The Morning Meeting: Why are Occupy Wall Street activists buying America’s debt?

  • Cameron Vance


  • Anonymous

    I love how Glenn’s knee-jerk reaction usually has something to do with Nazism. The idea is pretty clever. Raise money, perhaps from the debtors themselves, to buy the debt for 3 cents on the dollar, then write of the loss as bad debt. Screws the creditors, but some of those creditors sure had no problem screwing main street.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    I knew a guy who dressed like Glenn Beck in High School.

    It was the Drama Teacher that got caught having sex with boys in the bathroom of the local department store.

    • Anonymous

      I know a good liberal like you isn’t ‘profiling’.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        No I don’t believe people who dress so fabulously act like Glenn Beck.

        Though some of them get just as teary eyed.

        • Anonymous

          So . . . you ARE profiling. You’re a bigot! You’re an out and out profiling, discriminating liberal. What an amazing thing to behold in the wild.

  • Gary M.

    This TV2012, is clearly the pervert, & oh yea, can’t associate with facts. Again, communists ONLY understant violence that is much more heavy handed, than what they deal out. Always. They’re Never sensitive/honest unless it provides advantage. Slander is routine & moral for them. Always understand this Fact about communists.