Mercury One: Responding to Hurricane Sandy

By Adam Blaylock

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Mercury One president, Joseph Kerry, met with leaders of faith-based organizations in New York on Wednesday, to assess damages and plan out recovery efforts.

Surveying the destruction left in the wake of the hurricane’s path across Coney Island, New York, Mercury One Kerry said the town had collapsed into total chaos, calling it “a war zone area.” Church leaders had been receiving calls from members of their congregations who had “boarded themselves within their own apartments, afraid to come out due to roving gangs of kids – which they called ‘wolf packs’ – who were terrorizing the neighborhood.”

In a haunting memorandum to Glenn Beck, Kerry wrote:

“Do you remember all of the Trump-owned buildings that line the Hudson River that you used to point out to me on the way to work?  They were all dark last night.  Not one light on in any of them. That entire area was dark. It was like a scene from ‘I Am Legend.’ No people, no lights, no noise – just empty.”

But one of the things that stood out most to Kerry and those that were with him was the silence of the media. While meeting with members of the New York Christian Resource Center (NYCRC), Kerry learned that no one else had visited that Coney Island community to offer help – no relief organizations or emergency management organizations. They had been left to fend for themselves.

“I think people hear about the flooding of New York City and think of rich people with big homes,” Kerry said. “Yes, that has happened. And yes, they need our help, too. But this area was devastated. No food, no water. Roaming armed gangs. We heard sirens from the moment we arrived until we left. I could not believe how quickly the chaos started.”

Some of the church leaders Kerry met with had worked with Mercury One and Operation Blessing earlier this year during a food drive connected to the Restoring Love event on July 28th, where 14 tractor trailers of food were sent to communities across the nation, including one on Coney Island.

In a video message to Glenn, Jim Esposito of the NYCRC commented on Mercury One’s assistance with the food drive and expressed gratitude for the additional assistance after hurricane Sandy:

“You have no idea what you guys have brought to us today – the hope that’s descended here in Coney Island, Brooklyn and beyond. You were the first people to come to this community, to this church and to see what we need. And that’s God’s honest truth. They didn’t know where they were going to turn today. And I’m glad that you were there. Thank you so much, sir.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Kerry said it was humbling to hear the church leaders talk about helping others even when their own church building had been severely damaged by the storm.

“When we arrived at the church we were going to it was dark,” he said, adding that “they didn’t have any power. We went inside and there was a group of religious leaders sitting around a wooden table with candles providing the only light.”

Kerry recalled being at the same church this summer after Restoring Love, when these same church leaders were integral to getting food and supplies to over 20 other needy churches in the area. “Now, these wonderful people were sitting around a wooden table with five lit candles burning, waiting to meet us,” he said.

To make matters worse, one church in the NYCRC network, the Coney Island Gospel Assembly Church, had its basement flooded with sewage that had been backed up from the sewer system below. The church’s situation was no different from many of the neighborhood homes and apartments, whose basements had also been flooded with filth.

Even in the middle of their own tragedy, the leaders of the church did their best to be good hosts to the Mercury One team that arrived, having brought bags of McDonald’s food so there would be something to eat at dinner time. Kerry said the church leaders, thinking more of their guests than themselves, “refused to eat any of the food.”

Even more impressive, the leaders of the church said they had no plans to apply for any government assistance out of concern for the restrictions which would accompany the money. And since the church leaders were so focused on helping the community, it took a while for Kerry to finally find out what the church itself needed help with.

“It was only after they were pressed to tell us how we could help them recover as a church did they finally tell us about the flooded basement and the destroyed water heater and the loss of other rooms due to flooding in the church.” (Sic)

In his memorandum to Beck, Kerry concluded with a heartfelt expression of gratitude: “Glenn, thank you. And thank you to your audience who is making a difference in the lives of people who believe they are alone, who are losing hope. We have teamed up with Operation Blessing and Somebody Cares to distribute relief supplies that are desperately needed.”

To learn more and to help support Mercury One in its effort to restore hope in times of disaster, go to


  • Sam Fisher

    Give help these people that where abandon by the government. 

  • Anonymous

    I swear to you all, this entire thing is intentional. This is all just too convienient! Where’s Bloomberg, that idiot. His leadership is to ban cars into Manhattan with less than 3 people? If FOX where smart, they would open up some soup kitchens as a community effort to show The people how it’s done!
    Apparently, Those at the top are now reaping what they have sown. Where are all those Catholic Charities? Where are all those with the means to help?

    • Anonymous

      “Catholic Charities Community Services of the Archdiocese of New York is working with local parishes and community agencies to provide help to New Yorkers recovering from the storm.”  And I assume that in Catholic churches throughout the country, a special collection will be made for the Sandy Hurricane victims….as is always the case in times of disasters like this one.  You just don’t hear about the good work the Catholic church does…the media doesn’t like us!!!

      • Anonymous

        Why wouldn’t the media like Catholic Charities? The Catholics I know vote democrat and many are union members, also vote democrat. I Was Catholic…the hypocrisy is astounding! How a Christian can vote democrat is beyond my understanding. Perhaps, that is my beef with Catholic Charities…..repent on Saturday after voting for abortion on Tuesday! Incredible.

        • Anonymous

          As of I am a native of this country, I can’t explain the association, except in these terms…the Democratic Party of years ago was for the immigrant worker, the down-trodden Irish, the poor, uneducated, etc.  And since many immigrants to the US were Catholic, they associated themselves with that party.  However, over the past 30 years, I have seen a HUGE shift in their platform.  Because of this, many, many Bishops have written editorials and open letters to their parishioners warning them of allegiance to one party of the other.  We should all vote according to the issues at hand.  Also…did you know that in the 1970s (in Colorado, at least), it was the Republicans who were pushing for abortions, NOT the Democratic party.  Of course, that has all changed.  2liberate, I would love for you to read the writtings of Archbishop Charles Chaput, formerly of Denver, now in Philly.  He is one of MANY vocal bishops regarding life issues and the voting responsibilites of Catholics.  As for your friends…yes, I have Christian friends that praise Jesus and also think there is nothing wrong with aborting the life of an innocent unborn child.  We have to pray for them all.  I hope you will read a little more of the Catholic Church today…it is a beautiful faith.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for your response. Yes, your explanation as to why so many vote the way they do is a reflection of immigration. The same can be said about the Jews as well.
            Religion is man searching for God
            Christianity is God seeking man
            Religion says “do”…..God says “done”
            I will never seek religion. My faith is grounded in Yeshua and the Word of God, the Bible.

          • Anonymous

            What Republican pushed for abortion in the 1970’s? Please be specific. Democrats have been known to say whatever it takes to denigrate the opposition even if untruthful!

          • Anonymous

            Hi 2liberate…I spent a little time trying to find the names for you, but I will have to do more research.  I don’t think I am punching in the right words to bring up the info. This is what I do know…when I attended a Catholic Bible conference last year, many of the older participants in the audience spoke of this vote…actually, Colorado was the first state to legalize abortion (a sad day)…they were all in agreement on this fact.  Also, my first sentence in my previous post should have read, “As I am NOT a native of this country.” 

          • Linda Boyd

             And i agree with you as well. The TRUE Catholic faith is lovely and does not support abortion or contraception. period.  and Archbishop Chaput has said alot of good things. The problem is for us real Catholics is we have too many politician bishops like Dolan, Wuerl etc that let things go “go along, get along”. which makes “Catholics” look stupid and weak.  We have to stand up for the real beliefs of the Catholic Church.Not the cafeteria Catholics….they make Catholics look bad…

          • Anonymous

            Isn’t Chaput gone , now? Recently? Why did he go?

        • Linda Boyd

           absolutely.  They are not REAL  Catholics.  you cant be and follow the democratic, socialist, baby killing crowd. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m working an extra shift tonight and giving it all to Mercury One Disaster Relief.  God Bless you Glenn and Mercury One.  I pray for God’s presence with those who are suffering on the East Coast tonight. Jesus, help me be Your hands and feet. Amen.

  • Anonymous

    Re Hurricane Sandy

    During Hurricane Ike, we were forced to evacuate since we live in a
    mandatory evacuation zone. Ike came right over our heads and devastated our
    city. When we returned 5 days later, the area around NASA (Clear Lake City,
    Seabrook, Nassau Bay, Kemah)looked a lot like the pictures I’ve seen of Coney
    Island. Utter destruction. We didn’t get electricity back for 3 weeks and clean
    water for 15 days. Here’s what Texans do in the face of a calamity. People with
    undamaged houses took in people with destroyed houses. People with generators
    hooked up their neighbors to electricity with extension cords. Homes with gas
    stoves cooked and shared food with anybody who was hungry. Several times a day,
    food was taken to those people who couldn’t leave their houses. Churches got
    together and formed work crews to cut trees, cover roofs and rip out water
    logged sheetrock. There was no looting, influenced in part because we all had
    our guns. The work people did to help all the surrounding communities went on
    for months as church groups, boy scouts and just plain concerned citizens worked
    to repair homes, replace losses and provide meals.

    We didn’t whine. We didn’t complain. We just pitched in and went to work.
    I’m just saying…..glad I don’t live in NY.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!  I live north of Houston and we had no electricity for 15 days after IKE came through.  I don’t remember much discussion on the news (except for the local news) about what had happened.
      The rest of the country went on with their lives and we did the best that we could.   There were very hot days and nights, and nothing could be done to cool off.  We cooked on the gas grill, looked for gas each day to run the generator, and helped our neighbors.  The grocery store shelves were just about empty, but we would buy what we could and share it with others.  

      The liberals up in New York expect the rest of the country to rescue them.  I don’t really feel like helping people who gave the current president 4 more years in office.  Our health care system is going to be destroyed along with the economy.  It’s hard to think of others in times like these.  I’m just trying to figure out how my family can survive the next 4 years!  I believe that conservatives really need to think about how and where they are spending their money.  Don’t support liberal states who depend on our tourist dollars (example: Colorado)  anymore.  Support states and businesses with like minded people.      

      I don’t mean to offend anyone……I’m just tired of biting my tongue!

      Happy to be a Texan!  

  • Anonymous

    god bless you Glenn and mercury  one. for helping the people back there in york.

  • Sharon Shropshire

    we were hoping for the opportunity to help our fellow countrymen.

  • Sharon Shropshire

    Glen Beck has given us a place to help those who have been hit by Sandy.

  • Anonymous

    I loved who you are from the moment I saw you on Fox. It is a pleasure to watch you and your friends on The Blaze. You give me hope. I am  very afraid for my country. I fear going back to live under Communist rule, which I experienced as a child. It’s a memory I can’t get rid of. I am so proud of you. Thank you for your spirit.

  • O Spt

    “Brzezinski, as far back as his
    1977 book ‘Between Two Ages’
    bragged about techtonic and HAARP
    weaponry —then already being negotiated
    over in treaties.

    He said they could, IN FACT, cause
    tornados, hurricanes, even tsunamis
    and seismic events and volcanos.

    He said it would be the ‘perfect’ weapon
    becuaase NO ONE  could prove —you did it.”
    -Informed Radio
    (days ago)


    –The treaties regarding HAARP et al
    restrict its use among the signing nations
    —but authorize its use —by— governments
    against their own people. . .

    This is the 11th hour of the 4 decades underway
    Globalist —-RED China handovre and world
    take down op.


    • Anonymous

      I am looking for a Conservative believing physician, dentist, eye doct, etc.
      Anyone know where, in Texas, I can support these like minded people?

  • Anonymous

    In The World According to Mr. Rogers:
    When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.”  To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers–so many caring people in this world.

    Thank YOU for helping us to know that the world is good and how to prepare.  Praying very very hard for Mr. Romney to win on Tuesday and for our country to get on the right path.

    God bless, a young grandmother in NEPA.

  • Anonymous

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