The below article is by Robyn Walensky, reporter for TheBlaze and news anchor for The Glenn Beck Program:


(Arlington, Texas) They break out in song. Dozens of Grass-roots Ted Cruz volunteers dressed in red white & blue, one woman waving an American flag start singing “God Bless America” the second they see Cruz projected the winner on the TV’s inside the room at the Sheraton Arlington, Texas.

Dallas Resident Brad McKinney thrilled with the victory, telling Blaze Reporter Robyn Walensky, “It says a lot about the grassroots movement here in Dallas especially we all got behind Ted because he was at all the meetings all over town and we never saw Dewhurst ever. The tea party meetings around the metro-plex have a lot of dedicated people and ted cruz came to all of them and we’re hoping when he gets into office now he’ll do something to help repeal Obamacare.”

One of Cruz’s youngest volunteers is Jordan Grenadier, 21 yrs old, she tells TheBlaze, “It’s so exciting just to be a part of it and to have done so much for the Cruz campaign constantly for the last year and ½, it feels so good to have started off being at 2% in the polls and no one knowing who Cruz was to now him being the candidate for the U.S. Senate. And He’s going to win in November. He’s going to be the next U.S. Senator for Texas.

“What do you think put him over the top?”

Jordan says “I think Dewhurst putting out the ads that he did, trying to run a nasty campaign with Dave Carney I think they’re used to this establishment campaign and it didn’t work this time and its not going to work again. Ted Cruz and his grassroots support is what put him over the edge and that’s what made him win tonight.”

“So for a young voter tell me what were the issues that really spoke to about this campaign?”

“Just being able to actually go out and be a part of something; I’ve phone-banked for Ted Cruz I’ve block walked for Ted Cruz I’ve been out there I’ve talked to people, just knowing what’s happening, not, not just going along with whatever the Republican Party says, but actually getting out there and being a part of it. The whole grass roots campaign that’s what the tea party is about, and that’s what Ted Cruz was about and that’s what this entire campaign has been about and I think that’s what really attracted young voters older voters, everybody, everybody from all over the state and people from all over the country.”