Photo: The Moon is hung at USANA Amphitheater

Check out your EXCLUSIVE first look at the Moon being hung for the first time at the USANA Amphitheater:

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    To think that people are just crapping their money away on Beck’s bullshit is so sad. Save your money and go see BOOK OF MORMON

    • Anonymous


    • Henry Hyman

      What have YOU done lately for your fellow men. Genzod…whatever that means.

    • Allred Daniel

      No, troll, I don’t think you’re sad. You’re just pissed that you can’t provide any logical couterarguments to a point of view which propelled this nation to the top of the immigration charts for the last hundred and fifty years–and has kept us, no thanks at all to your ilk, out of the human sewage of those governments who put their own political systems at par with religion.

    • Summer R. Newman

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