The past two nights I’ve been able to see about 50 percent of Man In the Moon.

It really didn’t hit me how big this production really is until last night. Seeing the moon rising above the stage, watching the dancers, listening to the amazing soundtrack and hearing the story, really opened my eyes to the importance of this story being told in this massive production.

It’s amazing how many people are helping to produce this show. The best of the best from around the country and the world right here in Utah all willing to help one man who had a story and an idea. A story that needs to be told to America…To wake America up.

The soundtrack is beyond one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard. When we were in the studio on Monday night listening to the full soundtrack of the show, everyone realized that something important is happening in Salt Lake City this week. The music is more then just brilliant people who wrote the music, it has so much power and emotion to it. It will be something you have never before heard.

So far this has been an amazing experience, I have never been more proud to work for a man who is not afraid to go above and beyond, to step outside of the box that we Americans have put our creativity and imagination in. I have never been more proud to work for a company who is willing to do what no one else will, tell the truth. Be willing to stand for truth when no one else will stand.

You all are in for a treat.