by Wilson G

In the lead up to Christmas, were Glenn Beck fans helping to anonymously spread good to needy families across the country? One blogger at Nebraska Attitude believes so, putting forth the idea that after Glenn reported on an unidentified Michigan woman who paid $500 worth of layaway bills to people who had toys set aside. Since Glenn talked about that story on radio, the blogger notes that there have been even more stories of such events taking place across the country and wonders if Glenn’s audience may have heard the story and taken action.

Below is video of Glenn calling for listeners do good for others during the holiday season and encouraging listeners to start some new traditions this year:

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Nebraska Attitude writes:

Good samaritans, or “angels” as some recipients refer to them, have been busy all across the nation helping nameless, faceless strangers by paying the balance on their layaway account. Are they all listeners of Glenn’s? I doubt it. Some of them may have never heard his name. But, I’m familiar enough with Glenn’s listeners to know what kind of people these are and because of that, I’m comfortable in stating that several of these “secret Santas” were most likely inspired this Christmas season by Glenn Beck.

USA Today has picked up on the “layaway angels” story, reporting:

More than 15 layaway accounts totaling almost $4,000 have been paid by strangers at a Kmart in Lafayette, Ind., says store manager Vic Sutherland. “It’s pretty awesome,” he says. “With the economy the way it is, you wouldn’t expect it.”

Many of the angel visits have been at Kmart stores, where more than $412,000 has been donated to more than 1,000 layaway accounts, says Shannelle Armstrong, a spokeswoman for Sears Holdings Corp., which owns Kmart’s 1,300 stores.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Dianna Gee says layaway angels are visiting its stores “from coast to coast.” At a Haleyville, Ala., Walmart, a man donated $11,000 to pay the accounts of 75 families.

The phenomenon apparently began three weeks ago when a woman paid off three layaway charges at a Grand Rapids, Mich., Kmart. Media coverage prompted a slew of copycat givers.

As the original blogger who put forth this theory notes, it’s tough to say for sure that any of these “angels” were listeners to Glenn’s show to begin with – but the chances are good that someone was inspired by Glenn’s call to start a new tradition with their family. On radio, Glenn encouraged listeners to fill mason jars with change all year and then anonymously leave it on the front porch of a family in need. Glenn noted that it creates a memory of doing in good that will never fade, and it can be the best example of doing good for others during the holiday season rather than just doing good for oneself.

Did you or are you planning to do good for others this holiday season? Be sure to share you story in the comments below.