Photos and story by Paige Perry

The Beck family takes their seats to watch the show

One of the perks to working at TheBlaze is that everyone does a little bit of everything. I was even told that when I was interviewed for the job, and they weren’t kidding. I produce for Glenn’s TV program but one of my other passions is photography. Events like Man in the Moon give me a chance to utilize both skills to document Glenn, the crew, and the audience.

Ben and Glenn discuss the production

Since this week has started, there has been a constant buzz of excitement and awe of how this has all come together. You can see it in Glenn’s face. Capturing the events of this week makes it clear that Glenn has had this on his mind for a while. This story is one that travels fast but ends openly for you to finish. To bring it to life, Glenn and Ben McPherson, the director of the show, put in an incredible amount of work. Not to mention, of course, all of the crew at ADL.

Glenn talks to the dance group working on the show

Last night we watched the first dress rehearsal, and before it began Glenn and Ben sat on the lawn going over last minute details. Glenn was so excited to get started. And once I got to see the show, I knew why. Everything fell into place and I definitely shed a tear or two. Guys, this show is everything anyone could ever want in a performance, and you leave feeling like you can conquer the world…well maybe after a good night’s sleep first.

The dancers at work during the first rehearsal
Working on the set

It’s amazing to see how this has come full circle since the mentions of Man in the Moon first began. My first day working at TheBlaze was the weekend after Restoring Love, making Man in the Moon my first “Glenn event”. Glenn talks about it with so much fervor that it just rubs off onto other people, in the best possible way. I may not have a good idea of where Glenn and this company have been, but I now know where we are going. And folks, it’s going to get real good.

I’ll see you all Saturday on the moon!