamacare also hurts us
    because we can’t afford healthcare let alone pay the fine you will see millions
    going to prison because of that very thing. Like I said a lot of the youth here
    feel the same way we have been betrayed by them. That is why his numbers drop
    and the ones still voting for him most likely don’t pay attention to what is
    happening around them do all you can to reach them. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m a single mom with five kids, all in their teens and twenties, still at home because they can’t find jobs.  I can’t afford insurance for them and can’t find a job that provides it so I’ll be one of those who goes to jail or pays a fine too.  This “man” needs to go, he doesn’t deserve the desk he so disgracefully puts his feet on.

      • Sam Fisher

        My sister is a single mother as well and is having trouble finding health care because of Obama. She did had it once but because of Obama care it went from 80 a month to 200 a month. My Grandmother will be forced out of her home because she will not be able to afford to live on her own anymore. I feel that Obamacare is a socialist revolution in a can. This bill cannot stand and I refuse to be a slave to the government. I will pray for you and your children tonight when I pray that Mitt wins because we need a change before it is too late to save this country.

        • VindicatorX

          Sam, I feel your pain. A person in my family is going through the same thing with health insurance. The worst part of this in my case is that the insurance you can get is expensive, and has limits with spend-down requirements. If a person is on several medications it gets you only a quarter of your prescription coverage, then you get a letter from the insurance provider telling you that you’ve used up your coverage. Then they say you need to spend several thousand dollars out of pocket before you can file another claim for prescriptions. How is this Affordable Health Care? 

          I agree with you, and stand with you on this abominable law.

          • SoThere

            In most cases, if a person can’t afford their meds, if they contact the manufacturer of those meds they will send them to you for free.


          • VindicatorX


          • SoThere

            I know that Lilly and Pfizer both have programs and I think Roche also has a program. Lilly’s program is called “Lilly Answers” I think.

          • Anonymous

            In order to get your meds for free you have to state that you do not have insurance.

      • VindicatorX

        I think he is disrespectful to that desk because of where it came from. The Resolute desk was made from timbers of the HMS Resolute and was a gift to America from Great Britain, a nation that Barack and his father despise. The avowed anti-colonialist Barack senior instilled his hate for Britain in his son at an early age. Junior has continued that hatred every time it has been convenient – the i-Pod he gave the Queen loaded with all his speeches, the return of the bust of Churchill, and putting his filthy shoes atop the same desk that President Kennedy sat behind during his short time in office. 

        It’s a pattern of behavior that reflects his true nature, which was hidden from public view prior to his 2008 campaign. Even the best actor has to let down from time to time – he just couldn’t stay in character for nearly four years. Just like his remarks about elections having consequences, “I won”, he is petulant, dismissive, narcissist, a pathological liar, and he is what he is despite his claims to the contrary. 

        I wish you the best of luck in seeing your family succeed. I feel confident they will with the coming regime change. 

    • Anonymous

      Sam you seem like a level headed young man. You are not buying the hope and change from Obama. All of what you said is true. It is refreshing to hear someone young understand it because I see so many believing Obama’s lies.

      Obama is expecting you and the rest of the young people to pay for the trillions of dollars he is spending. While you and others that work hard are expected to pay down the debt, he will be borrowing more money and giving it to people who don’t want to work. More young people should be outraged because it is their future we are talking about.

      I feel bad for my three kids because I know they will be affected by these policies.

  • Washington76

    Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates

    The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns By MARK HALPERIN | October 15, 2012

    • Anonymous

       So its decided then, tonight I’ll watch the seventh game of the NLCS…maybe during commercial breaks, I’ll update the score on Monday Night Football.

  • Washington76

    Published on Aug 28, 2012 by Alan Keyes Keyes to the Republic Vol. 1 President Obama and Mitt Romney.  Our Nation faces a great crisis and the integrity of our Republic is at stake. Barack Obama offers a path of socialism; but is there real hope in the alternative?

    • Anonymous

       I feel America missed its chance for the first Black President with Alan Keyes. I’ve always thought that both parties will eventually lead us to the same place. The Democrat’s will simply get us to the destination sooner…but now…I’m not so sure….good post.

      • Washington76

        Thank you! I totally agree about Alan Keyes, he is a great American!

  • greywolfrs

    Well, hopefully, it’s a little bit of both. One can hope they are growing up and seeing the reality of the situation, which is making them turn away from the Democraps. I believe they can see that Hope and Change turned into Hoax and Chains. Obamao promised them the world and couldn’t deliver. Hopefully, they learned a valuable lesson from this, if it sounds “too good to be true,” it usually is.  

    • Anonymous

       Do you mean to tell me, there’s not a pot of gold at the end of the political rainbow?

      If we were to jot down every time a campaign promise comes out of the lying liars – either Democrat or Republican – each of us  would have to agree, that there is no way on earth, one man – serving even two terms, could ever make good on. Its a joke at best – a national disgrace on every level – we need to hold their feet to the fire. We need to get rid of the moderators and place the candidates in a room by themselves to find out what they believe in and who they really are…and most importantly….can they do the job.

      • greywolfrs

        I guess there is a pot of gold, if you consider welfare and food stamps a pot of gold.

        I don’t know if it’s so much a question of being able to do the job as it is following the Constitution…

        • Anonymous

          Following the Constitution – is the job…they took an oath and swore to it…before millions of witnesses.

          • greywolfrs

            And very few actually do it. These dolts do not take that oath seriously, therein is the problem.

    • Xray 0-1 Actual

      Don’t need to worry about all the youth. I’ve learned my mistake; I hope I never go back to when I was blissfully hypnotized by Obama’s speeches. But as they say, “ignorance is bliss.” Looking back, I realized I was nothing more than what many of my classmates are still: liberal Democrat zombies. We were the products of leftist brainwashing.

      It took a couple of years, but I’ve been pulled from the darkness. I’ve seen Obama for what he really is. I’ve wised up. And now, I’ve got more resolve than ever to bring back America from the brink and fix the damage Obama has done.

      • greywolfrs

        I know there are a lot of young people who feel the same way. I know quite a few of them. I am glad that you realized this, it takes a lot of guts to do this.

      • VindicatorX

        Welcome to the world of sanity and rational thinking! We need more young people like you who can break free of the chains of indoctrination and see the reality of life. 

  • mike

    Barry is a pied piper to the youth because they look for an easy way that requires no, or very little effort.  As they grow older, they start to understand that is not how life works.  Unfortunately, some never grow up.  They become the whiny liberals and still want someone else to take care of them.  You can tell.  The get angry when someone does not do what they say or they dissagree with their point of view. This is where the violence comes in.  It all comes back to 2 types of people.  The Adults and the children…….

  • Anonymous

    If we don’t get a hold of the education system in this country in order to stop the liberal indoctrination of our youth, you won’t have to worry about future elections. We needs to get rid of the NEA and turn over education to the states.  Again education is not a federal government mandate.  It will be one less federal cost and one less union for politicians to by off.

  • Anonymous

    You gotta love conservative wishful thinking. So full with hope and self-deception. They almost seem like liberals. I say, good for them!

    • VindicatorX

      Well, how have you been ratty throw rug? It’s been a while since you’ve graced us with your ignorance. What kept you? 

      You still are a liberal shill. No one here pays much credence to what you have to say, but hey, you do have a right to say it.

      • Anonymous

        awww, you missed me. So cute. Sure, Libya is Obama’s downfall. That’s what I meant with wishful thinking. See, the problem with this whole Foxian smear strategy is that we all see right through it. Conservatives have their hopes all the way up thinking Liberals will believe their GOP-talking-point spin. So damn cute. It’s like that boy who thought that that time they would actually believe him because there was really really a wolf there. Cute cute cute. And this myth that those who are liberals are that way because they are young and immature. Super-cute. You guys thinking we all need to do to be freed from the liberal mental disease is to grow up. Ubber-cute!

        • obamapacksfudge

          cock sucking fag named fine tapestry alert

    • obamapacksfudge

      hey fag remove your lips from obamas anus you stupid libtard

  • windtalker700

    All these thing being true Obama is losing ground with everybody unless you look at polling numbers? But that’s another story.

  • Anonymous

    glenn i was watching one of your shows on the blazes . it was the one were you said that  romnay will win in a land slide to bad that did not happen.  i know how the anointed  one the messiah won as long as woman have the right to murder there kids and have birth control and illegals can come here and stay  that is how he won.  they do not care about anything or anyone . i know you get a lot of emails every day but i would like to know what you think . may email is . that you for your time.

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