REVEALED: Cover to the latest installment of the Michael Vey series

  • justvelva

    I have been looking forward to this, as have my grandchildren.  We are very excited.  Nice cover!

  • SickOf BeingCoddled

    Blessed we are to have this great writer including morals and values in a GREAT story. Thank you richard for standing where God has told you to be.

  • Emina Dulovic

    until I lℴℴk℮d at the draft ℴf $9771, I b℮ sur℮ that my n℮ighbℴur ℂℴuld trully taking hℴm℮ mℴn℮y inside their spar℮ tim℮ ℴn their appl℮ labtℴp.. th℮r℮ n℮ighbℴr start℮d ℂrrying this ℴut 4 nℴ mℴr℮ than twenty twℴ mℴnths and resently repaid the debts ℴn their place and bℴurt a stylish Lancia. l℮arn mℴr℮ at………….

  • Anonymous

    We can’t wait. My kids really like this series

  • Linda D Lee

    Love the books! When is this new one coming out?

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