Planned Parenthood admits fetus is human life

by Dan Andros

Planned Parenthood wants you to know that they are horrified by the actions of an ‘entry level’ staffer who was caught on undercover camera coaching a client to abuse Medicaid and get a late term abortion solely based on gender preference:

“Planned Parenthood condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias, and urges leaders to challenge the underlying conditions that lead to these beliefs and practices, including addressing the social, legal, economic, and political conditions that promote gender bias and lead some to value one gender over the other.”

“Gender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for daily in communities across the country. Planned Parenthood opposes racism and sexism in all forms, and we work to advance equity and human rights in the delivery of health care,”

Do the folks at Planned Parenthood realize how ridiculous they sound? Here’s an organization that has no problem confidently defending their role in the murder of over 300,000 unborn babies each and every year (while facilitating less than 1,000 adoptions). But they go in full-fledged PR panic mode over fears the latest videos could possibly portray them as having a gender bias? Oh, the horror! Sure, dead babies are being stacked outside the office – but damned if we’ll let them say we favored one sex over the other!

Also, I thought Planned Parenthood believes the fetus in the womb is just a blob of cells, not a human life. Their website says life begins at first breath

The really hot question is, “When does being a person begin?” Most medical authorities and Planned Parenthood agree that it starts when a baby takes its first breath.

Here’s what I’d love to know: how can you have gender bias against a blob of cells? Caught in their own silly game of political correctness, it seems Planned Parenthood may have unwittingly admitted a fetus is a human life. How is aborting what they’ve now admitted is either a male or a female (aka a ‘person’) not murder?

They not making any sense, but then again the left usually doesn’t. I mean, why did this employee get fired? Should the reason one wants to abort a so-called blob of cells matter? Of course not, but when you base your morality on stupid progressive slogans like ‘pro-choice’, ‘women’s rights’ and ‘gender bias’– you end up forced to explain some glaring contradictions.

This employee should get their job back. Yes, she displayed such a blatant lack of regard for human life that even China would be mortified – but that’s not out of character for the abortion addicts over at Planned Parenthood.

  • Anonymous

    In a cup half-empty world the organization would be called “Planned Abortions”.  In a sane world it would be called “First Degree Murder”.

    Now the Deceived rationalize and permit the targeted killing of unborn female babies — so much for “women’s rights”

    We went from the Lie of contraception to stop “babies having babies”, to the Lie of abortion because the first Lie didn’t work out.  The Lie of abortion didn’t work out either so now it’s “women killing women”?  More Lies to come?

    Hundreds of thousands of people have died and suffered to help build this country in the Hope that life will be better for our children — everyone’s children.  Now we have become selfish and can’t kill the children off fast enough for a future that will promote despair.

    Somewhere, sometime the last child will be born.

  • Sharmane

    PP is a racist, naziesque, evil organization founded by the eugenics proponent Margaret Sanger.   Sanger hobnobbed with nazi’s and deemed those she saw as unfit to live as “human weeds.”  Her particular target was minorities but she also loathed others including homosexuals.  Although PP attempts to cloak itself in respectability and downplay their real business, the bulk of their income comes from abortions.  They still target the minority communities and advocate population control via abortions.   Nothing has changed from their original roots and mission.   I for one do not want them to get one dime of my money.

    • Flying Pig

      Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood for the purpose of removing blacks from US society.  Look it up.

  • George’s Posse

    The really hot question is, “When does being a person begin?” Most
    medical authorities and Planned Parenthood agree that it starts when a
    baby takes its first breath.

    I guess this means that a baby born during a water birth, where she safely floats in a bath, still attached to her mother via the umbilical cord and continuing to be oxygenated as she was in the womb, is fair game.  Right?  Right??!?

    “Oh dear.  Another girl.  Would you mind getting a syringe of concentrated saline for the clump of cell’s soft spot?  Thanks.”

  • Pablo

    “Planned Parenthood condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias…”

    Is there some other kind of sex selection?

    • George’s Posse

       Stop applying logic…and the dictionary…racist!

  • Anonymous

    A fetus has always been a human life.
    Anyone who does not respect human life is denegrating
    theirself.  Without life we are nothing.  When we kill the
    unborn we are ultimately killing ourselves.  We need
    children to give us a sense of purpose.  After awhile,
    fun and games loses its luster and people become lost
    within theirselves and become lonely and bitter and if
    they had an abortion, they ultimately end up hating
    themselves.  If you know anyone who has had an
    abortion and think back about who they were before
    the abortion, you will be able to tell how much it
    ultimately changed who they were.  Once done,
    an abortion utimately destroys the aborter, both
    Mother to be and the Doctor who performed it.
    Thou shall not kill.  God’s commandment.

  • Anonymous

    How is it if you were to kill a pregnant woman, you could be charged with double murder?

    • Anonymous

      Oddly, yes. A quick Google check shows most states have this law on the books. Interesting and ironic that you can pay to have your daughter slaughtered, but it’s murder if the local gang banger kills both mother and daughter.  Failing to see the diff…

    • Anonymous

      Some conclude it is up to the mother.   If she destroys the baby it’s ok, if someone else does it against her will it is murder.  Moral relativity or the mother playing God.

      • Michael

        If only the mothers of all these liberals just had visited planned parenthood. Oh darn! They didn’t have planned parent hood. There is hope. With the slippery slope we are going down, these parents can do a post birth abortion. Problem solved.

  • Truth Be Known

    And I will NEVER support anything connected to the Komen Research Group for Breast Cancer or any charity, that shares their research donations with planned parenthood. In the last few years, there is a strong mentallity of murdering unborn babies is politically and ethically correct and a fast and easy way to gain wealth and power in this country. Don’t be fooled that PP is for Pro Choice; It is for a quick monetary gain at a High Cost for life.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I won’t donate to United Way, either.  They always say that your money won’t go to any charity you don’t wish, but really- how can they possibly guarantee that?  PP is a serpent that needs to have its head cut off.  How do these murderers sleep at night?  I guess you have to be amoral and conscienceless to work at PP.  Thanks for speeding up the ruination of our country, Margaret Sangar.

  • Joan

    Planned Parenthood is a disgrace to all women. 

    • Flying Pig

      Planned Parenthood is a disgrace to humanity.

  • Rob Moskalski

    A liberal friend of mine recently referred to a woman’s right to abortion as OK because “it is the law of the land”. Spoken like a true Southern democrat, like circa 1850’s when referring to slavery.

  • Anonymous

    The question isn’t “when does a person begin?” It’s actually “When does a woman begin?” 

    Sex-selective abortions kill more women than men  (“Wanted a boy but are having a girl? No problem: just abort her at our local clinic and try, try, try again”).

    Sadly, the US is becoming more like China in this regard.

  • Anonymous

    pp doesn’t really care about what it’s employees say or do as long as they get the money(I think they couldn’t make it with out gov $) there is no arguement about when life begins it’s very simple to figure out my 2 year old knew “there is a baby in my tummy”! I don’t understand what else could the new life could be!?!? Conception takes 3- mom(egg), dad(sperm) & God(a soul). pp is so evil it can’t stand when there is “light” shed on them! Then and only then do they “act” like they have “standards” and for the most part I personally do not believe they even follow state laws. Even with the strictest requirements pp would not comply because they are there own entity  in the business of killing the most innocent and defensless of humans why would they care if the baby is 2 wks along or 36 weeks along, male or female? On top of that why would they care if they are scaring women emotionally for life? THEY DON’T CARE!!! It is a total disregaurd and disrespect for everyone not just the employees and clients but for everyone and I mean everyone because they are killing and “injuring” (even if you know it or not) your relatives, neighbors, friends, & close family!! People shouldn’t just be upset about their tax dollars to pp but #1 they should be extremely irrate about the massive loss of human life and the injuring effects to others around them who have or have had any dealings with pp! 

  • Anonymous

    Bob Beckel on the Five just stated that only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s service is for abortions, the rest of their service is devoted to breast and cervical cancer detection.  I thought I heard that they send that business out to clinics because they are not qualified to do those tests.  Who is right?

  • SirWilhelm read this for your answer, sharonynd

  • Karen Rose

    This employee should should get an attorney and set the RECORD straight… they’ve now admitted it is either a male or a female (aka a ‘person’) BRING IT TO THE HIGHEST COURT IN THE LAND…..

  • Anonymous

    This is the true war on women.  How dare they?  I am sick to think this is happening in America.  God help us….this is all the beginning of the moral end of civilization.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone ever tell Planned Parenthood that fetus is Latin for “little one”.  Not little mass of cells or a little puppy. 

  • Bored Pointless

    I’d sure like to see the data on this “most medical authorities” horse crap they are spewing about when a person begins. Authority to them probably means a panel of self-appointed pro-abortion doctors and specialists. I’d sure like to hear them tell a micro-biologist that those tiny cells they are studying from all manner of life forms do not, in fact, constitute life. If we found a cell on Mars we’d jump out of our skin proclaiming how we’d found life outside our planet, but an incredibly intricate network of complimentary cells that build systems to support even the earliest zygote somehow does not warrant the label “person.” Heartbeat at four-six weeks, but it’s not a person. Doesn’t the definition of a person require some measure of personality? Of willfulness? My daughter was a delightfully plump blob of drooling goodness for the first couple months of life until she started responding to us in ways that showed signs of personality. Did she become a person then? How does breathing constitute a human being as a person? How about the human who is on a ventilator and having a machine breath for them? Do they suddenly lose the status of “person-hood?” What’s so magical about the function of the lungs and diaphragm that suddenly transforms a mass of cells into a person? More importantly, HOW COULD ANYONE BUY INTO THIS CRAP?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, B.P., you are really asking the hard questions.  Don’t expect the pro-abortion folks

      to give you answers.  Though they may sputter out something in reply.

  • Anonymous

    The slippery slope:
    1. Abort only in the first trimester, no, wait, 6 months…wait….partial birth at 9 months.
    2. Don’t abort the disabled…no, wait, abort the Downs Syndrom fetus. That’s ‘humane’. Let’s see, what other diseases can we weed out?
    3. Choose your favorite gender, girl or boy.
    4. Choose traits…the DESIRED traits…eye color, race?
    Where does this end?

  • EllieAdair

    Sadly the solution to the Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood’s Abortion “services” is simple and legal but would never happen.

    They break themselves into two organizations: Planned Parenthood would do all the “necessary” health screenings, pregnancy prevention services and continue to receive federal funds while Unplanned Parenthood would handle only their abortion services and not receive any federal funds.

    This would allow for much easier tracking of what the federal funds are spent on as well as greatly limit their ability to divert that funding to the UPP organization.

    No doubt that the reason PP has not done this thus far is because without providing costly abortions that are paid for with other peoples money (a.k.a. Federal Funding) most of their offices would not be able to stay open.  This is primarily because in reality PP doesn’t actually provide any significant quantity of other-then-abortion health services anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if the person who made this statement for Planned Parenthood will be fired also?  

    Wonder, too, if there will be somewhat of a walk back on any comment that might indicate that

    the blob of cells/tissue mass or whatever in the womb could possible be a (gasp!) person?

    I’m working with a pro-life group to get a bill introduced (and passed!) in Congress that would do

    just that—call the unborn a person.  Then he/she would be protected by the 14th Amendment.

  • Anonymous

    If life begins at first breath than what does that
    make our supreme leader who voted against
    caring for a baby born of a botched abortion ??
    A serial killer ????

  • kaykay

    I have heard, that, this organisation, gets approx: 500 million of federal grants!…Is this true?
    What qualifies them?…Why would we not, start an organisation, called PARENTHOOD-PLANNED, and would the Govt. give us Grants?
    Further…the Govt. says, homosexuals & atheists, should be allowed to join oranisations, that are Christian & even be allowed to hold office……………By-the-same token, would p.p. allow PRO-LIFE people, to join their staff?


  • Michael

    If there was a test to determine whether or not the child would be born conservative or liberal, would liberals have the same opinion when parents decided to abort liberal children?

  • Stephanie Schulz

    I was an adult volunteer in a teen organization some years ago and several of the teenage girl members spoke about having had an abortion. Every one of those girls reflected on how badly they felt about it and wished they had not made that choice. This rarely gets mentioned when abortion is discussed, the ongoing effects it has on the women who do make that choice.

  • Anonymous

    That’s really great that “Planned Parenthood” allows that a fetus is “human life”…what the hell else could it be???

    What would Margaret Sanger say to that startling revelation? Would She say it was “inferior”?,
    “Undesireable Ethnicity”? “Unwanted Gender”?   I wonder where Maggie is to day?  

  • Anonymous

    How do they keep their tax excempt status if they endorse a politician?  I thought that was illegal?

  • Lane Bryson

    Not only your federal tax dollars go to support abortion mills.  State, County and City dollars in many areas do, too.

    If a politician lacks the moral clarity to understand that killing new, innocent life is wrong, do they have the moral clarity to represent you on any other issue?

    I can think of nothing more noble and obvious than the defence of the life of the innocent unborn.

    I can think of no law more unjust and illegitimate, certainly unconstitutional, more worthy of solid and tangible resistance than one that permits the indiscriminate termination of innocent new life.

    Are we ready to say, “I will not comply”?

  • caring christian

    I had a daughter at age 42 and when I read most women of that age abort, I couldn’t believe it.  She has enriched our lives in ways I could never have imagined.  Honor roll, beautiful and loves the Lord with all her heart.  She is the apple of her Dad’s eye as well as her two big brothers.  Planned Parenthood is robbing families and this nation of irreplaceable jewels.  Children are the inheritance of the Lord.  Happy is the man that has a quiver full of them.

  • Anonymous



                God said it.  That settles it!  The question is: do you believe it?

                Your vote is a physical
    manifestation of the condition of your spiritual heart; much like a ‘tell’ in
    poker, your vote can help answer the question.   A vote
    is an act of faith based upon your belief in the Word of God or it is an act of
    anti-faith based upon the things of your Adamic nature.  Are you pressing “toward the mark for the
    prize …”?  Non sequitur. . . Non
    sequitur. . . Non sequitur.  Or is it?

                Political correctness is a set of
    values based upon a liberal world view with a set of dogmatic beliefs
    concerning the cause, nature and purpose of man in the universe.  Oh…!!! 
    That is the classic definition of a religion.  It is a spin of the progressive catch phrase
    ‘follow the party line’.  P C, if I may, is
    not the exclusive property of the American leftist, it is a weapon that may be
    wielded by any with aspirations of power or those who want to self justify
    their pet sin.  P C is the sacred cow of
    the American left. 

                Imanuel Kant set the
    platform with his infinite universe cosmology. 
    This view of the cosmos has been thoroughly dispelled by Einstein,
    science in general and the first verse of the Bible: “In the beginning God
    created the heaven and the earth.”   God said it; that settles it.  If P C’s base is wrong, its logic is wrong and
    its conclusions are wrong.

    P C claims to be the champion of toleration, but tolerate
    what?  It tolerates the destruction of
    traditional Christian values.  It
    tolerates the elimination of any of Christian symbols from the public and
    private arena.  Witchcraft, demon
    worship, racism, moral degeneration and spins on words and history are among
    things tolerated by political correct adherents.  Col 3:8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through
    philosophy and vain deceit …”.

    The point is, P C is a world view and not a kingdom view.  It meets the definition of a religion.  Gen. 20:3, “Thou shalt have no other gods
    before me.”  God said it; that settles it.

    This religion is headed by our current president, Barack
    Obama.  That is why any argument against
    the policies of this ‘champion’ of P C is considered an attack on their
    esteemed leader.  OBAMUNISM, As I call
    it, values their leader as much or more than the tenants of P C  ideology.  
    The value judgment afforded to Barack Obama is nothing less than

                I have been taught that worship is a
    cognate word from the root word ‘worth’ and word ‘ship’.  Something of worth is a value judgment, and
    the word ship is the motion.  Much like a
    friend and friendship; friendship is the motion and relations one has with a
    friend.  So it is with worship how one
    relates to things one deems has value or worth. 
    Your vote is an act of worship. 
    So, be very very careful!

    I have chosen the book of MATTHEW chapter 7 as my point of reference
    in the following discussion.  In it,
    Christ is talking about last days professing Christians (vs. 22).  And I believe that we are the “that day”
    Christians.  There must be a reason why
    most professing Christians don’t make the cut. 
    I believe it is because they do not value the things that God values.  They are lukewarm Laodiceans Rev. 3: 14-22.

                When a person is deceived they don’t
    know it.  The current world system or as
    I call it, the ‘Adamic’ world view has many snares of deception that can attempt
    to turn the ‘born again’ nature back to vomit of dogs, their ‘Adamic
    nature’.  Political correctness is one of
    many tools that society has pounded onto us Christians so that the line of
    truth seems blurred.  As a result, our
    ‘Adamic’ nature is prompted to judge what has value rather than the Word of

                “Few” (vs. 14) last day Christians
    find the way while “many (vs. 22) professing Christians have been
    deceived.  God said it; that settles it.  Where are you? 
    I did a simple
    experiment with my nine year old granddaughter. 
    I gave her twenty poker chips and asked her to divide them into a pile
    of many and a pile of few.  Eighteen were
    put into the many and two were put into the few.  “out of the mouth of babes” what can I
    say?  Which pile are you in?  If any of the subjects discussed prick your
    ire, maybe you should reevaluate your view to align with the Word of God
    because God is not going to jump onto your ‘Adamic’ bandwagon of political
    correctness.  Can you judge God?

                You don’t have to understand
    everything about the Word of God.  Just
    believe it and act on it as if it were true. 
    And, that is faith.  Choose you
    this day who and what you will serve.



                    I CAN

    I AM … I AM’S

                    THE ONE





                    AND THE


                                                    FOR THE

    Go back … you have to sing it.




                The politically correct world view is
    that women are equal to men and deserve equal pay for equal work.  Seems fair and logical but, is it sound
    biblical doctrine?

                The first lie of deception against
    women was: Partake of the spiritual knowledge and you shall be like God.  How has that worked out for ya?  It’s a ‘mans’ world’ and women are still fighting
    for positional equality.  The curse of
    God at work toward women is: Gen. 3:16 “…and he shall rule over thee.”  God
    said it, that settles it.  Eph. 5:22
    &23 in the New Testament confirms the positional relationship between man
    and woman.  So suck it up and stop rebelling
    against God because rebellion is witchcraft. I Sam. 15:23.

                As for equal value … Lev. 27: 3
    & 4 puts the redemptive value of man at 50 shekels and woman at 30
    shekels.  Go figure … God said it, that settles it.  Any different view does not come from God
    or Kingdom logic.

                Whereas the curse of man was to work
    by the sweat of his face.  Why on earth
    would women want to take on the curse of man? 
    Isn’t the curse on woman enough?  The
    deception that worked for Satan once would work again against women.  Only this second time it is: Partake of the
    worldly knowledge and you shall be like man. 
    And women are biting hook, line and sinker at this deception.  To any who tenaciously cling to this Satanic
    inspired lie might just hear vs 23 “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that
    work iniquity.”  God said it, that settles it.  This final judgment by Christ in other modern
    English words means: Go suck flames in Hell witch, I never knew you and you
    never knew me.

                Beware of the femininist
    deception.  It is witchcraft against the
    Word of God.


                Man and woman were created equal,
    from the side of the man and not from his head or foot, not to lord over or be
    lorded over.  The fruit of the knowledge
    of good and evil was a spiritual test. 
    The woman, Eve, was deceived and took the first bite and clothed herself
    with the curse that is called the Adamic sin nature.  This nature is prevalent today.  Women, fill in the blank: Men think with
    their ______ .  This says more about
    women than you might think.  Sex and
    anticipation became available as a weapon of control over men.  She assumed a state of superiority over the
    man in her newly found rebellion.  This
    cursed nature was used as the tool to seduce the man, Adam, to partake of the
    fruit.  Misery loves company I guess.   It worked then and is still working today.  Many men are ‘pussy whipped’ like Adam.

                Study after study has shown as a
    general rule that women judge, react and are controlled by their emotional
    feelings whereas men use their logical side of the brain.  Men and women are physically and emotionally



                Abortion is murder of the
    innocent.  At conception, all biological
    elements necessary for a human life are present.  Deception against women comes from a human
    legal definition of the viability of the fetus. 
    Who told women that they have a right to kill their child? 

                Every time God lifts a savior, the
    devil responds by killing babies.  The
    Pharaoh made babies into crocodile bait prior to the Exodus of the Hebrew
    nation from Egypt.  King Herod killed the
    babies in Judea at the time Christ came as deliverer from sin.  And so it is prior to the ‘second coming’,
    rampant abortion.

    Under the banner of political correctness, 50 million
    abortions, and counting, in the United States alone with nearly ¼ billion
    abortions worldwide have been performed. 
    And they are the ‘child’ of the world wide progressive movement i.e. obamunism, communism, socialism and
    liberalism.  In the past 100 years the progressive movement has been
    responsible for more death than all the national state wars since recorded

                I SEE YOU MOLECH


                                                    YOU GIVE THE WOMAN CHOICE

                                                                    AND THE BABIES








                                                                    A SCALPEL FOR



                                                    AS THE BABIES DIE

                                                                    ABORTION ON



    50 million killed by the Russian communist revolution.  Another 70 million in China and tens of
    millions in Cambodia, Korea, Viet Nam or any place the progressive movement raises its Goddamned head.

                W W 2 under National Socialism
    (Nazi) count for 40 million dead.  It is
    evident that death is the hallmark signature of the progressive movement.  And,
    not only physical death, but relational death and spiritual death.   Who is the father and author of
    death???  My Holy Bible identifies Satan.

                The progressive movement in any of its forms is a vain philosophy of man. 
    It is not from God.  I have every
    reason to believe from Scripture that this movement is the vehicle by which the
    Anti-Christ will ride on to the world scene. 
    Are there some good points espoused by the movement?  Yes. 
    And they are commendable, but Remember this: The original temptation of
    man was basically true but was peppered with lies as was Jesus’ temptation in
    the wilderness.

                It is hard to change one’s mind to
    rethink ones world view, but one revelation of a truth will make it all worthwhile.  Oh, wait, that is the definition of repent:  From world view to Kingdom view.  I love you and don’t want you to miss the


                In Genesis, God said to the man and
    woman “Be fruitful, and multiply …”.   God hates those who shed innocent blood Prov.
    6: 16 & 17.  God said it; that settles it.  


                I am a racist.  I believe there are two races: the race of
    Adam, under the curse and the race of Christ under grace after being born
    again.  Acts 10: 34 states that God is
    not a respecter of persons.  God said it; that settles it.  And we shouldn’t be either.

    Nigger, honky, kike, howlie, spick, gook, wap, chink and
    hyphenated descriptive words are all terms from and about the Adamic nature of
    man.  Beware of the wedge of deception
    that wants to separate you from your born again race back to the vomit of your
    Adamic ethnic nature.  We all want to be
    proud of our heritage and desire be accepted. 
    What heritage, things past or future? 
    It is easy for race deception to wiggle into our souls in this area of racial
    or ethnic pride.

    Mat. 24 in the New Testament is a prophetic chapter that uses
    the Greek word ‘ethnos’ in vs. 6 “kingdom against kingdom” is “Ethnos against
    ethnos”.  Race pitted against race is a
    wedge being forced into the fabric of American society by Satan not God.  Acts 10: 34 states that God is not a
    respecter of persons.  God said it; that settles it.  And we shouldn’t be either.

    The devil really hates Americans and especially black
    Americans.  He has wrapped his sweet
    tasting social and economic parity on black pride in an attempt to suck ‘weak’
    Christians from the kingdom of God back to their prior state, Adamic
    nature.  What bothers me is that it seems
    to be working evidenced by 2008 election exit polling results.  Blacks are voting for color rather than God
    values.  Sugar coat the Democratic Party platform
    any way you want; you’re still serving up anti-Christian shit (witchcraft,
    demon worshiping homos, tree hugging environmentalists, racist, one world order
    socialists and the like).

    The vast majority of Americans would agree that slavery was a
    sin against blacks.  But is this sin
    relevant today?  Generational iniquities
    are passed down “unto the third and fourth generation
    of them that hate me.” Exodus 20:5.  God said it; that settles it.  Sorry! The iniquity has expired.  “… forgetting those thing which are behind, …
    press for the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”
    Phil 3:13 & 14.  The coin has
    flipped.  The clinging to the past is now
    the sin.  The real racist is the one who
    yells ‘racist’ the loudest.

    Choose you this day what you will serve, God values or racist
    division.  Choose God values.

    Are you so wretched, poor and blind that you would vote
    yourselves into the slavery of welfare and government handouts offered by the
    Democratic Party under Obamunism and say that it is enough.  They own you lock, stock and barrel.  Just ask JJ, AS, JW, LF (wolves in lambs
    clothing).   It was the blood of
    Republican Party led armies that freed this nation of slavery, and it is the
    Republican Party which clings to the last vestiges of Christian values.



    ‘No sin here’ shouts the P C  Obamunists. 
    Any difference of opinion is intolerant and mean spirited.   They should have the same rights as everyone


    Unrepentant homos (muddy cones & mat licking bitches) have
    the same rights as did Sodom and Gomorrah which is to be inundated by fire and
    brimstone.  This appears to be the only
    sin judged, sentenced and carried out by God other than lying to the Holy
    Spirit.  The depravity of man sank so low
    that they wanted to fuck God and His angel in the ass.  I say, keep up the good work, Lord.


                No American who calls themselves a
    Christian has any part of The Kingdom if they cast a vote for the Democratic
    Party.  The Democratic Party has
    degenerated into a conglomeration of sin; sugarcoated with social spins that
    seem right in the eyes of men; but are abhorrent in the sight of God.  “Many will say …” (vs. 22) and the associated
    verses is Christ talking about last day ‘professing Christians’.  Is the fruit of your hand (your vote) based
    upon the things that God values or is it on the planks of the Democratic
    Party’s P C stance i.e. The gay agenda with the destruction of God given family
    values, self imposed racial segregation from white faced devils, abortion /
    murder, demon (Gia) worship under the flag of environmental protection or the
    witchcraft of the feminine movement?

                Do you really think that you can
    stand before God in righteousness while at the same time supporting the party
    which tears down Christian symbols, silences prayer and removes God and Christ
    from the public forum?  Good luck with
    that.  This form of Anti-Christian worship is sure to invoke the Mat
    7:23 judgment: “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

    If one of the few subjects that I have selected to digest
    really pisses you off, than that is most likely the point where deception has
    gained a toe-hold in your life. 
    Repent!  Well.  That’s not very loving you might be thinking.  Think on this.  God is Love; Christ is the Truth.  The Truth is Love.  Simple algebra.

    Choose you this day whom you will serve be it the Word of God
    or the vain philosophies of men. 

    Remember, a vote could be an act of faith acceptable to God
    if it is done from a kingdom view. 

    Political correctness is a world view of deception; the
    sacred cow of Obamunism.  In the words of
    Ann C. (thanks for the book), P C is “Demonic”. 
    Words can be spun and redefined, gender exploited, ethnic pride exalted,
    social and financial parity demanded.   The
    purpose of P C devices of deception is to drag “many”, vs. 22, Christian from
    the kingdom back into their comfortable world view.

    Lord, put this sacred cow on the alter.  Slaughter it and cast its pieces to the wind
    never to be resurrected.



  • Anonymous

    Well of course they do, once they are caught.  It’s laughable for them to deny, time after time, egregious act after egregious act, what they are about…the killing of babies.  You can candy coat it all you want, but abortion is the ending of a human life, by ANY definition.  But how many times must they be exposed before they are completely cut from the teat of the taxpayers?…100?  1000?  How many?…

  • Dale

    I never got the solar panel info kit I paid for from Ben Ford on Glenn Becks site. There is now a different solar add running, along with the 37 food items you need for survival. I would like to buy these items also, but afraid of being dissapointed again.  D. Young Houston Texas. P.S. I saw you live in Houston, it was great and bought two of your books, they also were great. You ARE a man ahead of your time. Love you Glenn

  • interested

    Plan parenthood is like a murder trying to define whether a person was dead before they became  a dead corpse. Their comments are ment to mislead you.

  • Albert Lynn Clark

    Go to Amazon and look for “the price of peace by albert clark”
    If you would like I will mail you a copy to review.

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