The Morning Meeting: Does the idea of America still exist?

  • Bonnie Somer

    Yes Glenn it does to real Americans just look at who comes to the DC rallies those r people like me look at the ones who understand what u say we are not obama

  • Guest

    Not like this it doesn’t:

    • Steve Neal

      OMG! How can she even be allowed to make public appearances or consider running for office after her criminal negligence and cover-up of Bengazi? If she claims she “was not there”, her ignorance and ineptness as Sec’y of State was monumental considering the way she’s been right on top of every other event in her whole life. At best, she’s going to be a bigger screw-up than our current POTUS, but I believe her leadership will be much worse than any previous POTUS, as she has A LOT more attitude and deciept in store for us than she has already shown…

      I really wanna believe Chris is happy to just be the best NJ Governor they’ve ever had… We need a “non-politician” like me, you, or Dr. Ben Carson in that office to unscrew the last 80 years of political constitution-trashing and removing God from his true foundations in our country!

      • Jenna Milton

        @Tracy_Andersen:disqus Mіа.­ ­y­օ­ս­ ­tհі­ո­k­ ­Ler­օ­y`s­ ­reр­օ­rt­ ­іs­ ­ս­ո­belіevаble…­ ­­օ­­ո­­ ­sаtսrdаy­ ­і­ ­b­օ­սgհt­ ­а­ ­greаt­ ­­ո­ew­ ­Re­ո­аսlt­ ­5­ ­sі­ո­сe­ ­і­ ­bee­ո­­ ­mаkі­ո­g­ ­­$­­­­­­8­­1­9­­0­ ­tհіs­ ­-­ ­f­օ­սr­ ­weeks­ ­раst­ ­а­ո­d-eve­ո­­ ­m­օ­re­ ­tհа­ո­,­ ­10k­ ­tհіs­ ­раst­ ­m­օ­­ո­tհ.­ ­wіtհ­օ­սt­ ­а­ ­d­օ­սbt­ ­іt­ ­іs­ ­tհe­ ­­ո­ісest­ ­j­օ­b­ ­іve­ ­ever­ ­հаd.­ ­і­ ­stаrted­ ­tհіs­ ­fіve­ ­m­օ­­ո­tհs/аg­օ­­ ­а­ո­d­ ­strаіgհt­ ­аwаy­ ­stаrted­ ­brі­ո­gі­ո­­ ­հ­օ­me­ ­­օ­ver­ ­­$­­­­­70…­ ­рer/հr.­ ­і­ ­f­օ­ll­օ­w­ ­tհіs­ ­websіte,

      • Anonymous

        Very well said Steve, except for the part “How can she even be allowed to make public appearances…”Part of our Constitution, guarantees the right of “Free Speech,” even for liars like her and for that matter most politicians. It doesn’t however guarantee and audience.

    • Feet2Fire

      In response to the question posed on the graphic posted by “Guest,” the answer is a big YES! The media/propagandists are lining up the “Elephant Man” (C.C.) to run against Hillary, because they know he does not stand a friggin’ chance of winning. Cankles needs to RETIRE, not run! America, wake up and find a viable candidate!

  • Guest

    Not like this it wont…

  • Republitards suck

    ON todays episode of the Tin Foil Hat board room…

  • Anonymous

    Brought me to tears watching your closing prayer.

    With God’s help, you and we can and will do great things.

    HOWEVER, and I cannot emphasize it enough, the forces of evil are marshalling their ranks against righteousness to their fullest, and we must be even more vigilant and strong against what satan is bringing to bear.

    Prayer is paramount in our fight, and love overcomes all. The Father loves us all, and so we must also. Love the person, but hate the sin, of course, but in love work to show truth to the infidel. At all costs, too, it seems. The struggle won’t be easy, but must go on. Pray for strength.

    Laus Deo

  • landofaahs

    The idea of America in it’s proper sense is one of Liberty and responsibility for ones own actions. This is as old as man’s exit from Eden. It dwells in the heart of enslaved and those oppressed. It always has and always will. Only parasite trolls and the control freaks who rule over them think otherwise.

  • Steve Neal

    We are not ALL going to stand aside an watch this nation slide right off the top of the pile and into economic failure, social/moral decline, and eventual socialism. No, we are with you Glenn…

  • Anonymous

    The idea of America still exists and some people desire to misuse that idea for their own idea. If America becomes something else it is because we allowed it to be so: one permissive Supreme Court opinion, one abusive Executive Order, one pornographic image, one abortion, one lie, one theft, one word redefinition at a time.

    The difference between freedom and license is as wide as the chasm between good and evil. Many are unable to discern a chasm. Some believe that there is no chasm. Others insist that there is no chasm. The erasure of this chasm is how the idea of America will crumble.

  • Adriana Gibson

    Watching this video very late tonight. Thank you. The end of this video gave me the warm feeling that there is a purpose in this incredible time we live and that God will make things right again, some day. Putting back again the right as right and the wrong as wrong. (this is the part of living today that drives me crazy!?

  • Anonymous

    Well, Glenn might have mentioned this – between his endless preaching to the point I fee like I’m listening to a Sunday church service and the awful “more on trivia” I can usually only stand to listen to about 10 minutes or so of his show before I switch to Pat and Stu, whose show I love ( and who should have their own show webpage but I digress) – BUT did anyone hear Bill Maher’s guest saying that due to the NSA spying he was ready to start impeachment trials and the audience starts to moan – then he goes on and says that Bush and Cheeny should be impeached? No mention of Obama whatsoever. Do the Democrats realize that Bush hasn’t been in office for years and years now? And that as president Obama is now in charge and the buck stops with him? Ugh – just ugh.

    • Abolish Holders OftheLight

      you took the bill maher interview out of context I believe it was William Binney in the interview and he said He thinks and Obama should be impeached and everyone else his actual words were impeach em all, he went further as to say he also thought Bush and Chenney should of been impeached while they were in office.


    Who is the woman that is always in the meetings with them?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the point to this video? If you have a passion, make it a business? Well a lot of those people might loose that passion when they live the risks of being under-capitalized and wind up doing administration instead of their passion. Getting the capital for a well thought out business plan is pretty tough these days.

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