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  • Ronne Conlin

    I love and respect you so much Glenn! You are a good man!!!! Hang in there and keep the faith!!

  • Anonymous

    Done it … Love & Peace! It’s criminal the way the human race treats each other and our planet!!! Lets hope it gets better

  • Amie Claire Doggett

    Thanks for reminding us how important love is in our lives, Glenn. More power to you!!!

  • Anonymous

    See you at Cowboys Stadium!!   A Fellow Texan a big fan!

  • Earl Vordenberg


  • Connie Jo Foster

    Glenn, I will be praying for you;have faith it will be a blessing to you, your staff and all who are able to attend!  I am 70 and have been on a fixed income so I am financially able to attend.  I would love to be there in Dallas for Restoring Love but I will be there in spirit.  I have had three major surgeries during the past year and a half so that I would have improved health and be able to continue working.  I start a new job today and am somewhat anxious.  I have goals of food storage and to acquire the equipment to help me accomplish this task and to become more self sufficient so we do not have to depend on the government.  I thank you for the information you provide for us and the encouragement to restore our country, to be informed, to take a stand, to work together and to restore love with God’s guidance and help.  You are a blessing to our country and to many people.  Be encouraged and be blessed!  You are my brother in Christ!  Connie Jo Foster

  • Kris Watson

    I have been anticipating Restoring Love with great hope.  You are inspiring hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, and are honoring God as you do.  There are many of us who have been incorporating these princoples in our daily, mundane lives for many years, and might hope to be examples for others as a result.  You are doing this on a grand scale.  Be careful not to use as examples onll those whose work is so huge that it seems impossible to do.  Allow part of your focus to be everyman, the woman out of work, the guy without education.  Inspire us ALL to be our best and love otherws at whatever level we can.  Millions of little people doing their best to love others is the kind of revolution we need. 

  • Annette Keesee Owens

    God be with you all…..

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    has anyone seen the movie the koch brothers exposed?

  • Anonymous



    Never been this engaged,

    Never felt the meaning of liberty;

    But, then again,

    I never faced such arrogance before.

    This time down the road,

    Freedom’s words must regain their meaning.

    We can’t forget about ’em now,

    Hafta live ‘em out more an’ more.


    Gotta stand tall, we dare not fall.

    For God’s sake, don’t go and do somethin’ foolish,

    ‘Cause what we’re feeling right now is angry
    human pride.

    Gotta stand tall.  We dare not fall;

    So, don’t do somethin’ we would regret later.

    You’re frustrated and mad like everyone;

    Just can’t abide those dividing lies.


    Never spoke out so much, no,

    Nor prayed so much about so much untruth.

    I refuse t’ believe freedom will slip away.

    Often in my thoughts,

    When movies play about what might be,

    I offer my life, fortune, and honor for liberty.


    Gotta stand tall, don’t you fall.

    Oh, for God’s sake, don’t go do somethin’ foolish!

    What we’re feeling right now is angry human pride.

    So I’m down on my knees to Jesus:

    Help us stand tall, don’t let us fall,

    Don’t let us do something we’ll regret later.

    We’re feelin’ fear like everyone…

    It’s our angry human pride.

    I’m down on my knees again to you, Jesus


    Gotta stand tall, don’t let us fall.

    You got us callin’ again on you, Jesus.

    We’re feelin’ fear like everyone,

    In our angry human pride.

  • Richard Simons

    Glenn,I sure miss you on Fox! Why don’t you take over the 5am(est) slot? The girls are boring. Anyway,Let me know what I can do to kick that person out of the WHITE HOUSE.

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