It’s been a long time since anything in the culture really represented something that you believe in. The most popular shows on television don’t reflect your values. Musicians don’t inspire with their art but appeal to the more base and repulsive elements of our culture (seriously, listen to the lyrics to some of the Top 40 songs). And, sadly, we haven’t done anything about it. The left now owns the culture, and conservative cultural icons can really only be seen in big numbers as part of the country music scene. Most conservatives in Hollywood and in music, with few exceptions, are left hiding in the shadows, keeping their viewpoints out of the spotlight.

Until now.

It’s time to get active, and while we are committed to changing our country and ourselves, we also MUST change our culture. But how do you do that? By creating and engaging with art, music, movies, and television that represent the things that you value.

There are artists out there with messages that need to be heard but have had doors slammed in their face. No more. We want to find those people who believe in America and make sure their message is seen and heard.

Over the next few months leading up to Restoring Love, we will be showing you new artists that we think should be stars but for one reason or another haven’t broken through to the mainstream. We think they’re great – and we are going to be giving them a platform to bring their art to you. Look for more details soon.

The other thing we want to do is make it easier for you to find art that you can enjoy. We’ve done some of that with GBTV and The B.S. of A., our first big step into comedy. But that’s not all.

Starting today, you’re going to see a lot more music integrated into all things “Glenn Beck”.

On, we are excited to start showcasing music using Spotify, a music streaming service that connects listeners with millions of songs. Using this tool, we will be showing you some of the music that we’re listening to and sharing music that we think inspires, uplifts, and celebrates goodness. And we’ve picked these songs not because they fall on the “right” or the “left” side of the aisle, but because they inspire us to create art and we hope they do the same for you.

Some of these artists may be ones you’ve heard of, but we hope that you’re discovering something new that you’ve never heard before as well. And, if you’re a musician, we hope to feature you on our list in the very near future.

So take a minute to listen to some of the music below that Glenn and his daughter personally selected for his debut list.

…and yes, of course music from Spider-Man is on there.


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*Thanks to Greg in the comments for the suggestion to change the headline from revolution to restoration!