Barack Obama tweeted a reminder yesterday that there was still time to enter for a chance to win a face to face meeting with the President himself.


Up until now I’d passed on entering because I thought I would have to contribute to his campaign, and I’d rather get stabbed to death with sporks than donate a single penny to Obama. But, turns out I was wrong – you could enter for free. How could I not enter? The link took me here:

Notice the second sentence: “Contributing will not improve chances of winning.”

Great! I have the same chance of winning that George Soros does. That’s fairness in action! I entered my information, submitted it, and then this message popped up:

Notice the very first line: “Thank you – want to increase your chances?”

Um, duh, of course! But how do I do it? It can’t be from donating, because Obama’s invitation specifically said contributing won’t improve my chances. Should I donate my time to worthy liberal causes like joining a community organization, aborting babies at Planned Parenthood, or standing on government roads waiting for them to build my business? Let’s find out:


Wait – didn’t the first part of the invitation specifically say contributing will not improve chances of winning? It did! Obama managed to lie on his own birthday invitation.

And now the wealthiest 1% who donate the most cold hard cash has the best chance?

So much for ‘fairness’.