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Straight from Mercury Texas, Glenn has sent the digital team here in New York some amazing shots of Studio C – The Mercury Planning Studio (see the bottom of this post). Starting Monday, Glenn and his team will be broadcasting the 5pm “Glenn Beck Program” show as well as (in a few weeks) the radio broadcast. Don’t miss Monday night’s episode to not only see the new studio in action but also hear some major announcements for GBTV (editor’s note: Trust me – these are MAJOR announcements that will rattle traditional media outlets and will hint at the future of GBTV for 2012).

The Mercury Planning Studio is a planning center and television studio where Glenn will be organizing some ambitious projects for GBTV, Mercury Radio Arts, and Mercury One! Here GBTV viewers will see planning for one of the largest service movements in history and the 7/28 events at Cowboys Stadium as part of Restoring Love, the building of The American Dream Labs, and a yet unrevealed project ( even to many Mercury staff members) currently known only as EDISON.

Glenn and his shows will be broadcasting out of the planning studios until spring of 2012, when his 5pm show will move into one of the most ambitious television projects EVER, The American Dream Labs, on a set that is four times the size of The Tonight Show studios.

Also coming this Monday night at 5pm ET – news you will not find anywhere else! Glenn goes into details on the state of the economy! A show you DO NOT want to miss! Start your two week free trial for GBTV HERE!

Tomorrow Glenn arrives at the new studio!

The chalkboard is here!

Crew and designers are hard at work getting everything ready for Monday’s show!

Another view of the studio – almost every wall is covered in designs, plans, blueprints, or antiques

Where does Glenn find some of this stuff? Antique radios and film projectors are all over the place

All those couches mean lots of people will be coming into the studio – look for special guests to be appearing as big plans are revealed!

Glenn and the camera crew test shots for the new studio

Glenn speaking to someone off camera (and likely changing twenty things at the last minute)

An unbelievable collection of media antiques

More shots of the crew at work!