TheBlaze TV premieres new shows, episodes to celebrate anniversary

We’re rapidly approaching the one-year anniversary of TheBlaze TV (formerly GBTV), and the network is only getting bigger and better! In fact, with the debut of the new primetime show Wilkow!, TheBlaze TV is quickly becoming home to the top young conservative talent! What’s on tap for the big anniversary week?

On Monday at 7pm ET, TheBlaze TV will debut the latest addition to it’s primetime lineup – Wilkow!. Hosted by popular Sirius XM radio host Andrew Wilkow, the new show will see Andrew bring his unique mix of rational thought and indisputable facts to your home each and every weeknight.

On the premiere episode, Kentucky Senator and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul, as well as Rep. Artur Davis, will be on Wilkow!. His debut week will also feature appearances from country star Trace Adkins, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Don’t miss an episode!

Wilkow! will be available ONLY on TheBlaze TV PLUS!

TheBlaze TV subscribers already know Andrew from his frequent appearances on Real News from TheBlazewhere he has been a regular panelist alongside top young conservative commentators Will Cain, S.E. Cupp, Buck Sexton, and the show’s host Amy Holmes. Together, the panelists of Real News have routinely delivered the smartest commentary and analysis on any network – and things will only get better as the team leads the coverage of the 2012 Presidential election. Don’t miss an episode every night at 6pm ET, immediately following Glenn Beck.

Of course, no one has more planned for the one year anniversary of TheBlaze than Glenn Beck.

On Tuesday, Glenn will dedicate his program to remembering September 11th and all those who lost their lives on that tragic day. It’s been eleven years since Islamic extremists launched a coordinated attack on the United States that saw thousands perish in attacks on Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, and New York City. It was a day that changed America forever, and Glenn will be reflecting on the event during his radio and primetime programs.

Then on September 12th, Glenn will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of TheBlaze. Rumor has it that he has some big announcements planned that will change the landscape of news, information, and entertainment forever. What could they be? He’s not giving any hints – so be sure to tune in on Wednesday for what will surely be an exciting show.

But that’s not all! TheBlaze TV is adding original weekend programming! First, join Brian Sack as he hosts the season premiere of The B.S. of A.  Saturday night at 10pm ET. And don’t miss the premiere of season two of Independence U.S.A. on it’s new night and time – Sunday at 8pm ET!

For more information and to start your two week free trial CLICK HERE!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone that watches this network probably has an IQ of 60. Wise up people… Glen Beck is a con artist. The only reason he is doing this is because it brought him an audience, something he couldn’t get when he was trying to do legitimate radio. So what does he do??? He takes inflammatory comments that will rile uneducated and confused people who need easy answers to complex problems. Beck pokes you uninformed individuals every day like a caged animal with his bombastic BS of lies. He doesn’t believe what he is saying. He sells you lies so he can take money from low class advertisers like gold salesmen who want to reach an audience of the least educated in the country. You are easily duped… Some of you oldsters might remember an old hack name Joe Pine. He was the first Glenn Beck. Same cloak yourself in the flag journalism. If you don’t believe the way I do you are unpatriotic. That is the kind or rhetoric Joe Pine would spiel. Sound familiar. – just like Glenn. So WTF up. Stop listening to this clown and his BS programs. Beck is a joke but you are a bigger one for listening.

    • Cathy B. Angel

      Of course, no one has more planned for the one year anniversary of TheBlaze than Glenn Beck.

    • Laura Thompson

      Your sir are the uneducated one, Sit down and shut up. Why don’t you do some research dude.

      • MediaBlackoutExposedClickHere

        And like look out for the killer wave brah!!!

    • Kathleen Trotter

      Loved the premier of Wilcow. Great job.

    • Anonymous

      Have you actually WATCHED anything or are you just going off with no ammunition? I loved the first Wilkow show – I am a Wilkow fan from XM. If you don’t like this network, then just tune out and go away. Why harass people that DO want to watch – isn’t this supposed to be a free country? AND, I doubt anyone cares what you think of the viewers OR Beck.

    • Anonymous

      You sir have an I.q. of a piss ant, why come here to bother us go back to obomber and help finish your wold take over of the Christians. The only person who is uninformed is you, if you have not read the Book No easy day by the seal who just retired will give you a clue into your fearless leader, He did not give away State secrets of UBL kill but the one did and released security secrets that were kept secret up until the day they did the job. then after that there was all kinds of leaks by the administration so many in fact that seal team six got hit a couple of weeks later and killed 22 members of seal team six in Afghanistan, To know what Chopper he was on would require a high clearance to pass on to the enemy, well I hope that was not real and was just a way for the seal team to go back into obscurity. Oh by the way your Babylon hacking system we are on to you, so go fly a kite!

    • Jim Fiscus

      Dear American, at least I hope you are. Your comments are unnecessary & unworthy. If you actually listened to & watched Mr. Beck over time, you would see that he is a true and honest man, caring, respectful, and genuine American as you will find. I was raised like Glenn, a year younger & different part of the country, similar likes, thoughts, & attitudes. He is using his talents to bring America to notice, not all of our lives are in control by the federal government and its nationwide socialist, marxist, communist, against freedom and religion propaganda. He is doing a fine job & I will only watch BlazeTV & its related programming for my lifetime & teach my children to do the same. You should try listening to Mr. Beck and his shows for 3 months & I bet he will have a great good impact on your life & that of your family. Good luck to you.

  • Pamela Hurn

    Loved the premier of Wilcow. Great job.

  • Laura Thompson

    I want to know why I could not watch Wilkow in archive. I wasn’t available at 7pm to watch it live thinking for sure I could get it at my leisure like all the other shows, but NO, all I get is highlights. What is up with that? I was really looking forward to his show. Fix it please.

    • Anonymous

      I was able to watch it just now – at about 3:30 the next day. Try it again, Laura. It was a great show!

      • Jim Fiscus

        I had the same problems as Laura overnight & notified the tech crew. I was able to watch Wilkow! later in the day.

  • Anonymous

    Just watched the premier of Wilkow! Great show! I’m glad I renewed my membership so I can watch Andrew’s special kind of commentary and guests.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    While Barry Obama moves forward with exact same stuff… Beck is moving onward with greater strength-courage and boldness. i. e. confidence.

    The difference between Forward and Onward? One is huffing and puffing pushing Forward from behind and the other is seeing onward Mountaintop’s.

  • Michel Keidel

    I’ve been thanking people today, special thanks to Glenn for opening my eyes.

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