The Morning Meeting: When does living off the grid interfere with others?

  • Don

    First, I reside in the same community as this women. This women is a convicted felon for real estate fraud, she retained escrow funds, in excess of $30,000.00 that belong to clients. She has more than one complaint of this type of fraud. While her felony conviction is not directly related to “living off the grid”, there is more to this story than your morning meeting discussion would indicate. The city is very tolerant of most law abiding citizens.

    • bumpkin

      where is ‘second’?

    • skarlson

      Her crimes, however heinous, are irrelevant to the discussion of whether government can force someone to have services they do not want.

  • Elizabeth

    you can flush a toilet with a bucket of rainwater

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Flush it through the sewer line to the waste treatment plant.

      That everyone else pays for.

      I had a hoarder neighbor who’s house caught fire. There were rats all over the neighborhood.

      This guy had so much stuff in his house that he couldn’t get into the bathroom and just pooped in the back yard. He lived on a trust fund and never worked a day in his life. He lived “off the grid” as well as off his wealthy parents trust fund and off of everyone around him. Nothing but trouble and a waste of humanity.

      • bumpkin

        But a hoarder is NOT the same as an off-grid liver. Off the grid means not utilizing electricity, as in “off the power grid”. Doesn’t mean off-mental kilter. Doesn’t even mean being a hoarder. That is just silly, sorry. There are mentally ill folks all over the place. As a society, we try to tolerate their rights, too, until its obvious they need a little help for their own and for the community’s safety. If he pooped in the backyard in a dugout toilet (outhouse) and then buried it, to compost, it would be appropriate, although likely illegal because of some well-meaning over-do-gooder. Off grid doesn’t even mean ‘no flush toilet’. A water ram or gravity flow stream can be set up to a tank above the level of the bathroom, and the flush goes into a septic tank.

      • Anonymous

        This woman WAS NOT A HOARDER. That is a totally different issue!

    • bumpkin

      Unless, Elizabeth, you live in Medford Oregon. There, you go to jail for collecting rainwater, because somehow the city has appointed themselves the owners of rain.

  • Anonymous

    How many people throw used ,disposable diapers & Depends in the regular garbage ? They”re filled with” By Products”. I guess we”ll be putting toilets in for Bears next thing you know.I grew up without inside plumbing. Many others did too. S**t is biodegradable.

  • Lorraine

    If you live in a “community” or city or town environment, I believe there are health laws your dwelling must meet. If you truly want to live off the grid, you need to move to a rural or remote area where nobody gives a damn and you can do your own thing.

    • Sunny Wilson

      Even in rural settings, there aren’t many places left, to live off grid. if you hook up too many solar panels in some places, even rural ones, they can fine you.

    • skarlson

      Not true. There was that guy who lives on the island and has a show on the history channel or something who is being harrassed as well. He is off by himself and only people who choose to go to where he is at to learn how to live without moden conveniences are with him at a given time. Progressives cannot stand anyone being outside their control plain and simple

  • Tango did this story locally I believe. They showed the inside of her home and how she was living. Her home was clean. She collects rain water, she flushes her toilets, the City can’t block her access to the sewer, you are either hooked up or not, it can’t be shut off by a valve. Its her property, felon or not. That’s the problem now, government wants to tell you how to live in your own private space and there are no minor children involved. If that is how she wants to live…so be it, in what’s left of free society.She’s not hurting anyone and is not a burden to society. I disagree with a poster who said the Cape was ‘tolerant’ about code, law abiding or otherwise, NOT…Not code in this city, they love fines, and liens. I’ve lived here over 25 years and if you ever run afoul of those guys?? Good luck to ya.

  • mmt

    She owns her home outright and chooses not to have electricity, gas or water. Does the community want to FORCE her to buy those things….??

    • Isabelle Hughes

      Sounds a bit like ObummerCare, doesn’t it?

    • mtman2

      Many houses right on into the 1940’s had cisterns for rain water(holding several hundred gallons). Perfectly fine for washing or flushing. Could even be filtered for drinking.
      In a rain storm hundreds of gallons of water fall on an average sized roof PER MINUTE.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great example of how the citizen in the United States has only an allusion of freedom. Government has created laws to stop anyone from living outside their system Legally. Both sides of the isle are guilty in making the hundreds of new laws each year. But this currant administration is putting the final bow on the package that is turning it now into a sort of slavery system. Those who want to opt out, who are bothering no one, will be hounded and their lives destroyed. This coming election is our last chance to return to sanity and the principals on which the nation was founded. This woman had every right to live without electricity. But now, the government is even laying claim to RAIN WATER. We really need to pay attention to this story!!!

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