Music and art pave the way for a cultural restoration

It’s been a long time since anything in the culture really represented something that you believe in. The most popular shows on television don’t reflect your values. Musicians don’t inspire with their art but appeal to the more base and repulsive elements of our culture (seriously, listen to the lyrics to some of the Top 40 songs). And, sadly, we haven’t done anything about it. The left now owns the culture, and conservative cultural icons can really only be seen in big numbers as part of the country music scene. Most conservatives in Hollywood and in music, with few exceptions, are left hiding in the shadows, keeping their viewpoints out of the spotlight.

Until now.

It’s time to get active, and while we are committed to changing our country and ourselves, we also MUST change our culture. But how do you do that? By creating and engaging with art, music, movies, and television that represent the things that you value.

There are artists out there with messages that need to be heard but have had doors slammed in their face. No more. We want to find those people who believe in America and make sure their message is seen and heard.

Over the next few months leading up to Restoring Love, we will be showing you new artists that we think should be stars but for one reason or another haven’t broken through to the mainstream. We think they’re great – and we are going to be giving them a platform to bring their art to you. Look for more details soon.

The other thing we want to do is make it easier for you to find art that you can enjoy. We’ve done some of that with GBTV and The B.S. of A., our first big step into comedy. But that’s not all.

Starting today, you’re going to see a lot more music integrated into all things “Glenn Beck”.

On, we are excited to start showcasing music using Spotify, a music streaming service that connects listeners with millions of songs. Using this tool, we will be showing you some of the music that we’re listening to and sharing music that we think inspires, uplifts, and celebrates goodness. And we’ve picked these songs not because they fall on the “right” or the “left” side of the aisle, but because they inspire us to create art and we hope they do the same for you.

Some of these artists may be ones you’ve heard of, but we hope that you’re discovering something new that you’ve never heard before as well. And, if you’re a musician, we hope to feature you on our list in the very near future.

So take a minute to listen to some of the music below that Glenn and his daughter personally selected for his debut list.

…and yes, of course music from Spider-Man is on there.


*Thanks to Greg in the comments for the suggestion to change the headline from revolution to restoration!

  • ThinkLikeABlackBelt

    Check out the band Madison Rising. Scott Baker introduced them on an earlier GBTV show. Their version of The Star Spangled Banner ROCKS:

    • Matthew McDaris

       I checked them out on facebook someone mentioned to them that they wish that Beck would have mentioned them they wrote back “There’s a long story there. Very long and sad. Enough to lose faith in a lot of the leaders of the conservative movement.”Dont know what thats about but they sound awsome

      • ThinkLikeABlackBelt

         I say it’s time for us to rally and work around differences, but we all pick our battles by action or inaction.

    • Sean L. Eubanks

       O Heck YESSS. I should not have watched the vid, though. I’m a sucker for that sort of stuff and I’m sitting at my desk all teared up.

    • Anonymous

       Wow! That was great. Thanks

      • ThinkLikeABlackBelt

         You’re welcome.

    • Anonymous

       I just noticed that this song is in fact on Glenn’s spotify playlist!

      • ThinkLikeABlackBelt

        Do you have a link?

      • Lori Hoeck

         Wait, I just found it on GB’s updated list — excellent!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the heads up on Madison Rising, my kids love it & my husband wants their CD’s

      • ThinkLikeABlackBelt

         Glad you liked them.

  • Anonymous

    Interested in helping with music, art, movies and TV…..Diane

  • Greg Molyneux

    I probably would have used the term “cultural restoration” myself.  Anyone read Richard Weaver’s “Ideas Have Consequences”?  He discusses this very issue.

  • Anonymous

    Not a one is worth the time.  Why not something such as “I’ll Be Loving You”  or “I’ll Get By” or “Soing, Sing, Sing” or “Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie”?

  • NickDeringer

    Yes. This the right stuff. 

  • Roger White

    Glenn, or someone at Mercury (and all you Beckheads), please check out Jeremy Dodge.  He is a youth minister from New Mexico who has put out a couple really inspiring cuts.  You can find Stand Up and I Am American on his website, itunes, youtube or facebook.  I think his contemperary style and straight forward message is a perfect fit.  I’m in no way affiliated with Mr Dodge or his music.  I’m just a fan who believes that he is an inspiring talent who deserves to be heard.

  • Roger White

    Link to Jeremy Dodge’s Stand Up as referenced in below post.

  • Aaron

    For good and spiritual music you don’t have to look much farther than some very popular music.  These two bands might come as a surprise to those who haven’t listened to them, but trust me, they have a good message and it is VERY GOOD music (everyone has their own tastes): The Smashing Pumpkins (alt. rock) and Social Distortion (punk rock).  Both lead singers have lead hard lives and tell a story of finding Jesus and changing themselves for the better.

    • Aaron

      For proof, check out “For God and Country” by The Smashing Pumpkins and “I Was Wrong” by Social Distortion.  This is the kind of music that a younger crowd would be more interested in.  Enjoy!

  • Alex Valencia

    Here’s some more songs to consider:
    Westlife – Us Against the World
    Bjork – All is Full of Love (Bjork’s Greatest Hits album version), It’s Oh So Quiet (funny), Human Behaviour, Come to Me, Joga
    Big Mama Thorton – Ball n Chain
    Buckcherry – Sorry
    Ellie Goulding – Lights (good song out right now)
    Sigur Rós – Svefn-G-Englar (beautiful song and video; watch the video)

  • timothy degeus

    This is what my fellow performers have been waiting/looking for. Check out David Dilsizian and thanks Glenn for prying the door open!

  • Mike Weaver

    This movement will get feet. America will rise to the occasion. We are truly better than what the media portrays…which got me thinking about Restoring Love, and I remembered a song that my 17 year old and his soccer coach (of all things) put together a few months ago. While it is not professionally produced, and my son has not spent much time honing his art in rap, I hope it blesses your fans anyway.

  • Sandie

  • Dawn M. West

    For the Heavy metal, head bangers… Sons of Liberty…..they totally rock; guarantee to pump you up!

  • Dawn M. West

    Religious/up lifting, Kirk Franklin….

  • Dawn M. West

    “Me too” I can name that tune in …… notes!

  • Michael Newman

    No offense to Glenn and his playlist, but are a host of extremely good, innovative artists out there that might be a little more in the neighborhood of young folk and their tastes.  Not to mention the fact that some of Glenn’s picks are actually pretty hardcore leftists.  Here are just a few good, wholesome, and frickin awesome artists that I would recommend:

    Rap – Lecrae, Trip Lee, and the 116 Crew
    Hard Rock – Sent By Ravens, Family Force 5, Ivoryline, Anberlin, Blindside
    Folk/Country – John Mark McMillan
    Christian Worship – Hillsong United, C3 Oxford Falls, Jesus Culture
    Alternative Rock – Mae, Phil Wickham, Leeland

    There you have it.  Check some of these guys out.  I guarantee you will love it.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    1st thing I noticed – Beck wearing that big huge belt buckle. Officially, the man is no longer a New Yorker and has now gone Texas. Just wondering – Do they hand those things out at the border and give them away at the airports like Hawaiians do leis?

    Anyway, cool music selection. Interesting to browse.

    • Anonymous

      Have noticed you’re flying the flag, Mars.  Good for you.  Long may she fly in a free


      • MarsBarsTru7

        Thanks. :)
        I just got around to editing my profile for the first time since I started this account.

  • Maire Alexandra Fenaughty

    Another AWESOME song that inspires me every day!!!

  • Andrew Cowan

    The following request has nothing to do with politics/culture and everything to do with music itself: please remove the Glee song and give the spot to an actual artist or band.

  • Sarah Keleise Ferguson

    Female vocalist here. Would love to collaborate with other DFW musicians.


    Extraordinary female vocalist here. Would love to collaborate with other GBTV-minded musicians or songwriters. Hit me up on Twitter: @samoantexan ((( Hey Glenn, will sing for FREE! )))

  • Chris Pariseau

     I am a musician of  like mind.  Here is my ReverbNation page

  • sara holy land

    I can not hear – perhaps because I’m outside the U.S..

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure how the internet works outside of the U.S, but if you want to listen most of these songs can be found on sites like (if you have that) Please let me know if you can find and hear these songs.

      • sara holy land

        Many thanks.Especially for caring.I’m looking at YouTube.Shabbat Shalom.

        • Anonymous

          You’re very welcome Sara :) take care,
          Pennsylvania, USA

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the music Glenn. Listening to it at 4AM. It really lifted my spirit.

  • Tommy Mathisen

    Papa Razzi and the Photogs – Glenn Beck is a Genius Conservative Man

    Anything else by this guy is hilarious as well, but this one is the most relevant.

  • Tommy Mathisen

    See first comment.

  • Stu Pedaso

    Someone look up “Shut Up, Be Happy”. It is by Ice T on his 1989 Album IceBerg.
    That is where we are headed people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love that song Love Will Hold Us Together.  I sing that with the band at my church.  It always gives me chills when I sing it too.  I love the messages in songs, especially the songs I sing with my band at church.  Tell your singer I can add some alto harmony for him.  Love it and caught myself singing outloud around my coworkers while I was singing along with it.  Powerful Song.  Check Out Revival by Robin Mark.  Another powerful song related to our current culture.

  • Monica Skiathitis Charpentier

    Check out Borderline Eleven, an alternative rock band out of New Hampshire that has kept their lyrics postive and clean and is very family friendly.  The teens love them!  Many parents have thanked them for giving their kids good music ito listen to.

  • Connie Bevan

    Great idea! Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    is there a specific link to find music Glen is producing 
    He mentioned today and artist and played him 
    it was fantastic but i cant find any place to go to to support or purchase
    Kali ( spelled wrong I am sure) I want more 

    • Scott Cohen

      Also looking for this. Shazaam did not recognize it. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD IT!!!

      • Emanuelle Goldstein

        You can download some of Kalai’s music from iTunes.

    • w. Parker

      I echo the sentiment of another poster:  couldn’t just one of an unimportant and meaningless subject as this been eliminated to make room to mention/ include the anniversary of the D-Day invasion of WWII?  It was only the largest sacrifice in american lives of WWII and instramental in winning the war which indirectly gives Glenn the freedom to even have a web site.  Makes one wonder just where Glenn’s priorities, heart and mind was that day

    • Anonymous

       I attribute this problem to Glenn’s ADD. I think he got a bit ahead of himself here. I too would love to buy some of this music but so far it’s not easy. I see where some can be purchased on itunes but I prefer not to go that route. Hopefully sometime soon there will be another avenue to get this music? I did however install spotify (which was a pain in the a** but I did eventually get it to work. Not much there though

    • rob

       If you were talking about the young man who played the blues style dobro or slide guitar song his web site is .  His name is Kalai and I too really enjoyed his music.  I found his website but it only uses ITunes and I don’t.  I would download via another vendor OR puchase a CD.  Unfortunately no CDs show up.  I could not find any additional contact info on his web page or through the Vintage Urban Productions site as the phone number didn’t work.  I hope some one can get the word to him about making his music more available too.  I really enjoy dobro or slide folk or Christian.

    • Marcia Stedman

      I found a Kala’i  on Amazon. 

  • Susan Gleason

    I love the messages in these songs.  Where can I buy the music?

  • Clayton Call

    Conservative hip hop!! Yeah. It exists.

  • Anonymous

    what was the song get on your knees, bow your head who did that song, please help

    • Anonymous

      Also searching for this song?

      • Anonymous

        did you find out group name

  • Dave Posh

    Just downloaded Spotify. Is there a way to “favorite” or link to “Glenn Beck Official Playlist”? Or do I need to keep coming back to this page a looking for updates on his playlist? Sorry, I’m brand new to Spotify.

    • Stacey

      Whenever I go to Edit/Search and type in Glenn Beck Official Playlist, nothing comes up. So when I try searching just Glenn Beck, only offensive songs come. Help! I want to hear what’s on Glenn’s playlist and get his updates.

  • Anonymous

    Check out “As the World Bleeds” by Theocracy ( ). I have no connection to the band. I grew up with speed metal because I liked the aggressive precision of the genre, but it’s mostly depressing, angry music. This band just formed out of Georgia and recently has been bringing light to music festivals headlined by very big name and dark bands. Speed metal finally has a positive message with a high level of musicianship, including a dynamite singer.

  • David Miller

    Here is a little sample on Youtube.

  • sara holy land

     FOR  PEEB4
    Thanks, for trying to help me.
    And especially for caring, Shabbat Shalom from  ISRAEL !

  • Anonymous

    So How do artists submit their (great) songs to Glenn?

  • Mark Mizrachi

    Here’s some wonderful positive music based on biblical quotes from a Jewish perspective.

  • Jason Goldtrap

    Glenn, I make art with a positive message.  “Teen Girl from Mars” is optimistic about the future. Kids need to dream about being astronauts once more.

  • John Edward Kapler

    I love this, these are what I call artists!

  • tarnished

    Dear Glenn, I am the Co-Songwriter and Drummer for the band Tarnished. Our music is not only “music to conservative’s ears” but being a ‘CONSERVATIVE’ Rock Band has payed a HEAVY toll on our ability to book shows at major venues where there is an OBVIOUS liberal bias. We played The Atlanta Tea Party a few years ago and from that point on doors were slammed in our face (one after another). Shortly after that we signed a small Publishing Deal (which has since expired) with TMG Music out of Oklahoma, but being a Rock Band that is family oriented with a positive message has made it almost impossible to break the liberal barriers that exist with major venues (ie: Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues etc). We get regular radio rotation in Johnson City, TN, and Bristol, VA (our home market) and we have a couple of venues in our home city that continue to book us based on the fact that locally, we pack the house! However, breaking nationally with our CD Before I Shine has been terribly difficult because once Promoters discover that we have a Conservative, positive message in our music, they simply ignore us. I am attaching a few of our links in hopes that it will inspire other Rock Bands to NOT GIVE UP! We are currently writing the music for our second CD and so far the music is BREATHTAKINGLY conservative, positive and spiritual. We (of course) own all the rights to our music and encourage (and hope) that you will at least give us a listen. We will never give up on the fact that even “rockers” can create spiritual and uplifting music. Our Lead Singer (and Co-Songwriter) is of Arab descent, and appreciates the Freedom he has in America. After attending the Restoring Honor event in DC, we made a spiritual pact that we would take what we saw that day and inject that kind of Love and Hope in our music. Here is the link to our site, you will be able to hear some of our music as well as see a few videos. Thank you for what you are doing for Conservative Artists, and we Pray this helps CHANGE THE WORLD!…………… 

  • Dean Richardson

    I love what you’re doing here Glenn. Nothing better than good songs with a positive message!  “Your Time Is Now!”  Check it out!   These songs are what it’s all about!   Peace. 

  • Robinfirst name

    Alex Boye’ has become one of my most favorite vocalists ever.

  • liberumthinker

    Watching you describe your love for America, with the few notes of the symphony played on the piano, brought tears to my eyes.  Music is powerful, as it swells in our souls.  Thank you for all that you do, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    I found a young woman, Lindsey Stirling, the ‘hip-hop violinist’ she is beyond amazing.  my favorite video is but goto youtube and put in her name and skyrim or zelda and watch her videos and your mouth will hit the floor…

  • FightingKnight

    Hey Gang, be sure to add Steve Vaus to the ‘Quality Musician’ performer list.  Music and message we all will enjoy and be uplifted by!  I’m a fan. You will be too!

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded the software but it gives no way to create an account. I refuse to create an account on facebook.

  • Anonymous

    I have a group that would work out well with Glen’s music productions their name is “The Nostalgics.” Winners of the American Legion Creative Arts Festival Singing Competition.
    Look them up on

  • Cynthia Stang

    Trying to find the musician that Glenn had on the show from Hawaii/Alaska on Spotify.  What was his name?  Kalai?  That name doesn’t produce anything.  Anyone?

  • Carlos Marx

    Toots Sweet is my fav. Check out his song Liberty Manifesto. It’s a powerful catchy song.  

  • Unfazed Truth

    A lot of positive bands with positive message and some that have penetrated into the mainstream. Everyone should checkout Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Newsboys, Peter Furler, MercyMe, Creed and a lot of country music singers have a positive message. Believe me, they are there, but don’t dominate the Billboard 100 as it is for the most part rigged.

    • Ben Guinan

      Those bands are epic and I’d add Flyleaf, Lecrae, Switchfoot, Casting Crowns, and Paramore to the list. :)

  • Anonymous

    My church had a wonderful two man Christian band, called “Loose Stone”, play following our Sunday service today.  They are from Barnwell SC, and are so good that I believe Glenn Beck should listen to their music.  They write most of their songs. The one that the rest of Glenn’s viewers, and America, simpy must hear is “Come Home America”.  It is so much in line with Glenn’s position on what’s wrong with America, and what we need to do to turn it around!  These guys are just the kind of musicians and song writers that Glenn is looking for to help restore America.  My problem is I can not find any way (on the GBTV site) to communicate directly with Glenn and/or his staff to turn them on to the group.  If I could just get a mailing address for GBTV, I would send Glenn one of their two CDs I bought, along with some additional information about the them.  They do have a web site at,,  and it has samples of their music , including “Come Home America” at

    Any advise on how I can get one of their CDs to GBTV would be greatly appreciated.  I have no stake in this myself, I just met these gentlemen today and simply believe that Loose Stone’s musical messages are something Glenn Beck should get an opportunity to hear for himself.

    After listening to their music, I just knew that I needed to communicate with GBTV about them. It certainly seems to fit nicely into the “Create” part of Glenn’s “Restoring Love” initiative.    

  • Anonymous

    Nothing’s real but Love!

  • Joseph Olivetti

    Check out Joyce Shaffer’s patriotic songs at

  • Ben Guinan

    Check out Jesus Friend of Sinners by Casting Crowns.

  • The Noodle Fish

    The Muse on this playlist made me extremely happy.

  • Tim

    glen would you please put the full version of kalai all rise where we can hear the full version???

  • Jill Beckish

    Great start on the list so far!  I have a few suggestions for songs that totally fit this movement and inspire:  Coldplay “Us Against the World,” “Major Minus,” and “Up in Flames”;  My Glorious Mess “Count Your Lucky Stars,’ “Open Road,” and “When the Morning Comes”; Marc Scibilia “How Bad We Need Each Other,” and “Bright Day Coming”; Matt Kanelos & the Smooth Maria “Sing,” and “Peacock Dance”; and Genesis “Undertow,” and “Blood on the Rooftops”.  Enjoy, and keep making more suggestions.  I love hearing music that other people love!

  • susiew51

    I’m new to Spotify and am not sure how to get to Glenn’s playlist from the Spotify site. Or do I just keep going to this webpage?

  • Colleen Gray

    Will they be promoting artists that are not on spotify just yet?  I’m
    working on getting added to the service, but there are many steps to
    take.  Is there a way to find out if Indie Artists on other services
    (like ReverbNation, SoundCloud, etc) would be accessible?

  • polatik

    Fighting a Destructive culture is my passion.

  • Jason Goldtrap

    “Teen Girl from Mars” is my novel. Pre-teen focused, optimistic, values oriented, funny, heartwarming.

  • Rachel Freeman

    The MUSE song is like the Theme from DOCTOR WHO!!  hahhahahaha

  • Ben Cohen

    This is inspiring to see to this. Thank you Glenn. I never heard of Kalai before now and he was very good. That version of The Star Spangled Banner below was really good too. If you never heard of Toots Sweet he’s definitely worth a look. You will not be disappointed. This is just too too cool.

  • Ben Cohen

    Thank you Glenn for the Restoring Courage campaign and for standing with Israel. 

  • Anonymous

    If you want wholesome and encouraging music, go visit  His music is inspiring and will not disappoint! :)

  • Robinfirst name

    Loved the sarcasm on the morning show today. It was twisted with Wisdom and Glee, and those who try to turn it against you will fail.

  • Jeanne Rankin

    Listen to Casting Crowns’ Jesus, Friend of Sinners for inspiration on how to take care of one another. My favorite line is “Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing finger.” If only  we would do that more often.

  • Anonymous

    How can I become a part of this? Who do I contact.

  • Lorri Chambers

    Dear Mr. Beck….despite no money we have opened The Art Village in Manteo , North Carolina, it is a non-profit educational cooperative that supports the artists that have been ignored or told they are not up to other organizations standards.  We have worked hard to revitalize a site in a town that has been vacant for almost 5 years  and was a dark hole.  Our team is working hard to try and keep the project moving forward , but getting artists that have already been hurt to believe someone really cares , to trust again…We are trying to support children who are artists with my 24 year old daughter’s project “Art of the Child” gallery that sells local children (age 2 yrs to 17 yrs) artwork half going to them and half going to a fund for school art projects.

    We also have a bandstand on our site for musicians and performers to drop in for spontaneous concerts and overall our venue is to make Family Memories and happy thoughts

  • Anonymous

    “Hold Us Together” I added Pictures to the encouraging song, calling it “My brothers Keeper”

  • Amber N Shiloh McDuff
    great story of a christian struggle and not selling out, in a world of sell outs :)
    Would love to see this song performed at the restoring love rally

  • Watchdog

    Hey,  I have a band, and though I” have a long way to go to being a better person, I’m trying to make a difference.  I’d like to reach the youth with my experimental style, but I sometimes feel I’m not worthy because I’m not a good enough person.  I’ve taken the pledges of MLK, but find struggles from every direction.  Please pray for me.

  • Kim Hansgen Granger

    Love Spotify, and I have huge playlists, music is on 75% of the time I am awake… I do turn it off to listen to Glenn and Co. :) Many of my Favs are on your list. Many of mine are “Christian” many aren’t … If it is a powerful song that speaks to me, I grab onto it. Madison Rising is awesome. So is JOnny Diaz… Especially STAND FOR YOU. great song. Mikeschair and Nevertheless a great too.

  • Nick Athan

    great! so how do I send in a demo? it can be found on under ZEAL

  • Anonymous

    I need help: Glenn announced a list of new singers that he would be presenting like Matt Maher.  He also has a man singing that he calls Coli, Koli, Koly, not really sure how to spell it. Lrics “I am a man in a no mans land……” Can anyone help?

  • Anonymous

    Tom Douglas’ George Washington
    Any way to purchase a copy?

  • JSWardell

    I don’t use google or facebook. I use DuckDuckGo and Twitter. Is there a way to check out the  music without having to join FB? 

  • JSWardell

    RE: Madison Rising Check this out! 
    In conjunction with the upcoming summer campaign season, and in celebration of the July 4th holiday, we are announcing the launch of our “One Million Star Spangled Banner Challenge”.(

  • Anonymous

    Hi my name is David and I am a Muslim. I am wondering how my culture can fit into Glenn’s ideas for America. Can I practice Sharia and still follow Glenn’s ways?

  • B Schmidt

    Awesome selection of music Glenn. Really enjoyed it. Here’s another great song called “Reign Down” by Pure Evidence. They have a free download of it at Noisetrade. 

  • Marylu Czulewicz

    the song brought tears to my eyes. It really made me feel free and brave

  • Anonymous

    How does a national award-winning musician with conservative principles, who appreciates everything Glenn Beck does, get their music included on your Spotify list?  (Music is already available on Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

  • Anonymous

    How does a person go about submitting their music for Glenn to consider.  I recorded a CD of uplifting, inspirational original songs in jazz style.  I think he, and others may enjoy them.

  • Anonymous




    Thanks Glenn
    Beck!  I have a song for you with a
    spectacular resume’.  My deceased
    husband, former staff composer for Disney, arranger, and song writer, composed
    this patriotic anthem.  In his own words
    he promoted this song:

    a new patriotic anthem to America requires, of necessity, several “first”
    performances.  In slightly over six
    months since its creation, SO MANY VOICES SING AMERICA’S SONG was performed in
    over thirty major concerts in nearly as many cities.” 




     Diana – Brunner Music Publishing Company, 805-552-9554

  • Anonymous

    “Introducing a new patriotic anthem to America requires, of necessity, several “first” performances.  In slightly over six months since its creation, SO MANY VOICES SING AMERICA’S SONG was performed in over thirty major concerts in nearly as many cities”….

  • Rosabella

    Another great video to check out if you support of our troops!

  • Anonymous

    American Farmers Tribute Song
    Navy Seal Dog Tribute Song
    Pro-Life Anthem
 Time Grammy® Eligible Singer/Songwriter

  • Anonymous

    American Farmers Tribute Song

    Navy Seal Dog Tribute Song

    Pro-Life Anthem Time Grammy® Eligible Singer/Songwriter

  • Anonymous  

    8 Time Grammy® Eligible Patriot American Singer/Songwriter

  • Anonymous

    We have been trying to get this young artists (15 yr. old) songs to Glenn Beck for awhile. It seems right up his alley. Please listen and see what you think. If you like it, let Glenn know. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I painted a series of 6 door size paintings called The Dialogue.  It was inspired by all of us who drink coffee at coffee shops and talk about our country.  The central panel shows a group of people having coffee involved in dialogue, another panel shows an empty chair with a person considering whether to sit in on the conversation.  On the other side of the group it shows a man sleeping under a sign  with a man in officer in a brown coat approaching the group looking authoritative. I had a month long community event with this exhibited and a soap box for people to talk.  There was a message box for comments to send to officials of our state.  I believe this could be easily duplicated at a low price to get voter involvement. All of us fit in this painting series somewhere and I think it could be used to stimulate educated voting and letting our voice be heard.  Any suggestions on how to use this?

  • Liz Lumsden Purvinis

    Check out these two – got them from Godvine:

    The first one is called 21 Guns the second FAITH, both by Bobby Billings, a school teacher.
    Love your list and choices!

  • Anonymous

    to the computer bosses ! I am so frustrated. I just cant find or get to any site that has the song list for restoring love ..what is going on not through itunes , the address you gave or here !!! good money and I cant spend it !!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t use face book or twitter so how can I listen to the music?

  • Curt Bockey

    glad to see Billy Joel made the list but I’m still waiting on some GB (Garth Brooks). I prefer his version of To Make You Feel My Love but anyhow a few MUST ADDs Love Will Always Win:
    and The Change: “I do this so this world will know, That it will not change me”

    Other great songs from Garth: Do What You Gotta Do, Against the Grain, How You Ever Gonna Know, Thicker than Blood, Belleau Wood, and American Dream

  • Curt Bockey

    Just re-listened to Love Will Always Win and I think that pretty much describes Restoring Love with every lyric!

  • Alyse Merry

    I know almost all these songs on your playlist! Guess we have some genres in common! Anyway, I know that you’re looking for musicians, and I happen to be one! I’m going to Duquesne University in the Fall, my first year!, to study piano performance with possibly a business minor. I also play violin and have had some singing experience. So due to all this I started to write my own music on the side and now I have aspirations to go into composition at the graduate level. I just received some high tech recording software so maybe you can take a listen to me once I have a few demos recorded for you! My whole family, especially my mom, are huge fans! And she was the one who bought up to me that you were looking for musicians! I’ve gotta find my way into stardom some how, but done the proper way. To get noticed for lyrics of good morals and passing a message that really means something to the world. That’s what music should be. A message for all to relate to that either bring awareness or makes you feel better, whatever the reason is. And that’s why I want to share my music with the world, because I have a message to share! Hope you get to read this!!!

     – Alyse

  • Sheila Galloway

    Thanks for maing tis happen..I love to make videos all the time.I can find all kinds of new music now .. Madison Rising is very good too.. 

  • Anonymous

    so true! here’s another great example.

  • Adam Fowler

    These songs are great and heartfelt, but i am into Heavier music. Does
    anybody have an opinion on whether or not Conservative Heavy Metal would
    ever fly on the Blaze?

  • Kristina Socha

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