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  • Anonymous

    Sounds exciting.  (Alex Jones has been doing something a bit similar for some time.)


    *that “recycled” SocSec#?
    *that “Benghazi thing”?
    *2012 Election fraud?
    *whose bright idea was the Sequester?
    *who let the ILLEGALS OUT?
    *who ARE those Illegal Criminals they let out and WHERE are they?
    *whose idea was it to shut down White House tours for little kids?
    etc. etc. etc.
    You get the idea…

  • Anonymous

     Here’s an idea look up the guy who did the rebuttal documentary to the Anti Fracking idiot Fox who created so much havoc a few years back with his lies about burning water.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, maybe he can do one on how he helped George Bush blow smoke up your ass and make you all accomplices in the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

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