Thanks Michelle Malkin!

Michelle Malkin helped Pat & Stu reach 35,000 followers!

  • Jerry Kountz

    I missed something! What’s this about?

    • bumpkin

      Jerry, its likely  just a facebook following count…  I deleted my FB account after the bogus election, in order to stand up for what I believe in-  no spying, no censorship- both of which I received plenty of while on FB.  I cannot recommend it. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how many times my cpu had disasters while I was on FB.  Posts wouldn’t get posted, -or it would get posted and then my cpu would freeze, or even my cursor would be ‘taken over’.  Totally ticked me off.  Say.  One time, well before the election, I posted something revealing to my people about Obama, and that post also got posted on Obama’s election page on FB, along with all my other friends’ posts about Obama, if they were negative.   So, I canceled my acct- one less set of eyeballs to sell ads to.  FB is liberal, and I will NOT support liberals. 

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, most of the people “liking” stu and pat are golden shower fetishists lol

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