SNL spoofs SE Cupp and MSNBC’s post debate reaction

Saturday Night Live mocked MSNBC’s post debate coverage which seemed to treat Obama’s debate loss like it was a national disaster. Reverand Al, Matthews, Maddow and even SE Cupp were all featured in the bit – but was it funny?


  • michael P

    Best quote from the Rev. Al character: “Romney’s cool, Obama’s got no game”

    How true!

  • Bill Hoidas

    yes unlike a lot of SNL stuff it is funny!

  • XenaWP80

    There is at most two skits that are good & funny in every SNL episode. This was one of them. The fake Romney ‘gaffe’ made me LOL! Did you also see the SNL skit about why obama was so bad at the debate? The skit was saying he was distracted because he forgot to get michelle an anniversary gift!! LOL!!

    • M-Theory

      Yes, that one was funny too. I’m actually shocked that SNL has the ability to poke fun at Obama. It’s about time there was equal-opportunity mocking.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing that Lorne Michaels and the NBC censors let this air.

  • Anonymous

    I rarely watch SNL, but I did watch this video and YES IT WAS FUNNY!! I especially enjoyed watching ‘brother al’ fish for those ridiculous excuses for obammy’s failure at the podium…the ‘mile high’ excuse was hilarious (Colorado is a mile high above sea level–no tellin’ how many feet that is”).

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but the real SE Cupp is hotttt!

  • David E

    eerily prescient as the Chris Matthews character talks about the way to win a debate is to interrupt interrupt interrupt. Ah… Biden taking advice from SNL.

  • revorg eel

    Hey has anyone noticed that during the assault weapon portion that Obama did the following in sequence. Referred to a boy shot in the head, on his deathbed, consoling his mother, then he said a prayer over the boy, then incredibly the boy was like new….healed the next time the savior…I mean obama saw him…..then he goes on to talk about those less fortunate (the ones that he didnt pray over)… is all I can say…scripting obama to be the savior…scary stuff. Wake up america!

  • VindicatorX

    Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny since the 1980’s.

  • Dorothy Bob Dillon

    2 Chron. 20:15 & 17 Thus says the Lord to you. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed at this great hurdle for the battle is not yours but Gods. 17: Stand firm, ho;d your position!

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