by Sara J.

Here’s a pro-tip from President Obama:
When your political argument is guaranteed to fail under an ounce of scrutiny, be sure to bring out the kids. Lots and lots of cute, smiling, innocent little children.

Why would anyone do something so distasteful as to use one of the most violent acts in our history as a tool to pass legislation that merely ties the hands of law abiding citizens? As we saw with Obamacare, and the new gun regulations that were passed yesterday, because not only does it work, it silences your opposition.

As usual, the president’s fan club (aka the mainstream media) has failed to see how repulsive his tactics are in abridging the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans while surrounding himself with innocent children. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary could easily be described as one of the most traumatic and disturbing violent acts to take place in America since 9/11. And yesterday, the president used that emotion to silence his detractors and inflame that emotion while presenting 23 new gun restrictions yesterday to the American people.

“Normally, the only time you see politicians showcasing children is during the campaign,” Carol Costello said when opening a segment on this issues yesterday on CNN.

Think about that. The only time you normally see children “showcased” is during campaigns. Why is that? Because they’re used as a tool to get votes, make politicians more friendly and appealing, or avoid conflict.

After 9/11, President George W. Bush was lambasted my the media for simply releasing a photo of himself on Air Force One speaking the phone not long after the attacks took place. Where’s the media outrage over surrounding yourself with innocent kids behind the podium follow the Sandy Hook massacre?

The left finds it outrageous that Rush Limbaugh, Rick Perry, our own Glenn Beck have spoken out against the president’s decision to use this tragic incident to pass pre-existing legislation, yet they all seem to have an opinion on the N.R.A.’s latest ad highlighting the hypocrisy of the president. The new add highlights the security of the president’s children compared to the average American. The president and the White House responded to that ad by calling it “repugnant and cowardly,” but they seem to have no problem with using the imagery of America’s children to pass their own agenda.

TheBlaze’s Will Cain, joined by Democratic strategist Maria Cardona, discussed the controversy with Costello on CNN yesterday.

Will Cain correctly pointed out that President Obama is using these children to shield himself from debate and inject emotion on specific incidences into a discussion that should be centered on the Constitution and the rights of Americans. Well, Cardona did nothing short of prove Will’s point by delivering one of the most emotional, red-faced, overreactions since Chris Matthews’s near temper-tantrum following President Obama’s first debate against Romney.