The Morning Meeting: The Pope and Progressivism

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    Today on the Tin Foil Hat circle jerk…

    • Lioness

      Hey Obama, stop posting here!!

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  • Anonymous

    The Popes through the decades have spoken out against the evils of socialism. We have been warned.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      And how many will listen?

      • Anonymous

        As many who do. One can’t make other people listen one can, however, make oneself listen. Perhaps many have listened. Perhaps not.

    • windtalker700

      The prophecy at fatima, the first of which was a warning against socialism was a very powerful message still considered extremely important today.

  • Bettye Cates

    Taking quotes out of context to make a point desecrates the meaning, does it not? “Pope Francis warned against the desire to “be like everyone else” and what he called an “adolescent progressivism”. “What do you think?” – he said bitterly – “that today human sacrifices are not made? Many, many people make human sacrifices and there are laws that protect them”. It sounds to me like the Pope is warning about following the crowd that shouts the loudest as justification for harming people, as in “Human Sacrifices.”

    So, taken in context, this would be condemning people who support companies like Monsanto, who’s products are killing our people, and those screaming about their 2nd amendment rights justifying George Zimmerman’s right to kill a teenage boy, when he had already been told by the cops to quit following (stalking) him, denying food and shelter to the poor, and kicking Veterans to the streets by voting against fully funded Jobs bills that would have put them to work. The emphasis here should be on ‘Adolescent’ rather than using a snippet of this quote as insinuation that the pope is anti-progressive, with all its modern American Political connotations. (credit to romereports dot com)

    Far more telling of the pope’s real feelings towards American politics would be the quote, “The Pope said that the “Christian ideology” is a sickness within the Church. He claims ideology makes people “hostile and arrogant,” frightens followers, and scares people away from the Church.

    Undoubtedly, such words will anger many conservative Americans who are already feeling shunned by the Pope’s statements last month on contraception and abortion. Many fundamental Christians in America equate Christianity to their political ideology.

    Political candidates often form their platforms based on their faith’s perspective on social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and sex. Look no further than the race for governor in Virginia, where two Republican candidates are running faith-based campaigns. (Credit to policymic dot com)

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