Obama manages to lie on his own birthday invitation

Barack Obama tweeted a reminder yesterday that there was still time to enter for a chance to win a face to face meeting with the President himself.


Up until now I’d passed on entering because I thought I would have to contribute to his campaign, and I’d rather get stabbed to death with sporks than donate a single penny to Obama. But, turns out I was wrong – you could enter for free. How could I not enter? The link took me here:

Notice the second sentence: “Contributing will not improve chances of winning.”

Great! I have the same chance of winning that George Soros does. That’s fairness in action! I entered my information, submitted it, and then this message popped up:

Notice the very first line: “Thank you – want to increase your chances?”

Um, duh, of course! But how do I do it? It can’t be from donating, because Obama’s invitation specifically said contributing won’t improve my chances. Should I donate my time to worthy liberal causes like joining a community organization, aborting babies at Planned Parenthood, or standing on government roads waiting for them to build my business? Let’s find out:


Wait – didn’t the first part of the invitation specifically say contributing will not improve chances of winning? It did! Obama managed to lie on his own birthday invitation.

And now the wealthiest 1% who donate the most cold hard cash has the best chance?

So much for ‘fairness’.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Another fine example of the uttermost hypocrisy and contempt they hold most of the people of America in; they assume automatically we do not read the fine print, and thus when the second page comes up, spread the false message of improving the chances for winning by actually making a donation when you are not required to do so.

    Does this not constitute under the law, federal especially, as some kind of exploitation and manipulation of a lottery or outright fraud?

    Mind you I am not an attorney so I cannot take more than a guess; anyone who has such knowledge and can provide it would be appreciated.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I can see the way it goes; Obama winds up coming in for his party, grand old setting with the best DC theft and graft can prepare, and who are the winners of the drawing for his suprise guests…

    Glenn Beck
    Sarah Palin

    They say the screaming of protest from Obama would go on for hours.

    • Draxx

       That is a fantasy… You know G. Soros and V. Jones will win, of course the drawing was randomly done by a non-caring about the results Workers of the World Unite Union Employee…

      • http://twitter.com/CynthiaHJohnson Cynthia H. Johnson

        Does this not constitute under the law, federal especially, as some kind of exploitation and manipulation of a lottery or outright fraud? http://FreeLancerGetWork.blogspot.com

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWAAFFBVKAROICVSLJNTZJPMBA HELEN

      Never eat or drink w/your enemy (Old Klingon proverb)  LOL

  • Draxx

    I hate it when people try to win arguments by contradicting themselves…

  • landofaahs

    Who cares about that jackass.  Buy more guns and ammo.  The reason for the surge is because smart people are starting to realize that they are responsible for their own protection,  The cops only come in to document the crime.  They want the guns especially when things near collapse.
    Remember folks, it’s OK to use deadly force to protect yourself, your family and your rights.  I will not comply is the good motto.
    PS   Buy chick-fil-A.

  • landofaahs

    Some say his ma lied on his birthday too….lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N6SYOSYTOZGL2M5MWSY2S6FJWY Sean

    “Your donation will be put to work to build this organization from the ground up.”


    • http://twitter.com/lehorsely john randall

      What do we expect from a guy who says there are 57 states, and to think the fraud is sitting in the white house

      • new2la

        And corpse men sitting in the audience!

        • http://www.facebook.com/maxwell.garza.9 Maxwell Garza

          the corps men sit very still you know!

      • http://www.facebook.com/jon.venuto Jon Rosario Venuto

        He needs those extra states to pad his jobs numbers.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000193769253 Marcella Sullivan

          What Jobs?

          • http://www.facebook.com/jon.venuto Jon Rosario Venuto

            You know.  Those things that people do so that other people can have free stuff.  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U6CQSCRU425DZWGX4AUDMSQVH4 Mike

      THAT is the definitive response, Sean!  LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Will it be held here or his Kenyan birthplace? Who will draw the lucky winner , ACCORN ? The only thing that would make this better is if Monica blew out the candles and Larry Sinclair gave him his present from us.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHNCOYPE4EWTJX3HYFFHCAJPQQ Carrie

    Oh c’mon … you’re just taking that out of context.

  • Anonymous

    I remember from my Comm Law 605 class back in the dark ages, that there are three tests to determine if a contest is a lottery (which happens to be illegal if it is not overseen by a state lottery commission):
    1. Prize (Guess who gets to attend that kickin’ party in the ‘hood — “Rahm’s City of Serenity”;
    2. Chance (Hey, who knows? — but you’re not likely the ‘winner’ unless you’re Charlie Sheen…and;
    3. Consideration (send in your moola, sheeple. keep up the chanting.)

    So, Happy Birthday Mr. Felon ( I mean, could be if he’s not careful. I’m sure Eric Holder has it all under control though. But maybe he should disclose when he quit acting as the President to become a fundraiser on our dime.).

    However, with the Honorable Eric Holder watching to ensure that every entry has an equal and unwavering opportunity to be counted, I have confidence that some staffer wouldn’t win (this time).

    • Mark Choi

      I doubt very highly that you have the requisite base intelligence to be a lawyer. I you had, it might have occurred to you to actually go to the site in question rather than taking the word or a repeatedly evinced liar like Beck. If you HAD, you might have seen where it CLEARLY stated not only that no donation was necessary to win, but provided a link where you could enter for free. This link was a SINGLE sentence later on the page! It certainly was not hidden (except, perhaps, for the likes of immoral dimwits like Beck, his ilk, and their supporters.
      Then again, maybe you would have been so blinded by the spittle flying from your mouth as you swallowed Beck’s pablum that you would have missed it.
      So here is a lesson in maths for you:
      Each donation = contest entry = increased chance to win.
      Each free entry = contest entry = increased chance to win.
      Note that the likelihood of winning is in NO way affected by whether or not you make a donation.
      So, perhaps you will also remember from your supposed Comm Law 605 class that if no purchase is necessary, there is NO consideration, and therefore is NOT an illegal lottery. Period.
      Then again, I’d LOVE to hear your crackpot conspiracy theory as to why they would even bother giving an increased chance to win to donation-based contest entries. What possible advantage are you claiming to their campaign? This idea is just as idiotic as believing that Publisher’s Clearinghouse increases your chance of winning if you buy a magazine. (Anyone who wins can afford to buy a plethora of things from them with the cash, and as such, increasing the chances for those who subscribe, when they make clear that they don’t, in NO way benefits them, either.)
      But yeah, I hope your Comm Law Professor failed you, because you haven’t the first clue about the law, or its application.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WXMYHNKUCERMFZHBIBSYR2UFDQ Sandman

        You can interpret it any way, Choi, but it is still sleasy and cheapens the presidency.  With you extreme circumlocution I think you deserve Obama to be your president.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly!  The fact that Obama and his slimey minions circumvent everything through cheap and sleazy manipulations is exactly what mark choi doesn’t get. That’s the difference between integrity and Obama. The mark choi’s of America are the reason we got Obama in the first place. mark choi and others like him need to take a basic ethics class. And this time don’t sleep through it.

        • renee bowen

          Odumbo HIMSELF cheapens the Presidency….no gimick needed! The buffoon HAS TO GO!

      • Anonymous

        Hey KJ-

        Sounds like you and Nancy Pelosi are on the same page when it comes to reading the fine print for us all and telling us not to worry about the details until later.  Here’s my math:
        1 vote free = 1 vote
        1 vote paid = 1 vote
        3 votes paid = 3x the number free entry (read below)

        Now, let’s review, KJ – If some lick-spittle groupie on welfare bangs the “enter free” button all day and all night long because they’re unemployed with all of the free time in the world — I doubt they can still keep up with a heavy-weight zombie donor like you who flips that black card out and runs it up. That’s fact.

        Here’s one for our team, KJ: We’re all tired of the fine print and hiding behind the last sentence, what the definition of “is” is and watching the stature of the presidency under this guy’s watch diminish to the size of your third appendage. Time’s up, KJ. Go help them pack up. This time, do it with class and leave behind some of the goods for posterity, unlike the last president from your party who occupied the White House.

      • Anonymous

        Boy sounds like Obuma Shoved it pretty deep into your arse . You are the type that believes the man is a God send to the Democraps. Get a life U fool  

  • Anonymous

    You have to understand desperation.  You also have to understand why Obama thinks no one works for himself….he has been GIVEN everything he has….someone else has provided it for him…from expensive educations, to Senator when he got David Axelrod to get his  opponent’s SEALED divorce documents unsealed and made public to transfer him into the Senate … to being elected President by the imbecilic morons in this country….everything he has gotten, he has not had to work for it….it was given to him, so he actually believes that people actually aren’t smart, don’t work hard and don’t actually build businesses …. he believes that everyone is like him….totally taking from everyone and giving nothing back.  What a looser.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobby.neal.94 Bobby Neal

    obama needs to get a new life he is so dumb

    • renee bowen

      Yeah – preferably in Gitmo or San Quentin, wearing orange jumpsuits. Mooch, however would need an orange tent! Would gladly donate to see that!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MVEYPCY566MDNBNOBULT6HLCPE Gunner

    I would not donate a penny to go to Osama Bama’s birthday. I doubt most of my fellow citizens of Mississippi (see state flag) would either. No one really seems to know who he really is. Fraudulent birth certificates, draft cards, etc. Yet the media is avoiding this. So is law enforcement. This guy lies and nothing happens. If he were Republican he would have been crucified by now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Vieto/100000372915035 George Vieto

    Birthday Girl you have company.

  • Anonymous

    Since when do you expect honesty from Obama. He has lied consistently during the 2008 campaign. You must realize what he says has nothing to do with what he does.  He is unfit to be our President with  his socialist plans, phony birth certificate, green energy failures, and 5 trillion added to the national debt. His Robin Hood government programs, distribution
    of entitlements to the lower class (of which they outnumber the wealthly and working class), just to get more votes should alarm voters everywhere.  Romney needs to win or the country is doomed. 
    Ralph M

  • Work2SnowSki

    The irony of it all is just side splitting.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCH5T3BGTWS6RLSEP6IGCQ2HKQ Matt

    google – obama’s gay sex murders

  • http://twitter.com/sandy2470 sandy bee

    I’d like to win just so I could debate him through the entire ‘bash’. LOL  “You didn’t build your career, Ayers did!” 

    Then again, I bet the winner will spend about five minutes with him……unless it’s some poor soul who only has months to live because his insurance company dropped him from having cancer, then the winner will be on the new ads! Not a bad deal LOL

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7IWX6IL4TYSSBPSV3USKVBLDY Michael

      Will he bring his own flies to land on his face as they always do? That might be worth the price of admission….. On second thought…… no. I wouldn’t and couldn’t spend 2 seconds sharing the same air as the Marxist-In-Chief and the First Lardy!

    • renee bowen

      yeah – I’d like to win and give my ticket to Rush, or Sean, or Mark….any Conservative that would tear his whiney lil’ A&& to pieces! But you KNOW the Secret Service would never let anyone with any intelligence near him – it would show him up and make him look really stupid – we all KNOW he is anyway! The winner will be some ObamaZombies that bow and kiss his feet. It’s all in the photo op, after all that what his presidency is all about!

  • Paula Sinatra

    I can’t believe you didn’t comment on the fact that this contest is only open to ‘US citizens or lawful, permanent US residents who are legal residents of the 50 United States’.  How’s he gonna know if they are *legal residents*?  Surely he won’t do anything so racist as…gasp…check for ID cards!? 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A7IWX6IL4TYSSBPSV3USKVBLDY Michael

       Paula, so sorry to have to correct you: the contest is open to legal residents of the 57 United States, right?

    • renee bowen

      Oh yeah! The could be DREAMERS – then they get EVERYTHING for free. Be sure and look up the ICE officials press conference with Jeff Sessions – this will SURELY make your blood boil! Odumbo HAS TO GO before this country goes totally down the tubes!

  • Anonymous

    Is this supposed to be a surprise party……?….the surprise being – NO one came!

  • Anonymous

    Another bait and switch brought to you by Barry the Liar in Chief. At least it isn’t 2700 pages long!

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that called misrepresentation? Oh right…..he doesn’t know what the word means. How about fraudulent? Doesn’t know what that means either. Oh well, I guess I’ll pass. Maybe he’ll get sick on his cake. We can only hope.

  • sparducks

    I can’t believe that anyone would want to be around this narcissist. What a total buffoon. So classless. This world has gone mad. And half of the country has gone mad.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YGWHB3SYIQ3IMP73PJBL4LAZKI Amanda Spade

    It is also only open to legal US residents?  Why is that kind of requirement on there?  Next thing you know, they will be asking for ID to prove who the winners are!  But we don’t do that kind of thing in the US, that is racist and puts people down to have to have an identification card.

  • http://www.npfunds.com/ Jeffrey J. Rodman

    NOT a good idea… Remember, Breitbart had Dinner With Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn and then died suddenly a few weeks later.

    • renee bowen

      Maybe we can set up Bobo and Mooch for dinner there and wish for good luck…..We’re not that damn lucky!

  • Mark Choi

    No, because nothing was misrepresented, which you’d know if you had the ethics to bother to even look at the actual page in question.

  • http://twitter.com/tonyfalco4 tony falco

    next yr mandingo obama can celebrate his mizzerable birthday in chicago. it will be free at last free at last mandingo is back in chicago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.mayberry.1 Craig Mayberry

    Typical Obomaumau

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather have a Chick-fil-e anyday than have a piece of the cake, besides it’s probably not even made with real ingredients…. what a joke this whole site is, who does he think he is?

    • renee bowen

      Mooch would probably steal it before you got a piece anyway….she is, after all the First Lardy! Pitiful!

      • Anonymous

        you can say that again…. have you seen that political campaign ad with her lying on the couch with a big cup of java on the coffee table and she has a tablet writing a campaign letter to supporters telling them “Barrach” is your husband too… it is sickening.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Cajka/100002493079939 Paul Cajka

    Wow.  I thought I was reading an email from Publishers Clearing House, not the Obama campaign.

  • Anonymous

    This anti/un-American moslem brotherhood in chief is a real, REAL jackass.  The only thing more pathetic than this moslem are the brain dead drooling retards that voted for it and still support it.

  • Anonymous

    Funny they didn’t say anything about the winner being on the hook for the taxes on the value of the prize, stated as $3,200.00. They will be! 

  • http://twitter.com/varpstr Sierra Varptr

    can you enter zero for the amount and then just press the donate button a lot?

  • Anonymous

    Now, THAT  is funny!   Cut the man some slack.  Poor dear just can’t help the lies.  Must have

    been the way he was raised.  Or ELSE, no lies were ever checked for truthfulness.

  • Anonymous

    No, sam, he’ll not be in attendance due to a last minute fundraiser in his honor

    in X state (fill in the blank) in which the meal will cost only a paltry $25 thou a
    plate.   Why they are lining up for this event!   And my words are being cut off.

    And, once more, not being posted where it should be.

    • Anonymous

      And, alas, not being allowed to edit, either.  Are there a lot of summer interns

      involved with running this site? Oh, I see. One has to sign in EACH time in

      order to comment or edit, or sometimes, to reply? Dumb idea.

      • renee bowen

        Sorry – all the summer interns are running Bobo’s site – or ‘working’ for Slick Willy.

        • Anonymous

          renee, are the interns getting any pay for their work?  Or is it just for

          ”the experience”?   Let’s hope the little darlings can get a gov’t job.

          The pay is considerably higher than in the private sector and they can,

          finally, move out of their parent’s home.

  • Anonymous

    And it looks like about half the country may be voting for him, spar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oldbluephoenix Maggie Buergey

    I don’t understand how asking 1000-1500 people can really give a true polling, especially when most of the pollees? are Dems.  Just to comfort the big O, or something more sinister?

  • Anonymous

    When did this kind of bait & switch become legal? Did he write an executive order? 
    Obama is using this birthday party idea because Romney has been raising money $3 at a time in return for the chance to join him on the road, have lunch with him, and now meet with him and the VP when announced. But – the no purchase necessary is a bait and switch, making you enter more often with more donations. Note the difference – Romney asks up front. Obama uses cheap and cheesy web-marketing tricks. Obama is no more than a cheap used-car salesman. In fact, he reminds me of the slick playground bully who won’t let you play the ball game, unless you give him your lunch money.
    There is a distinct difference between the two when it comes to ability and integrity. Obama does nothing but whine about how he can’t work with Republicans in Congress. So he throws up his hands and then stopped trying a long time ago, waiting for the next election. He has run this country through executive orders and campaign speeches (such as they are – ugh!) instead of legislation – because he can’t work with anyone! He is a petulant child and when he can’t get his own way, he retreats and finds a way to cheat.
    Please vote him out. Get yourself and all your friends to the polls. Every vote will count!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vise.quantumdynamics Vise QuantumDynamics

    I did the same thing; it said free and I haven’t tasted a steak in 4 years. Now, I get an email everyday about contributing just $3 dollars to help stay in office another 4 years….signed Barack
     I replied with truth. I’ve lost my house, my wife has MS and has lost her job. Could you please contribute to me? 

    I know the emails are sorted like a birthday card from your grandmom when your 6 years old. You can’t read the card, but just look for the money inside.

    This man needs to go far far away for the safety, sanity and morality of this Great Nation.

  • Victor Slade

    The prize includes a free round trip from within the 50 states (thereby EXCLUDING everyone from the other 7 states!).

  • Victor Slade

    The prize includes a free round trip from within the 50 states (thereby EXCLUDING everyone from the other 7 states!).

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.r.quesenberry Eric Ray Quesenberry

    I don’t like Obama at all but I would like to point out what I think you misunderstood is that about half way through it it actually says “Odds of winning depend on number of entries and timing of entries received.” which means you can put in as many entries as you want but what isn’t explained is that once you put in your free entry does that mean that’s all you get? One freebie? I think we need a little more facts before we start pointing fingers.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OGK2OK3VFON2ADI3VOEGGYL6DA Thomas

    If your whole life is a lie it does not matter what you say. Remember all of this on November 6, 2012.

  • http://twitter.com/Gizal34 Gisele Veilleux

    I’ll opt out of this party, birthday and democrate

  • Anonymous

    I am sick of him and his ideas.  I know let’s vote him out in November and take back our White House!!!  In fact let’s just clean out the Government and get rid of them all!!!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that decepetive advertising? Oh wait, he’s campaigning not advertising.  Creepy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.joseph.169 Robert Joseph

    It is amazing that the rules state that the contest is only open to US citizens and people in the country legally. Do they have to show an ID?

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.joseph.169 Robert Joseph

    The rules state that you can only play if you are a US citizen or a legal resident. Do you have to show an ID?

    • renee bowen

      That’s racist!  Can’t require that! Funny – gotta have an ID to see Odumbo, but, by God, you don’t need one to vote! Remember the Dem motto – Vote early and vote often! Id’s get in the way when you do that!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CLT6NYWS4L6VB6K2USFK377SM4 Harland

    You wonder why people hate politicians

  • Anonymous

    They cannot seem to even think without lying about something can they?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Choi, can I get ya another glass of “Koolaid”?

  • http://www.facebook.com/glenna.d.sullivan Glenna Davies Sullivan

    Isn’t this a lottery?  Aren’t private lotteries illegal?

  • Anonymous

    Notice that the invitation says that it’s only open to legal citizens of the United States. Sooooo…does that mean that the Obamas won’t be attending their own soiree? 

  • Anonymous

    After further careful review suggested by KJ (See Mark Choi string below), I noticed a typo in the sweepstakes disclosure.  Here it is: “valid in the 50 United States.” 50? I heard we had 57 plus one to go!  Maybe the +7 states will get him the votes he needs to win.

    Hey, KJ — any explanation for that?  I mean, our president is a Harvard Law Grad. Surely he wouldn’t have been failed by his professor. Right? (chirp, chirp, chirp).

  • Lisa K. Logan

    Typical Obama ! Maybe the 57th state will buy his lies!

  • SoulStraw3

    I was right. Obama-haters ARE racists. NO doubt about it!

    Consequently, many folks have honestly come to believe that Barack Obama is a Marxist-worshiping, Communist-kissing, Socialist-leaning, power-crazed, job-killing, deficit-loving, freedom-ending, dope-smoking, wife-swapping, orphan-strangling, Satan-worshipping African Muslim with suspiciously expansive ears hiding secret communications gear directly linking him through implanted microchips to invisible masters elsewhere — unknown and unseen.
    The biggest lie of all is that our President “can’t run on his record.”
    Kindly consider that Barack Obama has:
    • Ended the war in Iraq.• Completed planning to get us out of Afghanistan.• Greatly increased access to health care for all Americans.• Signed The Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for Women.• Created at least 3 million new jobs through his economic recovery program.• Protected Women’s Right to Choose.• Closed the Medicare Prescription Drug “Donut Hole.”• Forced Insurance Company rebates to consumers.• Saved the American Auto Industry from collapse.• Supervised our lowest Federal Tax rates in the last 30 years.• Presided over the smallest increases in Federal spending of any recent President and• Killed Osama Bin Laden.
    Then compare Barack Obama to his presumed opponent in November — “Mighty Mitt.” Here he comes to save the day! “Mighty Mitt” — a wealthy, robotic, smarmy puppet of the ruling class who believes corporations are people, has kept five sons out of military service and changes his stories faster than a frog on fire. “Mighty Mitt” — judged by the British press as being “worse than Sarah Palin” following an epic display of horridly failed statesmanship at the Summer Olympics. What a tool. What a fool. Hardly cool.
    The slowest snail on a fish tank wall should understand these things.

    You racists lie about his birth certificate, his idealogy, etc.
    Well Obama is no liar. All Politicians make promises they cannot keep. But try. Obama is a real leader. He can save us from the evil merchants you bend and bow too. I don’t understand how Obama can be a Marxist if a Marxist movement, by definition, would have to happen from the bottom up, not be implemented from the top down.Thank God Obama understands Islam. However, obviously he’s not Moslem. Leaving aside the transparent messaging template behind comments like this —
    that Obama is un-American, anti-American, inherently alien, an agent to end
    America — this bilge also sets new standards for pandering, as Romney has long
    since set new standards for lying. it’s a disgusting disgrace. They don’t have to like him, but to call him these things?? Sick,”

    • Anonymous

      A little long winded, aren’t you?

    • new2la

      You have just proven a point.  The racist are those that do the accusing……sort of like perpetuating a lie.  If you say something long enough, you start to believe your own lies…….sort of what Odumer is doing.   

      You soulstraw,  have no idea what color anyone here is, do you?

    • renee bowen

      Go drink your Kool-aid somewhere else, moron! We don’t give a $h!t what you think, could care less about what you have to say and you obviously are confused since you’re even bothering to read on this site. Bye, dumba&&!

  • Anonymous

    I anticipated the article to mean he couldn’t remember what his birth certificate stated his birthday was.  That would have been more telling!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RATKHRTXXBRGNN5AP2PFLF3G7I Calling it like it is

    Question::  Did BO earn his Nobel prize?  Or, was it a birthday present?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RATKHRTXXBRGNN5AP2PFLF3G7I Calling it like it is

    What birth certificate?

  • Anonymous

    his birthday party will probably suck anyways all the liberals will be there
    to donate more to his broken campaign promises.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TYIBOLLQVSK2BETH4UQNZ7DITU surrealdreamer

    Ugh I hate having to defend Obama on this one but this just like any other sweepstakes or whatever you want to call it, they all say donating or buying something does not improve your chances of winning but when i checked this out the “Improve your chances” is because you can enter more than once, of course they are going to try and get donations and it may even be a bit misleading but you can enter everyday without having to donate, they just give you an extra entry if you donate in the same day. All sweepstatkes say that in the small print.

  • Anonymous

    How do we know this is really his birthday – show us the birth certificate!

  • Anonymous

    Soulstraw – what are you on???  Get clean and get real!  Obama is just the dummy with some elses hand running his mouth and preparing his dialogue.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P2UIBJZDEOAN7I6WRVLVVUIW2Y Barbara

    I entered also to see if I was required to donate and read the same disclaimer so realize I probably would not be invited because I refuse to donate one cent to his re-election campaign and and now all I get are more emails asking me to donate!

  • Anonymous

    haha well guess that puts the competency question to rest. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LYJTZBTATZMVGWJIPLGCEJZPVU Anonymous

    Go to Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day:

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J7EBA23BMFOCYFHB2HCJSEGF5U Gary

    Very Likely it was not Obama but someone responsible for the effort.  Or maybe he just changed his mind like Gov. Romney. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J7EBA23BMFOCYFHB2HCJSEGF5U Gary

    Obviously the “lie” was not done by Obama but someone responsible for the effort.  Or perhaps he just changed his mind like GOV Romney

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.pam Scott Pam

    Glenn, are you serious? You want FAIRNESS and HONESTY from a LIBTARD?

    Call your sponsor…

  • Bryson Cookie

    It is time for the shocking truth about America’s internal security crisis, which starts at the top, to be presented to the American people. Our conference today fulfills the late Andrew Breitbart’s promise to finally “vet” the president. Our featured speaker, Paul Kengor, has written a book, The Communist. Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, which is a major contribution to understanding our president and his policies. Four years after we helped break this story, it is time to tell it… AMERICANS DESERVE TO KNOW. READ MORE HERE AND PASS IT ON:http://bwcentral.org/2012/07/the-vetting-obama-radical-islam-and-the-soros-connection/

  • Anyone but Obama

    Of course he’s a liar. We all know that by now. He even lied on his own Facebook page. There’s a picture of him with his mother, step sister and grandfather in his photos section. The pic has been photoshopped. The original pic didn’t include his mother, someone else was in it.

    Whoever photoshopped it, screwed up and forgot to include his mothers hand on Obama’s hip. The hand that is there, is BLACK. Obama’s mother has ONE BLACK hand?

    Go to his Facebook page and check for yourself. It’s under photos and was still there as of today. If it’s not, it’s all over the Internet.

    Why would Obama have a fake picture of him with his mother? Probably because there was someone else in the picture that he doesn’t want us to know about.

    • Anonymous

      went and looked…not only is it black like you mention, but it doesn’t line up with the length of her arm, AND it is definitely a man’s hand.

      people were commenting as to why anyone would photo shop a picture for his own fb page…i contend for the same reason he and his team released an obviously doctored birth certificate on the wh web site….because they can-they get their jollies off of throwing it in the American people’s faces and the media lap dogs sit back and suck up the scraps from the kings table….

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Who has “facts” on the amount Barack paid to block his history. I have heard 2 Million to 4 Million range.  It is common since that a lower level person growing up dirt poor via Auto theft conviction-hard drug addiction etc., etc., then jumps to a half a million College-education in Germany and America has value in American’s using for an example for their children and or it is a huge red flag-fraud has taken place.  By blocking “ALL” documents of history it must be stinky.

  • Anonymous

    Always a hidden agenda with these termites.  There are nothing but lies behind the Obama smiles.

  • Anonymous

    free electricity, when is the government going to stop controlling our energy supply, and allow us to use clean free electricity in a sustainable manner.   Has anyone heard of TESLA

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