By Sara J.

You know that feeling you get when you are hearing politicians just blatantly lie on national TV? If you’re anything like me, watching political speeches, like the State of The Union address, or the recent GOP debates has become as frustrating as watching your favorite sports team get pummeled by their biggest rival. In other words, it can cause you to lose your cool.

Well, I’ll take Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” and raise you a “Let my people go!” from Rep. Mike Bost (…and Moses)

Yesterday on the House floor, Illinois State Representative Mike Bost did just that – he lost it. It’s hard to blame him for going on a ballistic tirade, which involved throwing paper, screaming and failing his arms (seriously, this is a MUST SEE) – earlier in the day a committee put a pension reform bill forward and later put it up for a vote. The bill was one hundred plus pages long, making it impossible to properly vet the bill, which resulted in the tirade you are about to see below.

Rep. Mike Bost has had enough folks. Epic.

There will be people that say he shouldn’t have gotten so angry, that he shouldn’t have shouted and swatted paper (in midair I might add) on the House floor. Say what you will about politeness, but given the time we’re living in shouldn’t our politicians be as riled up about our economic situation as we are? Civil debate is a must, but when that fails, and these bills are pushed forward shouldn’t attention be drawn to that? In our current economic situation with the state of our debt, I have to ask, who in the world do the representatives think they are that would even dare to vote on any bill without reading it?

That’s worth getting angry over. Like Bost said: “Total power in one person’s hands – not the American way!” and he’s 100% right.

We elect and pay representatives to read the bills they vote for. That’s their job. If you don’t do your job, you don’t keep getting paid – you get fired.

It’s unlikely that anyone has ever been jealous of anything Illinois has in the realm of politics, but that’s about to change. Illinois has Mike Bost, and that makes me jealous.